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Don't be afraid of the negativity...

Posted By: cindyoh on 2009-06-11
In Reply to: My ooint is.. - LongtermMT

Facts are facts, and it's useful. You don't have to like it but can still use what you read. Things tend to get witchy here sometimes, but I gotta say were it not for this board and the freedom we have here of saying what we feel and reading both sides, I'd not have been able to make a halfway intelligent quick decision between two companies. I was set to sign on with a place everybody was praising highly a few months ago which now apparently is going the route of the place I just left, i.e., down the tubes. I used this board, made personal email contact with several people (very valuable) and very quickly picked a place where hopefully I can quit worrying for awhile at least (but who knows? I'll never truly feel secure jobwise again, but it's been a good wake up call). The info I continue to get here has been invaluable to me. You have to know how to use information you're presented with and take what you can from it in any situation. By the way, I also learned that you cannot necessarily believe everything a recruiter will tell you no matter how nice that person is or how intelligent you think your questions are. It can be a different story once you've signed on with the company.

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after all the negativity about MQ and them having-sm
their own board to vent and all, how was I supposed to know it was not sarcastic. You did not elaborate at all. I love eating feet though...lol. sheesh. get mad over something worthwhile.

Well this will probably raise some hackles....but here goes.


I have never seen so much negativity towards other colleges, as I have seen on this message board.  That is a shame.  Yes everyone is entitled to their opinion, but it just seems like there are alot of you that want to post nothing but negative posts/replys. 


NOW watch how many critics there are about THIS post!!

So much negativity
Let's give it a chance; no one has a crystal ball to have guaranteed bad outcome.

I really feel everyone should calm down and see how it goes.  Being negative is helping a thing.  I truly do not believe for one second that Dorothy so called SOLD US OUT.  Has anyone here ever owned a transcription THE SIZE OF MDI with the same volume of accounts and had to continue to make the customer happy and keep every single MT at the same?  MDI is doing their BEST with the situation this economy is in and doing their best to maintain accounts so that we CAN make an income. 

I dont think its really fair to bash D or CB on here PERIOD.  If your not happy with the partnership, then just quietly move on.  There is no need to be saying Dorothy sold us out and negative comments like her pillow is stuffed with fat stacks of cash, and calling CB the QUEEN now. 

Its all unnecessary and its NOT going to increase your line count.

Most of the people on here posting negative comments aren't even using their real names.  I just wonder how Dorothy would feel if she could see who was really being so critical of a CHANGE that hasn't even completely evolved yet.

The negativity expressed on MT
boards is one thing that really made me question if MT was right for me.  Luckily, I persevered despite the negativity and have found that I love MT work. You might try going to a local AHDI meeting if there is one near you.  I have found MTs to be much more considerate and helpful and positive in person. 
Thanks for all the negativity posted about this job. sm
It made it easier for me to obtain this gravy train account. I would rather take 0.06 cpl GROSS LINE any day over 0.07 or 0.08 cpl 65-character line. With that said, I would also rather take 0.07 cpl or 0.08 cpl over 10 cpl any day if I could have the same, repetitive dictator daily versus 500+ dictators, easily type in Word and no time consuming platform to learn. Wake up people and quit being followers. Judge companies and pay for yourself and decide what you need to earn money and survive. Not what your fellow MT complains about. I suspect those complaining are the ones not making much money.
Reasons for negativity.
MDI has been my dream transcription job/company to work for....having this job is the reason I got into transcription.  After having worked for the large national companies and finally being able to get on with MDI, I thought this is it for me, I found the perfect place to be for me........Those of us that have worked for other companies that have done this same thing, been there, done that, repeating the cycle. I guess I was naive to think it would be different with MDI. 
Stamp out this Negativity against MDI
I really feel everyone should calm down and see how it goes. Being negative is helping a thing. I truly do not believe for one second that Dorothy so called SOLD US OUT. Has anyone here ever owned a transcription THE SIZE OF MDI with the same volume of accounts and had to continue to make the customer happy and keep every single MT at the same? MDI is doing their BEST with the situation this economy is in and doing their best to maintain accounts so that we CAN make an income.

