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That they are 100% Filipino owned and based in the Phillipines maybe?

Posted By: DUH on 2007-09-06
In Reply to: Why don't you ask them? - ME


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Cymed sucks since pewned & outsourced by Filipino's 100%

Thanks to a guy named Robert Lynch president and CEO of Cymed (who was greedy and sold all american transcriptionists to the Phillipine Long Distance Telephone company in early 06.)

Know the company you work for:

Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. (PLDT), the country's largest telecom company, said Friday that its unit ePLDT, through SPI Technologies, Inc.

The acquisition makes SPI the third largest company in the outsourced medical transcription industry.

Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. (TEL)

Has the vague stock symbol of: TEL. (yes TEL.)

PLDT, through its information technology arm ePLDT, Inc., acquired SPI Technologies, Inc. for $135.34 million in cash.

ePLDT bought the world’s ninth lar-gest independent provider of business process outsourcing (BPO) together with SPI’s $7-million debt owed to former shareholder SPI Tech L.P.

ePLDT likewise advanced $16.43 million to SPI, which, in turn would be used to fully pay debts to DBS Bank Singapore.

CyMed employs more than 650 staff in the US through offices in Virginia, Tennessee and Ohio.

False advertising line: CyMed has a much deeper presence in the US and SPi is better entrenched in the Philippines and India. This merger creates a unique company with a well balanced and deep pool of talented staff in the three countries in which we operate.

 When this be in actuality & basic explanation in India's MT news they know:

Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. (PLDT) now owns thru SPI the company (or possibly even simply an abbreviation for them): 100 % percent of CyMed Inc. and all american Transcriptionist belong to the phillipines and can now be replaced by anybody this Phillipino company wishes.

A woman named Palmer, Edna has her pick and choose of MT's in america... and soon across the world.

The appalling thing be that MR #'s are the exact same as social security numbers could be used by those in another country and sold so easily.

 About SPi: (two big letters S&P followed a small i) still no page able to find about the meaning of this abbreviation but the bottom line is that SPi = same as the arm _ePLDT_of Phil Long DIstance Telephone Company !

SPi is 100% owned by ePLDT, is a leading full-service BPO provider with offices and facilities across North America, Europe, and Asia. Together with ePLDT’s Ventus Group, the company has 11,000 employees delivering on a wide range of call center and knowledge-based outsourcing solutions to diversified markets, including financial services, healthcare, legal and publishing. SPi consistently improves operating efficiency, lowers costs and helps to strengthen the competitive position of more than 150 customers.

ePLDT, Inc., is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Philippine Long Distance Telephone

Company (PLDT), the leading telecommunications provider in the Philippines. PLDT is listed

on the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE:TEL) and its American Depository Shares are listed

on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE:PHI).

History of PLDT:

 You may not lose your job (lose right now buuut) you have now but you are contributing to:

A. Dedicated transcriptionist who went to school for the privilege of becoming so & spent a fortune (It does take so many $ in books to be a proper med understood, they don't give you any for free and must be not depend on internet all the time or ones not gonna be that bright) on the books to know all the proper terminolgy so they damn sure dont messup on somebodys preliminary surgery etc. report !

B. the quite easy & possible stealing of american's social security numbers

C. There's no job security with this company Cymed-Spi now & no end & no raises or nothing & no health coverage or anything like that.

D. Greed of a Phillipino company buying up all american telephony, & video games and internet everything.

Ownership of PLDT: First Pacific: 31%/ Nippon Telegraph and Telephone: 15% /Fidelity Investments: 5% /Other owners (includes public stock): 49% .

Ps. Why on earth is there no Med-Transcriptionist-American-Union? Who'd be done boycotted such outsourcing SOB's off thier asses ?

Peace, thank you all for reading.






























































































































































not for me
you say Phillipines, they say India
teaching in the Phillipines ....

OP - If this is in response to the article about AAMT teaching (or overseeing teaching, I can't remember which off the top of my head) in the Phillipines, the use of the AAMT acronym is NOT our AAMT.  It is used for the name of a company (not, to my knowledge at any rate) affiliated with the AAMT.  You can Google the name of that company and it does have American in its name, but its not American Association of Medical Transcription (I think that's our AAMT's name? Its way to early for me to post, obviously, my brain is still asleep).  However, the point is, AAMT and AAMT are two different organizations.  There's also AAMT (Australian Association of Massage Therapists), and many others.  AAMT is not exclusively associated with our AAMT.


