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Just needed to confirm my suspicious on here

Posted By: Confused MT on 2008-09-04
In Reply to: It kind of makes you wonder - Blackswan


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I'm suspicious he's trying to get work done
I noticed the ad was removed.
sounds suspicious
My guess is this is Indian owned - may have someone in US - most do - I worked for a small local company that sold to Indians - they are still here in a small office sending work to India. Sounds suspiciously like their English.
But WILL they? They may be suspicious when they get wind of -
I saw that ad and looked suspicious to me.

Anytime there isn't a legit company name or phone number and/or town, makes me wonder.  Maybe his name is Balla Honor;-) AKA no honor involved at all. 

I'm very suspicious - can i email U about this?

Many other MTs can confirm that
the line counting is different from most companies out there. If you do decide to go with them I would ask for a higher line rate to compensate for that. That is the only way you will make any money there. When I asked for a verification of report numbers to go along with their respective line counts for each the company got very hostile with me and said they could not provide it. I have had email after email from MTs that currently work there looking for a way out but afraid to speak out for fear of being fired before they find something else or fear of being sued. This company is sending out some bad vibes. When MT after MT tells the same story over and over again you have to be inclined to investigate further. If you must try it anyway, be sure that you get all info up front and a very good line rate.
I can confirm it...
I was offered 9 cpl a few weeks ago on an account with no VR (though the tech installed another platform on my PC (meaning of course I would be doing VR sooner or later, like it or not). This was a second shift Tues-Sat position. Thank God I also heard from another smaller company and very quickly and happily went with them at 8 cpl, no VR, Sun-Thursday 3:30 to midnight, and no offshoring; the no offshoring was what decided me in the end. Plus these folks seem more professional thus far, and I feel very relieved I made this choice.
medware post suspicious
It appears to me that everytime anyone asks about Medware or if someone posts something negative a group of regulars who claim to be MTs (more likely owners or recruiters) come on here and cheer up how great the place is.  Their line rate is limted, they have their own Indian company (which if you read between the lines is their highest priority), their insurance is high and their attitude is if you don't like it - leave!  Not sure that's a company worth much time looking at.
If I were suspicious that I was doing a "virgin" report,
I might be tempted to call the hospital's medical records dept. and ask if job # XXXX-XXX has been transcribed yet, or is still in the workpool.
I cannot confirm or deny this one! No msg.


all you did was confirm SS's reputation TY!!!!
Can anyone confirm if Execuscribe is a (sm)
subsidiary of Corporate Transcriptionist's?
I've very suspicious too. I hesitated last night
especially when I could find nothing on a search for them on the internet.  Is Jax short for Jacksonville maybe?
When I can confirm my new job, I will sing the name of this company
Never w/MQ but confirm K's info on WebMedx. NM
Look below..sounds like EVERYBODY is happy there...Kind of makes me suspicious LOL.
I have never seen a company that EVERYONE likes but this may be it..
Confirm WX post, much more for hard workers. NM
You need to confirm that with Keystrokes as I was told last week it was not. sm
I would assume each account has different software and programs as to whether it is compatible or not. I was told most of their accounts are not. So don't assume that all Keystrokes accounts are compatible.
Youch. Can any current TRS'er confirm if this is true? nm
They were very nice, used ExText, supplied the CPU, but wouldn't confirm a
Oh man....I needed that!!!!
Thanks! I needed a hug!

I feel better today.  I just cannot re-take that test though.  After that experience, I refuse to test on any tests which have the entire test on one web page, including the download and transcribing of files onto the same page.  It is too risky that the page could disappear.  Live and learn I guess. 

This MT testing is so grueling I will be glad when it is over!  Thanks for letting me vent! 

we will always be needed....nm
we will always be needed...
That is my opinion also. I'm not worried about VR overtaking my job as a transcriptionist. I do believe I will eventually be trained to edit speech reports. But I also believe there will always be a pretty good percentage of dictation that will remain non-speech and that experienced MTs will always be needed. We are liked more by a lot of docs than some VR system, and I don't believe the majority of docs dictating want their work going overseas if it can be done better HERE.
Just what I needed
Thanks so much for your post.  I was hoping to hear something good and this helps greatly.  Enjoy your day.
MDI-MD Help Needed
Can anyone give me the web address for MDI-MD?  I can't find it anywhere.....
LOL! Thanks, I needed that.
Help needed!
Has anyone had any experience with phone interview for Webmedx? I have one in the coming week. Do they take an oral assessment test or just the routine questions? Please any info about it appreciated. Thanks in advance!
Been out since 8 a.m. but needed

to get my photo license, so this worked out fine. Ran and did that plus stopped for bread and cheese for ham sandwiches. Took no time at all as the center was empty, as was the grocery store. Guess everyone is at the mall exchanging their gifts.

We were warned the other day that it may be VERY slow after Christmas and I looked forward to it. How I wish I could go to the mall and get new outdoor lights. Ours were blown out, so it was a dark and dreary Christmas Eve night. It's the only time we turn our lights on.

