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uhm......i was responding to what was in her post when said they outsourced to India.

Posted By: lilworried on 2005-10-31
In Reply to: When people refer to offshoring, don't they mean the Phillippines as well as India? - txmt


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don't know what post you are responding to,
I am having a T-shirt made, "My job was outsourced to India, and all I got was this lousy T-shirt
If responding to someone who uses 'duh' in their post...
When addressing a well-respected liason at MDI-MD with my opinion about the company and goes on to ask to what they are entitled to for 'giving the best I can,' and I choose to respond expressing my positive attitude towards that MTSO and my work for them is what you call 'snarky,' then you're obviously another of those bitter MTs just looking to stir up the proverbial pot.

I don't work for TT, was responding to the post
about being slow everywhere.  Never said I worked for TT.
Hi! Can you post your email address please? Thanks for responding. :) nm

If this post is from India, no thanks for your help.
How would you feel if your family were starving because all of the work was sent to the USA? How would you feel if your kids were starving because your boss wanted to take bread off your table? Please, if you are an India MTSO, do not patronize me. Why not transcribe for docs in India. Better yet, why don't your hospitals outsource to a third world country which is poor, so they can tell you that they don't make that much? Really. I am the least prejudiced person in the world, but I know a smart remark when I see one.
outsourced :-)
They outsourced to TTS
and kept 3 in-house girls, two of whom are for sure quitting and the third quitting when the other two leave.
My job also was outsourced
I worked at a local hospital for 17 years to find out practically overnight that my job is gone.  I left before I trained my replacement.  No way was I going to train a company just so I could be laid off.  I was prouder than that; I resigned.  The reports are horrible.  The physicians are unhappy, and no they hardly ever meet their agreed TAT so I hear...  All the glory they presented to the hospital, and none of that has come through to be true; reports are incorrect even after they've been supposedly QA'd...  boo C-Bay - Boo!!!!!!!    
Its really World War III here, War of the outsourced
Go get those scammers.
they ARE the outsourced company
They are India based.
OFFSHORE (not outsourced)
Not currently with them but did QA and they outsourced 18 months ago.
20 years then outsourced
I am glad that you have not suffered financially yet. Trust me, there will come a point where you will.

I have over 20 years experience as an MT. I worked inhouse for over 20 years before they decided to close the transcription department. In fact, they wanted me to help train my replacement. There will come a time when you will experience the same thing.

The only people who are benefitting are the CEOs, not the MTs.

If this the first time you have been outsourced
so to say? It has happened twice to me, both times happened around 11 years. The first time it happened I was shellshocked, made a really good salary at this particular hospital (they finally went under several years later)and after hiring on with another hospital after about another 11 years again the same. Second time was not as shocking. I am finally in a happy time in my life so if this present job went out, oh well, I would not really like but at least have gotten old enough now to retire and fall back on social security only.
I wasn't outsourced...
... but my local job shut down, and I had to go to work for one of the large nationals, who all seem to pay a going rate within a certain ballpark. Now, mind you, I had an extremely generous local employer... but I took at least a 65 percent pay cut when I went to work for a national.

As far as I know, my new employer doesn't offshore any work, but they do pay the prevailing wages, which have dropped like a lead balloon because of the off-shoring.

For what it's worth. Don't know if that helps.
Outsourced means

it goes from the hospital to one of the many MTSOs that you listed.

Offshored means it goes to India and everywhere else.

Just to clarify.

Its not the war of the outsourced - its about MT companies scamming MTs - nm
My hospital used to, but then they outsourced. sigh. nm
Outsourced by a hospital in the 2000s
and saw where you think they should take MTs back in. The hospital where I last worked had to pay it all, benefits, PTO, pay plus incentive so why would you think they would want that amount of money on them again? Now I do their work but outsourced to a company. They pay the company's rate, then I am paid by the company. They have cut out the middle man (benefits and the like) and I would see no reason why they would ever want MTs back in the office because they are coming out cheaper. AS far as your advancing the causes of MTers, I do not see by these posting where you do that, just the opposite myself. You retired and others asking about taking a job for less than YOU think they should when they are the ones trying to make a living now instead of say retirement money and/or SS.
Are the Insight Radiology accounts outsourced
Lately NO work in there!
OSI lied when a company I worked for outsourced to OSI and .......
The gentleman representing OSi was present offering five of us a job with OSI. I point blank asked the gentleman if OSI outsourced their work, because I did not want to work for a company who outsourced overseas. His response was, No they did not; however, if they ever felt the need to do so because a client specifically requests them to do so, they would have to consider the client's request. I had just cut out an article not three days before that meeting where an OSI executive stated they were outsourcing accounts to overseas. I did not have it with me because at the time of the meeting, we did not know that the meeting was to tell all of us we were outsourced, no more job, see ya or I would have shoved the article in his face after his answer. Of course, I had no intentions of ever working for them, but just wanted to see what people like that say when directly asked. Oh well, if that is how they run their business, it will catch up with them eventually.....
To those who were outsourced from Western Montana Clinic.

