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Absolutely, sends work to India, Phillipines...sm

Posted By: anon-amos on 2009-04-10
In Reply to: betcha i know who it is!! - been there, done that

She's something alright, sending work offshore instead of paying someone in the US a workable wage. Name of company is Another Medical Must...owned by Renee Lella....look her up on Google and see how that's worked for her in the past, with a major leak of patient records due to dealing with the Indian company and their MTs. She trains her MTs most of the time using her cell phone in the car while doing errands or picking up kids...horrible. Bad, bad experience, never again. She looks at this board occasionally and still posts for job openings once in a while, but always under an alias or different name, sometimes maria...sometimes another name. Shifty.

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Spheris sends most work to India. SM
They are most certainly NOT a company to work for, if you are a single mom.
Transcend sends all the good work to India and leaves all the
garbage for the MTs in the States so they can keep the indian slime working. n donkeys are that do the work. Transcend is not a good place to work
And you're okay with working for a company that sends most of its work to India and

whose workforce is predominantly Indian?  You're okay with the loss of American jobs, the falling recession we are in and the falling economy due in big part to the offshoring of American jobs?  How okay will you be when you lose your job to an Indian and you have to apply for food stamps and unemployment?

Sell-out MTs like you are the reason good MTs cannot make a decent wage anymore, why good MTs cannot find a good job anymore, and why sweats shops in third world countries are thriving.  How do you look at yourself in the mirror?

Focus Infomatics employs 800 American MTs and over 3000 Indian MTs.  Tech support is in India.  The company itself is still run by the same Indian man who started the company and sold out to Nuance.  He made a bundle when he sold and he is still making a bundle running the company while he pays his own countrymen and woman peanuts!  He's selling out his own people and you are selling out yours!  On second thought, I guess you belong at Focus with your own kind!

you say Phillipines, they say India
I actually heard it was the Phillipines and not India....That came from...
Rick's mouth himself in a conversation with me
They offshore...not about abuot India, but definitely to the Phillipines....
The Phillipines??? They clearly stated India in the announcment.
SPI heavily offshores to India and Phillipines.
Another one, Interpro, sends a lot of theirs to India

as well as other locations outside the US

Do not outsource to India, outsource a small amount to Phillipines.
I think you're absolutely right, that they want India NM
I know, I know Medquist sends work overseas....but there is always work :)
Does anyone know the name of a transcription company in Maryland that sends all of its work to
India. Just curious.
Any company who wants to stay in business sends work out
It is called a blended model.  Hospitals are demanding a better price and US companies must offer offshore work that is edited by US MTs to compete.  It is just like voice recognition, a company must offer this platform or lose the ability to bid on the work.  It is not for every hospital and it is not for every situation.  Therefore, if a company does not have the ability to offer a lower price with non-domestic labor plus have a  voice rec option, they will find themselves unable to compete in tomorrow's marketplace.  Those who cannot compete will lose market share and continue to run out of work.  Those who can compete will continue to hire MTs and grow market share.
Medware not only sends work offshore, but has offices in Bangalore to train MTs there.nm
Transcend bought MDI, so if Transcend sends work offshore, so does MDI. nm
Absolutely not! I work for the best MTSO. I am have been so blessed to work for the small company I

I will share this about the MTSO I work for.  I called her late last Wednesday night after Church and told her I was compelled to help out with Hurricaine Katrina in some way and an opportunity arose for a small group from my Church to go to Louisianna this coming week.  Would she be able to cover my work.  She told me no problem without any hesitation and even donated money for the trip. 

And I am sure there are plenty of good companies out there to work for.  To compare us to migrant workers is just not right.

not for me
teaching in the Phillipines ....

OP - If this is in response to the article about AAMT teaching (or overseeing teaching, I can't remember which off the top of my head) in the Phillipines, the use of the AAMT acronym is NOT our AAMT.  It is used for the name of a company (not, to my knowledge at any rate) affiliated with the AAMT.  You can Google the name of that company and it does have American in its name, but its not American Association of Medical Transcription (I think that's our AAMT's name? Its way to early for me to post, obviously, my brain is still asleep).  However, the point is, AAMT and AAMT are two different organizations.  There's also AAMT (Australian Association of Massage Therapists), and many others.  AAMT is not exclusively associated with our AAMT.


Just food for thought :)

Absolutely - always work available. nm
Currently work there and absolutely one
of the best jobs I have had as an MT. They are flexible with their time, have holiday PTO and regular PTO. Major plus, only 1 account. I know there are some negative posts around about them, but everyone in my group is respectful and the communication is great.
There is absolutely no work right know, so I don't
think they'll be hiring right now. 
That they are 100% Filipino owned and based in the Phillipines maybe?
Absolutely. It is SE status - you can work as much as you want.
Statutory employee status - make as much money as you want with no limitations. Plenty of work all of the time!

