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The BBB has a file on them

Posted By: Blackswan on 2008-09-03
In Reply to: I can't believe.. - Confused MT

as thick as the Manhattan telephone directory.

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May be set on incorrect file setting? type of file??
If you are using, for instance, Express Scribe to listen/transcribe, there are about 10 or so types of setting for the file you use, wav, mp3 etc.  If so, go to the top of screen, look for setting. I just click all of them. 
The file to save is the SPF file.
A .wma file is sm
Windows media player and so far as I know, you can't play it with anything other than that. I know that ExpresScribe doesn't play those either.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings. I know you would not be testing unless you needed a job and it would be really nice if companies understood that we don't have time to futz endlessly with these things!
you can't file unless sm
you've been officially laid off by your employer... if you are employee status that is
Here is the file I saw on the FTP..

Did anyone else get this file when they logged on to the FTP?  Titled Really..

Hon', you really need to get your issues straightened out with respect to giving out the correct usernames/passwords (I've seen two different sets so far), then making sure the promised files are actually there (I'm seeing nothing but empty directory(ies) here).

Sounds like a headache from the get-go for any potential MTs to take on.  (...and, please, get something more professional that toocuteembroidery)


WC is for employees. An IC cannot file
a work comp claim.
You can file a complaint with the
distrinct attorney in the city in which they are located and this should put an end to this nonsense.  Rubber checks are illegal all over the country.  Then file a case in small claim court and include ALL expenses you incurred from late charges, etc., as a result of this check 
I don't keep resumes on file, so...
I often get people who send their resume in multiple times in response to different job postings. That being said, if the applicant doesn't have the qualifications listed in the ad, their resume goes straight to the recycle bin without a response.
need a Schedule C to file that on....sm

If they didn't take out taxes and you earned more than $600, you would fill out a Schedule C.  If they took out taxes or if you worked for others who did take out taxes, they'd give you a W2-W4 and you'd fill out a 1040 or 1040A.

HTH (hope that helps)

How do you file a complaint in CA?
Who would you file a complaint with if the company who is not paying is in California? The California Labor Board, Attorney General's office, and Better Business Bureau?
file a complaint with the
Better Business Bureau in your area as well as the area the owner of the MT company lives.  This does not take but a few minutes of your time.  Consider calling the police to ask what can do?  It is illegal to bounce checks........ Good luck!
Save the file...
To say they belonged to MQ would be like saying you can't take your phone numbers out of your cell phone if you decide to change services - or save your bookmarks in IE and use them in Firefox.
When do you file for unemployment?

My job has not had any work for 2 weeks now.  If there is no work, can you file unemployment?  Or do I wait until they let me go and then file?



Wav file problems
I would first try rebooting your computer to see if that solves the problem. Sometimes it is a simple reboot to fix things. I would then try to play them again and if they still don't work then see if they work in another sound program like Windows Media Player or RealPlayer. What wav player are you using?
I have the file names...
... on my computer. Your mileage may vary. Here are mine:

C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataDocQscribeMQ1CacheUser Profiles994888324013user.aco


C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataDocQscribeMQ1CacheUser Profiles994888324013userdic.tlx

If I'm not mistaken, user.aco is your expansion file, and userdic.tlx includes any entries you may have added to the dictionary during spell-check.

So if you search your entire hard drive for files named user.aco and userdic.tlx, you should be able to see where they are hiding in both installations of DQS, and you can copy the larger files (the one with all your expansions and dictionary entries in them) to the locations where the smaller files reside.

Clear as mud?
test file.....
You need to save it to your desktop or somewhere and then open it using YOUR file player, whatever that might be, Express Scribe or whatever. Right click on the saved file and look for open with
If you file a form with the IRS
as an IC and think you should be classified as an employee, and they determine you have been an employee, are there tax/penalty obligations for the IC?
no more voice file test
just a written from what I understand, lots of complaints about the quality of their test files so they 'shelved' it. I'm happy there, takes 2 weeks to get started, I don't think they make you take a physical any more, but still the background check which is almost standard now due to identify theft - - but the supervisor is good, flexibility when you need it. I'm happy, they work for me.
File your tax return based (sm)
on the pay you received and attach a note explaining that the company failed to pay you a portion the pay indicated on the form.
You can file a complaint online at www.bbb.org
File Transfer Protocol
File Transfer Protocol
Secure way to send and receive jobs, voice files, and other documents, etc.
Tell her to file a complaint with Dept SM
of Labor and let them tell the Dept. of Labor that.
Sounds like a place to keep in my file (sm)
I really just wondered how Keystrokes got my e-mail, and it finally occurred to me it would be AHDI. It was a nice ad, no doubt about it. Maybe when I am in the market I'll give them a call.

