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Typed in the USA

Posted By: McFingersc on 2008-10-02
In Reply to:

To be honest, I was not 100% serious when I posted about starting up Typed in the USA.  But the response from people is so unbelievable that I am starting to.  I'm trying to write back to everyone who wrote to me. 

Do you think the trend might be starting to reverse from the cheap foreign services?  The doctors are realizing that YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. Duh!  And many transcription companies (not all because there are terrific companies too) are losing good employees who want to be paid fairly and treated well. 

Look at all the sign on bonuses being offered in the Want Ads and the same companies posting over and over.  There must be something wrong if you are willing to pay so much for new hires.  I have never run a company so maybe I don't know what I'm talking about, but I would try giving that sign on bonus to the good employees you already have to make sure they stay and produce.  Then maybe you have to hire less trainers, managers and overworked QA people because your employees stay longer and are motivated. You therefore have less overhead.  Hiring more people at lower salary to save money might be a kind of trick that companies play for their stockholders or whatever.  They can say look how little we spend on payroll while they are actually losing money in the long haul when quality goes down and they lose clients. But eventually the piper has to be paid.

Anybody see the movie Wall Street with MIchael Douglas?  That movie is SOOOOOOO right about what is going on today.  CEOs, instead of investing in their communities, became vultures.  They would destroy a company to make money for a few backers and then the workers and community would be left to die.

Sorry to get a soapbox here!  I'm transcribing orthopedics and my mind is wandering!



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I don't know when she typed them
cpl - I have never typed for
I have never typed for anyone that required a line rate. Mine were always minutes.
That is funny because I typed in
DocuMed and it came up the very first response. Also, you can type comments on DocuMed in Google and it will show old postings from sites such as this one. I would like some info on them, too:)
The NPs and PAs I've typed for said
things like erythromy-A-cin and digoxacin and larNIX and pharNIX. So are they illiterate/dyslexic? We all know they're reading it from the chart. Amazes me.
OH I can't believe I typed "I was do." I'm so ashamed!!!

I KNOW you have to send it out as if you typed it yourself (sm)
My question wasn't whether I had to send it out at a 98 to 100% standard. My question was whether all of you VR lovers actually do that. I can't in good conscience send out work that is less than my best, but by the same token, I can't figure out how to edit the VR crap fast enough to make a living.

I realized it after I typed it :)
I have typed oncology only.....
for at least 10 years.  Of course, in my opinion, it is easier to do this because when doing clinic work you have less doctors, less work types and such as that.  For me, the pay is the same as any other MT.  I love typing oncology though and would hate to have to go back to acute care.
Yes, typed 3 voice files
The recruiter gave me three voice files and I had two hours to return them.  Not bad, one was kind of hard.  You only have to fill in the blanks, not transcribe the entire report.  Just like doing an edit.  From the time I applied on-line, got a call from the recruiter and tested and then offered a position was less than two days.  They sent me an equipment package and paperwork, I trained and now I am working my way through the three week full QA process.  Nice people so far, I am very happy with Medware.
Ugh, I have typed face lifts before. sm
No way would I want that spoon elevator peeling my face off the muscles and then wrapping my head in gauze. So gross. I'll take the wrinkles any day.
Tssc pays for everything that is typed sm
So if you type a patient name, dob, or dos, you get paid for it.    TSSC works for some people,  for some it does not.   
I've heard and typed that before.
I don't really see the humor, it is just technical terminology. Just my opinion.
I like Typed in the USA, but I would make it Transcribed in the USA
It's longer but better description than typed, at least I think so. Good luck!!!
review typed reports

The only way I know to review reports already typed is they go to QA for anything.  Of course, when new, the MT is on full QA.  

It sounds like the OP is wanting as much info on DQS as possible, so here are a couple things I don't believe I saw in this thread.

Keep in mind that as new accounts are started, there will also be blanks left, usually for demo things, landmarks, etc., so that is a big help, too. 

Bravo! Your message should be typed and placed on
But most importantly, of course, on the desk of every MT company CEO across America.

Greed is NOT good. It's why our entire economy is in the mess it's in today.
Probably typed by templated machine -
I seriously doubt the tech of the physician himself. The company I used to work for also had this and it was a templated program that typed out the report (in other words, VR).
Also wanted to add, if they want spaces typed, they
dang sure better pay for them!
All questions are being TYPED; everyone is on mute. nm
typed "thanks" at the end of the above msg, not wha'ts showing there. nm

99% Indian offshore typed - They hold on
to US transcriptionists until a new account is up and running, then let you go. I am friends with someone that did QA for them - she told me that was the company's practice. She no longer works for them because she spent more time retyping reports.
I've typed radiology on Extext...
for several years now and I wouldn't want to work on any other platform. I love it.

