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When I was interviewed by Heartland,

Posted By: Tex on 2006-05-09
In Reply to: I'm sorry the Heartland MTs are losing their jobs, but - What is the outrage

I was told that they were planning to stop offshoring and bring all the jobs back to the US.

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I interviewed with them.

I didn't want to wait a whole year before beginning to accrue PTO so I went elsewhere.

I interviewed with them sm
my current account was lost to Axo so I decided to interview with them - 7 cents a 65-character line (I have been on these accounts for 12+ years now - HA!) and work is a pool - you are not assigned a specific specialty or doctor so speed will be an issue because you're pulling up different templates, etc. They provide the computer/software platform (that's all I need - another computer - already working on 2!!) and I *believe* paycheck deduction was taken for that. You are an employee, not an IC and have to work a set schedule.  You had to produce (I think) 1,500 lines a day (can't remember for sure - this was last year when I interviewed). When I asked what happens when I get that 1,500 lines done in, say, 6 hours, what do I do with the next 2 hours? The recruiter said I would keep typing, but they did not pay incentives for plus-production. I told the recruiter that definitely did not motivate me to work faster! I was also told they outsource and that's why the current MTSO lost the account (lower line rate). That being said, I was told in February 2004 (yep, year and a half ago) that the account would be switching over to Axo. I understand they have had multiple failed pilots. Keeping my fingers crossed that they continue to mess up my accounts so I can keep them!
I just interviewed with them and I am - sm sm
considering taking the job.
I interviewed with them
a year ago.  They gave me a multiple choice oral terminology test.  They were very nice.  the downfall - I spent 2 hours on the phone with them, told me I did very well and even asked if I was certified because I impressed them and then they told me they were not hiring at the moment.  I did just came across them from my own researching and sent in a resume and they called me.  I now know to ask if the company is hiring during the first part of the interview! 
I just interviewed with them
It seems odd they would be hiring if they can't provide work for current employees.  I was interviewing for VR, maybe you should see if you can get on a VR account.
When I interviewed with them ....
They told me that they paid on a 55-character count line but not for spaces.  I did not accept the job offer though because I had been offered something that turned out to be really great.
I tested/interviewed with them once, or tried to -

we scheduled a phone conference to discuss the opening they had no less than five times and kept having to reschedule it at the last minute - very irritating.

I interviewed with Axolotl. (sm)
In a nutshell, here is the deal: This is a company that you basically have to "chase down" in order to get a response. I have 17 years experience, and the only reason that I was able to get an interview is because I kept calling to follow up with the HR person. When I finally got an interview, she told me that she wanted to schedule a second interview with the manager of the transcription department. Well, 3 or 4 weeks later (I waited so long that I lost count), I finally heard from her. She apologized for taking so long to get back to me, and then she said, "I thought you would have found another position by now" (because it took her so long to get back to me). Anyway, for other reasons (and the fact that I felt I shouldn't have to kiss an employer's you-know-what to get an interview), I turned them down. So with this company, it has nothing to do with how qualified you are, it has to do with how patient you are, and whether you are willing to call and leave messages for someone to get back to you.
Well, both offshore. I have interviewed with both and been

offered positions with both, declined both.   I have nearly 20 years' experience in acute care, can do any work type, ESLs, etc.  I aced both tests.  Cymed offered me 8 cpl and 8.5 cpl over 18,000/lines pay period.  

Precyse lied to me and I wouldn't work for them if they were the only company out there.  They pay based on if you are CMT or not, how many years experience, what shift, etc.  I was offered about  10 cpl, but the account they wanted to put me on was one I had worked on when I was with YOG and it was an extremely difficult account.   There are lots of posts about how Precyse ignores e-mails and that communication is very poor overall.   They use IM and during the 2 or 3 interviews they stopped several times to answer IMs from team leaders.  

I don't need insurance so didn't ask questions in regards to that. 