Could it be done in an Excel file and attached?
I have to send an Excel log with my secondary account, and I created a column with a formula that sums up my line count so I don't have to add it up. I keep it open while I'm transcribing and toggle over and record the information rather than writing it down, then at the end of the day I just have to delete the unused cells, highlight my totals, then attach it to an email. Seems like that would work well for what you're describing.
BB-- any luck with that expansion file? nm
using your own macros expander file
I am looking for a part-time job and have a huge ShortHand file which I do not want to rebuild.  Which companies will allow you to use your own macro expander? Thanks!
Transcribing Test File
I have a test file sent to me on IBackup. When I go to open the file it wants to go to Windows Media Player. Does anyone know how I get it to open in Express Scribe? Thanks in advance! Shelly
Or you could right click and file and "open with"..
and then nselect Express Scribe.
The problem with something like this is that anyone can file a lawsuit. It does not mean someone is
My ex filed 15 lawsuits against me due to bitterness. All were dropped after my lawyer went to court a hundred times, but people saw them in the paper and labeled me as a child abuser, deadbeat and crazy person for a while before it was all cleared up.

Just because a lawsuit is filed, does not make it true.
Help! How do I play this test file?
I'm taking a test for a job.  I was sent a file that opens in Creative MediaSource.  How am I supposed to transcribe this when it's going so fast?  I need to use my foot pedal but there is no option.  Please someone help me!  I want this job!
If you file the SS-8, there are consequences on both ends - sm

You will be asked to refile your taxes for the period in question.  This could help you or hurt you depending on your situation.  Things you were able to deduct fully may not be fully deductable as an employee or rather than a tax credit, they are now tax deductions which can at times help you or hurt you. 

I had a determination for a five year period and it was a wash.   There were also no penalties on my end.  The company on the other hand, did incur huge penalties and interest.  In the end, the only one who really gained was the IRS.  The company i worked with is now defunct.

There is no big windfall to the IC so if you hear of anyone who tells you they received a huge chunk of change by filing the SS-8, I'd think long and hard about believing it.  It may be possible, again given their tax situation, but highly doubtful. 

Listen, you know if you are being treated like an employee or an IC.  You have a choice - continue your working relationship if you are generally happy, or move on and find a better fit.  This has been going on for decades - control by the MTSOs and compliance by the supposed ICs, but I dont see anything changing anytime soon. 

Be careful before you go tilting at windmills :)

Use the ESP/expander file to the maximum. Also...sm
you can utilize the AutoCorrect in Word at the same time, but since I'm away from the platform right now I don't remember how that is done. However, I found the manual for it at the following website.

Email me privately on Monday and I'll tell you the command for allowing AutoCorrect to work with the ESP. Then put as many abbreviations in each program and use it to the nth degree. It will really help a bunch! Good luck!
Send file in ichart

Ctrl+N = to send a file, but only if it does not have any blanks.

Ctrl+L = to send for review, or if it does have blanks.

I did file an SS8 complaint and you are correct - snm

Yes, you will have to refile your taxes if you are found to be a an employee and not an IC.  You will not be assessed penalties and interest on anything you may owe.  Remember some of the things you deduct as an IC are no longer deductible or fully deductible as an employee.  Your employer will be hit with back taxes, pentalties and interest. 

I've heard people say the won a huge amount of money when they did this and you know what, they are lying.  The company will not owe you anything directly.  Any changes that take place are between you and the IRS and the company and the IRS.  There really are no winners.

Depending on  your tax situation, you may owe or you may get some money back.  In my case, I broken even, but I had some extenuating tax circumstances.  I had to deal with an IRS rep and I was panicked because for one year I owed a huge chunk of change and for another they owed and I was afraid that I was going to have to pay up to get back if you know what I mean.  This is the IRS afterall, but after final review and analysis with the IRS rep, we just called it even (even though it was not exactly so) and the IRS signed off on it. 

