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They use a built-in expander like Auto Correct

Posted By: in Word. But they have a horrible spell check. nm on 2006-05-12
In Reply to: Word expander with Precyse? sm - PerhapsPrecyse


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changing docQscribe word expander to auto-correct

I have been hired at a company that uses Word auto-correct.  I have thousands of expansions in DocQScribe aco.user file.  I have found the file in my computer and brought it up on notepad.  Anybody able to have this imported to auto-correct?  I called the company support and they said it is doubful.  This may be a deal killer as it would take hundreds of hours to start from scratch.  Thanks for your time.

Auto correct

Is there a way to keep the first letter becoming a capital when using an Expander after an abbreviation with a period?

Example:  1 tablet p.o. (and then when type bidx, expands to Twice a day, with a capital T because of period after the o.).  It seems I spend quite a bit of time fixing this type of thing.

Thanks for you help!

Use the ESP expander built in - you put all your own in.
Bayscribe is a breeze, with a built-in expander sm

similar to PRD+.  I think also if you have Smarttype, you can convert your abbreviations as well.   Another nice feature is that you get your line count with each individual report, as well as your total for the day with the amount of money you made -- kinda nice. 

I think the majority of the work is acute care, but I think there might be a few radiology and clinic accounts.  I'm really not sure.

Good luck!

Put them in auto-correct - copy and paste. Quick and easy! nm
Similar to DocQScribe, expansions go in auto-correct, horrible spell-check. nm
I love it. Expander is built into it, as are site notes, sample reports,splchk. nm
ExText is integrated with Word. Auto correct is a part of Word.
ExText is a Word based platform. When the page opens for you to type the document it will be just like you are typing in MS Word.
First of all, the auto workers SM

have been protected from the realities of the world for decades now.  I have contact with them daily-you should hear them cry and complain over having to pay $4 a pay period to cover their family's health insurance.  Co-pay for a Rx went up from $2 to $5?  Oh, the complaining about what a raw deal they get.

These people all have cottages to summer in, multiple vehicles for business, leisure and sports and the rest of us have slaved.  No company EVER promised to take care of its employees for life.  We MTs have known that for years and now these people also can find this out.

Notalways, Auto Hot Key sounds like something
I really should be using. I'm still looking stuff up dinosaur style. I just googled that term but got more than I wanted. Do you have a program you purchased, or is it some sort of free download? Do you combine a keyboard with additional function keys with it? Thanks.

BTW, I'm Just Saying, Expanders do help eliminate some of the proofreading for mistakes--yet another way they contribute to speed ($$). The words, phrases, sentences, and paragraphs your Expander rolls out are exactly as you stored them. No need to scrutinize them for typos.

Regarding how many are doing okay, different boards do have their own group personalities. Many people just aren't relating to the serious problems many come here to share and discuss with others in the same boat, so even if they drop in now and then they keep moving.
Make an auto-response for their emails.."I DON'T WORK HERE!" nm
Say "Get Over It" to the auto workers and their families who are getting pink slips. sm

How do you think you would feel if you spent  most of your adult life working for one of these companies promising you security if you stayed with them.

I know. They THINK they have built in their
seniority benefit in their PTO plan. Ahhemmm. Hahahaha
No. They have one built in. But I think sm
if you speak with tech support they might (don't quote me on it) be able to convert it for you. Nothing is windows based and no internet. You build your shortcuts from scratch.
yes, they have their own built in...sm
spellcheckers AND autocorrect functions. Some (including me) prefer Chartscript, others prefer Bayscribe. Since Chartscript uses Word, I was able to still add my updated Stedman's medical spellchecker program. Bayscribe does not use Word.
Does Bayscribe have a built-in
medical dictionary?
Yes, purchase (or have one built)

Yes, I would like to purchase one or if it is more cost effective to have on built I would like to do that. The platform that I use now is VERY expensive. If some knows of a company that can build one for me I would appreciate the info.

They are being built in Mobile, AL
So at least the jobs will be here.
You should see the new house he just built! nm

The built-in templates for the ones you create
Correction: They owned the other one and built this which one which is much larger. sm
I just read this in one of the magazines and asked my lead if they were moving far. She said it is literally across the parking lot from a small office to a huge building, taking on the whole building. I am thrilled to be part of a growing company instead of the sinking ship I was on!!!
Irony - MQ is closing offices and Keystrokes just built a new one. sm

I was part time with MQ and full time with KS and now will be KS only.  I am radiology, make great money and have a great lead.  I would recommend them to all MQ MTs that are thinking of leaving.

The email is KeystrokesNow@aol.com.   The fax is (630) 729-3177.

We do not have a referral bonus, I am just trying to help everyone that is feeling displaced.