They company is hiring for in house positions again.  Maybe they shouldn't have ditched us all at the same time 

Pretty much all the local hospitals around here have outsourced.
Apparently it got to be too much for them to handle or they just wanted to save money.
Cymed sucks since pewned & outsourced by Filipino's 100%

Thanks to a guy named Robert Lynch president and CEO of Cymed (who was greedy and sold all american transcriptionists to the Phillipine Long Distance Telephone company in early 06.)

Know the company you work for:

Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. (PLDT), the country's largest telecom company, said Friday that its unit ePLDT, through SPI Technologies, Inc.

The acquisition makes SPI the third largest company in the outsourced medical transcription industry.

Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. (TEL)

Has the vague stock symbol of: TEL. (yes TEL.)

PLDT, through its information technology arm ePLDT, Inc., acquired SPI Technologies, Inc. for $135.34 million in cash.

ePLDT bought the world’s ninth lar-gest independent provider of business process outsourcing (BPO) together with SPI’s $7-million debt owed to former shareholder SPI Tech L.P.

ePLDT likewise advanced $16.43 million to SPI, which, in turn would be used to fully pay debts to DBS Bank Singapore.

CyMed employs more than 650 staff in the US through offices in Virginia, Tennessee and Ohio.

False advertising line: CyMed has a much deeper presence in the US and SPi is better entrenched in the Philippines and India. This merger creates a unique company with a well balanced and deep pool of talented staff in the three countries in which we operate.

 When this be in actuality & basic explanation in India's MT news they know:

Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. (PLDT) now owns thru SPI the company (or possibly even simply an abbreviation for them): 100 % percent of CyMed Inc. and all american Transcriptionist belong to the phillipines and can now be replaced by anybody this Phillipino company wishes.

A woman named Palmer, Edna has her pick and choose of MT's in america... and soon across the world.

The appalling thing be that MR #'s are the exact same as social security numbers could be used by those in another country and sold so easily.

 About SPi: (two big letters S&P followed a small i) still no page able to find about the meaning of this abbreviation but the bottom line is that SPi = same as the arm _ePLDT_of Phil Long DIstance Telephone Company !

SPi is 100% owned by ePLDT, is a leading full-service BPO provider with offices and facilities across North America, Europe, and Asia. Together with ePLDT’s Ventus Group, the company has 11,000 employees delivering on a wide range of call center and knowledge-based outsourcing solutions to diversified markets, including financial services, healthcare, legal and publishing. SPi consistently improves operating efficiency, lowers costs and helps to strengthen the competitive position of more than 150 customers.

ePLDT, Inc., is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Philippine Long Distance Telephone

Company (PLDT), the leading telecommunications provider in the Philippines. PLDT is listed

on the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE:TEL) and its American Depository Shares are listed

on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE:PHI).

History of PLDT:

 You may not lose your job (lose right now buuut) you have now but you are contributing to:

A. Dedicated transcriptionist who went to school for the privilege of becoming so & spent a fortune (It does take so many $ in books to be a proper med understood, they don't give you any for free and must be not depend on internet all the time or ones not gonna be that bright) on the books to know all the proper terminolgy so they damn sure dont messup on somebodys preliminary surgery etc. report !

B. the quite easy & possible stealing of american's social security numbers

C. There's no job security with this company Cymed-Spi now & no end & no raises or nothing & no health coverage or anything like that.

D. Greed of a Phillipino company buying up all american telephony, & video games and internet everything.

Ownership of PLDT: First Pacific: 31%/ Nippon Telegraph and Telephone: 15% /Fidelity Investments: 5% /Other owners (includes public stock): 49% .

Ps. Why on earth is there no Med-Transcriptionist-American-Union? Who'd be done boycotted such outsourcing SOB's off thier asses ?

