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Posted By: Curious on 2009-04-21
In Reply to:

I was thinking about applying for a job with X-Press Transcription but have just heard through the MT grapevine that they cut everyone's pay in the company and did not tell them until after the fact.  Is this true or just a rumor?  Any advice on working for X-Press?  Do they pay on time?

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Trying to get info on Transcription-Express(not X-press Transcription)....

Got a call and am scheduled to be hooked on later this week.  Does someone need to stop me?  TIA 

X-Press Transcription

Just wanting to get in touch with anyone who works for this company. 

X-Press transcription
Anyone out there work for this company?  Looking for some feedback.
X-press Transcription, Inc.
Have you checked into X-press? They are a strictly radiology only service.
X-press Transcription, Inc.

I think you contacted the wrong company.  The X-press I'm talking about is based out of Long Beach, CA and Virginia Beach, VA.  Here's their website:  http://www.x-presstranscription.com/home.html

X-press Transcription
x-press transcription...
in a post last year, a lot of us stated that we didnt pass their test. they send you an email asking what kind of tape you would like to test on (standard or micro). you receive instructions and sample formats with this tape.

most of us received our results between a few days and 3 weeks. a lot of us failed the test (in the instructions, it is stated that they purposely picked dictations that were undesireable). sure enough, a lot of us failed, but you are able to test again after 6 months.

someone did post that if you do get hired, you are required to purchase expensive equipment, and work is always low.

sorry, i dont know anything about the pay.

I've worked for X-press Transcription for 10 years now...  They are awesome!  I've been on only one account for the entire 10 years.  They pay by the line, they ALWAYS pay on time and we have direct deposit.  I have nothing but great things to say about X-press.  But they do wan't very experienced Radiology Transcriptionists only. 

RE: X-Press Transcription
I was wondering if you could give me any information on how they test potential employees to see if they qualify to work for them? I have been in medical transcription for 10 years of which approximately 6 or more years of that has been in radiology. I am very confident in my abilities but get very nervous when it comes to interviews and testing for a new company. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
X-press Transcription, Inc.
X-press Transcription, Inc. does only radiology transcription, but I don't know anything about the company itself.  They do have a web site though.  
X-Press Transcription
Does anybody know if they hire for part-time?  Any current info would be appreciated.  TIA. 
Any info on X-press Transcription ? Anyone? TIA - nm


Any information about X-Press Transcription?
Wondering how they do their pay structure?  Do you have dedicated accounts?  Are they a good company?  Their website doesn't offer very much information regarding this.  They do specialize in radiology, so I would like to have more information if at all possible.  Thank you in advance. 
Is X-Press Transcription still in business?
I don't get any response to emails and phone number is no longer valid.    ???
Maybe it is because they just aren't cutting it!

They are used to getting up and leaving their work area for as long as they like or maybe they are used to working 5 hours out of a 7-hour shift?  Maybe because now they are expected to do what is asked of them??  Maybe they are trying to babysit their kids while working and have too many distractions??

I am an oldie but goody with Axolotl and I will say these things are totally not true!!!!

What, are they cutting QA again? I guess they
figure the work being produced by India is so horrid that not even US QA can fix it.

Seriously though, what positions were cut this time?
What do you mean by cutting payroll?
Meant cutting employees. SM

I honestly am not trying to be rude.  It's just talking about a company being sold is very dicey and could get me in trouble, so I'm trying to be as vague as possible and simply give generalities.  My company is very secretive on top of everything else, so I know little facts, except looking at its quarterly earning statements and the payroll issue I mentioned and the fact it seems several large MT companies have been bought up in recent months.  I didn't mean to offend you.

Hospitals cutting their costs - where do

Don't kid yourself voices are not being heard. 

Cutting short vacay a day b/c we are so far behind.
Got the call from the bosslady.

My last night of freedom. Crud.

I am grateful to be busy, but also tired.
Are they cutting your line rate or not?
Then that's a pay cut. When a company tells you we're going to pay you less per line, so you just have to produce more lines to make up for it - that's a pay cut. It doesn't matter if they promise you rainbows and fluffy bunnies to 'help' you make more lines, you're still being paid less per line & have to try to crank out even more lines to survive.
Here are some corner-cutting things
Cut dryer sheets in half. Still works just as well. Also, don't use dryer sheets for anything but clothing and maybe a towel or two.

Use stale bread to make french toast instead of throwing it away.

Drink homemade iced tea or lemonade instead of soda. Better for your teeth, anyway.

Turn off the pilot light to your heater (if gas is what you use) during all but the coldest months. Put clear insulating film over windows in the winter to keep out drafts, use the heat less.

If you qualify (and I think most of us DO!), get on the low-income rate for gas and electricity.

Coupons are gettting harder to find these days, but if you find coupons for something you were already going to buy anyway, use them! (However, buying something you really didn't need, just because you have a coupon for it, doesn't save you money).