Was a huge eye opener for me  The entire process probably took 18 months from the time I filed my complaint.

Ditto, most definitely file an appeal (sm)
it isn't hard to do. Years and years ago I was let go from a hospital and it took 2 appeals and a hearing but I was glad I did it - not just the money but the principle of the thing. Good luck to you - I am so tired of businesses treating employees (not just in our field) like crap!
tell your friend to file criminal charges - sm
bouncing a check is against the law (except in Florida - where you have to go to small claims court). However, in MOST states (before anyone jumps down my throat) - in MOST states it is against the law to bounce checks and it is taken seriously and the owner CAN BE taken away in handcuffs and the court WILL ENFORCE that they make good on the checks.
Can you file a work comp claim
If you are an employee, you can file a worker's compensation claim, and the company has to follow the rules of the state the insurance company would consider jurisdiction.  As a former workers' compensation claim handler, MQ is legally bound to have your claim handled wihtout any issues.  If you have issues you have the right to go to the state workers' compensation board for assistance. 
File a Complaint with Labor Board
File a complaint with labor board in their state and familiarize yourself with the complaint form for retaliation in case they try to penalize you.
Hopefully this person will file for unemployment in their state and
hopefully their state is not Florida so that state will find out that Medware has not been taking out state taxes as most states require. This is a quick way to get MedWare for breaking many states' rules. Tell them to file for unemployment just to get MedWare's name in the hat for investigation of not taking out the state taxes that they should have been taking out for quite some time now.

They think they are above the law on that but some states have it spelled out in the individual state codes. MedWare knows this and has chosen to ignore this.

They need to be held accountable.

Just because they are in a state that does not have state taxes does not mean that Florida law applies to other states because it does not. The state the employee lives in is the law that applies.

Shorthand/Converting to text file

Anyone out there know how to convert ShortHand .spf files to text files?


Why? I am an MT. I don't want to file or answer phones, and if they gave me something else to d
they would have to take the work from someone else. Why would they do that? MTs make a lot more than Med Rec clerks. Make the MTs take their PTO and pay the Med Rec clerks their lower wage. Not pretty but realistic.
totally agree.. one short file...that's it
Cont'd: They will try to delete part of a file from other co. I should know. nm
That should not be "try", they did delete my file and said it was an accident. nm
I tested. She insisted that she sent a voice file sm
and she sent me an .EXE file which I researched and when I told her what the problem was she told me (in all caps - like all of her emails) that NO! THAT WASNT THE PROBLEM.

Well, duh, lady, I found it all over the internet and I KNOW what the problem was. Then she insinuated that I was not who I said I was. I wanted to tell her a thing or two about my years in the business (more than she probably is old) but I decided I would NOT stoop to her level.

I was hoping she would hire me though so I could tell her to shove it.
You file a Schedule SE on your profit income.
and you pay social security and medicare tax .  While you have to pay the full amount on the social security tax and medicare you can deduct half that amount to your adjusted gross.  I really need to find out more about this because if I have been paying too much on my social security tax I really want to know.  Does anyone else know about this?  Are there any IC contractors who are not paying social security tax or only paying 7% as you would as an employee and not an independent?  Perhaps it has to do with how you set yourself up.  Thanks for any info....
Four Seasons Transcription: How To File A Complaint
If you would like to file a complaint with the BBB regarding payment not received from Robin Hall and Four Seasons Transcription, you can do it online at http://vabbb.org/newindex.html.  This is the Virginia branch of the BBB.  Any information such as a phone number of Four Seasons, you can find on her website at www.fourseasonstranscription.com.  I have already filed a complaint.  This is the first step I'm taking to get my payments for the last 6 weeks.  WARNING:  DO not work for Robin Hall.  Any complaints you hear here are true!  She uses fuzzy words to tell you when your payment is coming.  She DOES NOT pay or DOES NOT pay regularly or on time. 
No, I applied, but cannot get the test file to work.
I tried calling but I cant get through to anybody.  The instructions say to leave a message, but I dont even get voicemail.  Too bad.  Sounded like a really nice job.
Switch can change that file to any kind you want. I know cause
I agree that the dictator on the 1st test file...
is difficult to hear in places.  I'm going to try and re-record it in WavePad to see if I can't boost up the audio a bit.  I could hear the 2nd and 3rd files much better.  I've still got to proof my files and then will send them in.