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Thanks for all the negativity posted about this job. sm

Posted By: lucky one on 2009-06-20
In Reply to: Did you see the 6 cpl job posting? - Craziness!

It made it easier for me to obtain this gravy train account. I would rather take 0.06 cpl GROSS LINE any day over 0.07 or 0.08 cpl 65-character line. With that said, I would also rather take 0.07 cpl or 0.08 cpl over 10 cpl any day if I could have the same, repetitive dictator daily versus 500+ dictators, easily type in Word and no time consuming platform to learn. Wake up people and quit being followers. Judge companies and pay for yourself and decide what you need to earn money and survive. Not what your fellow MT complains about. I suspect those complaining are the ones not making much money.

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It's not the negativity of the poster, it is what the MTSO posted.

It doesn't show the MTSO in a very good light. 

after all the negativity about MQ and them having-sm
their own board to vent and all, how was I supposed to know it was not sarcastic. You did not elaborate at all. I love eating feet though...lol. sheesh. get mad over something worthwhile.

Well this will probably raise some hackles....but here goes.


I have never seen so much negativity towards other colleges, as I have seen on this message board.  That is a shame.  Yes everyone is entitled to their opinion, but it just seems like there are alot of you that want to post nothing but negative posts/replys. 


NOW watch how many critics there are about THIS post!!

So much negativity
Let's give it a chance; no one has a crystal ball to have guaranteed bad outcome.

I really feel everyone should calm down and see how it goes.  Being negative is helping a thing.  I truly do not believe for one second that Dorothy so called SOLD US OUT.  Has anyone here ever owned a transcription THE SIZE OF MDI with the same volume of accounts and had to continue to make the customer happy and keep every single MT at the same?  MDI is doing their BEST with the situation this economy is in and doing their best to maintain accounts so that we CAN make an income. 

I dont think its really fair to bash D or CB on here PERIOD.  If your not happy with the partnership, then just quietly move on.  There is no need to be saying Dorothy sold us out and negative comments like her pillow is stuffed with fat stacks of cash, and calling CB the QUEEN now. 

Its all unnecessary and its NOT going to increase your line count.

Most of the people on here posting negative comments aren't even using their real names.  I just wonder how Dorothy would feel if she could see who was really being so critical of a CHANGE that hasn't even completely evolved yet.

The negativity expressed on MT
boards is one thing that really made me question if MT was right for me.  Luckily, I persevered despite the negativity and have found that I love MT work. You might try going to a local AHDI meeting if there is one near you.  I have found MTs to be much more considerate and helpful and positive in person. 
Don't be afraid of the negativity...
Facts are facts, and it's useful. You don't have to like it but can still use what you read. Things tend to get witchy here sometimes, but I gotta say were it not for this board and the freedom we have here of saying what we feel and reading both sides, I'd not have been able to make a halfway intelligent quick decision between two companies. I was set to sign on with a place everybody was praising highly a few months ago which now apparently is going the route of the place I just left, i.e., down the tubes. I used this board, made personal email contact with several people (very valuable) and very quickly picked a place where hopefully I can quit worrying for awhile at least (but who knows? I'll never truly feel secure jobwise again, but it's been a good wake up call). The info I continue to get here has been invaluable to me. You have to know how to use information you're presented with and take what you can from it in any situation. By the way, I also learned that you cannot necessarily believe everything a recruiter will tell you no matter how nice that person is or how intelligent you think your questions are. It can be a different story once you've signed on with the company.
Reasons for negativity.
MDI has been my dream transcription job/company to work for....having this job is the reason I got into transcription.  After having worked for the large national companies and finally being able to get on with MDI, I thought this is it for me, I found the perfect place to be for me........Those of us that have worked for other companies that have done this same thing, been there, done that, repeating the cycle. I guess I was naive to think it would be different with MDI. 
Stamp out this Negativity against MDI
I really feel everyone should calm down and see how it goes. Being negative is helping a thing. I truly do not believe for one second that Dorothy so called SOLD US OUT. Has anyone here ever owned a transcription THE SIZE OF MDI with the same volume of accounts and had to continue to make the customer happy and keep every single MT at the same? MDI is doing their BEST with the situation this economy is in and doing their best to maintain accounts so that we CAN make an income.

