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I have never worked as an employee for a national. Can someone tell me what you do at MQ when you

Posted By: MQ2 on 2005-10-02
In Reply to: This comes at the same time they are pushing this TAT time. I have no intention of sitting here on a - MQ2

have no work and obviously if you get a huge report at the end of your hours you dont dump the report to make sure you dont go over your set hours so I dont see how set hours can be set in stone.

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Are you full time? National? employee or


Wondering minds want to know!


specify, clinic/acute, IC/employee, national/own accounts,
They were the first national I worked for, and sm

Giselle had a wonderful personal touch with the employees, and swore they would never outsource their work overseas, and it was pasted proudly over their website.  The accounts I had were sucky and I left, but with no hard feelings.  Now, I see their web site no longer says anything about them not keeping everything in the US -- sad.

When I worked for a large national, they
had a gal from New York using a steno machine.  She consistently turned out over 20,000 lines every 2 weeks/pay period.  So if you know the steno machine, you can make megabucks in transcription.  She always won awards at this biggest national.
Has anyone worked for Transform as an employee
Is employee or IC best?
Do what you think is best. I just left a major national, went to another national but after
6 weeks found it did not fit. Just happened to luck into another smaller national and things couldn't be better. There are other jobs out there.
They one I am not sure of. I have always worked FT for them. I have worked both IC and employee
and I always did way over 12,000 a pay peroid. I am sure they are pretty comparative to other companies. You definitely could contact a recruiter by applying if they would answer all of your questions up front. Good luck.
Jennifer, you are not alone. I worked as a staff employee when they
were Healthscribe, and I can tell you this - and I will swear to it in a court of law and on a Bible - and can show the proof should it ever come to that - they alter the lines. So say for instance, you get a 14 minute H&P and it comes out to let's say three pages. Whereas, a normal line count might be - just for the sake of argument let's say 100 lines to make it easy - Healthscribe/Spheris would credit the Transcriptionist about 90 lines. If a transcriptionist sent a report to QA, after so many reports, QA would start to dock lines from the transcriptionist.

The accounts were very, very difficult. I worked in the relations aspect of the company, if the client had any complaints or problems, I dealt with them. The accounts were basically the hospitals that no one even wanted to work in - inner city hospitals with lots of foreigners dictating.

I had to deal with the offshoring accounts and transcriptionists in the US that had to retype or edit - however you wish to put it - very very frustrating - won't even delve into it.

Jennifer, I realize that you are new in this field, but there has got to be a better place for you to learn and get your feet wet. Have you tried your local hospital or clinic in your area? Try a small company instead of a national. Smaller companies might have more of a mentoring side to their company, nicer accounts, easier to deal with. I hope this helps. Good luck
They used ExText, Shorthand worked, employee, forget 10 cpl, and lots of
Worked for an MT service that had a mistake on the cover of Employee Manual (sm)
That is bad. 
Statuatory employee versus regular employee....
Can someone tell me the difference between a statuatory employee versus a regular employee?  My company offeres IC or SE status....I am confused about whether switching over the SE would benefit me more than IC status that I have been for some time with them?  What are the benefits and disadvantages of being an SE versus IC?  Thanks for all of your help!
9 cpl, national, 10 yrs exp.
Unless you are an I/C then 9 cpl is good.
Which national is that?
You are less apt to do it with a national!
More apt to do it with your own accounts or land a great paying job with someone who is not using the internet MTSOs, the internet robbers!

They pay you crap and suck the life out of you! Go independent.
Can you get a job at a national
with going to a community college for your MT education?  Thanks!!
Which national is the best for...
flexibility, clinic work and fair pay.  I have about 17 years of experience, looking for STEADY part-time work for now. If it works out with a company, I would consider full time.  Who is the favorite national here?  TIA
at the BIG national I get 7.2 CPL for ASR

but I have been an MT for 26 years.......

