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Transhealth is hiring but you must have 5 years of QA experience. They are great to

Posted By: TH QA on 2006-01-21
In Reply to: need info on editing position - nn

work for.

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I have had a great experience and have been with KS for 4 years. sm
Unfortunately, I think that everyone has a different experience at each company and it really depends who you deal with. I am happy at KS, as is my sister and a friend of hers but another friend of mine did not have a good start up and left after two weeks. It is all in who you work with, and this seems to be the norm at all the companies.

I do know that they have been growing steadily for the past 5 years or so and continue to grow. The things that are important to me are covered in that I make good money, love my account, get paid on time and am left alone as long as I do my work. I get good feedback and have had good experiences when I needed time off unexpectedly.

The best way with any company is to call and get your own "feel" for the company.

I am sure that if you were hired, quit your job, had everything installed and then did not hear back, that you are leaving something out here. If you were installed, why did you not start working?

Well the OP has 27 years experience. Great
TransHealth is hiring
go to http://www.mtjobs.com - they have ads in there as well as here in mtstars in jobseekers board
Very happy at TransHealth. Been there a couple of years. nm
Transhealth is very organized, great benefits..horrible platform
Maybe it was just me but i never made it through training. It certainly could have been a lot easier than having to open up 3-4 programs to get going. I found it to be time-consuming and in a production-based atmosphere, this did not cut it. On the other hand, maybe others think the program is wonderful, but I sure did not. I have used Dictaphone EXText and that is way easier.
TransHealth has great benefits, PTO, paid holidays for fulltimers. nm
Great pay, great benefits for 11+ years..sm
I've just started with this great company (eMTS).  I have 11+ years of experience and I was started at .10 per line as a regular employee, not IC, with a huge sign-on bonus, full benefits, very nice people, and a good account.  So far, this is the best experience I've had in my years as a transcriptionist.  Unfortunately, I don't believe they're hiring more right now, but you could always check in with them, they're online at eMTS.com.  The management seems to really care and they work with you.
Yes they are hiring and great to work for

anyone hiring at better than 8cpl with 1 yr of experience?
I have 1 year of experience as an MT. I would like to know if it would be possible to find something making better than 8cpl or at least a position with benefits at that line rate.
QT Medial is hiring and is GREAT to work for! Try them, you will not be sorry! nm
TSSC is hiring now, Great company. NM
They may be hiring for a large ESL account still. Great
company.  They provide all equipment/software.   Pay for downtime.  QA pretty strict, just maintain minimum score of 98.5, 1200 lpd/12,000 per pay period.  DD, on-time.  Insurance starts the first day of the month after you start, very reasonable premiums. 
Are they currently hiring? I have 18 years
First Choice Medical is a great company to work for, and I think they are hiring too.
I have been there for over 4 years now. They use WP51 too if you want. Good luck to you.
Yes, my experience has been great so far...
I enjoy the rapport I have with the company and love the accounts I work. The owner has always been up front and very honest about her pay periods with me.

I'm sorry your experience was less than what you had hoped for. I will stick with Nicholas because the company, for me, has proven tried and true.

Good luck to you!
I had a great experience with TT sm

although I ended up staying where I was.  I was contacted a couple of days after I applied, had a nice conversation with the recruiter, asked some questions by email the same day (answered within 15 mins) and even when I emailed to say I was staying put I received a very courteous response within an hour of that. 


My experience has been great.

Axolotl has been great to me.  The person in question is strictly about business but I have had problems come up and management has worked with me 100%.  I have found a place that I am going to stay for the long haul, I hope.  I have always had good support.

Everyone knows that people have different personalities that clash and it sounds like we definitely have that situation here. 

that's great you have experience and sm
are good at your job. Then why are you not working for another company instead of the 7 cpl company with all the weekends, etc. The companies are out there. Not worrying about you but you are the one complaining. You either don't have to work or its not as bad as you make it out to be. Has to be one or the other or you would change jobs.
Not a great experience there
I found them to be disorganized with everything including payroll - always a problem, an error, a different way to do things. They were VERY noncommunicative. They kept MTs in the dark as to what was going on. They lost a very big account at the end of 2008 and kept telling the MTs on that account that it was a 'holiday slowdown' but there are no 'holiday slowdowns' in ERs, usually the opposite. The truth was the account went to EMR, they never came out and said so, they preferred to give the MTs false hope that the accound would pick up soon. Two months later....they told MTs no more work and did not offer them anything to replace the work either. Leaves ya feeling kind of bitter.
It would be great to have details of your experience

Not in my experience - my supe is great!
I'm running out of work earlier and earlier each day, but if I hang around for my full 12 hour shift enough eventually trickles in to get what I need.  I'm wondering if maybe the patients are slow seeking treatment because its a new year/new deductible situation (I know that's my excuse for procrastinating making my own appointments right now).
I've had a great experience
so far in my year with Cymed (Spi-BSO). Apparently, some disagree, and while I did have an initial experience with a somewhat cranky supervisor who eventually left, admitting burnout, my experiences since then with new supervisors have been great. They always have work, they leave me alone and let me do my work; I do have a set schedule, but if I need to vary from it slightly, it's no big deal as long as the work stays caught up. I'm sure if you mention your situation, they'll work with you. They only hire actual employees, no ICs. They only hire management from MTs (i.e., have been there and know what it's like), have been around for 20+ years, and even the work itself is good--a few mumblers, but at least 80% of the dictators, if not more, are surprisingly clear-spoken. Check 'em out.
My in-house experience was great...
8 of us worked in the department, we rotated holidays, worked a regular 8 hour shift, had holiday pay, vaca/sick days, got paid whether there was work or not (the pay was about 14 an hour), had the docs at our disposal if we needed to ask them what the heck they were saying, always had many extra ears to help. We became very good friends and still are. Two of us went to work at home (not for the hospital) and 4 of us still get together monthly for lunch, shopping, gambling, nights out with our spouses, etc. Sure, there was gossip and cattiness, we are women for crying out loud, but never any nastiness with each other to any extent that would be hurtful. We were not in competition with each other, we were simply there to do our job, socialize when the time was right and be there for each other as fellow transcriptionists.
Great in-house experience

