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This was from the horse's mouth.

Posted By: MQ MT Oldtimer on 2005-10-02
In Reply to: It happened to me last week - This is first hand

Perhaps you need to get a new horse.

Remember the packet changes are effective January 1, not today.

It's unfortunate you aren't being paid for downtime. I was paid several times for 40 hours, when my hours fell short.

I see the packet as MQs move to finally consolidate EVERYONE onto the same plan of management so this ridiculous "but my office says and it's true" stuff can stop.

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The horse's mouth would be
The Administrator can only go by what she is told by the company directly or an MT has to produce proof that they offshore before she prevents them from posting on this board.
from the horse's mouth
Per company e-mail from Transcend CEO, the merge is with Transcription Relief Services.
I think you need to check your mouth
9 cpl/gross does NOT equal 13 cpl/character, maybe 11 but not 13. 
Mush Mouth
THOSE are the words that describe exactly what I have had to type also, so I REALLY feel bad for you. I have spent half an hour on a 60-second report, so OBVIOUSLY, my line count is going to be pathetic. But when I say that I'm having a hard time due to short, difficult reports (trying to put it nicely as opposed to doing mush mouth reports!!), I just get told that they have MTs that do short reports just like I'm doing, and that they have no problem making 1000 lines a day. RIGHT; WRONG!!! There is NO way to make 1000 lines a day when you have short reports and mush mouth dictators, which unfortunately, most dictators do NOT dictate clearly. What irks me is some of them could easily dictate clearly, but they just start dictating in this tired, slow voice. I'm sure they are probably overworked and under paid also, but it's just as easy to dictate a report clearly as it is to dictate it muffled and mush mouthed. I left MT for a few months and then got desperate and went back to work, but it hasn't even been a month, and I'm already tired of the same old problems as above. I have no normals or templates that I know of, just a bunch of doctors dictating the same old stuff. Am about ready to quit, once again. I need the money, though, so I don't have any options.
LOL - You took the words right out of my mouth.
Are you a typical TT MT, with that mouth???
Thanks. Maybe better keep my mouth shut. (sm)
My main account is one of those with boldings on and off all over the place. Really a pain on ASR work.

Unless this gets to be more than a couple of minutes at a time I will just sit back and consider myself lucky.

Thanks for your help.
Donít put words in my mouth, what I am saying is
I would rather have $5.00 than absolutely no money at all. Anyone who does not understand this has something wrong with them. I do not work for that but she quit her job without anything else no now 0 money. Now do you understand?
I think it's somebody running their mouth
I have never been one to keep my mouth shut -this happened to me,and
I told the supervisor, who did put a stop to it.  Turns out this girl was assigning herself the good work and the supe didn't watch it.  However, I have also heard of other supes who just let it go, and if they did that after you mentioning it, I'd be on my way out the door, for sure.
Also, most of these positions are word of mouth.
You do not see these positions advertised because it is about knowing each other and word of mouth.
You took the words right outa my mouth!
directly from the horses mouth
The reason people bad mouth them is

because not everyone has it as peachy as you do.  Some are constantly in the c-pool or run out of work.  Some have PS's that do not communicate anything.  Some have ASR accounts that are so bad they have to erase everything and start all over.  Some get reprimanded for punching in 5 minutes late while some punch in an hour late and get no discipline. 

Some have rad accounts that pay for each separate body part while others lump it all into 1.  I don't do rad personally, but I've seen enough of it to know that it doesn't pay fairly - it's by the report with some reports being counted as 1 while some are separated into reports per body part. 

While I'm about 75% happy with MQ, there are many that aren't that happy and even some that are happier than that.  There are just too many variables at MQ, which is probably what irritates me the most.  Second in line is the fact I haven't had a raise in more than 5 years and my current pay rate isn't that great.  I personally don't care for E-time (our timecard system), but that's because I don't like any timecard system. 

The best advice I can give you is if you are currently employed, do not quit that job until you've tried out the new place for a while and you know it's a good fit.  Good luck.

You are putting words in my mouth....sm
so to speak. I never said I have not looked for work while employed or looked for better benefits, platform, etc. And of course I have found companies where the negatives outweighed the positives and caused me to look for work elsewhere. There is nothing wrong with that. What I am against is an MT purposely hiring on simultaneously with multiple companies to weed out those she/he finds unacceptable. To me, that is highly unethical, and I am quite sure most MT companies would agree. In fact, there are some companies that prohibit working for other companies while in their employ.

