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Well, mine have even less today than yesterday. I don't know what is going on. I know summer te

Posted By: Hangin' in there on 2009-08-06
In Reply to: MDIMDer - fatcat

to wax and wane, but I've only seen wane this summer, no wax.  Usually it's up and down, not steadily down, in my experience.  I'm becoming very concerned about being able to make ends meet.

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Got mine yesterday - nm
Got mine yesterday.
They are postmarked the 30th.
Yes. Mine was in my account yesterday. Did you? nm
Mine was in my account yesterday. Was

thinking payday was the 21st though. 

I got mine yesterday. I really like it and appreciate the fact that they sent them (sm)
But they sent the wrong size and it's way too small and I can't even wear it!  I'm sure it can't be exchanged as they were probably all sent out.  :(
i must be blind. the mq link was there yesterday, but i do not see it today

can someone direct me to the MQ link please.




I took their test yesterday, and today got a call
with no interview, nothing - and got offered a job. Want me to train tomorrow, and start next week already. Seems suspect. Although, he did say they have the account, but can't actually get it up and running until they get people in place. Very weird ... I pass.
sent resume yesterday, offer today nm
I got mine yesterday. what a bassackward company.
I e-mailed with resume yesterday and am testing today.
She gave me 2 company names I had not seen on the boards, both have better terms than I am making now or had found on my own.
Passed their test, had 2nd interview yesterday. Today,
this is the response I received via e-mail.

Thank you very much for taking the time to speak with me yesterday about employment opportunities at MD-IT. Unfortunately, your attributes as a Transcriptionist do not meet our needs.

What attributes are they looking for, I ask? Worked for same company for years, 99.5% QA score every quarter, always working on time every day, team player.

I didn't like the 2nd interview, knew it was not going well. The questions asked were phony psychological garbage, and no matter your experience and how well you tested, everyone starts on their tier system at 0.075 cpl...slave wages.

I had already decided overnight I would not go to work for them even if offered, so I feel I have been blessed today and kept from making a huge mistake in working for a company that devalues you before you even walk through the door.

Hallelujah! Be joyful fellow MT. There are better companies out there than this one.

That explains it, yesterday I had no work, this morning DS on today's date. NM
Any people at CardioScribes get paid today? When I got my invoice yesterday, sm

I kinda thought that meant I'd be paid today.  I know payday is not until tomorrow, but they usually are early, and I thought I'd check before I asked Raul about it.



I had no problems working yesterday, but today I'm completely locked out ... sm
The suggestions given by MDI's tech support have not worked for me, and I haven't been able to work all day. I see that I just received another email from them. Maybe I'll have good luck with this suggestion.
Got mine today

Got mine today.
Got mine today....n/m
Got mine today
actually I just got mine today
below about paycheck
Just got mine today - some didn't get them yet
I just received mine today.
Mine came in US mail today (Sat)
I got mine today (Monday). nm
I've been checking mine today
They seem pretty accurate, same as for the past +1 year.
Dang, wish mine would have shown up DD today. :( nm
Darn, wish mine would have shown up DD today. nm
I sure hope I can get mine today from TransTech.
Boy, that would be a God-send right now.
I got mine today. Very pretty and thoughtful.
Yes it is! I got mine today -- think it is great. I'm happy to be part of such an amazing compa

I feel like I have FINALLY found my home.  :-)

omg-heat of summer

I meant heat of summer!! not head--sorry

Last summer? see inside
They do not keep anything that long due to privacy. Their recruiter was let go a few months back, so it definitely is no longer there. I would send it directly to them at KeystrokesHR@aol.com and let them know that you had sent it before. I know that the process is smooth now, based on talking to a few new MTs, so if you are interested, that is the way to go!
thank you - I'm hoping by summer to

nix the Q alltogether, unless by some miracle things get better. I think my biggest peave with the Q is that stupid time clock. I never wanted FT or benefits, so I don't see why PT with no benefits has to punch a clock. Give me IC any day!

