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Unbelievable! I work for Transtech and got PAID maternity leave! Some of these

Posted By: Jezebel on 2007-08-08
In Reply to: Ruling Against DeVenture - anon

companies need to take a lesson from them.

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Not true. I believe TransTech either offers paid maternity leave or is about to.
Paid maternity leave at TransTech? Is that for real? Any details
would be appreciated.  TIA
Paid maternity leave?

I was wondering if anybody knows of any companies that offer paid maternity leave.


The only way I know to get paid maternity leave is if you have
your sick time/vacation time built up. You can take off with the Family Leave Act (or whatever it is called) but I don't know of any that actually pay you for maternity leave.
Paid maternity leave?
Do any companies still offer paid maternity leave (6 weeks)? Medware used to but doesn't anymore. Do any still offer this or just hospitals?
Who gets paid holidays & maternity leave? I'm an IC nm
TT has paid maternity leave? Sounds too good to be true..
Just wondering if anyone has used this paid maternity benefit?  Is there a catch? This is such a rare benefit now days it just seems too good to be true.
Maternity leave
I would imagine you would have to be employed by them for a while before they would pay you for maternity leave.  I am not ragging on anyone but I don't understand how someone can expect to look to work for a new company pregnant and expect them to pay you while you are off work, how are they supposed to make any money?  I can see if you have been with them for a year or so,  but to me that is asking for a bit much.  You could not even go to a hospital or clinic and expect that.   If you had a babysitter or a nanny and after a few months they wanted 6 to 8 weeks off PAID and you had to hire someone to replace them for that time and thus had to pay double and only had your usual income, would you do that?  Where are you working now, do they pay for maternity leave?  Most places don't pay for it but allow you to take six weeks off but it is usually without pay unless you use all of your sick time/vacation that you have accrued.  I just don't understand looking for a new company now that you are pregnant, tell me if I am wrong but that is what your post sounded like.  
Maternity leave
I am NOT currently pregnant, but am planning on in the next couple of years...I don't appreciate the comment when you have not even obviously read the whole conversation. Someone else was already pregnant...NOT ME!
maternity leave
I am not necessariy looking for maternity leave...just something would be nice...

I just find it hard to believe in this day in age that some pay for having a baby is too much to ask for...just even some more PTO or STD is all I am really looking for!
TT maternity leave.....sm

I started at TT just over 4 months ago.  I just found out I am preggers.  I don't see anything in the employee handbook about maternity leave?  I am scared to tell them - don't want to lose my job.  I thought I saw one time that they have a month of paid maternity leave or no?


I doub anyone has maternity leave per se, but
I think you accumulate PTO at Medware but can't use it for a year. You accumulate it and can use it from the start at Precyse. I don't know about TRS. I know of NO MTSO that will provide you with paid maternity leave, if that's what you're looking for.
Maternity leave benefit
I would like to know if there are companies that offer maternity leave benefit for FT?
Take maternity leave, no matter what! sm
I had an emergency C-section after being so close to a vaginal birth, had been sick before delivery, holding pillows over my incision to cough as lightly as I could and still clear secretions - lots of fun!  I was broke after 90 days on bed rest with an unexpected helicopter flight and 30-day stay to a far-away hospital and loss of income, of course during that time.  Thank God for my husband, but he was the only wage earner.  I had my staples out on a Friday and back to work on Monday.  The doctor of the practice said, Glad you're back; you look like death!  If I had do-overs, and that was 12-1/2 years ago, I would have taken more time, paid or not!  You only get one chance.....
Survey - how does your company do with maternity leave?
I am contemplating trying to get pregnant within the year, and I am wondering how all the MTSOs take to maternity leave.  I am afraid if I get pregnant, my company might find a way to get rid of me before having to cover my maternity leave.  Any advise or ideas would be appreciated.  Thanks.
No work, no paid downtime, bennies might leave...
Oh, yea -- PAID, too. Grandmother PAID LEAVE would be a great drawing card to TT !!

Just love that PAID TIME OFF !!

Do the research...most companies, and not just MT companies, do not pay for maternity leave...
we get time off but not paid...and I really don't even understand the point of you posting this...
unbelievable. Work for a week sm
without getting paid? What a nice way to clean up their back log for free!

Back a few years ago this profession started being advertised by the schools and in the rag magazines as a work at home job to make tons of money. That is when this profession started down the tubes.

Because it sounds like an easy work at home job, everybody is coming out of the woodwork. Folks who can't spell the word HOSPITAL practically are trying to open MT companies to make big money.

It is very very sad!
Old posts had people not getting paid money due them when they decided to leave. nm
The lying is unbelievable. If you work there, you darn well
I'm probably 1 of 3 people to ever leave TransTech over a year ago.
Just found out we at TransTech do not get paid for holidays.

That is the first company I have worked for that did not pay for holidays that they offered as a holiday.  Surprise to me! 

Do any of you work for a company that pays for the holidays they offer.  I believe the BIG ones MQ and Spheris pay for holidays.  Are there other companies out there that pay for holidays?  Thanks.