4 CPL???  Unheard of in my world....actually....sorry

I used to be AC at a national for $32,000
Pay with National
I made 41K last year with very little overtime, and this included incentive pay. My account is going to SR shortly, though, and this kind of money will be a thing of the past. For that reason, I will be moving on soon to a company where I can do straight transcription and be paid a decent wage for it.
They hire both IC and employee. I am an employee (see message)
and I have full benefits. I am very happy that I came to work here. I came as a statutory employee from a large company. Everyone at MDI has been great to me.
Depends on if you are employee or statutory employee (sm)
Employee, 8th and 23rd of month
Stat. Employee, 15th and 30th month
Diskriter - Anyone go from their employee to hospital employee with them?
Thinking about giving up on being their employee and applying for a hospital employee position through them, they have one in PA right now that looks good.  How is it for scheduling?  Do you keep your line rate or get whatever the hospital pays? Who manages those accounts, is it the same PM and DR that are on the other ones?  I have DR and feel like she doesn't have a clue what she is doing and it is so annoying, but I just don't have the guts to let the company know she needs to step it up a notch because the transcriptionists are not happy under her.  Are QA the same people or through the hospital.  They have 1 QA that is constantly asking us questions on doctors and format, things we should be asking that QA person.  Annoying that new people move up to QA but people who've been there 2 or 3 years get treated like dirt and jumped account to account.
The national I work for does not do that. sm
If low on work, they do not take away benefits. 
you work for a national....nm
Forgot to say that was with a national. NM
National Certification for MTs
Can someone refer me to a website or something so I can get certified.  Finished my course with a college and they don't of course deal with the National Certification.  Anyone out there done the certification part.  Please help.  Thanks
When is National MT Week? TIA

Small national
Try - www.milnertranscriptionservices.com
No other national beginning with "M"...
I worked for Cymed and stayed with SPi. I hate it. Absolutely. TAT is so tightly controlled that there is almost never any work. It totally sucks. And they don't give a damn about us MTs. Just in it for the money. A HORRIBLE company.
in my first year of MT at a national
I was making $130 a day with my main account...then the rug was pulled out from underneath me and my company lost the account (would not say why).  I have not made that money since and that was 7 years ago.
national company
I have been with a national for about a year - was on one account for about 6 months - then all of a sudden the work load dropped and then was told the hospital went another direction.  I waited it out for a month, as they told us that they would place us on other accounts - they finally did - now some of us are being moved to another account - which I don't mind - other than the downtime in learning it - and this is supposed to be helping out another service.  I learned today that the reason they lost the first account that I transcribed was because they outsourced it to India and the hospital had specifically had in their contract that their work was not to be outsourced.  Why would a company take that kind of risk - and then lose a very large account?  Plus lose good transcriptionists who could not wait a month to be reassigned to another account?  I now have spoken with the company who has my original account and hopefully will be hired.  They know I worked the account for 6 months, so I could just pick up where I left off.  How many nationals do this, though, contract for US work and then outsource?  I also heard of a company who is hiring only editors to QA and edit work coming back directly from India - now that is a job I want nothing to do with. 
Pay is much much much lower than any other national
TT is my favorite national so far
Is it possible to make 35K/yr with a national?
employee status
The national that starts with an S.

I am wondering if the message regarding Spheris, stating that should they want an MT to go, sabotage of their work may take place, could be elaborated on.

It is important that I stay with this job.  I have BC and ins. is an issue and honestly, I love it.  But, it is very stressful for me to work under these conditions. 

If I thought that there was a possibility that the more hostile arm of my management team could retype my work to include an error that would place the patient in jeopardy, just so they could get rid of me, I would take action now. 

I would like to know if ex employees who left with heavy hearts would e-mail me confidentially and anonymously to let me know how they came to the conclusion that the sups were brutal and ruthless.  


I work FT for a national,
and a few hours a week as an IC for a local doc, whose transcription I have done for nearly 11 years now. The full-time job is 32 or more hours per week, and includes benefits. The IC gig might take 3 hours a week, but the line rate is a LOT more than for the national, and in fact is keeping me alive.
Is this normal for a national?

In my 12 years, this is my first IC position with a national and I'm spinning my wheels. Just wondering if this is normal stuff I need to get used to?  

Things like, their field codes sometimes are there and sometimes are not, so if not, I have to go back and put in say the patient's name or DOB by hand. Ok, so that's not too big deal. But most of the referrring doc addresses are not in their system. So I have to look up in their info or search internet, enter into their system, but if there are no codes, have to go put all that in each document by hand. Their templates are mess, IMO. They don't have necessary spaces and some even have grammatical errors. But the worst...sometimes at the end of a report that has a lengthy template where I've had to delete some of it because it wasn't what he said (for example, they have a limited number of templates so maybe I have to use a stress echo template for a nuclear test, so I have to delete much of doc's canned words), it gives me a NEGATIVE LINE COUNT for that report. They have told me they can't fix this, that all in all I'm doing better in the course of my shift by getting paid for the templates, i.e., that it all equals out.