My whole intent and purpose in posting originally was the hope of shedding a different light on the MT profession, but apparently there are so many here who are so bitter and angry that they refuse to see any other side but their own. Bitterness is a vicious animal that will eat away at you, leaving one empty and desolate while the object of one's bitterness remains unscathed. Do you really think that is the solution to the MT industry's problems?

Yeah, probably spoken from the mouth...sm

of someone who has never suffered ONE SINGLE hardship in her pampered life.  Put yourself in someone else's shoes.  Some of you on this board........you may have it made and do not NEED this job as your sole income.  some of you have probably NEVER had a hardship or anything happen to you. If you are fortunate to have never known hunger, poverty, etc.........good for you. 

For some of you, this job is just a hobby, for MORE it is something we do because we HAVE TO WORK AND HAVE TO MAKE MONEY, PAY BILLS, EAT, AND ALL the other things that we need just to LIVE.........



another poster shooting off their mouth sm
when they don't have a clue.. I am off today, not that its any of your business. BTW, how do you know how much I am posting if you are not reading? AHHHHHHHH but I guess you can type and read posts too right? Get a life!
DIT Pay from horses mouth via email sm







0-5000 lines per pay period

5.0 cents




5000 - 10,000 lines per pay period

5.5 cents




10,000 - 12,500 lines per pay period

6.0 cents




12,500 - 15,000 lines per pay period

6.5 cents




15,000 - 20,000 lines per pay period

7.0 cents




20,000 + lines per pay period

7.5 cents





These are my figures bases on FT 160 hours.


 So if do 20,000 lines per pay period equals

10,000 lines per week = 250 lines an hour per 8 hr (every hour) 

 you get 7.5 cents a line Woww eee

 ($1500 a month - so work 40 hours a week X 4 equal 160 hours equal  ONLY $9.37 hour for all the skill and accuracy.

I thought this was mgmt also but kept my mouth shut...nm
Foot in mouth. Sorry :) I never heard it mentioned.
I thought that Mantis was the OSi platform.
I don't wanna put words in the company's mouth

because I don't know if the insurance type/coverage varies from state to state or not.  I have to provide insurance for both my husband and I (through DeVenture) and well, that does take a bite out of the ol' paycheck I must admit.  However, when I was getting just coverage for myself, so long as I made 7000+ lines a week, they paid 90% of the cost, and that wasn't too shabbyof a deal at all.


I do not see you on any horse either

You have a right to your opinion and I respect you for it.  You said what others want to say, but do not want to be criticized for saying.

If the hospital employees know, then the company knows. Keep your mouth shut and get out.
With a Smart A mouth like yours, I woulda charged ya double
thank you! I'll consider that straight from the horses mouth..so to speak.
High horse
You make some good points but the vast majority of MTs don't apply to your condescending e-mail.  Glad I don't work for you.  You find some poor employees in any industry, and the few bad apples in the MT business are not the reason work is being sent overseas where the work is even worse quality (but done with a smile - I give you that).  Whatever - I will just be glad when this post has moved on to another page. 
Come down off our high horse

I used to have excellent credit too until my husband lost his job and I had surgeries 9 months apart. There are circumstances that do cause people to lose their credit.

Maybe some bad luck should hit you and then you would understand how some of us feel!!!!

Come Down Off Your High Horse!!!

It sounds like you have spent too much time at the beach listening to the waves and in the sun as your brain is fried.  Who do you think you are talking to anyone this way??? 

I have a good job, make good money and I always have work but your attitude is just right down horrible.   

Since you don't spend much time here, I think you should just probably stay totally away if this is the kind of attitude you bring when you do decide to be here.

I don't see you on a high horse...sm
I agree with you 200%
Get off your high horse already

I have researched anything and everything I have ever delved into thoroughly before jumping on it.  If a newbie jumps right in without researching first, it is their own dang fault.  Geez. 

You are on a very high horse
Might want to come on down and sit in the horse stuff with the looser MTs....waaaah
No? The horse is at the glue
Well, come down off that high horse
you seem to be on. Where do you get that Now Let Me Tell You Something. First of all, who are you and what does it matter. You talk like that to your kids, not to another grown person. Sissy, go back to mothering now, ok? More experienced MTs know the 3 day leave for a funeral, newbies seem not to know.
Yup - horse i out of the barn, that's for sure.
I've heard good and bad, just want facts from the horses mouth.

I have also heard great things about this company, only recently have I heard bad things.  If they post on this message board they supposedly do not offshore work. The moderator would definitely have something to say about that, don't you think?