Good luck!
Absolutely positive. I work as an SE for
are withheld, only Social Security and Medicare taxes.
I currently work for them, and absolutely love them!
Pay is direct deposit and always on time. The account I'm on is relatively easy, although there are a few ESLs. I've been there 6 months now, and am very happy.
I work there and absolutely love it. You
set your schedule each week in 2-hour blocks each day. You have a minimum production per day you have to do and you need to work sometime within the blocks of time you schedule yourself.
I would ABSOLUTELY NOT work for a company that is associated with her. nm

Much good work going to India. Bad work left
Work for Shapin and absolutely HAPPY about it!!
Finally found my place.
In the Job Bank, company from Phillipines ..CYPHERSCRIBE INC. trying to find new clients.
What part of MT jobseeker's don't they get. They need to solicit work on another board.  Why would we want to offshore to them.
I work for Shapin as lead QA and absolutely LOVE my job..sm
The owner is the most fair employer Ii have ever had!! She is kind to personal situations. She will help you out any way she can. I make really, really good money working for her. She is looking for more editors, as the company is growing a great deal. If you want more info, please feel free to contact me at MaryC_RI285@msn.com.
You can believe those on this board saying NO WORK at Transtech ! Absolutely true !!

Getting worse and worse every day.  They are going to VR at a VERY FAST PACE, which pays so little you cannot survive on the money UNLESS you work 60 hours a week OR are one of the supe's fav's that get the better dictators.

There is always an excuse by TT as to the low work, but remember that doesn't pay our creditors.  Work disappears in large chunks when were at getting almost out of TAT (if ever) so it is going somewhere.

TT is turning out to be like every other MT company out there - more and more executives/supervisors to pay and not a single penny raise for the MT -- much less provide work for the MT's on a consistent basis -- not near consistent basis.

Between the outsourcing and overhiring, there is absolutely no work for anyone/anything American, pe
Now most of the work is done in India.
MQ definitely sends it out.
Yes, MQ definitely sends it out and
my prediction is that one of these days they will send it ALL out. I got out while the getting was good!
Absolutely - I work off FTP and have a 24-hour window to return files.
I work my own schedule daily and keep my TAT. It is that simple. No big deal. I download my files late in the evening, transcribe the next day and upload them late in the evening.

Whatever works!
To say the work that comes in from India is awful...

... is an understatement. I would pull some of those jobs that had beentranscribed in India and there were some that had entire sections crossed out and retyped because they were wrong (and scary wrong too - wrong medications...). The hospital I used to work for uses them and when I still worked at HealthScribe India was doing this hospitals discharge  summaries. I refuse to use that hospital because I know the transcription will be of very poor quality andI refuse to play games with my health and the health of my loves ones.


Work is going to India or some other country. nm
All of CBays work goes to India. nm
Most of their work is done in India by Indian MTs. sm
Tell your lead person you need more work and commit to it. They will work with you if you are good with a high accuracy rating.

Good luck - been there, done that, ain't going back ever!
Thank NAFTA for work going to India
AAMT cannot discriminate because of this law (I asked them years ago).  I think 50% of new MTs being from India shows their determination and pursuit of excellence; perhaps American MTs need to follow their example and compete! I challenge MTs to be the best they can, and that is at this pont determined by their ability to pass the CMT exam. Go, girls!
Exactly. India work stinks.
You are a fool to think US work won't go to India
Happened to a group of us. We had a US force and India force, and guess what, it was more cost efficient to send ALL work overseas, hence all US employees laid off. You really are naive to think they won't do that someday, but I hope you drain their pockets dry before they do.
What has sending work to India done?
We have upset the economy of India, creating an even larger rift and making the poor even poorer because we have inflated the economy in the cities and of those who have had a chance to be educated. The poor have lost even more footing.

We have lost job opportunities for our own Americans, but the companies continue charge the hospitals the same amount for transciption, however their overhead continues to drop, corporate salaries continue to increase and our rate of pay stays the same or drops.

India is a country that allows very very little importing of anything made in the US, so it is a 1 way deal for them.

The individuals from other companies do not pay taxes, so we continue to pay to support those in our country who have gone on the public roles for aid and assistance.
Wouldn't it be nicer to have some of these people working again?

Yes they do send work to India
I know because they told someone I know who is a facility that they would if they wanted their work sent over there.
go to India and work with those people sm
you support so well.
I wonder why they don't send a lot or all of their work to India? That's where a lot of work&
I *do* work at Precyse and most of the work is going to India
Yes that is the company MQ uses to send work to India.