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In the Job Bank, company from Phillipines ..CYPHERSCRIBE INC. trying to find new clients.

Posted By: Anyone else notice.. on 2007-09-13
In Reply to:

What part of MT jobseeker's don't they get. They need to solicit work on another board.  Why would we want to offshore to them.

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My bank did it when it merged with another and I did not find out
until I got their notice of changes two weeks after they began. It was my personal account and both my mortgage and car checks bounced because of it.
yea and just wait until the clients find
out that they are not using the US staff that they claimed they would be using on their accounts.
It depends on your bank not Keystrokes when they post it. When your bank opens it will be there, ar
Hope this helps. Their payroll department is very efficient. In fact, I feel dumb beside them. Very professional (not that they make me feel dumb).
WHAT?? It is the bank, not the company that decides how it posts. sm
I have been there for 3 years and we have always been paid that way. Many, many times it is posted on the Friday before but we know to count on it the next business day.

My bank is open Monday. Maybe yours is too.
Whatever that company is, they absolutely do not have access to our resume bank.
What happens, is MTSOs coddle the clients and let the clients call all of the shots.

Then the MTs get stuck with account specs that are contradictory and confusing. 

It should be simple.  When an MTSO is wooing a client, the MTSO should present with a copy of the style guidelines they intend to follow or if it is the BOS, let the client know that.  It should be made clear that with the exception of report format, the guidelines are not flexible.  Either we use apostrophes or we don't.  Don't do it one way for one client and the exact opposite for the other client and then hold the MT responsible when she gets confused as to what account she is typing that day!

Don't know about turnover but new clients coming on board - GREAT company

not for me
Loyalty has nothing to do with it until you find the company for you. Be loyal to THAT company.
you say Phillipines, they say India
teaching in the Phillipines ....

OP - If this is in response to the article about AAMT teaching (or overseeing teaching, I can't remember which off the top of my head) in the Phillipines, the use of the AAMT acronym is NOT our AAMT.  It is used for the name of a company (not, to my knowledge at any rate) affiliated with the AAMT.  You can Google the name of that company and it does have American in its name, but its not American Association of Medical Transcription (I think that's our AAMT's name? Its way to early for me to post, obviously, my brain is still asleep).  However, the point is, AAMT and AAMT are two different organizations.  There's also AAMT (Australian Association of Massage Therapists), and many others.  AAMT is not exclusively associated with our AAMT.


Just food for thought :)

I actually heard it was the Phillipines and not India....That came from...
Rick's mouth himself in a conversation with me
They offshore...not about abuot India, but definitely to the Phillipines....
The Phillipines??? They clearly stated India in the announcment.
SPI heavily offshores to India and Phillipines.
That they are 100% Filipino owned and based in the Phillipines maybe?
Absolutely, sends work to India, Phillipines...sm
She's something alright, sending work offshore instead of paying someone in the US a workable wage. Name of company is Another Medical Must...owned by Renee Lella....look her up on Google and see how that's worked for her in the past, with a major leak of patient records due to dealing with the Indian company and their MTs. She trains her MTs most of the time using her cell phone in the car while doing errands or picking up kids...horrible. Bad, bad experience, never again. She looks at this board occasionally and still posts for job openings once in a while, but always under an alias or different name, sometimes maria...sometimes another name. Shifty.
Find another company
I agree with these posters. I am there NOW and will not be soon. They do NOT provide equipment, you have to buy your own pedal, you get these bitchy E-mails, being talken down to REGULARLY. Not only is their management a piece of crap, but their tech support sucks..if you happen to work when there is no tech coverage, too bad for you, you have to wait until they come in the morning. PLUS I am using my own computer. Arrogant QA people, ignorant "managers"...and it all crashes down on the poor MT's head who is just trying, FIGHTING to make their lines. Please, please do yourself a favor and apply elsewhere.
If you find a company that does that let me know, please. nm
You will not find a better company
The dictators, etc., is up to the MT.  Can you do it?  TT is a great company.
Find a different company. This one will not get better.
No one answers any questions, you only hear something if you make a mistake. The platform for work is really nasty, more editing demographic work than typing, and the editing platform is the worst of the worst. Someone wrote that their pay is fair and it is, if you use fair in the context of poor, fair, good, and excellent, but it definitely is not fair in regards to quality or experience. During my interviews, I find many companies are offering much higher rates, especially with VR, even MQ with their bad reputation. In order to survive you have to work a 12 hour window because there is no work much of the time.
Find another company!
Transcend sure sounds like they are getting worse.  They have a ton of positions open but the VR platform stinks so bad that people are leaving rather than working at such a reduced wage.  No communication is the fault of the TL and ROMs which are the worst in the industry as someone said on here a couple of weeks ago and I found in my 3 years there that they are the rudest things and talk down to you and insult you more than help you. Now, there are a few great ones but from reading this I think the bad ones have infected the whole lot of them.  There are better VR platforms out there and companies with straight typing that are not rude and treat you like crap, go girl, go! 
I don't have all day to try to find a company
You won't find anything like that with a company. Hospital sm

benefits are much different, but there aren't many of those jobs left.  They are tumbling to the nationals increasingly.

Wmx has 6 paid holidays for all full time employees.  Graduated rate of PTO, 5 days first year, 10 days for the next 5.  You won't find any company that offers any benefits at all to part time people, as far as I know.  The insurance cost at Wmx are cheaper than, and the coverage far superior to, any other companies I have seen. 

