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Thank you, Olive Oyl, for responding

Posted By: I can't find much on the board on 2006-02-21
In Reply to: TransTech - Olive Oyl

I've been offered a position and was wondering. Thanks so much!

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To Olive Oyl
Yes, they do have excellent benefits. The place I was before had pretty good ones, but these are even better.  They have a choice of programs.  I pay a few dollars more, 13 than previous poster, but that is because I also have dental.  Prescription coverage is also good.  That's just the beginning of their benefits, though.  Check out their job ad.  Lists the benefits.  Plus they are great people.  I love it there.
To Olive Oyl: Did you find out about
I'd be interested to know what you found out about them. TIA!
Olive Oyl, I am pretty sure you worked there before, Why didn't you ask then? Why do you keep c
posing questions in an inflammatory manner about TransTech? If you want to go back, just call them and see if they will rehire you. If not, just leave well enough alone. Transtech has never been anything but fair to me and as the above posted said we are rewarded for doing good work. I don't know who told you that they never give raises but that simply isn't true. My experience has been that if I prove myself as a good, loyal and dedicated MT they have been fair with me. Either go back or go away.
Thanks for responding, but I have more ?s
What is the difference in bennies between 16 and 24 hours?

Also, does it say what the different levels (1,2, or 3) will be making per line?

Thanks for responding
I thought the ad sounded too good to be true.  I couldn't find a website at all either,  plus an aol e-mail.  Glad I didn't apply and waste my time. 
Thanks for responding.
I know what I am paid home-based, which I think is a fair amount, but my sister works at the local hospital and they asked her what she thought was fair and she asked me. I told her I would see if I could get a round about figure. I think this is in-house, they just don't have the position currently and are going to add it.
Thanks All for Responding!
It really does sound like a wonderful company to work for!
Thank you, for responding. Yes, I will ask...
such a shame because they seemed like such a good company, everything was there, you know? Makes me wonder why I ever left the hospital I worked at to begin with...but I did 7 years ago, and now I am regretting it.

The recruiter is awful nice and did now apologize for not checking that first...not intentional, so cannot stay mad about that...

Hold on to your hospital job, haha, you are lucky!
Thank you both for responding! - nm
Thanks everyone for responding
Who would I send my resume to and what is their website addy/ Thanks again.
TY so much for responding...
The work I am getting is extremely difficult. It has to be the worst I think I have ever done in my life, and I am literally losing about $200 a pay period because the health benefits just went up about $100 a month for me at the same time. It is as if I have sunk down to the very bottom of the list, getting only difficult work over and over, or else no work. I keep being told they will understand if I want to quit...?
Thank you for responding, but I

wonder why their web site indicates that they are hiring.  They apparently e-mailed the poster below, who posted yesterday, about a position with them.  I understand that a lot of MTs do not like to see the company they work for advertising/hiring when they do not have work available, but it happens all the time.  I really just wondered how much the down time pay is at this company.

We are responding now : )

The web site does not officially open for a couple of weeks, and we are answering emails after screening - only MTs are welcome - no MTSO's, MTSO managers, and information is being provided as screening progresses. 

We have filtered 22 emails from MTSO's disguised as MTs, so you can understand the concern.  The memberships will include access to a private MTs Only web site, where only MTs will be posting - no company 'ringers'.


Before responding could I please know
you have been following this (subcontractor/TTD) thread over the weekend or is this your first response?
Thanks for responding ...
I, too, have lots of experience and I can't believe what some of these places want to pay.  Of course, you go through all the testing and then find out.  I'll keep looking.  I definitely won't waste my time waiting for this one.  Thanks for the info. 
Thank you for responding. nm

Thanks for responding. I may call them and ask. I know they .. SM
would remember my name as it hasn't been that long at all. I really, really liked their benefits, and I didn't give it long enough to see what kind of money I could make once I learned the account and system well. Like I said to the other poster, I got cold feet and went back to my old job. Since the have an ad posted, I just might call them back.

Thanks again for your friendly response. :)
Thanks for responding! Mind if I ask
Just curious :).

Also, quirky how? (Again, if you don't mind.)
who is putting you down? we were just responding
Thank you for responding! Do we buy it or download it?
I was responding to other comments
Re: this was not a 'venting' thread...

I was responding to the original poster *and* others who posted. Is that OK with you?
I saw that ad, was thinking of responding, sm
dont usually have a time limit though, weird.
Are you responding to your own posts?
Nannygoat, is that you in disguise? Same grammatical style and turn of a phrase.
Obviously a TTD employee who is responding!