I dont think its really fair to bash D or CB on here PERIOD. If your not happy with the partnership, then just quietly move on. There is no need to be saying Dorothy sold us out and negative comments like her pillow is stuffed with fat stacks of cash, and calling CB the QUEEN now.

Its all unnecessary and its NOT going to increase your line count.

Most of the people on here posting negative comments aren't even using their real names. I just wonder how Dorothy would feel if she could see who was really being so critical of a CHANGE that hasn't even completely evolved yet. Most are reacting from igorance and FEAR.
The negativity is warranted. SM
Since when have you heard of any buyout that made things better for the MT? None. I worked for Transhealth, which was bought by Webmedx. Two years later (almost), it has not been better for us. More management, the use of a time clock, horrible accounts, low work. Never had this at Transhealth.
I'm sure many postings are shaded by negativity but
If I see something that goes into great detail describing a negative experience, not getting paid, bad management with a pretty good explanation why, etc. I steer clear of that company. No one could be making some of this stuff up.
I was offered a job with DSG and it seems a lot of negativity on here. Is anyone happy there and
do all the accounts have this bad sound I hear so much about.  Since they use DQS if they are rerecording from another sound file they will get a very bad sound from that.  I do know that but you wouldnt think their own accounts would have that same bad sound. 
Gee...are you at all aware of the degree of negativity you have? If your negative... sm
attitude spills over into your employees... then I think you should expect just what you are getting... if anything at all...What I am so tired of is just anyone thinking they are management material ..and are also in the wrong profession... I have had more than my share of you people also...
Not sure why the negativity and sarcasm ... kinda sounds like the old

lover scorned thing ... LOL.   No company can probably say that it never runs out of work, but I have 2 accounts, and have only had to go to my secondary account maybe 10 times in the almost 1 year I have been there now.  At least the management team at TT cares.  I have worked for companies where I ran out of work, and the response I got was a laugh and just take the day off.   At least TT will get you another account.

As far as your remark alluding to the fact that if we were so busy working, we wouldn't be here -- do you work 24/7?  Also, TT is not a sweatshop.  We are allowed breaks. 

Maybe you had a bad experience with them.  No company is a great fit for everyone, that's for sure.  I have seen people rave about companies on here, tried them myself, and thought YUCK. 

It is only 6 am and my shift doesn't start until 4p, but I guess I shouldn't be posting here since apparently it implies that TT has no work ... LOL. 

Its why people complain about negativity on this board
Some people want to think that the people posting negative things here are just malcontents.  Sometimes, when a person speaks the truth, half a dozen other folks jump on to say its not the truth and everything is roses and rainbows.  Usually the truth is somewhere in the middle.  But some people would prefer to believe the sunshine being blown you-know-where by recruiters because they want to think they have lucked into a goldmine.  Well, its a crap shoot - maybe you did and maybe you didn't.  Each person's truth is going to hit them only after they are working the account.  So if she only wants to hear about the rainbows, let her have her fantasy.  Reality will come soon enough when she gets no paycheck.  Then she can pay her bills with all the rainbows.
Wow, some just aren't happy unless there's negativity and drama abounding.