Peace, thank you all for reading.






























































































































































Oh my gosh.. Do they realize they outsourced to someone who doesnt pay her employees, thus she cant
them apparently. How sad is that? I know when I worked for our local regional medical center here they had MQ do their outsourcing but the worst was when the hospital did not renew MQ's contract but they failed to tell their employees. They knew months in advance the date their contract ended but still didnt bothering telling the employees who kept trying to dial into the hospital's system only to find out their passwords didnt work anymore. I thought that was kind of bad on their part. I have never had any contact with MQ and did not know about them up to that point but that sounds pretty low to me and about par for these online companies. I am about burned out on the whole thing. So, is it possible that your local hospital is not renewing their contract with TTS?
Thanks for responding, but I have more ?s
What is the difference in bennies between 16 and 24 hours?

Also, does it say what the different levels (1,2, or 3) will be making per line?

Thanks for responding
I thought the ad sounded too good to be true.  I couldn't find a website at all either,  plus an aol e-mail.  Glad I didn't apply and waste my time. 
Thanks for responding.
I know what I am paid home-based, which I think is a fair amount, but my sister works at the local hospital and they asked her what she thought was fair and she asked me. I told her I would see if I could get a round about figure. I think this is in-house, they just don't have the position currently and are going to add it.
Thanks All for Responding!
It really does sound like a wonderful company to work for!
Thank you, for responding. Yes, I will ask...
such a shame because they seemed like such a good company, everything was there, you know? Makes me wonder why I ever left the hospital I worked at to begin with...but I did 7 years ago, and now I am regretting it.

The recruiter is awful nice and did now apologize for not checking that first...not intentional, so cannot stay mad about that...

Hold on to your hospital job, haha, you are lucky!
Thank you both for responding! - nm
Thanks everyone for responding
Who would I send my resume to and what is their website addy/ Thanks again.
TY so much for responding...
The work I am getting is extremely difficult. It has to be the worst I think I have ever done in my life, and I am literally losing about $200 a pay period because the health benefits just went up about $100 a month for me at the same time. It is as if I have sunk down to the very bottom of the list, getting only difficult work over and over, or else no work. I keep being told they will understand if I want to quit...?
Thank you for responding, but I

wonder why their web site indicates that they are hiring.  They apparently e-mailed the poster below, who posted yesterday, about a position with them.  I understand that a lot of MTs do not like to see the company they work for advertising/hiring when they do not have work available, but it happens all the time.  I really just wondered how much the down time pay is at this company.

We are responding now : )

The web site does not officially open for a couple of weeks, and we are answering emails after screening - only MTs are welcome - no MTSO's, MTSO managers, and information is being provided as screening progresses. 

We have filtered 22 emails from MTSO's disguised as MTs, so you can understand the concern.  The memberships will include access to a private MTs Only web site, where only MTs will be posting - no company 'ringers'.


Before responding could I please know
you have been following this (subcontractor/TTD) thread over the weekend or is this your first response?
Thanks for responding ...
I, too, have lots of experience and I can't believe what some of these places want to pay.  Of course, you go through all the testing and then find out.  I'll keep looking.  I definitely won't waste my time waiting for this one.  Thanks for the info. 
Thank you for responding. nm

India, Michael. The MT world is going to India. Wonder why? nm
Yes, it is about the almightly dollar. I worked for a hospital who outsourced to Spheris
and the only reason was NOT because they could not find available MTs but it was because it saved them money from having to pay benefits etc..
Spheris? Word has it one more account was totally outsourced. Sigh

The woman who outsourced us is benefitting, I am sure. She got a promotion and no doubt a raise.

All for sending us down the river so she wouldn't have to be bothered.

Thanks for responding. I may call them and ask. I know they .. SM
would remember my name as it hasn't been that long at all. I really, really liked their benefits, and I didn't give it long enough to see what kind of money I could make once I learned the account and system well. Like I said to the other poster, I got cold feet and went back to my old job. Since the have an ad posted, I just might call them back.

Thanks again for your friendly response. :)
Thank you, Olive Oyl, for responding

I've been offered a position and was wondering. Thanks so much!

Thanks for responding! Mind if I ask
Just curious :).

Also, quirky how? (Again, if you don't mind.)
who is putting you down? we were just responding
Thank you for responding! Do we buy it or download it?
I was responding to other comments
Re: this was not a 'venting' thread...

I was responding to the original poster *and* others who posted. Is that OK with you?
I saw that ad, was thinking of responding, sm
dont usually have a time limit though, weird.
Are you responding to your own posts?
Nannygoat, is that you in disguise? Same grammatical style and turn of a phrase.