If you have tollbooths on turnpikes or bridges in your area, plan your trips so that you have to go through them as little as possible. Combine as much of your errands as possible. If they have electronic toll passes (ie, 'FasTrak') where you live, check into it. Some tollbooths give a discount for cars using FasTrak transponders.

Learn to sew, by hand and/or by machine. You don't have to MAKE clothes (unless you like to), but if you can sew, you can repair rips, (or make them better with colorful knee patches, etc), or you can buy something used at Goodwill, and then customize it by sewing on flower patches, embroidery, sequins or beads.

If you're a sweets-addict, like I am, kill 2 birds with 1 stone: Save calories and money - don't buy packaged cookies, or ready-made cakes. Buy the mix instead, & store it out of sight. I find that when I do that, I not only tend to not munch on them all day, but will even grab some carrot-sticks instead, if they're handier to eat. The mix is still there, for those times when you just can't stand it anymore, and you HAVE to have some goodies! But if you have to MAKE them, instead of just reaching into a package, you'll eat them less often.
Mostly bad going by old posts here. They might still be using a DOS program and cutting and pasting
I bet MGMT gets big bonuses for cutting costs.
I'd bet the ranch that more erosions are planned and they will keep on as long as they can find newbies frantic enough to have any job. Any MT worth a grain of salt, can find a better paying position in a heartbeat.
LOL. I imagine someone with sharp scissors cutting pennies.
Plus cutting MTs pay and rearranging bonus plan with 1-1/2 weeks notice (nm)
you will be hired eventually, then wait at least 3 months if lucky to be put to work. When and if run out of work they will immediately give you a secondary account because they have so many and that might happen within another 3 months....so, if you need a job and $$ income....might want something more dependable. Unbelievable, and not a disgundled person, just stating the facts. They always hire it seems. Just getting to work is not for one really looking for a job right away.

Thank you.  Radiology only sounds like what I need.  Your time and info is appreciated.



Need information on X-Press. I found some archived comments about them, but would like something more recent. Anyone work there? Used to work there?  Hate it? Love it? Pay, etc. Thanks for your help.


Always weigh the information you receive from MTStars.  If you hear bad reviews, make sure they can back it up, as well as the good ones.  Best of luck!
??? X-PRESS???

Anyone working for this company?  I checked out their website but wanted to hear from present or past employees. Anybody? If you have info good or bad would appreciate it. TIA. 

Thank you all!!! You saved me a lot of time and effort. THANKS!!

MQ pays per report.  How does x-press per line rate compare with MQ per report rate?

Worked a while with X-Press. Some say the testing is tough. That is because main account is tough, which is why they pay more, too. So many dictators (all students) you cannot macro or shortcut much of anything, hence a slow account and not exactly a money maker.

As for Mr. David, with every volume slam came 2- to 3-page emails of screaming and fuming over the account falling behind and how 'bad' and 'inconsiderate' we were professionally; threats of overhiring with 'girls who will work and appreciate it,'...yawn. Stange is right, the next morning - a long apology with praise. The man cannot handle stress and he's working in transcription! You learned to blow the behavior off because it was abusive and, well, hurtful. Added up to both he and the account not worth the effort it took to get through the day.

My experience, a pressure cooker.
How big is X-Press? No one seems to know. nm
Just heard through the grapevine that X-press? is hiring radiology MTs.  Does anyone have a link or contact for them?  Is anyone hiring for rad MTs now?  Thanks. 
I worked for them for 12 years - be very careful!!
x-press trans

Can anyone tell me of any experience they have had with this co?? Thx

X-press - be careful
Pay well, but many problems. Be careful with them.
I work for X-press

I have worked for them for a little over two years now.  They only hire the best of the best.  The downside is no benefits whatsoever.  I work part-time.  I made just shy of $30,000 in 2005.  They have a good reputation as far as their workers go.  I thought the test was easy.  I was contacted shortly after I sent my test back in and was hired on the spot.

I work for them, they get a lot of bad press
here, not too sure why. I have been there about 2 years, pay on time, no micromanaging, no problems that I have had.
X-Press: The good, the bad and the ugly?
Any recent info appreciated.
Current information on X-press?
Does anyone have any current information on X-press Transcription?  I am currently seeking new employment typing Radiology and would appreciate any and all information available. 
associated press story - not my opinion
no debate on facts
It's not the kind of press ya want, honey!
Hope you have a happy holiday after this!

Where did you read that press release?
I would like to read it too. 
We just had a press release emailed to us. nm
X-Press pays the best, but hard to get into nm
There was a press release and phone conference. nm
X-Press or Keystrokes? Both offer radiology sm

but one is by the line (XP) and the other is by the report (KS).  Both do a lot of radiology.  Current and past employees of both can you answer these questions:

1.  Do you have enough work?

2.  Do you like the platform?

3.  Do you earn a decent living?

4.  What do you specifically like and/or dislike about each?

I am really torn here and need some honest, specific feedback, not the common they're great or stay away.  SOS!!