Yes they do. I asked them when I was interviewed and they
relunctantly told me they did only if the client asks  to.  Now I'm sure they are going to the client and saying we'll offshore you're work if you want us to - NOT. 
I just recently interviewed with them.
This was for acute care: Base pay was 8 cpl, 65 character line with spaces, goes up to 8.75 for 1600+ lines a day. There's a $1000 sign on bonus, paid at $100 per paycheck. You have to be there a year before you get any vacation time, which is 2 weeks. No holiday pay.
And they seemed so personable when I interviewed about
I just interviewed and was told
after 3 months if you have hit the 11,000 lines they require per pay period as full time you get $500 and then you get the other $500 after 6 months of doing the same.
I just interviewed there and that's not what I was told for
I interviewed about 3 months ago. I think there

were about a dozen questions.  Some were multiple choice, some about what part of the body is lingual (this is just an example and not what they used), I had to spell about 3 words/terms. 

I interviewed with Z and she was great, I didn't feel the least bit intimidated.


I interviewed but took a pass
The pay was lower than I was willing to take at 0.775 with 8 years experience in heme/onc
Then you havn't interviewed with the right
people. Left in June and couldn't be happier, more money per line, holiday pay, no weekends.
I asked about that when I interviewed.
Basically, I asked in advance when or if they give raises.  The recruiter, who is also my liason, and I negotiated that prior to my being hired.  Our agreement for my future increase is based upon the number of daily lines I agreed to produce (not just the 700 minimum) and maintaining that for an agreed upon period of time.  I would definitely start with your liason.
Don't work for them but I interviewed with
them last fall and was offered a job. Pay started 8.5 cpl (25+ years experience), and I was required to work every Saturday, and be on call at night 1 week out of every 3. Did not take the job.
Any applicants who interviewed..
for DeVenture's radiology account starting next month heard anything back yet?  I had my interview almost 2 weeks ago and I can't wait no longer. 
Interviewed recently.
I asked if there was any flexibility in hours worked, such as a 12-hour window, and they said no flexibility. I asked if they have part-time positions and they said no part-time. It wasn't what I was looking for so I passed.
I just recently interviewed with them and while .. sm
they did seem to be very nice, I declined the job offer.  The pay was what I considered to be low for someone with over 20 years experience, and they also have what they call a docking system where if you make a spelling error they take away 1/2 of your lines for that document/file.  Otherwise, again, they seemed to be very nice.  The platform is their own and they use express scribe, which I dislike a lot, lol, but could have lived with it if they had just offered more money.  Oh well ... will keep looking.
ok, so I interviewed with Amphion today (sm)
and she said she had to check my references, then she would call me back. Is this the norm for them? I really want this job, although it will just be parttime. I am trying to keep my options open, as my "other" job seems to be running dry...y'all probably know who that is! Wish me luck!
no i am not wrong, i just interviewed with them a few days ago
she said I could work 10pm to 6am, 11pm to 7am or 12pm to 8am, all considered third shift
I disagree ... everyone I've interviewed with
offers benefits for part-time employees, mainly in the form of PTO, not medical, but they do all offer vacation, even though it is prorated at a very slow rate. Maybe Spheris, like Medquist, wants a whole workforce of FT employees - much easier to manage. I think that is the push - get rid of the PT employee. Maybe if they would offer to send nannies to those of us with young children, who we like staying home with rather than dumping in day care, we could work FT. What a pity.
Interviewed the other day - PT is 15 hours per week. (sm)

Don't know much about the way the jobs load, but she did say people are only taking 2 weeks or less to get up to speed.  (Of course, I know, they can tell you anything.) 

The recruiter was very pleasant, the test was a verbal thing, and the pay was decent.



I love CyMed, too! When I interviewed with
them, they told me that they do offshore a small amount to the Phillipines, but I haven't noticed any negative impact as far as the quality or quality of work offered to me.  The software is wonderful to work with, and the people are great.  They are about the same as most other companies as far as line rate (avg. 08/line with differential and bonuses), but in all other respects I absolutely love working here!  Good luck in your decision!
I interviewed with them and was offered a position.
They are wonderful people. They did tell me that they would supply equipment if you needed it so that definitely is an option. I did not take the position for the time being, but of all the companies I know, they are one of the nicest out there and I truly believe they would be a good employer.
Interviewed with them today. See post further down pg
I interviewed with them and told there is, I believe, a $20 rental
fee for a year, but if you are still there at the end of a year employment they refund the rental fees.
The poster said she had never tested, never interviewed, so

how can she test badly and mess up the interview? 

