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The basic 4's are: history and physical, consultation, operations, discharge summaries. sm

Posted By: nm on 2007-02-24
In Reply to: confusion - hospital gal

Radiology is not one of them. Sorry, but I don't have an answer for the strictly radiology question.

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  • confusion - hospital gal
    • The basic 4's are: history and physical, consultation, operations, discharge summaries. sm - nm

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discharge summaries
H&Ps, discharge summaries, consults, OPs (nm)
H & Ps, consults, op notes, and discharge summaries. nm
I used it for the same things, psych reports and discharge summaries...
where it was hard to create shortcuts for the reports. For the time period I used it, it was not that much faster, but it was a much needed break on my hands so the rest of my dictation was faster and more comfortable.
Not the discharge summary position
I just tested for acute care. My appointment was set for Monday, so we'll see how it goes. Hopefully it doesn't get changed. :)
Discharge Summary Backlog
work.  Did anyone apply for it? 
I tell the operations guy how
much to send me and I have 24 hours to get it back to them. If I want a day off, I just call or email and tell them I'm not working today, tomorrow, whatever. I'm never out of work. I'm on a different time zone, so he sends me my work the afternoon prior so I don't have to wait until he gets in since I like to start early mornings. It's not in a queue so there's no pulling it over. I just tell him how much, he sends it through the server, I download it, work it and send it back. I love it. I like this company better than any one I have worked for, although that's not a lot!
Operations are in the US - sm
QA are ALL Americans as are the team leads, etc.
I wonder if K.C. will have a job.. there are no 'U.S. Operations' anymore to be VP of!!! nm
BIG 3rd on the operations manager! sm
She is as nasty as they come. Sweet as sugar until you have worked there for a little while. I REALLY suggest you stay away. They don't value their employees in any way.
operations director
Call their nashville office and ask
email operations
with this question, they will tell you.
did you talk with the MDI techie/operations?
Physical was done at my local hospital Occ-Med Dept. I did not need a drug test.
Certainly you jest!  A physical to work at home??
No you have to take an extensive physical, hearing test, eye exam, drug screen (of course), etc.
what do you mean no physical ?? -
I had to have a full physical, drug test, hearing test, background check, the works - and this was in October. I had to pay for the whole thing myself and then wait to get reimbursed! I no longer work there because I could not handle being on two/three accounts a day and trying to maintain 1200 lines was sooooo hard. I have always typed 1600-2000 lines/day and the switching of accounts made it near impossible to accomplish this goal.
Obviously you did not read the entire sentence, I was responding to Ginny's question....... I said, No you have to take an extensive physical, hearing test, eye exam, drug screen (of course), etc. you have to take an extensive physical....................
I am disappointed too, but then again, the new operations manager used to work sm

at Medquist, so obviously outsourcing would not be something unfamiliar to him.  I have worked with them for over a year, and I truly believed the family thing that was pushed, but it does not have that feeling anymore.  I need to talk to Tonya, but my gut feeling is to walk away, just scrape it off like something bad on my shoe and move on.

I'm sure you can find something else.  The great thing about this industry is you can always find another job.  It may not be ideal and exactly what you want at the time, but something to get by until the right one comes along. 

Good luck! 

verification of foreign-based operations

Q.  Who is Focus Infomatics?
A.   Focus Infomatics is one of the most respected speech recognition services organizations in healthcare, serving some of the U.S.’s largest healthcare organizations. The company combines the use of speech recognition, a web-based editing platform and an optimized India-based operation to achieve superior customer satisfaction, turnaround time and cost efficiency. Focus’ practices have garnered the industry’s highest customer satisfaction as evidenced by its 2006 Best in KLAS® ranking by KLAS Enterprises, an independent organization that monitors performance of healthcare vendors worldwide.

Q.   Where is Focus located? How many people work for the company?
A.   Focus has operations in both India and the United States and has more than 1,500 employees and contractors on staff.

Physical Therapy
I have to beg to differ with your last paragraph. I work for a small owned company and I am assigned all of the physical therapists, (speech and one OT is included in this group) and I have no problem making money in this field. As a matter of fact, I asked for part time but the way these PT's talk, I'm almost full time with my line count. I'm sorry you aren't having a good experience, maybe it's just not a properly run situation?
again, no physical requirement at diskriter
but hospital employees still have to have a physical, pretty extensive one too - - I used to be one but got out of that employee status, prefer the Diskriter employee status, believe you can get both there though whichever floats your boat
Yeah! I'm in better physical condition at 59 than
Chronological age: 59

Adjusted age for immaturity: 12
Clinic notes or physical therapy?


Does anyone have suggestions for companies that hire for physical therapy or just general transcription/clinic work?  I've tested at several companies and did not score high enough apparently to do acute care, even though I did not leave so many blanks, I thought.  My problem was with the actual transcription; passed the other part of tests.  Really discouraged right now.  TIA--


do you mean part time or physical therapy. nm
My better half in the union and he is required to have a physical by
the company doctor ever so often. I am sure his medical records have been reviewed. He also undergoes drug tested whenever the company feels the whim to have 1 done. He loves his job, I love his job. He makes excellent money. We have no fears, concerns, hesitations about the process his company decides on because they are on the safe side of the fence.
Are there companies that hire for physical or occupational therapy?
Nope, but if I remember correctly you have to do a physical and all that jazz wherever you are.