My in-house experience was similar to yours, and I think perhaps part of the reason our experiences were good is that we went into the job with a positive attitude.  I'm no Pollyanna, but approaching anything with a positive attitude negates a good deal of any negative you may encounter.

I loved in-house because everyone helped everyone, we did socialize outside of the department, and holidays were fun and the office filled with home-made goodies and holiday cheer.  I miss that.

not a great experience with scoping
I signed up for the course... probably the one you see advertised all the time and here's  the deal.  I learned the steno language in a few months, but it turns out you may need very expensive software, several brands and each reporter uses his/her own (Eclipse is one I still get emails about).  Also turns out that in some states you don't even need to know steno, as they use a mask thingy to dictate the proceedings and it is somehow voice  recd.  Also with that particular course no help landing a reporter to work for.  There are some court reporting firms, but for the  most part the reporters and thus the scopists are free lance (no bennies).  Was a total waste of nearly 2k$ for me, but live and learn.  Do research before you spring for it.   
I had a great experience during training and employment
Though I am a rather conscientious employee and follow the rules after being in this job for 20 years. I found them to be personal and the staff worked long, hard hours to meet their goals. My supe and QA person work 10-12 hour days. I think that if you go the extra mile, it is always appreciated.
It will be great experience if you can stick it out, and make
7.25 cpl - 12 years experience
With how many years of experience ?
I have 18 years of experience and yet
I got sent a letter telling me to reapply when I had more experience.

They would not tell me what I missed on their testing. I know I did not do that badly.

You can have them.
I have 20 years experience....
they wanted to pay me $10/hr for the first 30 days. Puleeze.
And how many years experience do you have?
I have 10 years of experience, that's how.nm
5 years experience?
All of the companies I'm finding want someone with 5+ years experience.

Does anyone know a good nationwide company that would be happy with 2-1/2 years experience?

Gee...I have over 30 years experience

and I STILL use reference books and websites to look things up and verify spellings, words, etc.  Maybe that explains why you were let go better than anything else.  With the rapid advances and changes in medicine...I don't think that anyone ever gets to know enough to stop using references. 

19 years experience was not enough. Wow!
I'm kinda curious who did get the job, maybe someone with 40 years experience =)
I have 23 years experience
and I still run into grammar errors; part of it was the last company I worked for made me do some very strange things. But, also, it's because since my schooling 23 years ago, somethings really have changed, and I myself have gotten fairly lax about it. The last company I worked for didn't correct anything; be thankful for the criteria, and LEARN from it. This will make you a BETTER mt.
I have nearly 20 years' of experience and have

recently started exploring options.   I have been offered 10 cpl as employee and 11 as an IC with a couple of companies.  The lowest I've been offered is 9 cpl as employee.  

It should be 20 years' experience OR 20 years of experience

the apostrophe takes the place of the OF.

Well, my experience is from a few years ago (sm)
but at that time they were fine to work with. They always paid on time. I actually had to re-record on my account, but like I said, that was probably closer to 4 years ago now. I remember that the people were nice as well. I ended up moving on because for one reason or other they lost the account I was working on, and I was already an IC for another company at that time, but the parting was on good terms. I'd work with them again.
17 years experience.
Loved your toast!!
I have 5 years of experience
going on 6, and I was just offered 9.5 cpl for straight typing on an ER account, and I can't wait to start this week.
Ten years experience and
Yes I listen 100%.... I could never do blanks only on any of the MTs as they still all make enough errors to make the dangerous.
I have more than 15 years of experience.
It was not my fault that they could not get their ducks lined up in a row.

Just because you have 30 years experience (sm)
doesn't mean there isn't much to still learn. I too have almost 30 years experience. Believe me, when I first started with WMX, I was shown how much I didn't know that I thought I did.

I have learned so much in the last couple of years with WMX. That's the difference between a company with a good, responsive QA dept as opposed to one with no or limited QA.
I have over 20 years of experience - sm
I can't get them to answer my resume when I sent it TWICE.  I know they employed a gal who had absolutely no experience so maybe they thought I knew too much or wanted to much $$ and didn't even ask??
over 30 years rad experience -
not worried about the test.  Just can't afford to give up insurance where I am, so looking for a good part-time option.  Thanks for all the replies!  I will definitely look into it further.
Even with 20 years of experience

I did work on-site, and when I left, they had to realize the hard way all that I did for them.  I am the one laughing now all of the way to the bank. 

Hey on-site job, thanks for the experience because I'm making close to $50.00 an hour now.  Thanks to you and your networking, I gained my own accounts and a great name for myself!!! 

Again - it was several YEARS ago when I had a bad experience
PS & that was with 20 years' experience
many years of experience
You can't expect to make 35-40K per year with just one year of experience under your belt -- it takes a LOT of time and patience as well as discipline -- meaning ignore the phone during the day and set one or two days to do all your errands -- plus its a lot of hours.