Just because Stephanie is eloquent and not spouting negativity doesn't mean she isn't an MT.
She is just an MT who doesn't subscribe to your doom and gloom attitudes. 
I agree! I just can't imagine a company speaking such negativity! I just can't imagine that.
Surely this is not a manager or anyone big time important at SS.  I just thought maybe it is a mad MT or something.  I have never seen such postings from a manager.  I was just curious.  I think it is very unprofessional if this is management.
The Rates Are Posted Here and Posted Below

The service owner fees are posted in a UnionNow post (below), but here they are again:


$0.115 - $0.25 per line for full transcription of acute care on 24/7 accounts

$2.75 - $7.65 per report for full transcription of pathology, lab, specialty operative notes, plain film and interventional radiology

$0.097 - $0.125 per line for VR editing


$0.85 - $1.25 per report full transcription

$0.06 - $0.115 per line full transcription

$0.035 - $0.06 per line for VR editing








They posted everything else, why not the....
unfortunately, whenever a job is posted - sm
no matter what is specified for requirements for the job, you would be surprised just how many people will send a resume. With all the jobs I have posted, I make sure I put the necessary requirements, i.e. foreign language requirement, absolutely no offshore companies, etc., and I STILL GET 100+ emails from people that have no idea what transcription is (yes, they actually put that down), Indian and Phillipine companies emailing, as well as the countless number of people that do not even remotely meet the requirements. I have even had some with gross misspellings!!! Can you believe that?

I hope this isn't harsh, but it can be quite frustrating just weeding through the resumes to find the ones that actually fit the bill.

It wouldn't surprise me that you have not heard from them yet - they are probably still weeding through the resumes. If you are qualified, then hang in there, I'm sure they will contact you.
I posted asking about....sm
The computers companies provide, whether they were crap or not and that appears to be gone as well. I did not identify a specific employer or anything. Having a failing computer and job hunting currently, I just wondered what you'd get but someone posted that it made sense for the company to send you a decent system so they could keep you working. I could see her point....a perspective I had not looked at.
I know they posted an ad
I believe I would write to them and ask, or call if they have an 800 number to find out if they want IC or employee MTs.  Don't know if they offer insurance or not.
I have posted before on this co. sm
The staff is great..really nice people..they paid me my s/o bonus even after I quit before my 60 days which I thought was great..however, if you do not like MedType or MedRite..forget it. Hey, when I got the 6 huge binders of paperwork with my PC..I knew I was in for trouble. It doesn't have to be that hard.
It was posted here before but...
it seems like MDI wants no backlog whatsoever. I mean, even if there are only 20 jobs in the system, they're zipping out E-mails that we need to wipe them out ASAP. I don't get it.
That was already posted below, but
is wrong. sm means see message. People put sm and then say long message. Sm does not mean small message.
just posted Jan 6
I just asked some questions about Transolutions on 1/6. There have been recent changes that affect pay and I am wondering if others are frustrated and worried as I am. I have been an MT for lotsa years and now feel like my QA has fallen drastically because of new higher standards, which have not been consistent either. Plus, you have to be very careful how many reports you put on hold, no matter the reason.
She posted above that she does NOT
YOU might want to take time to read this person's posts before you come to this board offering instructions to me. She may not work in her living room, maybe she works in her bedroom....but she does not work in the KS office.
Since she's already posted her name..
I can tell you that CW has been one of the strongest anti-offshoring activitists in the business. She wrote a long letter on the subject to the Atlanta Journal and I think even went to see the gov. of Ga. personally concerning the matter. She has urged her fellow MTs to get active in writing their state politicians about this issue. So if she's having to admit defeat, she didn't go down without a fight. Just thought I'd pass this on FYI.
that was posted
She posted her name. What else was I
Puts her name out there and then is upset by someone calling her by HER OWN NAME!!! ROFL