The session statistics will vary depending on several factors. I also worked for a company where the ability to view was not allowed, and the reason for this was because the Extext line counting was different from the line counting used by the company I worked for. If the specific contract your MTSO has with the account you work on is not paid by the same line counting configuration, then the session statistics will not be the same as the line counts you get off of the iChart website which are set up according your account's specific line counts parameters.

You will probably find as many people that hate Extext as you do that love it...I for one definitely do love it. Good luck! :)
Let spellcheck to its job. When typing and I knw I typed a word
That's ridiculous. If you have ever typed a pathology report

you would know that.  It is sometimes a double process, typing the gross and then going back in and typing the microscopic. 

I cannot fathom how anyone could offer so little money for those type reports as the terminology is extremely technical. 

easy, typed test reports
no ESLs, typed 2 test reports in under 10 minutes, these are just cysts, skin pathology.
I think she means don't bold it until you've typed
after a space.  Then once you've transcribed past the header, go back and bold it.  Meditech is blah!!  You'll get used to it, but it's not transcription friendly for sure.
speaking, sorry for the typo, but I typed it too fast! nm
It usually is 10-12 lines typed per minute of dictation. nm
Please excuse the typos. I typed fast as this
is such a hot subject with me. I should have proofed before I hit post. The content of the message is 100%, although the QA did not pass well. Forgive me!
I have big compassion for typos typed in haste
or even anger! Everybody does this.
But the errors that I pointed out are not done out of haste or anger, these are done out of lacking of grammar and spelling skills.

Done repeatedly, in this post 10 times the same mistake!

It is MT
MTs for plural

in the 60s, not in the 60's

I know, but some posters use it as moniker too, especially when typed with capitals..sm
Imagine, I even know that 'sm' means see message, wow, ain't I smart!
Don't feel bad! In an e-mail to my sup, I typed "here" rather than "hear."
Just concentrate on the reports being typed. This board isn't the Wall Street Journal. We are usually tired and/or in a hurry when we post.

11,000 per week editing lines, 5,500 straight typed.
Don't know how much it is for husband and kids. $70 a week for me and two kids.
Must have typed too much, lots of spaces taken out. I'm not error-ridden, what's up w/that? nm
Hi, Unfamiliar. An already typed report comes up on the screen. You listen SM
just as you always did to the dictation and hop the cursor along the sentences and down the page with the dictation, making corrections as needed, such as correcting formatting, names, spelling, and wrong words, correcting and adding punctuation, filling in blanks, and so on.

It seems to require somewhat different skills from straight transcribing--ability to read and decide what and how to edit fast and accurately are needed, in addition to the ability to listen and type. I have the audio speed cranked up at or close to maximum on dictators I'm familiar with and whiz through those reports. Some make more editing and love it, some make less and hate it.

But all produce a lot more lines editing than transcribing. My company pays exactly half the transcribing rate for editing, feeling the average person produces about twice as many lines per minute of dictation on our platform, but some produce significantly more. So when you see someone fussing about how she's going broke earning only 60% of her transcription cents-per-line rate for editing, it's possible that she's significantly below average in her ability to edit quickly. Or something else is wrong, because at current pay rates a competent Editor should be making a decent or even better living.
That is *.11 for all lines typed* when working agreed-upon schedule.
Making less per line is not a raise.
just typed Focus in search for box on Company board
hey I've typed that ER before! drug addicts adn crazies! nm
I typed on a line that long way back when. Would NEVER do it again. Takes forever
Good info. In late 1980's I typed for 4 cents a line (sm)
and made over 35,000 a year, which back then was pretty darned good. I had a couple of really hard accounts I did and when the really cheesecake ER accounts that had repetitive dictators came along, they always sent a tape or 2 of that my way as kind of a payback for doing the hard stuff.

That 4 cents a line is unbelievable now, but back then and the area I was in that was the going rate and I worked less than 40 hours a week to make that 35k.
No special software. Just copy and paste the report you typed to Microsoft Word on your
computer. Under the Tools menu, select Word Count. Characters are listed with or without spaces. Take the total of either and divide by 65 to get your line count. Then match that with what your company is giving you for a line count.

If you don't have Microsoft Word, then you can download a free trial of Abacus line counting software from the internet.