This was back in 2005 when Diskriter first landed the Florida hospital.  I worked there and had to actually take a three page form to my doctor to fill out.  I had to pay for my own urine drug screen and TB test administered for a local lab and provide the lab with a postage paid envelope to mail the results directly to the hospital in Florida.

I put up a fuss because I thought all that was a little much for a remote MT position, especially when you consider that I would probably never set foot inside the facility so who cared if I passed my physical and got a TB test?

Only thing Focus has in US is payroll & recruiter. All mgmt., IT & acct. operations in India. nm
That's very, very basic MT! nm
I could see basic four, but all others? I don't
Basic MT course


I have already been through a what you call a match box MT school and I feel I need more training but do not need a complete course again.  Do you know any place that offer a basic course in MT that is legit? 



Basic course
MTEC has a basic course and a premier course. You can also go on their message boards and ask questions there.
Basic Course?
Medical Coding. Can you work from home. Do you have to have experience before you get a job? I know you have to have experience as an MT before you get a job.

You listed the basic ones
Let's not forget about burping, yawning, coughing, sneezing, chewing/eating....... the list goes on. 
It is basic four using Softscript. (sm)
I will have to ask about the margins.  Thanks.
For a little history.....
TT has never been up front about their line count. I used to work for TT when they told people Disregard the ExText Control I function (wasn't that the line counter?) (just like Ignore That Man Behind the Curtain!!!) Because they finagle their more favorable method but aren't up front about what method it is. Transtech is owned by a real estate investor who owned the building where they are located. You know he's going to use every trick in the book to buy low, sell high. And the fact that other TT MTs won't tell you what method of line counting they are using is suspicious. Everyone cuts their own deal there. And all the TT MTs make the MT Stars readers think that TT is the ULTIMATE place to work. THere are a lot of people that have had bad experiences, too many for just random, do you know what I mean? And the poster deserves kudos for telling us that that the Word counter DOESN'T include headers. Very helpful information when there is so much TT MISINFORMATION being spread on MT Stars.
No more history
They're tired of the complaints, yet won't address the issue. The same people cancel jobs over and over again, so there must be no consequence for it. I guess they think if we can't see it, it doesn't exist, and the cherry pickers can pick and choose all day. I am ready to join them, sick and tired of having miserable jobs dumped on me while they cancel, clock out, wait a few minutes and get back on. We should all do it and then when nobody is doing the worst of the worst, perhaps the situation will be addressed.
Hmmm, care to share? Was this memo sent by your STM, that possibly wasn't sent to everybody? I quickly went through my deleted emails and can't find the one which contained the initial announcement but I certainly don't recall anything in that which gave you instructions to get history via a different route.
Don't know much about history.

Don't know much biology.  Don't know what a slide rule is for.  Don't know much about science books.  Don't remember the French I took....   blah, blah, blah....What a wonderful world it would be.

No, I certainly did not learn anything this morning and wonder why I gave them another half hour of my time so that I could remain completely uninformed.  Oh, except how very EXCITED they are, and we should be too about this.  There was so much excitement in yesterday's and today's calls I'm afraid Dorothy, Don and Carlotta will all hyperventilate! 

Chinese curse:  May you live in interesting times.  Wonder if there's a similar Indian curse?


Physical address is Texas, website states "supporting health info globally since


No, I do acute care/basic 4 ... so I don't know
about the radiology part, but give it a shot. They've gotten rid of some bad eggs as I understand it, and as long as I've been here, which is under a year, things have been fine.
This is basic medical terminology 101.

She WAS complaining about basic answers.
A direct quote from her post above:

I can't seem to get basic answers to my questions without it being an educated guess or noneducated for that matter!

There are a lot who also do not know basic English skills. Example: (sm)
the difference between their, there, and they're.  Affect, effect.   Basic skills of sentence structure.  Just knowing some medical words does not make you a good MT.
Acute care basic 4
Yes you can. I have to go at a slow pace because of arthritis in my hands and I still get a decent line count. Wish I had the speed I used to have, I would really be making it big!
all this to yes, yes, yes pertains to basic 4, not radiology.nm
What is the basic 4? Does it include op reports? NM
Could someone give me the history
It must have been a great company or something.  Fill us all in, please.  Are they in business now under another name? Have a need to know.
..and history repeats itself once again. nm
It means QT is history
    It means get a job where your employer has no ties to India or any other country taking jobs from Americans. It means money and greed win once again.   It means a really good company sold its soul and a lot of great MTs for a scrapbook.  It means that if you check the archives as far back as nearly a year ago, you will find subtle and not so subtle hints that QT was in huge trouble and has been for quite some time.    If you've worked there for any amount of time, you already know there is trouble, whether you admit it or not. Good companies go bad.  Chalk this experience up and find a better one.