Does Dictaphone ExText come with a built-in medical spellcheck? SM

More specifically, does TransTech's platform have a medical spellcheck?  TIA

Yes, it comes with Stedman's built in. You'll love the platform, it's
the easiest I have worked with.
Is there a medical spell check built in their software? n/m
Can anyone tell me what platforms are similar to DQS that have their own built in line counters etc

that are good platforms with companies.  I dont need to know all of them just a few of the most used ones would help.  I only have used DQS. 

No, they built a new one last year and moved into it in October or November. sm
I think they have a really big office now, from what I heard.

They use SpeedType built in to their system - works just like Shorthand.NM
Sounds like you are talking about ExText - I love it. I use my shorthand AND the built-in ESP.
The main office was in Bolingbrook but they built an office in Yorkville last fall. SM
I think that the owners live in Yorkville, so it was built close to their house. Nice office, just pretty far out.
As long as it will work with Windows-based programs then whatever expander you use should work in Merit. I use Shorthand with no problems but have no experience with the one you mentioned.

I worked for a small local company, and only did proofreading, no transcripton, so I'm embarassed to say I don't even know what an expander is.

As long as your Expander is Windows-based it will work with the Merit platform.
I only use my expander, AUT.
I'm not a window person but their window program is easy, easy, easy. I use ShortHand as an Expander because it is not limited except by the size of your hard drive - autocorrect is limited, so rather than have everything going on at once, I disabled autocorrect and stayed strictly with Shorthand and made my own custom dict. This is truly a great company but don't play around with your schedule. If you commit to a certain time, be there. They need to know they can depend on you for TAT. I've never had a problem with them. They are great, but they do have standards like not abusing QA because you don't want to take the time to check it out yourself. Otherwise, go for it.
Can you use an Expander with it?
Anyone out here with JLG, what expander do you use? (sm)

I have one that I use to help me with DQS on my full time job, but find it doesn't work that well for me with JLG and I don't want to take the chance of having it set up for JLG and then screw up my FT job.  I also haven't been able to figure JLG's out (don't laugh!) correctly and I'm looking for something else to supplement it/replace it so I can get my line count up higher (only working there part time).  What Expander works for you???

The one I use is ShortHand 8.60v. Having enough money to eat is my motivator I guess!
What expander do you use?

Do you use shorthand? 

when people talk about extext and they use ShortHand and the built in esp, are they referring to shorthand as their own shortcuts or something different?  I don't want to sound stupid but just wanting to make sure I understand!  Thank you for your help!
The platform I am on uses Instant Text ...
I don't use an expander.
It is just a really, really easy ER account with tons of work.

I came from a company that used word perfect and honestly I loved it because I was used to it.  Setting up and using macros was easy for me and came naturally after all that time.  I have tried some free demo Expanders and have a hard time getting used to the automatic additions but I'm getting there.  I have not been impressed with the demos and can't see spending the money on the ones I've tried.  I have since been using the word auto correct and auto text. 

I'm thinking about trying Instant Text from the reviews on here and other forums, but the price tag is a little put offish for me.  I don't mind putting the money into if it gives me the money in return, obviously.  Has anybody tried this and regretted the purchase?  Being Christmas time and having 3 kids and a large extended family to think about the coming month, I don't want to put this kind of money into myself, aah, y'all know what I mean. 

Shortly, is it totally worth it to buy for myself at this time of the year???

can you use IT expander?
Also, does their platform come with its own expander?  Thank you all!
yes, it comes with its own expander.
(and remember, this platform was developed by/with MTs)...and a big plus is that you can bring most Expanders in with this platform. I brought years and years of stuff from MQ and they integrated it into their expander. I'm not 100% on IT, but i believe i've seen where you can use it too.
Hi, I posted yesterday regarding using PC ShortHand as your Expander for a Meditech account. I neglected to tell you that you will have to purchase that software on your own. KS does not supply that. Good luck!
It is in you and in your expander.
Can you at least print a list of your expansions in case you need to manually redo them?
But were you using an expander? NM
No using expander?
Please tell me you are just assuming this? I do VR and still use my Expander just fine. If you have troubles with your headings/subheadings, you can make shorts for them so they go where they need, etc. Wrong word? Just use your short for it and delete the incorrect one. One big tip - take your hands off your home row, that is bad in VR. I know, I know, we have been brainwashed to it for straight typing, but its a no, no for VR, you will probably use your Ctrl, Alt, and Shift keys far more.

Gals, its really not all bad. You will lose money at first, but as the VR results improve, your major editing will be less and less and your pay back up where you need it to be.

Oh, and if you are using escription, I had heard a while back there VR was excellent, doesn't take long at all to train it.
Can anyone tell me about Medware's expander?
Hi!  Is there anyone that can tell me about the type of expander Medware includes with its software?  I have seen in the Medware ad that they have this and would like to know some specs.  Is it good or should I get Smartype?  THANKS!!