The new company I'm going to only requires me to meet my daily quota on the days I say I'm going to work. If I need off, I just let them know I won't be working that day. No more holidays, no more cesspool and no more TIME CLOCK!

I hope things go well for you at KS. I've heard a lot of wonderful things about them on this board, especially if you want FT and benefits. Good Luck!

There is no summer slump at MDI. Its a
permanent slump situation, as its been going on for a long, long time. Something is way not right about this company, and I'm not sure what's going on, but its not good. Look below, and you'll see more eager new hires ready for training, every single day. I was bored the other day and browsing other MT sites, and I was shocked to see a thread and battle, just like here every day, of MDI-MD MTs with no work, MTs who can't get the 5 training jobs a day, yada, yada, and I saw the EXACT same letter from the recruiter and also from the tech person, whom many claim does not set them up at the agreed upon time, etc, and does not help with tech issues. The shock to me was that all were dated from Spring of 2007. That's how long this exact scenario has been happening, and it was creepy to read what looked like sincere posts here, as they were copied verbatim from a year earlier, and probably more before that had I wasted my time looking. There is something WEIRD and wrong about this company, and why anyone would waste 1 minute of their time with them is beyond me. And it was so hurtful and hateful a few months ago when those who posted that they had no work and something wasn't right were bashed and flamed for it being their fault somehow. Inferior MTs or whatever. There is a boatload of BS going on at MDI-MD, and I have personally experienced that boat, and its not gonna float for anyone. I truly believe they have their original staffers who get work, but forget the rest, and they are always, always hiring more and more, and with no work. If I were with them now, I would be MAJOR pissed and demand work. But there isn't any? I would also be demanding to know why they keep hiring. They have no answers, and they have no work either.
I was mid summer this year.
I used IType.
TTS - When I applied last summer
nothing more than an insulting subcontractor rate for 30 years' experience. Are you making at least more than 6.25 cpl?
Here's a review from last summer.
Anyone else running out of work this summer?SM
I have been with this company for quite some time, and this is the first time I have run out of work.  It has been slow since June, but pretty much the whole month of July has been hunting for work and getting lucky if there's any there.  We've been told it's just an unusually slow summer.  Anyone else with this problem? 
I was with MQ for 11 years and left last summer.
The changes after 1/1/06 were not to my taste. And from what I can see over on the MQ forum, it hasn't gotten better. I started with TT last October and have really liked it. I've only run out of work a few times, and have had work in my backup. The office staff is wonderful. It was a very good move for me.
They added several new accounts this summer
so I don't know which one you are talking about, but I have been out of work for 2 days too and despite asking for a back-up account I have yet to get one.   I do know that another account is coming on-line next month, though they have hired people for it and those people are probably working on the other accounts in the meantime, taking work from the estabilshed MTs. 
How do you know new accounts are coming on in the summer?

I have not received any email saying such to us MT's.  I hope so, because work is really low during the week, a little more on the weekend usually.  More and more of our work is going to voice recognition, leaving low volume of transcribing left to do.

This is an excerpt from a press release by Transtech management that I saw on the internet.  Maybe those 20 MT's love the system, but the other 280 must not.  I know I hate Dictaphone ExSpeech editing platform (and hate the pay that goes alogn with editing on that platform).

We started using the Enterprise Express Speech System in late October of 2007 and have already seen a 500 percent increase in speech-recognized drafted
reports. While just 20 members of our team of 300 transcriptionists
are using the system now, we plan to expand its use significantly. In
only 60 days we've seen dramatic productivity climbs and our team
loves the system.

Info about Wordz from this summer.
Wordz was not the job for me, but I have nothing bad at all to say about them. Here is some recent info from this summer, hope it helps:

Pay on time by DD.

I worked on 2 platforms. (Winscribe and Transnet) Both use your version of Word and your Expander of choice or autocorrect. The platforms were just for management of voice files and attaching/uploading documents, no demographics were filled in.

All demographics were manual, and you download pt lists (some in notepad where you can copy and paste names and some fax copies where you have to retype everything).

Provider/address lists were provided for letters.