I dont think its really fair to bash D or CB on here PERIOD. If your not happy with the partnership, then just quietly move on. There is no need to be saying Dorothy sold us out and negative comments like her pillow is stuffed with fat stacks of cash, and calling CB the QUEEN now.

Its all unnecessary and its NOT going to increase your line count.

Most of the people on here posting negative comments aren't even using their real names. I just wonder how Dorothy would feel if she could see who was really being so critical of a CHANGE that hasn't even completely evolved yet. Most are reacting from igorance and FEAR.
The negativity is warranted. SM
Since when have you heard of any buyout that made things better for the MT? None. I worked for Transhealth, which was bought by Webmedx. Two years later (almost), it has not been better for us. More management, the use of a time clock, horrible accounts, low work. Never had this at Transhealth.
I'm sure many postings are shaded by negativity but
If I see something that goes into great detail describing a negative experience, not getting paid, bad management with a pretty good explanation why, etc. I steer clear of that company. No one could be making some of this stuff up.
I was offered a job with DSG and it seems a lot of negativity on here. Is anyone happy there and
do all the accounts have this bad sound I hear so much about.  Since they use DQS if they are rerecording from another sound file they will get a very bad sound from that.  I do know that but you wouldnt think their own accounts would have that same bad sound. 
It's not the negativity of the poster, it is what the MTSO posted.

It doesn't show the MTSO in a very good light. 

Gee...are you at all aware of the degree of negativity you have? If your negative... sm
attitude spills over into your employees... then I think you should expect just what you are getting... if anything at all...What I am so tired of is just anyone thinking they are management material ..and are also in the wrong profession... I have had more than my share of you people also...
Not sure why the negativity and sarcasm ... kinda sounds like the old

lover scorned thing ... LOL.   No company can probably say that it never runs out of work, but I have 2 accounts, and have only had to go to my secondary account maybe 10 times in the almost 1 year I have been there now.  At least the management team at TT cares.  I have worked for companies where I ran out of work, and the response I got was a laugh and just take the day off.   At least TT will get you another account.

As far as your remark alluding to the fact that if we were so busy working, we wouldn't be here -- do you work 24/7?  Also, TT is not a sweatshop.  We are allowed breaks. 

Maybe you had a bad experience with them.  No company is a great fit for everyone, that's for sure.  I have seen people rave about companies on here, tried them myself, and thought YUCK. 

It is only 6 am and my shift doesn't start until 4p, but I guess I shouldn't be posting here since apparently it implies that TT has no work ... LOL. 

Its why people complain about negativity on this board
Some people want to think that the people posting negative things here are just malcontents.  Sometimes, when a person speaks the truth, half a dozen other folks jump on to say its not the truth and everything is roses and rainbows.  Usually the truth is somewhere in the middle.  But some people would prefer to believe the sunshine being blown you-know-where by recruiters because they want to think they have lucked into a goldmine.  Well, its a crap shoot - maybe you did and maybe you didn't.  Each person's truth is going to hit them only after they are working the account.  So if she only wants to hear about the rainbows, let her have her fantasy.  Reality will come soon enough when she gets no paycheck.  Then she can pay her bills with all the rainbows.
Wow, some just aren't happy unless there's negativity and drama abounding.

Just because Stephanie is eloquent and not spouting negativity doesn't mean she isn't an MT.
She is just an MT who doesn't subscribe to your doom and gloom attitudes. 
Why? What are they afraid of?




