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Well, I bought one

Posted By: TransTechMT on 2007-12-31
In Reply to: So - I'm reading a TransTech ad for MTs, and - (sm) - Flibertygibbit

and got the reimbursement. I work at home, but I still drive.

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Focus bought by Nuance/Dictaphone, DRC bought by Acusis. nm
What I just bought
Go to stedmans.com and get the AAMT Book of Style and also the Stedman's Spellchecker CD-ROM. They will bill you for these, and you will be happy that you bought them! You will also love working at home if you can pace yourself and refuse to be distracted, especially with the price of gasoline as it is.
Is all of this because when MQ bought YOG SM
they continued to pay the MT's what they were receiving at YOG, which was more than MT's at MQ made? Now everyone will be making the same amount or less?

I don't work for MQ, so I don't know, this is just what I gathered talking to friends.
They were bought out by MQ. NM
This is the co that was bought by the guy from ddi
that left when MQ bought them
Bought it new. It is an HP.
I was with the co they bought and we had sm

a nice situation.  Here comes the CEO promising us we were going to know every day how much we're valued, how important we are.  Not so.  For the first 6 months it was okay, hard to get used to all the management we suddenly had, but then things started going downhill.  Then the push with the VR.  Seems to me that most of our work is going to be VR work and they're probably aware they pay more than the other companies - so it will not surprise me at all if they take that away now.

I hate these town hall calls, They never contain anything good for the people who are doing the grunt work.

HS bought out by Spheris
I was working for Healthscribe when Spheris bought them out; I have to say that I have had nothing but a positive experience with them thus far.  We don't seem to be micromanaged; quite the contrary.  I can get up and walk around to stretch my legs and at times am gone for 20 minutes or so and no one calls me or e-mails me.  Communication is wonderful from my supervisor on up to management.  The only downside is that they are so short-staffed that there is mandatory overtime for the radiology accounts so if you want to make $$$, this would be the place to go.  Hope this is helpful. 
I believe Transcend bought MDI?
Duh, they bought Heartland...
When we bought our van last year,
But the cost was $10,000 higher than the Toyota. We're not talking a small amount here - $10,000 difference (more if we would have added the extras to the Dodge, that were standard on the Toyota). As soon as the prices of the American cars start coming down, people will buy them. Right now - it's more expensive to buy American, with worse quality and no standard features - everything is extra. Very disappointing and COSTLY.
Keystrokes BOUGHT an...
According to my dictionary transcriber is a person. It only takes a second to look it up.
Do you think that MDI is the same since they were bought by Transcend? sm
I have thought of going back (left a few years ago and took a few years off after having twins nine months after another baby) but I am worried about that. I have a friend who works there and she is complaining a lot, but she tends to be a complainer so I am not sure what to do.

I also was on clinic notes and prefer radiology. Maybe they are doing more rad. I do remember seeing that they were paying a sign-on bonus.

I am just looking for some answers before I make the wrong move.
SPI bought CyMed....US MTs look out....
They will tell you not to worry.....all the while transitioning your job to an MT in India or Manila.    Get out while you can!
Is Accuscribe still out there or have they been bought out? nm
Anybody know anything about who SPI supposedly bought yet?
I really hope its not Medware.
Acusis bought out DRC . .nm
Acusis bought DRC.
Not only that, but maybe the reason they bought DRC & are looking - sm
to buy many others, has nothing to do with quality US transcription. Maybe they want to eliminate US-based companies so that the clients will have NO choice. It could end up being a choice between - Indian or Pakistani?
Maybe South African or Filipino?
Turkish or Chinese?
I also tried it. Even bought the latest..sm
version they claimed to be so much better etc. I tried it and it was a complete waste of time and money. It does not work like they say and I spent a considerable amount of time with it. IT is the way to go. Much more worth it and so much easier.
They were just bought out by Webmedx. nm
Won't see that. They were bought out by Nuance. NM
I just bought yesterday,
some Phillips iPod ear buds from Walgreen's for $20 and I LOVE them! They have 3 different size ear buds you can attach with a little spongy rubber ring that cancels out all background noise. They are comfy, too, as they finally made a small enough ear bud to fit in my little ears. Definitely worth a try!
There is only one MDI now (MDI-MD). The other MDI in FL was bought by Transcend. nm
They were bought by Transcend. nm
When was the last time you bought a car? sm
Depending on the car, the loan can be up to 72 months.
You know that bought your company so
1 of our fearless leaders did not have to leave TN. True.
Pro-Type not bought by CyMed
I currently work for ProType and they were not bought by any national company.  They are a private owned company that is very good to work for.  No offshore outsourcing done at all.  I don't know who Cymed is but they are not connected to ProType in PA at all.  I would know since I currently work for them. 
Transcend bought MDI-Florida....sm
I haven't heard of MDI in Georgia. 
Heartland is finally bought...