That's all I needed to know.....thanks!
Thanks for the hug. Needed one now.
And I will be back later in the day when the afternoon, oh no, what did I do? sets in. LOL. Just going to take it one day at a time, before that one half day, one hour, etc. Still have not left the computer yet though. Maybe I should start a log on here called the recovering MT, and let you know if I get back off the wagon, etc. I do believe I need a 12 step, but for now, will remain sober in the fact that for today, I did what I have been afraid to do for years. And those hugs are so appreciated and NEEDED :)
THANKS....that's all i needed to know...nm
Help needed

Could anyone give me info on Meridian Healthcare Group, LLC out of Indiana or Transcription-Express (don't know where they are from)

Any info would be appreciated!

The VA can be a big help when needed. sm
Some of their programs include retraining, housing help, that sort of thing. Once you learn to navigate the red tape and the paperwork, you are good to go. Email if you have any other questions and I will see if my DH can find out stuff for you. I am in Michigan.
No thanks needed
My heart breaks just a little bit more for you at the Q every time I read that board and your pay is being cut, there is NJA yet you're threatened with disciplinary action for not making up hours (doing non-existent work), sitting for hours waiting to get your lines in...all to eventually be put under the magnifying glass of performance review as the final 'formality' before your termination.

I've had to hold back tears several times reading your posts over there and I can only hope many of you are finding your way out of there before they beat you totally down.

And, yes, I agree 100% with your theory about CBay. Transcend is now up to over 2000 MTs and a PERFECT target for CBay.

I send positive thoughts for all of you at the Q as well, and I do so every time I read one of your heartbreaking posts.

Guess If You Really Needed To Know....
You Would!
You just made my day!! Thanks, I needed that!
thanks needed that info...
i tested last week too and never got a reply yet. oh well, moving on
Info needed!

Dear All!  I'm writing a business plan and conducting some initial market surveys, and since all of you have always been a wealth of information, I figured this was a good place to start.  I need to know what dictation/transcription platform any company you can think of is on.  Please respond, just a quick post with the company name, platform, and if it is a web based platform (if you know).  Thank you all in advance!!!

PS: No names needed.
No names needed, as I believe that is against board policy now, but just wanted to get a broad idea of how much per year deductable you pay if you work for a national service.
Maybe I just needed to vent.....
.... I'm an employee of Medware and I'm sure that all my co-workers will know exactly what the deal is. The last thing I need is your criticism when all you are interested in is someone being tacky and spreading dirt. You have not walked in my shoes and have no idea what I'm dealing with at this time! All I can say to you is if you are looking for a job, take my advice and do not choose Medware as your next place of employment, as at the current time it is not a good place to be. Although, I am happy for Wilma because obviously the changes at Medware have not reached her yet. Have a great day!
Editors needed
Hey. I replied to that as well and haven't heard anything back as of yet.
editors needed
I sent them my resume and got an e-mail back saying it had been forward to the right person. Nothing since then.
Support I think is needed

The first and foremost would be promotion of US-based transcription for US-based patients.  I feel there are major, major privacy issues at hand there, and I would personally have trouble with my personal info being shipped overseas.

Certification I think is very, very debatable.  AAMT has tried to make a standard practice, but really it isn't.  You have to be certified and continue with education to be a nurse because those practices are standard and regulated pretty  much across the board without too much difference.  MTs have to do what the client at the time asks, and there is a ton a variation between companies and clients.  I have worked for a lot of different places and have yet to find one that follows even half of the important rules of the BOS. 

I also think another organization should point out certain advantages to being an MT, at home or otherwise.  AAMT wants you of course to buy books and whatnot from their store, but there are many other resources online that are available to us simply because we are members of the medical field; most are free.  Working at home gets you discounts on things like car insurance (cut mine in half).  There are many advantages to ousourcing companies that hire at-home employees as well which are growing all the time.

I would absolutely participate as much as I can in getting something like this going.  AAMT as decided where they are which is perfectly okay.  They just now need replaced.


Nonpayment help needed

Invoiced and billed employer who has not sent me a check.  I did email and a check was to be sent to me by this past Friday, but is now not responding to email inquiries as to the status and whether or not the checks were mailed (they now owe me 2).

Which regulatory agencies or legal groups do I contact in this regard in order to be paid?

Thanks - found what I needed! nm
I applied, they needed someone right away
They called at an inconvenient time and not the time set-up to call.  Started off badly, so I did not pursue it.  I think they use a platform called MT World.  If you go to that MT World site, you'll see a spot for Zylomed Employees.  I guess if you want to learn a new platform, it might be okay.  I do not know what the cpl was but I felt the communication was bad from the start.  Archives says they are not a good company but they could have changed by now.  One post said the girl got fired for posting here because Zylomed claimed she should have addressed her concerns with them and not on this board.  Search Zylomed and read the archives - very interesting.  These posts are only from like last summer, I believe.  Good luck.
Thatnks, just what I needed to know :) nm
Information needed please
Is there any information on Protrans Transcription Solutions in Las Vegas?  All input/help is greatly appreciated!!
opinions really needed!!!!!
Position transcribing pathology reports (micro/gross) at $.70c per report good/bad. opinions really needed --- thanks. 
-Overflow help needed-

Posted By: JMT on 2007-08-31

I am a small MTSO and I need overflow help with neurology and orthopedics clinic notes. Work would be available once or twice per week, for now. I will pay by PayPal per job completed or weekly by snail mail, your choice. Testing is required. Please send resume and pay requirements if interested.