Yes, to whoever posted it. nm
It was posted that some ME at
now, after many months, but not too many are there yet.  At 4 CPL, which is what they pay, that would be MAYBE 12 bucks an hour at the top of the editing 300 LPH.  Nothing to brag about in my opinion.  I make more straight typing.  But those still at 200 LPH make less than a janitor.
Yes, I think I am the one who posted, and yes I do like it there.
People are not constantly calling you or bothering you. You do have to keep your schedule though. There is plenty of work. They don't pay for the template though.
well, from what I can tell - they have posted
three times for the job and are very clear about wanting someone local to the area. So that ruled me out because I live in Clearwater.
See the ads posted
They have 2 ads up on MT Stars - one is for acute care and ops the other for ER.  I sent my resume yesterday - use the 2nd e-mail address as the first one (which, if I remember right) was resumes@accustat-mts bounced back, but the 2nd one went thru. 
I, along with others, have posted

some ESL tips on, I think, the main board.  Try doing a search for those.   If you do not come up with anything helpful, post again.  I will try to remember some good pointers in the meantime.

Just relax.....don't make it any harder for yourself than you may think it is! 

When you get it, you'll get it, and wonder *how i the world did I ever understand what he/she was saying??* 

NJ. They have an ad posted.
Sorry I posted this twice
I got an error message the first time and didn't see it until I reposted.
I posted with my

positive experience with D&L.  I never had any problems with the pay arriving on time or being incorrect.   *Lana*'s insinuation that there is something *funny* about not posting my actual name on a web board is most likely her personal problem, not mine.


it's posted below
Each job that gets posted seems to go
lower and lower in pay! What in the world? This is ridiculous. I think it's over. They can have it all, with all of their YOU MUST have's while offering you pennies. Blagh!
I have posted on this before if you SM
have a choice between being a hospital employee and just working for DR directly, choose the hospital route. Your benefits are much cheaper and BETTER with the hospital.  DR only offers the average benefits for this field, which are low anyway.
I don't know who posted this

People are really outrageous.  Whoever posted this message really has an issue with Axolotl for some reason as they put the poster's name as Axolotl MT. 


I don't think that was posted...
but I asked my STM and that is what she told me. Everything is based on total lines so if you don't get the total line amount because you use PTO than you won't get your usual bonus.

I am annoyed because I will end up losing money with the new plan. I am scheduled to work 35 hours a week and do around 175 lines per hour. I make the 2nd tier of the bonus plan now but won't make it for total lines with the new bonus plan. My STM didn't sympathize much...something about the bonus being a reward...but what she doesn't realize is that you depend on a certain amount of money with each paycheck and it is hard when all of a sudden you aren't making the same amout of money and you're still working just as hard.
How do you know she's posted
under other names? 
Some of them have this posted - sm
on their websites, at least as far as what is expected of the MT. Pay is often based on experience, or what one can negotiate at hire, at least in my experience. Some of them list their benefit package on their website or even on the Job Seeker's Board on this website. A great deal is based on FT or PT. Depends on what you are looking for, as well.
Is that the one posted by
well, maybe, if everyone who posted
negatively READ, UNDERSTOOD, AND COMPREHENDED these words very carefully: *Now, I know readers here may post, why did your friend let it go on that long? With all due respect, no questions/comments please in that regard. There would have been no posts at all, which is what was asked of the poster.
Put your listening ears on and your thinking caps; I know you have them -- MTs are as keen as keen can be, esp. when doing verbatim. HUSH UP and stop the inciting.
LET IT BE-The (legendary) BEATLES.
I don't see where what she posted
And, in fact, on reading it again, she places the blame on MTs who accept these schedules for the fact that the jobs with the benefits she wants are offered in this manner.

Oh well, I guess if there are that many MTs willing to give up having a life, these MTSOs have no incentive to make any changes.

She is saying that if we MTs that work these schedule would stop accepting these positions, then MTSOs would stop requesting people work it. It is insulting.

As shown by the responses, some people like these schedules. No, they are not for everyone, but there are many options out there.

The simple answer to her initial question is:
No. I don't pass over ads for scheduling that does not suit my desires because many times the MTSO will have some flexibility with that. If I find that after speaking with them they have a specific scheduling need that conflicts with my availability, I do not take the job.
Are you the one who posted
at MT Chat? I replied there....