Spheris purchases Heartland Information Services... more to come later this week

No communication. They were bought out by Transcend and it has sm
not been good. I used to love working there but now hate every minute of it. I think that they sold out.
Equipment bought by Keystrokes
Anyone who can help with a telephone number for  Keystrokes please e-mail me.  I sent her a Lanier 219 unit one month ago today and even after several reassurances I'd be sent a check for the agreed-upon amount, still haven't gotten paid for it.  I understand there has been sickness with several people in the company and other difficulties last month, but I'm getting really worried.  Thanks very much!
If MQ bought the company I work for........
I would quit anyway.
Unfortunately. Transcend bought MDI Florida and now it is as
bad as Transcend.  Was the best company out there when it was a smaller privately owned company and Liz was in charge.
SPI is the company who bought CyMed
Philippines/India/US co. from what I understand
They got bought out by MQ years ago, about 1999.
Maybe they're next in line to get bought out........ nm
I just bought one for $150 on Ebay. If you don't want to do it, don't apply. sm
Plenty of us want to work somewhere that has a lot of work and pays well. I have been with Keystrokes for 22 months and find that to be true. I just bought a c-phone to have a back-up one in case my old one has a problem.

My long distance is through my cable company and is the same as my regular bill was from AT&T that did not cover long distance and charged me to call my sisters who are all within 50 miles of me.
Before DeVenture bought the co. I worked for...

They had loaded our machines with an Expander called Abbreviate!,  Stedman's dictionary, and hooked us up with Quick Look drug reference, so those are the things I use...as well as the auto correct.  The Abbreviate though--it does interfere with one of my remote desktop connections to a certain hospital, don't know why, and it's a HUGE bummer because that's where all my lengthy expansions are, so it forces me to type in word on my machine, and then do the ol' copy-and-paste maneuver into the hospital's system.  Total bummer and time waster, but what can ya do sometimes. 

Just bought one from Dell, asked to have XP on it and
they said they still have a few with XP on it. If you can't find one you will just have to buy XP and have Vista removed from the new computer and then install XP.
I bought a Porche for 1,000 one year and
then it was so powerful with the varoom, varoom I did not want to drive it, afraid it would get away from me. Had for about a year and made my money back on it.
MDI-MD? Weren't they bought by Transcend?
that's right, MDI-FL bought by Transcent a while back
MDI-FL is not related in any way to MDI-MD. I don't even know if Transcend still calls that branch MDI-FL or not.
WMX bought M-TEC, which is not an MTSO, but a MT school.
Medware bought by iMedX

Has anyone else worked for iMedX after they bought their employer's company? Software is called TurboFlow. Any good? Overall how do you like working for them, good and bad.

Transcend bought MDI for 16 million. sm
So I guess they have to make some of that money back. I am pretty discouraged too as I have heard absolutely nothing from Transcend about what my pay is going to be. Guess does not look too good right now since they cut pay for their existing employees. Never been able to get a straight answer about the range of what I will be making, so assuming that means it will be low.
Yes it does. MQ bought Lanier in October 2003.
Yes. I bought a policy when I knew I would drop below
production levels.  It has a higher deductible than my MQ insurance but it was the almost the exact same cost.  I will never tie my health insurance to an MT job again.  Too risky. 
Transcend BOUGHT MDI, you make it sound like
MDI is actually running Transcend. Liz is expendable if she does not do her job. Liz et AL might own stock in Transcend, but I doubt that they own the controlling interest.

However, neither company has the MT's best interest at heart. They are paying to have dictation by easy dictators done by voice recognition and making sure the rest of us are left with the horrible dictators they have on most of their accounts. I used to think JLG had the lock on bad dictators, but MDI and Transcend have made JLG look good.
With Vianetta being bought by Spheris, what happens to companies
that use Vianetta (like JLG)?
Don't you think it's strange that they were bought by Transcend but still call themselves MDI?
When you talk to them, it is MDI this, MDI that, but when you ask about Transcend it become Transcend this, Transcend that. I know that Transcend has contacted a lot of companies and seems to be the next MQ in terms of gobbling up companies. Who's next?