Just food for thought :)

I actually heard it was the Phillipines and not India....That came from...
Rick's mouth himself in a conversation with me
They offshore...not about abuot India, but definitely to the Phillipines....
The Phillipines??? They clearly stated India in the announcment.
SPI heavily offshores to India and Phillipines.
Absolutely, sends work to India, Phillipines...sm
She's something alright, sending work offshore instead of paying someone in the US a workable wage. Name of company is Another Medical Must...owned by Renee Lella....look her up on Google and see how that's worked for her in the past, with a major leak of patient records due to dealing with the Indian company and their MTs. She trains her MTs most of the time using her cell phone in the car while doing errands or picking up kids...horrible. Bad, bad experience, never again. She looks at this board occasionally and still posts for job openings once in a while, but always under an alias or different name, sometimes maria...sometimes another name. Shifty.
In the Job Bank, company from Phillipines ..CYPHERSCRIBE INC. trying to find new clients.
What part of MT jobseeker's don't they get. They need to solicit work on another board.  Why would we want to offshore to them.
Do not outsource to India, outsource a small amount to Phillipines.
many owned
they own many...they acquired 24 companies ...

they own dictaphone, escription, dragon, scan soft...

they are huge...
You do know what you just owned up to, right?
You said you went over someone's else's medical records. I could have no contact doing business with my husband's medical office until he put it in writing. When my elderly aunt needed assistance, unable to talk 1:1 with her medical office. I went to her doctor's office, asked them just to listen to me, make notes of what I was saying and they could take it from there to coordinate care for her and that was what was done. I did not have her permission in writing so I as her niece could not do, neither can I take care of my next of kin, that being my husband, without written permission.
MDI in FL is owned by Transcend
Employee Owned
Yes, it is absolutely true that they are employee owned, I have worked for them and their office is about 5 miles from me. Truth be told, this is a small company that continues to struggle with a huge turnover and lack of management. Those who have been there for years (people not in the transcription department) have paid dearly for the decline in their stock value over the past several years; it's quite sad.
And you expect us to believe you know anything about TT? First off, it is not owned by a man,
but rather it is owned by two people. Secondly, they have never, not once, cheated me. I know because I checked extensively every single day when I started and *still* check randomly because I have had such bad experienced elsewhere.

The people are nice, they treat me well, the workload is steady, the work is pretty good. Is it perfect? Of course not. It is, though, the best job I have had in 14 years of doing MT'ing at home.

You clearly have some sort of personal problem with Transtech. Go away and wallow in your own misery.
They are Indian owned
Do a search on the Company Board. Many negatives and they are based on India. Can they even post job ads on this board?
Once foreign owned, always foreign owned.
They are Indian owned and run.
Indian owned and run....
It is being overtaken by Indians....used to be a great company - not anymore. Many have left there lately.

They'll just use you to make the Indians' work smell good to the US based clients then kick you to the curb. I wouldn't go there if my life depended on it now!
And so did Carole C. who owned YOG in Monrovia...
until she made the sudden announcement that she had sold!
Wholly owned and run by India. nm
Is Keystrokes owned by a big national? How many MTs do they have? sm
The information I can find seems to be from just a few nay-sayers and cheerleaders and realy offset each other.  Anything new?  Who are they owned by? 
Definitely not related. MW is owned by 1 family. nm
Is this company off-shore owned? sm
I will bet this company is off-shore owned.  My experience has been these companies expect US workers to work like off-shore workers.  They think we are so grateful to have a job, any job, that they can walk all over us and we will take it, just like they do to their countrymen.  US workers who go along with this kind of illegal abuse, deserve what they are getting.  Make MT the job you want it to be, don't accept just anything.  Pick and choose the companies you work for, find out if they are off-shore owned with the token US front men.  Find the kind of accts you want to do and at a price that is agreeable to you.  Testing gets easier every time you do it.   Get proactive.  This will take time, don't rush yourself and don't quit one job until you have another up and in place. 
Is Diskriter really employee owned?

My perceptions were that they are one of the most coercive and oppressive companies I have ever interviewed with -- things like.....  drug testing as a ROUTINE part of the application, very adamant about working your assigned shift and contacting you if you're not typing, not allowing you to have anything on your machine (including your own word expander).  Is the employee owned thing a gimmick or business angle?  I would think an employee owned company would be more pro-employee. 

TTS is owned by Linda Kelley
She works for Medware. How their business arrangement works - do not know.
American owned companies

I have a question hopefully will get some good answers. Are there any strictly American-owned transcription companies still left out there that do not outsource and are not partnered with oversea's companies? I would love to be able to find one. Hopefully they still exist.

Thanks for any help!

Still a French owned company .
I don't shop at Target for the same reason.
The company is owned by the person who
I don't know much about the company itself, but that would be enough for me not to look at it.  I also don't think the pay is too great, 7-8 cpl.
I also worked for MQ and went to a privately owned

company and hate it.  I am assigned my own accounts but can't make any money unless I work 12+ hours a day including weekends.  They have a 24 hr TAT which I can understand but if a doctor doesn't dictate for 2 days (or more) and then slams you with 2 days worth of dictation I don't think it's fair to expect MTs to turn around all that dictation.  I have more than one doctor and don't have a problem with TAT until one or more decides not to dictate for days and then OUCH. 

Anyway I've decided to look elsewhere.  This company also has alot of physical therapy and there is no money to be made in this field (at least not the way they do business), so I do not do physical therapy.