This is so obviously the owner of TTD! 

don't know what post you are responding to,
So sorry - wasn't responding to you at all
Sorry - it does look like I was replying to you, but I wasn't. :-)
Again, for the third time, I was responding to your question

about what was so rude.  Holy crap.  I'm not arguing about the work load as much as the fact that you tried to twist it to make it look like I said it was rude because she made 20K lines.  Since you couldn't see it for yourself, (but now I'm beginning to see why) I pointed it out to you as a reply to your own question.  I'm agreeing with you.  Not everyone is the same and some can get their lines, but some CAN'T.  But how many of them do you think make 20K lines per pay period?  I have 5 accounts and STILL can't get 20K lines per pay period and I'd even wager with you that there there's less than a quarter of the people at Transcend who are currently making that. I have to struggle to get 10K or 11K by working extra shifts.  Not different, EXTRA, because I'm still working my regular shift in addition to others just to get work. And I'm using up all my PTO to make up the difference.  I took offense at her thought that because some aren't making 20K they should get a life.  THAT'S WHAT WAS RUDE AND THAT'S WHAT I MEANT BY MY POSTS.  If you're only carrying on because you want the last word, then be my guest, have at it. The floor is yours.

I think she was responding to Busy MT'ing not me!
Do you read posts before responding?
I don't work for Transcend, just responding to
the post of company can't guarantee work.
I am responding to the name calling posts

I simply tried to tell the OP that if she didn't have enough work to start looking and dump the old no work situation. 

Oh well, so much for trying.  Life is not full of sugar. 

Fortunately, I am not the only one with this opinion, and boy am I glad because you guys ripped me good. 

If responding to someone who uses 'duh' in their post...
When addressing a well-respected liason at MDI-MD with my opinion about the company and goes on to ask to what they are entitled to for 'giving the best I can,' and I choose to respond expressing my positive attitude towards that MTSO and my work for them is what you call 'snarky,' then you're obviously another of those bitter MTs just looking to stir up the proverbial pot.

I was responding that QA line pay is better than hourly pay
Not on the VR subject, but I was answering the QA person who was complaining about how she would NEVER work for line pay in QA. In fact, it pays about twice as much as hourly pay because you get credit for the whole report. Sorry for the misunderstanding.
I don't work for TT, was responding to the post
about being slow everywhere.  Never said I worked for TT.
She was responding to a poster's questions
I know this is your beloved employee, but if this poster is having a problem with them, she is entitled to share her story without having you villify her for it.

If this thread upsets you, perhaps you should skip over it.
Be careful when responding to posts for ICs....sm
on the Job Seeker's board.  The one for St. Clair us offering $0.07 a line for experienced transcriptionists which equates to a little more than $0.05 a line when you consider self-employment taxes etc. that you have to pay which adds up to about 20% of your pay.  This company, as most do, say they have the best transcriptionists.  This is impossible to believe at that very low rate.
uhm......i was responding to what was in her post when said they outsourced to India.
Hi! Can you post your email address please? Thanks for responding. :) nm

Was the platform decent and the dictators. Thanks much for responding. nm
I wasn't responding to the original poster.
I was responding to the poster above who said women were being exploited.

Thanks everyone for responding but the company is Archivus in North Carolina I think? Maybe they'
Hey KS Team Lead - I really think you should stop responding. You are making yourself
and your company look ridiculous and unprofessional to the extreme! If this is indicative of how KS does business, it's no wonder they are flat.
Hi Happy, Thanks for responding, I'll be starting with them soon I hope
From what I can tell, it does seem to be a great place. Where you assigned an account or did you have some say on it? Can you share what other platforms you used? Did you use the Q platform before? How long did it take you to get up and running?
We shred all resumes with typos immediately w/o responding. sm
You would be surprised how many resumes that we receive have errors in them, both spelling and grammar. I am not a transcriptionist, so I am not overly picky about grammar, but at least spellcheck your resume. At least half of the resumes that we receive have spelling errors.

The emails count too. If you do not proof your email when I applying for a job, how do we know you will be more careful when transcribing?

At least 10% of the emails I receive have either no capitalization or no punctuation. I disgard those too. Someone who is too lazy to capitalize the first word of a sentence or use punctuation in an email applying for a position probably is too lazy to proof their work when transcribing.

This is not meant to be cruel, but it is the truth. The image you project when applying for a job is very important, even if not face-to-face.
never mind. Wrong company. I should read better before responding. Sorry. nm,
Thank you so much for responding. Good luck to you. I hope they call me.