If you or any other MT is afraid to
...mention it, then you have a problem.  I've been down this road before.  Most of the time the supe doesn't know and/or care what's going on.  I would bring it to her attention.  If things don't change.....look elsewhere.  There's too many companies out there to put up with continuous crap like that.  This cherry picking and playing favorites is for the birds.  Good Luck!
Yep, I was afraid of that. :( nm
Thanks, that was what I was afraid of. nm
Everyone is probably afraid to say anything


I'm afraid to ask..
That's what I'm afraid of...
I have a fairly high production rate, and I hate to sign on with a company, obtain the equipment to do the job, then find there isn't enough work to keep me busy. The recruiter said they had just landed a couple of prime hospital accounts, and they are so incredibly nice, that I'm very tempted to take it to see how it plays out. I have a couple of other offers, including MQ, so I'm busy contemplating which way to go.

Thanks for the advice, everyone. I really appreciate it :-)
afraid? of what?
You were looking for a job when you found one with MQ weren't you? I left there a couple years ago and am SOOOOO much happier now. I went with MDI. Be afraid of fear itself; it is paralyzing and will hold you back from all kinds of good things. Do it smartly, but go for it.
I was afraid of that.

You make a good point, though, because the work would be clinic in my preferred speciality, and you can't get any easier than that, given that there are reasonably understandable dictators and a good platform. 

What the heck.  I'll give it a try, then. 

That's what I was afraid of. :(
I would love to go back to school and become an RN but can't right now.  I'm 29 but have 3 small children at home and a husband who runs a construction company so isn't home much right now.  I really need something from home at this time.  Poo.  Guess I'll have to keep searching and be more flexible in my requirements. :(
What are you afraid of them finding out
I'm afraid they offshore...
and lied about it to MT Stars, so they are simply forbidden 2 post here.
I would be afraid to mention that...sm
especially if your boss knows you have the ability to see who is assigned what jobs, etc...With that in perspective, I would be afraid because they are not really hiding anything from you.  I agree with you. I would feel very bad and that that is an unfair situation, but again, would still be afraid to bring it up since the fact is not being hidden.  Maybe there is a certain short-term reason this person is getting the easier ones.  I would hang in there a little while longer, give it some more thought, see what happens in the next few days, and then make a decision.  I know hastiness gets me into trouble more times than if I would have just waited it out.  Hang in there.  Do not get discouraged.  I have had plenty of days like you are having where I just want to stop working for that day.  Sometimes I do, and later on, I regret it.  Hang in there! 
Or - perhaps you are afraid of being replaced
Almost afraid to answer here - LOL :) sm
I do acute care for Keystrokes and have a really good account. It uses Chartscript and I get a good mix of all the basic four work types. The line count is easy to get, and I do right around 1500 lines per day. This is the third account for me and I have been on it for about 10 months. The first two were not for me but my manager kept working with me until this one. The funny thing is that she said that others liked this the least and I like it the best!
Come on - don't let them make you too afraid
I am an MT with 20 years' experience - and 10 years as an activist in various worthwhile projects. I don't promise to know all the answers - or be able to provide the whole solution.

All I know is that IF we continue down the path we are on, A WHOLE NEW GENERATION of MTs will be borne into the field who EXPECT to make lower and lower wages... This is the way it's done.

We have a duty in a way to demand better for ourselves and for those who follow.

Still, I understand if you don't trust a 'stranger' - but frankly, management has no sway here - they can't do a thing about those who might seriously organize -

If we cave to fears, THEY win without even having to work for it.

If you email me, just give your Initials (i could care less about an IP - I'm not spying :)

Then I will respond with MY FULL information. When/if there is a serious response by more than 1 or 2 people I WILL promise to get this ball started rolling. That's ALL I can promise from a board like this.

If you are afraid you will lose your job.....

Then go find something different to do.  It's not difficult.  But do not claim that this is a national security issue when it is not.

Yes, that is the company and no one afraid here!!!
so go back under the rock you came from.
That is what I"m afraid of as my accounts go to VR
I am one of those very fast typists and normally do 250-275 lph once up to speed on an account.  My account is going to VR soon, and I just knew that what you are saying is accurate; that VR can be a money maker for some but definitely not for those of us in this category.  Ugh, I smell a huge pay cut coming for me
Are you not afraid of nosebleeds up there sm

on your high horses - aim at the the first 2 posters.