Job lists come out 4x per day. On at least one platform you have to check the job list for your work and manually enter the dictator# into the transnet platform to download jobs (you are not routed jobs automatically on the Transnet platform).

Pd training. You get about 4+ hours of phone training your first day, 3 modules. The longest module of training is administrative, paperwork, file management that you are expected to do and the other modules are on the transcribing and audio platforms. The administrative/paperwork/file management is the longest for a good reason, you spend plenty of time wrangling voice files, job lists, and pt lists every day.

QA was outstanding and very helpful. Quick relevant feedback and even a good job here and there.

There are set hours - sort of! They do ask that you set range of hours they can count on you to be there every day (maybe 8:00 to 3:00 for example) in case they need to reach you for stats or whatever, but you do not have to necessarily be working all that time, and you are not monitored. You are just expected to complete your account assignments within TAT.

Pay is low (it was 7.5 cents), but they justify that by the fact that they match transcriptionists to doctors....no pools. (That did not turn out to be the case for me, I was up to 20 dictators with more to be added on, although I know many are assigned to a small # of stable dictators...just get as much specific info during your interviews about exactly what accounts you would be on and how many providers so you can make an informed decision.)

Good luck!

Grandchildren keep me young. I have had 2 FT this summer (sm)
and occasional trips to town for teenaged grandson who has stayed at home this summer. Sometimes it is hectic and I feel stressed getting my hours/lines in, but then I take my mother to the Senior Center and watch all those people with so little to occupy their time and I feel really lucky.

During school year the 2 youngest still catch the bus here and come here after school. I am able to adjust my schedule so I can attend school functions/lunches during the day if their mom can't.

There may be a lot of problems with MT work anymore, but these are the reasons I and many other stay with it.

Well, I left MQ after 8 years last summer to go to Keystrokes (sm)

so I would have to say Keystrokes.  I have plenty of work and love my account and Keystrokes gave me primarily what I asked for as far as what specialty I wanted to type. I work in Meditech but there are other platforms there, it just depends on your account. MedQuist was a great place to work for about the first 7 years.  In January 2006 they introduced what they called the Rewards Plan and after that my work dried up in a hurry and I lost a LOT of money by staying there. But there are still people at MQ who have plenty of work and like it there, the way I felt about it in the old days. Both places have positive qualities but I am happier now at Keystrokes. It also depends on what you are looking for as far as how large of a company you want to work for...MQ is a big national, KS is much smaller and more personalized.  Good Luck!

It was slow on one of my accounts this summer but picked up. sm
If I were you, I would go to Karyn or Becky, not Martha. Both of them will help you. I think Martha is too busy with new hires but the other two are great with back-up accounts or at least getting the names in front of Martha. Just a friendly tip, not meant to offend or cause flames.
Talked to them last summer. Very nice people.
CPL depends on shift worked and how well you do on the test.
They have overhired for the summer. We will ALL be running out of work!

They thought they had a new account and it was not a go, so overhire again.  They are just running this ship TOO TIGHT



knew something was up after the paycheck fiasco this summer . . . sm
this DOES not surprise me, and I am sure there is more coming in the future.
I have not run out of work, except for about 2 or 3 hours late in the summer. sm
While I am NOT management, I do know both sides of this story...that of the MTs and of management. The side I pick? MY SIDE! The side with work in the queue, the side that I get paid for. So, even though I know both perspectives, I am not picking sides or defending management.

I will only observe that those who come here to bash a very nice company could be producing their lines. Given that I have consistently gotten over my minimums each and every day for the year I have been with TT says to me (remember I am on my side) that the work exists. If I can have it, so can you. Of course, every hour you are here spreading your ill-considered opinions could be, should be spent doing your job.

I am here, it is my day OFF!
I have to second that statement. Wish TT would not overhire during the summer months, as we get so
low on work now -- it is frightening to think about the summer months and then the holidays that follow.  Ouch !
It was during the summer, I think. Maybe you can access old stories from your local newspaper on
good point!!!! summer off plus 5 weeks during the year
if i had my life to live over.... a teacher has the best life