I'm a person you have bashed in the past, you remember firing me, yada, yada, yada.  You don't even know who I am.  I only dealt with H and when I called him to give my notice he begged me to stay, offered to pay me whatever I wanted to stay.

I'm not sure what your problem is, but if anyone looks through past posts about SS there are 10 negatives for every positive, and most of the positives have a management tone to them. 

I laughed about your quality statement.  When I was in QA the MTs were horrendous.  Mary at MTDaily asked me if SS offshored work.  I told her the quality was so bad that it was quite possible. 

I just hope anyone considering SS decides after reading your post that they don't want to waste their time.

I interviewed a few months ago and was told:

First off, the recruiter/interviewer was so darned nice, incredibly down to earth, and an absolute pleasure to talk to.  After talking with them, I was really bummed I wouldn't be working for them because this interviewer person was just so real and someone I would love to know outside of work, ya know?  It wasn't just all robot-business speak, which is refreshing like you wouldn't believe.

Anyway, I was asked what I was looking for and said I needed to make a guaranteed minimum of 7000 lines per pay week, as I was sole suport for my household, and that I loved where I was now but was only looking to change employers because I needed benefits. 

In an incredibly kind gesture of goodwill towards a fellow workhorse, I was told it would most likely never happen (the volume of work available to consistently earn a high line count), as this field has slow periods, as you must know, and a steady amount of work can never be guaranteed and that, for your situation, you would be best off with your current employer with no benefits and a plentiful work supply.  The mention of 30% VR and increasing day-by-day was also a huge put-off for me because, well, I hate that crap...and don't let anyone fool you, for the money you earn, it is most indeed crap and the joke is on the MT.

This place has a great pay rate, great benefits, but unfortunately the work flow cannot be guaranteed.  Scary prospect indeed when one can't work just for fun money for shoes and crap.  I couldn't believe the honestly and I was so appreciative of that.  

I interviewed with them a couple of months ago ...

From what I can remember when I searched the archives they seemed to be one of the better companies.  The recruiter, Rhonda, is great, very friendly, very knowledgeable.  I decided, however, to go with a smaller company, one that focuses on clinic notes, where I have a Mon-Fri schedule and could not be happier. 

Hope that this helps a little. 

I interviewed with Terra Nova
Actually they offered me the job before seeing my resume. Sent me samples and a foot pedal.  I was friends with their IT person (he was at my old company) and he told them about my work.  The lady's name was Maria Thomas I think and she was VERY NICE.  They are in Canada, small growing company that does not outsource.  I was making very good money at my old company at the time and I was loyal.  Had been there 9 years.  Sure enough, my account was sent offshore and I was moved around until I got laid off.  Terra Nova pays by the minute of dictation.  She started off with a low figure, can't remember exactly what it was.  As I was hesitating to quit my job, she kept uping the pay to I think $1.30 to $1.35 a minute. They did do employee status at the time, but they did not have a group insurance plan.  They reimbursed you for your own plan.  Hindsight is 20/20, but I am happy where I am now.  If not, I would not hesitate to apply there again. 
I interviewed with Etrans several months ago, was
offered the job but decided to go with another company.  If I remember correctly, they have a tiered pay system, decent benefits and I believe that they are doing a lot of the VA Hospitals.  I just received an email from them today to let me know that they are hiring again.
I posted below about Etrans, I interviewed with them
several months ago and from what I can remember (don't hold me to it please, lol), it was a fairly strict schedule that they were offering, I believe Tuesday-Saturday with set hours.  Hopefully someone that works for Etrans currently can tell you more, sorry.
I've interviewed with several companies and none have asked for

SSN, birthdate, or any credit information.   Unless you are in a position where you handle money I don't see that your credit history is anyone's business.  I guess they could run it when you provided your SSN for tax purposes, but I would certainly not provide SSN before I had a job. 