Their system is very slow, bogs down, all this click and point stuff I'm not used to, and I can't produce more than about 150 lines an hour. It's just a part-time gig for me, trying to make some extra money in these crappy times, but it's getting frustrating. Have I just been pampered with awesome MTSOs and docs all these years? Or should I jump ship? Sorry so long, thanks for your input.

National Disgrace?
I don't think I would take it that far, but I do understand. The way things are getting outsourced, some news media would certainly get more physicians and groups to start hiring local ICs instead of making use of the big name companies. I talked to one physician a couple of days ago (Tuesday I think) when I took my son in and she said she has to call in her dictation to the medical group's line and then one of the big companies takes it to transcribe. The last year or so she gets the files back and they still need a lot of editing by her because neither the Transcriptionist nor the QA person could understand her. Now, I've done per diem for her when they get backed up or she needed something back that day, her dictation is very clear as are most physicians in her group. They speak slowly Ė but not overly Ė and they enunciate very well. She will even pause and say: instruction - put that in bold: or something like that so you know it doesn't need typed, just done. There is really no reason for this much QA to be done by her.

She is working with many other physicians in the group and they are trying to get approval to hire in house instead of this stuff. I think that if attention is drawn to the fact that physicians are paying the same amount per report, and the reports are being outsourced with very poor quality, that more CEO's of these major groups will pay more attention and hopefully get their heads out of their rears and stop outsourcing. CEO's only see the bottom line and that is very bad for patient care!

Bottom line, when a company is screwing their employees most people immediately think union - but that is kind of hard to have in this field. I have printed some of the posts from this site and taken them to her. They are gathering for a meeting the first of May to discuss this with the groupís CEO and CFO and VPs. I am hoping they succeed. They hire their billing and coding in house so why not their transcriptionists. After all, they had to setup the dictation system, so they could use ICís as well as in house to do their dictation without much change in the structure that the physicians use! Yea, it would be a bit more expensive to start, but the end reward would be significantly improved! Letís cross our fingers that this works out and that other groups (Kaiser Permenente, etc.) follow suit!!

The national out of GA, cannot find anything on the
the other one.  At least that is the one I am talking about, and from the other posts on here, it seems that everyone else is too, the over-kill with emails, low work, changing time sheets.  I would steer clear of them. 
10.75 cpl National; 11 cpl smaller MTSO. 25 yrs exp. nm
14.5 cpl National, 16.0 cpl small MTSO
Happy, both accounts are California accounts which is a higher pay!!!!
cascas: what national is offering 11 CPL?
Yes - it's the 2nd largest national, begins with S. :) NM
Medquist. No other national compared that I sm
worked at Transcend, Spheris, MDI-FL, Webmedx. I work for local doctors and get paid by the hour.
National Transcription Services - SM

Disorganized is an understatement.  The company is run by people who have absolutely no experience or understanding of the transcription business. They work on ChartScript.net, SoftMed's web based platform.  There are numerous complaints on this site in regards to this platform. 

Not necessarily, I'm paid better by the national right now. -nm
Would a national company hire me?

I have several years experience working for a very prominent healthcare institution doing acute care, clinic, and hospital dictation in every specialty and subspecialty imaginable.  We were never assigned accounts, so my exposure to all of the specialties and dictation by hundreds of physicians at our institution was extensive throughout the years. 

Over two years ago I had to take employer-paid disability and have yet to return to work.  I have hope with my latest treatment that I will be able to return to work soon and have contacted my MT department head, but did not hear back.  Although my reviews were always exemplary, my attendance did suffer slightly prior to my taking disability.  I say slightly only because I still attempted to work a portion of each day even while ill and the actual amount of days absent was not that high; however, working at a healthcare institution our attendance requirements are necessarily strict.

If my department head is unwilling to take me back into the department, I don't know what I'll do.  I love MT, have great skills, am highly accurate, and don't want to give up on this career.  If worse comes to worse and a position will not be available for me when I return to work, do you think a national company would hire me with over a two-year lapse in my work record? 

Does anyone have any advice or ideas in this regard?  I desire to stay with my current employer, but don't want to leave medical transcription.  Thank you.

Is Keystrokes owned by a big national? How many MTs do they have? sm
The information I can find seems to be from just a few nay-sayers and cheerleaders and realy offset each other.  Anything new?  Who are they owned by? 
The biggest national MT company....nm

Is this the big national in Florida with hundreds of MTs? nm
Surely they pay incentive as well if it's a national.
Doubt they are responsible for your every event such acct assignment, workload. I would imagine they have mgmt do that.

Lighten up. She was just trying to give helpful advice to some.

Ever tried counseling? lol