Where did you find that kind of company?
Please do tell, need to move on myself.
I'm trying to find out a company name. It is a small,

I think just an owner and IT person, company in Wyoming, I believe.   I can't remember the name of the company.  They offered me a position and I turned them down, but I need to make a list of all the companies I've turned down as many of them continue to contact me and I want to be able to say no right away instead of going through the interview again because I forgot.   I know there is a company in Cody, WY, but I don't think that is them.  They were extremely disorganized. 

Anyone have a clue who is may be?  I know I haven't given much info to work with. 

Do you find it a very disorganized company?
I already tried to find stuff about this company
but nothing comes up when i type the company name in the search box.
Find a company with work already

darn!  There's a suggestion...  There are plenty that advertise...  Most MTs on this board swear they can transcribe anything and can do so many lines a day, so look around that's what you do.

There's no such thing as job hoppin' if the compay doesn't have enough work for you.  Find another company that does.  Take control of your life and stop letting people walk all over you. 

The statement made by the other poster is most certainly a fact...  these companies take advantage because they have MTs who take their crap day in and day out...  move on already!

Has anyone used a recruiting company to find a job?
If so, how did that go? I need a new MT job (been out of it for about a year) and am having little luck finding anything reputable. I have over 5 years experience and seem to be coming to a lot of dead ends. I am getting seriously frustrated!
great. well i'd like to find another company.
i've lost my main account, on a seriously crappy account with a supervisor who has a large stick up her butt. I can't make any money here and I'm about ready to just quit and do something else.
If you find a company to cross-train in
can you please post the name of the company. I have been wanting to get into radiology. I probably know more than I think I do. However, radiology and medical records transcription were done in separate parts of the hospital, so never got to practice what I learned.

Yes, if I ever find a company who will do it I will certainly share the info. :)
Good luck!. When you find the company, let us know. sm
I'm in the same boat. 
TransTech is a great company. I don't find that they have any more ESL's than any other
company. The pay is good (not great, not bad), the benefits are affordable. For me, the best thing is that I feel I am treated with respect. They are great people who care about us. Overall, this is the best jobs I have had in years. I would highly recommend them.
Why not? If your current company is out of work, you need to find another, and another and another,
you can make a decent weekly income. I've been there and done that, sometimes 5 companies at once, until I finally landed a decent position with consistent workflow.

How do you pay your bills making less than $500 a week?
What company just bought out Focus? I can't find it now. Thx. nm
If you're so paranoid find another company
you type a character and leave the rest of us at Transtech alone. Thank you.
Can't seem to find any information on MD-IT. Does anyone have any experience with this company?
What is the name of the company?? StatlQ? I can't find it by googling (sm)
Can you give some more info, is there a website?  TIA.
Good company, for sure. Find one where you're SM
consistently safe from overhiring--and then come back and give all the rest of us the name. In the meantime, for me at Webmedx most days have plenty of work, although some days require adjusting my schedule during the day to the work flow.

You know, evolving electronic capabilities and patient needs have now led hospitals--our employers' clients--to expect the very quick turnaround needed. Years past have taught home MTs we can work when it suits us. Is it any wonder that MTSOs are currently doing their best to deal with these realities by overhiring when needed? Webmedx is trying to stabilize this situation to everyone's benefit--economic at least for us--by pushing its MTs to meet our commitment of hours per week while still allowing some flexibility.

I'm MsIndigo and I approved this ad. :) Best wishes whereever you land.

Anyone find Oracle to be a good company?
I was just referred to Oracle Transcription Services.  Is this a good place to consider switching to as an IC, as this is all they hire.   The flexible schedule of an IC definitely appeals to me.
I have been working in-house at a hospital and would like to go home to work, but I am having a hard time finding a company out there that offers decent insurance benefits and PTO.. Any ideas are appreciated..
Trying to find company(ies) using the BayScribe transcription platform?

You'll be hard pressed to find a company
that pays hourly and allows you to work at home, that just isn't the way the business works.   I'm not saying that those type of positions don't exist, just that they are extremely rare.  Now if you worked on-site that is a different story. 
I've been trying to find a company with steady work
I think we must work for the same company. I find it always interesting how they say how great
the workload looks and people are really working hard when the fact is they have overhired and that is why there is no work. Must be DSG right. They are hiring right now.  Cant imagine what they are hiring for.  Hopefully not the acounts that are already out of work all the time. I wonder what kind of turnover rate they have there.
I think you would be doing good to find a reputable company, much less by putting qualifiers
Do tell. I find it interesting in what some people like and dislike in a company. Could you share
more about your experience...
If getting paid regularly for your hard work is important to you, find another company. nm
I find this post funny. If a company advertises constantly, posters question if they are losing peo
3 weeks, since 5/24, there are posts that question if they are growing. Who cares if a company is growing or not as long as they have enough work for their MTs. I started PT with KS two weeks ago and will be going FT 7/10 after my long-awaited and much-needed vacation. They have treated me very well and have plenty of work if the account I work on is any indication. I also came to them on the recommendation of several MT friends who work there, all of whom are very happy and have been for a while.

If you want to work for a particular company, your best bet is to contact them. I have read in several publications that more jobs are filled before advertising than after the fact.

Give them a call, especially if you like/love radiology!