Does that make sense to you?

that horse fromthe packet and
the Qnet rules. tellher to go lookit up.
Wow 8 years and already on a high horse? you
would be a good QA person one day, NOT
Can lead a horse to water....D&L

I can understand you're still working for D&L because I too have never been one to jump on the bandwagon.  It is my own mistake not to have abandoned ship on D&L back when all the signs were saying GET OUT NOW!!!  I remained loyal to this company and worked my butt off for them.

In the end, what did it get me and everyone who stuck around doing what they could?  Nothing except a string of financial crises, ignored calls & emails, empty promises as they dumped their financial dilemma on me and the rest of us.

D&L still owes me for work done from June-July.  They haven't yet paid their original set of MTs that worked the hospital account.  They lied to us for weeks and suddenly owned up to the situation with the Oh Well email filled with promises of making good on pay.

....We are told that the payment will be honored when represented our bank has delayed availability of those funds until Thursday 07/19/07. Once those funds are made available we will immediately issue checks to anyone effected by this situation. We apologize for this unfortunate event and will expedite payments once funds are made available......

Here it is September 9th already, still no check.

Sorry to say, but what makes you think they have any intention of making good on YOUR check(s)?

Seriously, it's in your own best interest to find other employment quickly and not waste another minute working for free or you too shall suffer a financial crisis that will take months to recover from.

Good luck in your job hunt.

To quote Donna directly......It is what it is


the horse has already left the barn nm
Watch that first step off the horse. NM
Oh, that's horse puckey. The reason they
offshore is because they want a higher profit margin. You think MTs should now work for minimum wage so the MTSOs can keep their earnings high? No way. The quality in India is AWFUL. You get what you pay for, and hopefully the resulting lawsuits by the patients will make it less cost-effective.
Beating a dead horse
Not sure about NOW but they used to hire a lot of people M-F who had to work only 1 weekend per month. I chose to work on a weekend day because of more money but a lot of people that were hired still work M-F and rotate weekends.
Dead horse is right, Sharon
These people do not want to listen to reason, do not want reassurance, and quite frankly do want to have to expend the brain cells to LEARN. They'd rather trash the company, VR programs and MTs like us who are successful at it and make good money at it. No point wasting your time or effort.

I say let 'em go...Sounds like TTs better off without them and I'd hate to think I have co-workers of this mentality.

Have a nice dinner out...One of the beauties of working for TT (even on VR, lol) is the extra money for the nicer things in life. At least when all of these posters bail we'll have even more work and even more money to enjoy the finer things in life!
Oh, horse poop, anyone can retire
I can retire, no big deal about that. Stated the facts, she is retired and she has come here to gab. I don't think she is particularly lucky. I am the age of retirement but choose to work because I want to make double the money. Don'cha think that is smart? I also don't have to worry about working, just do because I want to.
Beating a dead horse here, but

If these companies came on here and started naming employees that were bad news, you all would be in a hurry to find a way to make it someone else's fault.

There must be grounds for the poster to be sued by TT or else a lawyer wouldn't have taken the case.  Who wins?  No one. 

The poster allegedly being sued came on here to gather up a herd of followers and then closed her thread.  I don't see her posting any longer, do YOU?  But, you are here to defend her?  For what reason?  It makes no sense to me.

Whoever this person being sued in my OPINION has screwed up this board for the last few days.  It is nothing but fighting and bashing!  That poster is gone with the wind now, probably never to return again and we're all at each other's throats.

Can we please quit beating this horse; it's dead; deader than a doornail!


With your negative attitude, poor spelling skills and foul mouth,
I'm inclined to side with the MTSO on this one.
Funny, been on my *high horse* for 20 years!
Just a matter of time before she will be off her high horse
Medware used to be a stable company. I wonder if their advertisement will now say Used to be AAMT company of the year - or Please sign up with us- we will help you be eligible for welfare - or better yet Happy MT week, your job has been phased out.
Gorgeous horse country right outside of Philly!
Google areas near New Bolton Medical Center in Pennsy. If country is up your alley, there are lots of great towns. If you like cities, then Philly is for you! Go EAGLES!!
Get off your high horse and go work your management job...sm
This is a board for opinions, isn't it?  So don't tell me to get my facts straight.
That is the biggest bunch of horse puckey ever.
I DESPISE Escription, I hate it, hate it, hate it and hate VR no matter what the so-called better platform.  It does NOT take me half the time to do a report.  If I can type 250 lph I can edit 350 lph AT BEST.  I DESPISE Escription and all that is associated with it.  Oh and yes, I WOULD LOVE to go back to the old way.  And there are plenty of MTs, we all know that--it's just that the work is going elsewhere to uncivilized third-world countries and the patients have no clue their records are being so jeopardized.