Great people to work for, but I had to leave due to lack of work. Hopefully that has changed. SM
Most of us who do not live in California had to go IC. When I was there, they did not have statutory status, although they told me they did when they hired me. Their pay for VR is VERY low, not a living wage. Many of the folks in the office are ex-YOG and great to work for/with. Good luck.
Oh they will leave you alone all right, WITHOUT WORK!
Not a very honest bunch of people who do not monitor their work flow, thus first come first serve, thus you might as well throw out their payment scale, as you have to type so much to make so much, and how can anyone do that when there is not enough work!
They leave you alone and let you work....
Well, you can leave work for others while your
I was taught by my parents to worry about me and not what others are doing.  It is none of my business how much work is left for others.  Who cares?  They are not paying my bills, I am.
me too. I work, they leave me alone sm
type what needs to be typed, don't complain and I don't have a problem. It may not work out for some and some may say the pay is too low for 34 years experience (it is) but unfortunately it is what it is.

I decided I loose more money looking for jobs than just settling into one and doing the best I can do. I don't jump through hoops but I help out extra when I can and when I cant, I can't and thats the way it is. They appreciate it and so do I.

I still think, even with the line rates being lower than they were (doing straight MT, no VR) you can make a good living at this but you can't if you don't have the experience! I feel for the newbies but in this business, you have got to do your time so to speak and it takes years. I blame the MT schools out there for the whole go to school for a few months and make a ton of money mind set.
then u should want her to take a leave to get her work
You are so jealous. The girl wants to start a family. It shouldnt matter how long she has been working and where. If she wants to have a baby, then hats off to her.

She will not be having a party as it is not fun sometimes to be pregnant.

If you went out and broke your leg, you can take time off and get paid short-term disability. Why dont you just go do that? You wont have to worry about your production.

Do they leave you alone to work? I personally
would rather be left alone instead of bothered all day with phone calls, etc.
Majority of MTs say just give me the work and leave
Dedicated accts, few ESL, leave you alone to work.
I don't work there anymore, but I know people who do, and she did not leave. pls r/o
That person has not left the company, and she is still wreaking havoc.  LOL 
Had to leave FN due to neverending low work volume. SM
Almost everyone has to work IC if you don't live in California. Liked working there, though.
Or you could just quit and leave more work for the rest of us... Or, I know - you could sm
do your OWN WORK and stop policing everyone else?!
Leave your email and i will contact you about possibly some prn work. nm
Agree. Had to leave. Loved it there but no work and no benefits.
Nice people, easy clinic work, leave you alone, but low pay. nm
Well I don't work for Transtech and this discussion isn't about Transtech...
and that is not age discrimination....give me a break...
Maternity riders
I am not necessarily looking for that...noone seems to understand. I am just looking for anything with more PTO or something basically I didn't mean to start this big fued about maternity leave...

I am just in a situation where I am offered little to no PTO/STD/holiday pay wtih crappy benefits...At this rate, I will have to travel 100 miles to a hospital just for prenatal care because the local hospital is not covered and the insurance prices are through the roof...

I am just trying to better my situation and came here for help not to be made feel like crap. I didn't think that it was such a big deal to try to get some advice, but I guess it is! I am better off on my own!! Thanks, but no more posts please...I am already too upset by the discouraging remarks!!
Friend has been there for years, only makes 7 cpl, work load very uneven. Looking to leave,
Ever thought of a home health care aide? Usually paid training and start work right away. Can work
You need to leave due to lack of work. Put in your 2-wk notice and move on. Gotta earn a living! nm
That is a BIG problem at TransTech is leads assigning work, rather than letting the work flow
This TT MT just admitted to that fact.  It has been very obvious, as so easy to tell how work comes into our que and then gets pulled out as fast as it came in and replaced with YUKKY dictators.   VERY frustrating to us other TT MT's who take the JUNK that is NOT assigned to other MT's, such as this poster. 
Thx...Unbelievable!!! - nm
WOW, that does not surprise me though.  She lied to me several times, and caught her in it and still acted like I was wrong.  How can a company like this continue to be in business.  I am going to continue my descent on her, no one ever should have to go through something like this and especially what happened to you, that is even worse.  I have written some of the schools that represent her explaining to them what is going on; I hope they do not recommend her.  I am awaiting replies and I will let you know.  She is messing with the wrong person by not paying me.

This is just pathetic.  I don't care what he says.  It's all about the almighty dollar.  They pay crap over there and they receive crap in return.  Has anyone seen the kind of work these Indians do who can barely speak English?  Sad sad sad.



I can’t even believe that you said all that…you did say one thing in your little rant that was true…you outsource work because “it’s less expensive” which honestly is what it all boils down to!  We all are looking at that dollar so don't act like the employers are the only ones...the companies are looking for ways to line their pockets and obviously outsourcing work makes that happen.  Go ahead and outsource to other countries because one day, someone will come up with a way to do away with your cushy position and outsource it, and the script will be flipped back on you!  I am a hard working Medical Transcriptionist and I resent every word that you said.    



It's not unbelievable at all
I average 275 lines per hour on a high ESL large teaching hospital account at 9.5 per line for an average pay rate of $26 bucks an hour. Many, many MTs I know make this and more.