Entitlism is just not something I can stomach on the 4th of July. (your statement)

 This IS an unineducated statement. Stuff like paying (giving them) them an interest free loan (business loan) to pay for their capital improvements- they want you to use their PC and want a way to pay for it interest free.  This is bull. Plain bull.  Hey you want to pay for some things that will only work on their PC, go ahead. Hey jump at the chance.

If for instance, you are doing work either FT or PT a business of one, just going merrily along, there are not enough (given the standard deduction rate) to come up to that amount, meaning, you swallow the costs.

I say once again, I provide plenty of equipment/tools and should not have to pay a licensing  fee to use their software and on and on. Just like I don't charge them for using my MSWord used to interface their platform to make it function. E--nuf. !

 Especially when you are an IC and THEY virtually have no business costs, no social security, unemployment insurance, no disability costs and on and on.  I call this a pretty darn good deal all ready.

Many people are now afraid to go with MDI
full-time. A good friend of mine who was full-time there left because she could not make enough to meet her expenses. I know they keep saying the situation will get better, but when? It seems (and I am looking from the outside) like the company has a new management style from how it used to be.
I think they know the answers but are afraid their MTs
will bail if they know the truth. January is a much better time to lose a bunch of employees than this time of the year, when things are picking up after the summer lull. In addition, they benefit in having a good 4 months to train employees for the eventual exodus of the MTs who worked for MDI for the flexibilty, type of work, pay, etc.

On the business end, it is more convenient for them to not have to do both W2s and 1099s for the 500 employees being incorporated into their system this year. They also have to at least offer insurance to their employees, so if they called everyone employees now, they would have to offer you insurance in December - assuming their eligibility period is 90 days - and again on January 1, the start of a new plan year. That would be a tremendous amount of redundant paperwork.

I am sad to say they do indeed know the answers, they just know that you are not going to like them. Hence, they are doing what they did before, playing dumb.
I'm afraid ignorance was bliss...
OSI - post away! :(
Not afraid - just prefer straightforward
It's great that this company has given you so much and that you feel such a strong allegiance to the COO. My point was that the name and their website are misleading.

Work ethics, offshoring, fear aside, all I stated was that if they're not American owned, they shouldn't give the impression they are. A high-caliber company, regardless of location, should be able to attract high-caliber MTs without subterfuge.
She is afraid she is going to lose her job. All of us feel
Why are you afraid to reveal your company name?
HUH HUH HUH HUH HUH?? You speak so boldly when hiding behind a mask don't ya????
I'm afraid to ask, but how is the radiology account at
Softscript?  I already know their acute care sucks.  TIA
MTs being afraid to "rock the boat" is exactly
Suggestion - don't be afraid to talk to your STM sm
about this. Rather than being scared or crying about too many blanks / ESL, why don't you set a time to talk to her (or him)? Just say I am worried about my %QA and want to know what you think we can do to bring it down. You might be surprised.
I'm afraid...after working for several years...

at a company, who will be unnamed, but is very popular these days, I have finally took the plunge and taken a position with Web.  I'm happy and afraid at the same time.  I hope I do well.  I hear good things about this company.  I just want to be happy again.  My present (soon to be past) job has really whipped my you know what.  I hope I made the right decision.  Thanks all. 

PS Pls excuse any typos

Some people are afraid of change so are satisfied

If you say you do better, they'll deny it.  Ssssshh, don't burst their bubble. They get grumpy when you do.

Good luck and don't be afraid to ask questions -
if you're having trouble with a word on a report, etc. I always get a quick response back when I send out an email to all!
I'm afraid its a plan only a mother could love.

I'm afraid I'm 2 young 4 andropause, missy!