I used to work there, and when I interviewed with Tonya, she was upfront sm

about the company being in India.  I do not know if anything has changed, but I think if you took the job, they would be honest with you about their location. 

I admit that when I left, my feelings were a bit hurt over the shortage of work and other things I felt were not dealt with correctly, but in all fairness, at leastmy check was always on time (direct deposit), and the work was fairly easy.  Tonya is a gem. 

I just interviewed with them, they told me a 1-hour window flexibility.
Had interviewed and was then told I'd need a second line, w/o reimbursement. Make sure you ask! I
oh no, I just interviewed with them!. I have 13 years experience, pay did seem low but I've alwa
been paid hourly.  This is very discouraging!  Were you doing acute care?  Were you willing to do clinic work? 
Based on past interviewed, there is the information I wrote down

I cannot guarantee this information is 100%, and anyone with more accurate information feel free to chime in, but I have interviewed with several companies over the past few months, and here are the notes I have taken on what was offered by Webmedx and Axolotl:


Webmedx Acute Care = probably includes ESL dictators

Axolotl Clinic Work = probably easier/better dictators 



WMX = Starting to covert accounts to ASR

AX = Unknown


Insurance (Single):  Axolotl costs more per pay period than Webmedx.


Pay Days:

WMX = 26 (every 2 weeks)

AX = 24 (twice monthly)


Medical, Dental, Vision Insurance:

WMX = Eligible after 90 days

AX = Eligible after 30 days


Flexible Spending Account:

WMX = None

AX = Eligible after 90 days



WMX = Eligible after 1 year, with NO MATCH

AX = Eligible after 90 days with partial match 


Eligible Tuition Reimbursement:

WMX = Unknown

AX = $2,000 per year 


Working Holidays:

WMX = You are expected to work the holiday if it falls during your regular work schedule, unless you request it off in advance and there is enough coverage.

AX = Rotating.  If it falls during your regular work schedule, they try to spread it out so no one is working all the major holidays. 


Yearly Bonus or Pay Raise:

WMX = never heard of anyone getting a raise

AX = Anniversary $500 bonus (minimum)


ISP, incoming dictation snafu, or Acts of God preventing you from working:

WMX = Full-time:  you have to make up the time or take PTO, preferably the same day

AX = Depending on the circumstances, you may still get paid and only have to work your regular schedule


Full-Time Status:

WMX = If you fall below 35 hours per week for three consecutive months (no matter what reason), they automatically drop you to part-time status. 

AX = Unknown


Like I said, this was when I interviewed in 2005. REpeated errors got your pay docked, not
I interviewed with them and accepted a position yesterday. Before the interview, sm
I received an email that spelled out their pay scale, approximate insurance rate for singles, etc.  The recruiter was great and answered all of my questions.  I have seen a lot of positive posts about the company, so I think (well, am hoping) I made a good choice. Good luck in whatever you decide! 
I tested and passed Med-Tech, interviewed and was told they had opening- but I guess

I made the mistake of typing the name IC as "individual" contractor, and the recruiter e-mailed me back with the corrected "independent" contractor, and later sent an e-mail and said they were not hiring and that if anything should become available, they would contact me.  I have since found that they have hired since that time, but no one ever contacted me again.  I figure it was "their loss", not bragging or boasting, but I know I would have been an asset to the company.  IMO

They seem to be a pretty together company though.  I occasionally go to their website and read their quarterly "whatever you call it," and they always have interesting information in their for transcriptionists, and about the company, and the QA standards and goals.   I would love to have worked there.   I hear they have good benefits too.


Has anyone heard of a company called Heartland Transcription out of Toledo?  A friend of mine has been talking to them and wondered about it, so I told her that since I was online right now I would ask.  Thanks! 
You MUST be their recruiter.


WOW! What paper was this printed in, the post doesn't mention it. Also age discriminations is llegal folks, and just fort he record HIS hired me and I am 58...make me wonder..................nola
I myslef cannot help but wonder what is going on with Heartland. I currently work for them and scared I will end up without a job.
Heartland does.