Webmedx's platform is owned by them sm
exclusively. No other company has the exact same one.
It is a family owned company and
Yes, every report is put on hold until it is released from QA. I guess they go over it,or just release it, I do not know, but every report that is transcribed must be put on QA hold/sent to QA even if no blanks are in it.
That was the rule when the site was owned
by Sheri..guess it doesn't apply anymore.
This is an Indian-owned and run company and they do
outsource. From what I've heard pay is also on the low side.
100% indian owned and run...you can find better..NM
I am in the same boat with DTS, no work for at least 3 hours of my shift, and I REFUSE to chase work when I am not scheduled and have to work 24/7 to get work, that's what these companies want us to do so they don't have to pay us overtime. If you are scheduled to work a shift, and are an employee not an IC, and you are at your desk during those hours legally they are requiredf to pay you because you are ready, and available to work as scheduled. And if you have to work outside of your shifts, they have to pay you overtime if you work over 40 hours, which DTS does.

I work for DTS and have a great account manager, and I am on 4 accounts, but what DTS does is if they see work on the system, regardless of whether it's out of TAT or not their policy is to call in the troops to clear off the system no matter if you are working on YOUR shift tying to get you lines or not, they FRANKLY DO NOT CARE!

It's also a MYSTERY who owns this company, and with mysteries like this, that smells like an Indian company owns this company and they just do not want to own up to it because they know how most of us feel about the Indians and other offshores. I can't pay my mortgage or my internet this month, and I am tried of calling my creditors and telling them that I work for a company that has DTS AMERICA in back of their name but is most likely Indian owned. They have an Indian IT Department that you cannot understand (what's new) that can hardly speak English and when you call them, all they do is just repeat what you told them! I finally told my AM to tell them NOT TO CALL ME because (1) you can't understand them. (2) they are beyond rude.

I WILL not work for a company that offshores, and so far I have found 2 that do not, one that has been in business a while and is looking for good MTs for a new account Southern Transcription and another one that is looking for clinic MTs for a new account neither are voice or have any presence offshore. The second is eTransportal, and that owner was EXTREMELY nice, test very easy. The test for Southern is a PITA by Horizon, but they are a GREAT company according to all posts. I have been offered a position with both companies and will probably work for both and decide which one is for me. We all should be compensated for changing companies and learning all these new accounts and software platforms! That's another thing about these companies imagine how much money they make not having to house us inhouse. They require all this equipment, internet, more and more state of the art computers, but yet out pay is still in the dark ages... I know of NO PROFESSION where the pay has gone down and not up! I am making less than what I made working in the broom closet in a hospital transcribing radiology reports 15 years ago than I am now! That's just too sad..........if I could I'd leave this profession but I am not in a position to do so. Why anyone would pay thousands of dollars for training and those schools that are just a scam, I have not idea, what to make below min. wage? Hopefully, working for a company that does not offshore might make a difference.

DTS could care less about their MTS, they have an add, and I would encourage people not to apply because they overhire, and most of us are out of work every single day, why they don't train all of us on other accounts instead of hiring more people makes no sense to me, but then again nothing does anymore in this industry.
No, Diskriter is owned by an individual - they have never been linked to MQ - never will -
never ever ever ever never - if they ever did join with MQ, I would quit in a heartbeat and never go back to the field of transcription.
Why would you think that just because they use a software owned by an Indian co that means they

outsource?  They do not outsource.  Arrendale used to be owned by a company in NC before they were purchased.  This CO hires all American MTs.


Carole owned both YOG and FutureNet at one time.
They both worked under the Futurenet program which is a wonderful program, by the way. She sold YOG to MQ and sold FutureNet to one of her employees.  There is no connection between them now other than the Monrovia office for MQ still uses the Futurenet program - and why not?  It works better than 90% of the transcription platforms out there and is much easier to use.  The rest of these companies spin their wheels to reinvent the wheel and create a mess for us to work in. 
CBAY is Indian owned out of Annapolis - sm
There was an article written about the owner in the Baltimore Business Journal earlier this year. The work goes to India but gets "edited" here. A few months ago, the owner was bouncing paychecks, however, I am not sure if that is still happening now.
CBAY is OWNED AND OPERATED by an Indian - sm
There was a HUUUUGGGEEE article about the owner in the Baltimore Business Journal earlier this year (July). He makes no bones about the work going to India. He is Indian. I know of two people that worked for him and their checks started to bounce. One of them had even gone to India to teach transcription.
Indian owned - lots of ESLs -
not a major company - woman owned
around 100 employees but not positive
Just because main office is in NY does not mean they are not owned by offshore. I don't know if
they are NOT Indian owned - I worked for them in the office
I said they offshore. But THEY ARE NOT Indian owners. They are American owners deep into scientology and the whole L Ron Hubbard thing - not that that makes a difference, but just thought I would throw that in there.
Webmedx is NOT offshore, nor foreign owned. 100% US. nm
Correction: They owned the other one and built this which one which is much larger. sm
I just read this in one of the magazines and asked my lead if they were moving far. She said it is literally across the parking lot from a small office to a huge building, taking on the whole building. I am thrilled to be part of a growing company instead of the sinking ship I was on!!!
Nope, they are still Indian owned and operated
Looks like you were owned 3 emails ago. Nighty Nite :-)))
Check the archives - India owned. nm