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Transam Associates??

Posted By: leighbbrown@hotmail.com on 2008-09-06
In Reply to: They also use other names now since so many - MTs are on to them, so look out. SM

I think Career Speed might be the same company as Transam...........for sure, they have the same exact curious transcribing sample

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Transam associates - Bizarre incidence
I received an offer from Transam associates and tested with their sample dictation (I thought it was weird because I could not use my foot pedal but write what I heard on paper and type it down). Before realizing my mistake, I accidentally pasted my confidentiality email footer and sent it. My clipboard messed up and I pasted the wrong thing (scatterbrained I know). A few minutes later I receive an email that I did great on the test and it was a true representation of my work. What in the world? Is this just an automated response to everyone. Are they a scam?

Do a BBB search...  Unfortunately it's not good.  Sorry to hear you have been scammed by them. 


My dentist called today and says his daughter is getting information about TransAm.  I know there was a company a few years ago by this name that was a scam.  She has no transcription experience at all, and they are saying they can train her and get her a job.  Anyone hear of this company lately.

I don't know any new info, but I would stay away from it. You gotta figure, once a scam always a scam.
Ever hear of TransAm?

I am just starting out in the MT field and am thinking of working for this company - TransAm.  Their website is transamassociates.com

Has anyone heard of them or have any feedback?

Thanks in advance

Transam still charge for errors?
Does Transam still charge MTs for errors?  They use to. 
Transam is not a good company...

Read the archives.  They have been reported for not paying and falsehoods.  You may want to check them out deep and hard before stepping into that mess.

You betcha I have heard of TransAm
It is known as TranSCAM in the industry. I am an old MT from the sixties (will retire in two more years, yay!) and I have comforted more weeping women who have lot money to this scam. If you believe TranSCAM has anything to offer, there is a nice bridge up north of here in San Francisco that I will sell you for fifty bucks. Seriously, my friend, you need a good, decent education. Even with that, I would advise anyone to consider another career. I was lucky to be an MT in its golden age. I now make 50% less than I did in the 90s and I am quite good at what I do. I predict that within five years, the MT industry as we know it will be dead--or all offshored. Good luck to you. If you are determined to become an MT, you need a decent school. I recommend either Andrews or M-TEC. Whatever you do, please, please, please, avoid TranSCAM. These people are parasites.
Yip & Associates
Has anyone heard of this company - Yip & Associates, Longwood, FL?  Good or bad?  Thanks
Yip & Associates
Any reasons?
Anything on RCR Associates? sm

They contacted me about a month ago.  They mostly  handle radiology using the Meditech system.  At the time, I had just started PT with a small company but I would really like to get into radiology as 1/3 of the work I do now is radiology in Meditech and I like the pace.  Does anyone out there work for them?  Can you give me some info, rate of pay, pay on time, etc.

Also, what about Keystrokes radiology?  They have an ad for many rad positions.  Does anyone know their rate of pay?  I would really like to know if it is worth the trouble to go through all the testing and interviews.

TC associates
Anybody familiar with TC associates out of Virginia. They do VA work. Got an offer with a good rate, but waiting for more details from the company.

TC Associates
They have a knowledgeable team and understand the VA environment. Worked with them in New Orleans, good bunch.
RCR Associates

Has anyone ever heard or worked for RCR Associates in the Maryland area?  If so, would you please inform me about anything you know about this company.


RCR Associates
Does anybody have any recent information on RCR Associates in Alabama?  I find very little and it's 2 years old.  Would sure appreciate it if anybody knows anything about them.
GVA & Associates

Has anyone heard of this company before.  They need help catching up.


Radiological Associates of Sac
I just noticed that the company I work for has a posting on the job board.  I wanted to let anyone interested that this is a great company.  The best I have every worked for.  The docs are great and really care about us (we all just got a 10% raise this year).  Anyone interested in an employer that REALLY CARES I highly encourage you to apply.  After training I'm sure you can work at home.  Our companywide empoyee meetings are held at the Radisson or Hilton and are dinners.  We have a profit sharing plan.  Please any productive team players apply for this job, you will not be sorry.    
Rider and Associates

Hi out there!  Would anyone happen to have any info on working for this company based in Vancouver, Washington?


Does anyone know info on RCR Associates?
Rider and Associates...

I was thinking about applying and wanted to see if anyone could give me information, good/bad?


Has anyone heard of Yip & Associates in Florida?
WordZXpressed or Rider&Associates

Has any ever worked for WordZXpressed or Rider & Associates?

medical transcription associates
They are in centerville.
Professional Dication Associates
Am looking for more info, I know they use Emdat.  Has anyone worked for them who can tell me about part time line requirements, hours and in general how they are to work for?  Thank you. 
Rider & Associates-- need info please

Can you tell me what platform they use and how they are to work for in general?


Thanks so much!

Medical Transcription Associates, Inc

Any information on : Medical Transcription Associates, Inc. out of Northern Virginia?


medical transcription associates?

does anyone have any info on them out of Virginia.  I can't seem to find anything here on them.  Thanks if you do! 

Professional Dictation Associates anyone?
Any and all info is appreciated:)
Professional Dictation Associates?
Anyone had experience with them? Archives look positive. I sent a resume and got a quick response back. They want me to test.  Curious to know anyone with recent knowledge of them. Thanks!
Medical Transcription Associates
I just received an offer to work for MTA (Medical Transcription Associates), a small transcription company from Northern Virginia, as an independent contractor. Does anyone know anything about them? The president of the company has been in contact with me numerous times and seems very nice and like a good person to work for, but I need to know if anyone out there is currently working for them or has had an interaction with them, either negative or positive. Please let me know. I already got screwed over by ATSI and I don't want to get screwed again!
MTA - Medical Transcription Associates
Can anyone tell me about this company, the good any the bad?
Professional Dictation Associates
I was just wondering if anyone has any input on the company good or bad TIA.
Medical Transcription Associates
This company MTA is in Virginia. Does anybody know what type of software and/or platform they use and how much they pay? Any other info would also be greatly appreciated. You can email me if you would like. Thanks a lot!!
Rider & Associates in Washington uses it on some accounts. nm
Medical Transcription Associates of Virginia anyone?
I have not been successful in finding out any info on this company.  Can anyone help?  TIA!!!
Info on Professional Dictation Associates- (PDA) sm

Does anyone have any info on Professional Dictation Associates (PDA)?  Please advise if you do. tx

Any recent info on Fuller & Associates?
Line rate fair? ESL ratio? Plenty of work? Are/were you happy there?

Thanks in advance.

Ok everyone if you ever get any emails or communication from a company that is same as the car trans am and associates also their software works with MT Professionals DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT EVEN BOTHER!!!!!  They are the biggest fraud and rip off company on the internet.  They are based in Valrico, Florida. 

They will say you can learn free etc etc and they claim to be Christian based etc.  They are so rip off.  You have to buy the software first which is over $500. total.  You do practice files they say everyone has to whether your an entry level or a pro at transcription.  Then you finish and if you finish before their two week minimum requirement you have to wait to download the next group sometimes a week or more.  Then after you do 4 groups you test and you may pass the test but they will say you have errors whether they are formatting, spacing, spelling, punctuation, etc.  It is a gip cause you actually probably don't have those errors.  Plus, they are not consistent at all regarding punctuation. 


It is a situation where most of us are trusting enough to think it is an innocent ploy that they will help us learn if we are not as experienced.  They never have you practice on any other specialty except for rheumatology and your practice files are only clinic notes and when you test it is a consultation. 

Anyone recently with Rider & Associates? Oldies or newbies? Thx. nm