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Yep, that was actually true. Can you imagine?

Posted By: Fellow MT on 2008-08-04
In Reply to: At one point, they said MQ was training convicts to transcribe ... no worries here .. lol nm - ltmt

That plan got quashed somehow, and was the same time the MQ suits got caught calling us all typing monkeys... If we could do it, convicts could do it.  After the typing monkey hoopla, Plan Convict MTs went out the window. 

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I agree! I just can't imagine a company speaking such negativity! I just can't imagine that.
Surely this is not a manager or anyone big time important at SS.  I just thought maybe it is a mad MT or something.  I have never seen such postings from a manager.  I was just curious.  I think it is very unprofessional if this is management.
Can't imagine
why you would say that.  It is my understanding the person you are defaming very seldom works directly with the MTs and when he does it is in a techncial role of helping them get set up and assisting with technical matters; that assistance has always been timely, helpful and professional, according to my personal experience.
You can't imagine....
Out of 40-50 resumes, I might find one qualified applicant.   I recently hired one person who had been with a well-known national (the BIG one) for over 10 years, yet every word of her work had to be edited.  The mistakes were so gross we had to let her go.  There is one study at home school churning out graduates who are not qualified to do anything!  I get constant requests for easy accounts.  I've had people sign up for full time who only put out 80-100 lines per day and say they are getting used to the account.    A big problem is even getting applicants who can follow the instructions in the ads.  We are very specific about what to send and how, yet get emails saying I'm interested in the job, tell me about it.    Out of 7 I have hired the past month, only two remain.  It really makes one wonder about all the postings of people being treated bad or not being paid enough.  I get constant resumes from nurses who decide they want to transcribe and who curse me within an inch of my life because I won't hire them with a score of 60 on the test.   It makes me cringe to think of the reports getting through to the facilities and the patient behind the name who could be harmed due to the extremely poor work these people put out with their prior company.
I can't imagine how you can
say that QA is inconsistent.  They have a style guide that makes inconsistency impossible.   It's all in there. 
Yes, you can only imagine YOUR
point of view...

I think I made a valid point: Corrections made by QA in a team effort spirit - instead of playing GOTCHA (and don't question us or ask for clarification)are not objectionable to most MTs.
Just imagine...
ESLs dictating and Indian transcriptionists...can only imagine what the medical records will look line in a few years!
OMG! Can you imagine?!? (nm)

If they pay that for IC, imagine how low
Can't imagine working
anywhere else. Super people. Super tech support. Super platform. A lot of ESL, but some EFL (English First Language)docs can be worse than ESLs.
can you imagine good pay and
Can't imagine how they would be but it would be interesting to know!

I left in time....got all my money.  Some were not as quick to figure it out.

I would imagine all the larger ones do, whether
Yes, can you imagine messing up here?
The poster reminds me of myself 20 years ago - which just goes to say people do change :0

(now where did I put that prozac?)
Spheris does not. I would imagine, most don't.
hmmm just like they said would be done IMAGINE THAT !
Also, I bet your bank deposit is there tomorrow, AGAIN LIKE THEY SAID, AGAIN IMAGINE THAT. I only have one question for whoever you are that is too chicken to post your name, what is wrong with you? Have you ever worked anywhere else that you got paid in less than 7 days after close of pay period, then why did you leave. Most places I have ever worked, you would type 1st through the 15th and then get paid on the 1st of the next month for that work, so honey seven days is wonderful to me. Sure, I have had a few issues here, no place is perfect, but I can tell you when I let them know I was upset about whatever it was, never about not getting paid, they went out of way to make me happy and fix it, so again to you UNKNOWN MT, what is wrong with you. Please email me and see if I can help you. sheryl.cantrell@gmail.com I am just an MT for Cardioscribes but know how to talk to them and very happy.
Can you just imagine how much LESS they would pay if they had to pay overhead too? nm
I would imagine it means ...
mind their own business ... just a guess
Imagine how productive...

you would be if you weren't spending your time here reading posts from all of the complainers.

I second that! Imagine if she were peppy
what this poster could come up with!!
Can you imagine having 700 MTs trying to TALK at once? sm
that's why it is set up for typing your questions.
Most disgusting? I can't imagine anything worse!
You really need to get a life if that's the "most disgusting" thing in your reality. Or else your time spent on this planet has been incredibly blessed. You don't have anything more important to worry about? Unbelievable.
I imagine they'd offer an incentive if everyone sm
was working her schedule and working extra hard in the first place. With excessive absences, it seems that not everyone is pulling her share. An incentive would entice the ones out of the woodwork who have been taking time off and who would get extra money for work they should have kept up with in the first place. (Bad sentence, but I'm in a hurry to get back to work--no time to edit.) I can work a half-hour extra each day, no problem. 30 minutes of time is not asking too much. At least this confirms no outsourcing, eh? WE are getting the work.

Relax, roll up your sleeves, grab some chocolate, and be loyal to this good company.

I can't imagine a piece of work like you
your company is doomed.
Can't even imagine this. I feel awful for you.
That is so wrong on many, many levels.  What in the world are they thinking?  I feel your pain and frustration and hope you find just the right account. 
As that company uses their platform would imagine
they had just built a working relationship and so brought her/him on.  SoftMed has undergone enormous changes since last fall - lots of layoffs - sorry you are having so many probs!
I can't imagine anyone paying for that, it's elective. sm
Insurance doesn't exist to cover huge expenses such as this. IVF is completely elective, completely unnecessary (in the sense of necessary to save life or limb or prolong life). Also the fact that it's a crapshoot makes it not a good bet for the company. Why would they pay out 10s of thousands of dollars when there's no guarantee it's going to work?
I don't do the California account but I can only imagine.................
Just imagine VR slaughtering ESLs and you have a recipe NOT to make money. You'd be spending all your time trying to put sentences together that make no sense. To each his own. I just wouldn't be doing that job.
Can you imagine the 100s of applicants
I could not even imagine working in HR for TT right now! I would not apply there now, it would be impossible to try to stand out among all the applicants. Its crazy!!!!!
Really? Imagine a critical situation where some of
Temp 98.7.Pulse 90.Blood pressure 120/80.Platelets 150,000, WBC 4.3, RBC 5.5.AST 20, ALT 22.Sodium 136, potassium 3.8, chloride 100, bicarb 25. Albumin 4.0, alk phos 89, BUN 18, calcium 9.2, CO2 25, creatinine 1.6, direct bili 0.1, gamma-GT 45, glucose 120, LDH 106, phosphorus 2.6, total bili 1, total protein 7.1, uric acid 7.6.Total cholesterol 180, HDL 56, LDL 95.

Transcription isn't all about passing an English test. A lot of rules which we follow are for ease of reading, again, in a critical situation.

And one of the major reasons for the push to convert to EMR/EHR is because of instant availability of a person's medical record in...you guessed it, a critical situation.

So it has become circular reasoning, i.e.

EMR/EHR can save a life because they're instantly available

EMR/EHR doesn't put spaces after periods

spaces after periods don't matter

a rushed and stress physician can't read the medical record because

EMR/EHR doesn't put spaces after periods

spaces after periods don't matter

patient dies.

Imagine a job with plenty of work
Still chasing that fantasy!  You have your fantasy, I have mine!
I imagine they are totally overwhelmed with applications right now.
I would give them a little bit of time to get back with you. I just can't phanthom the amount of applications they've probably received from those wanting to maintain a SE status. That's where I'm headed & actually looking forward to it. I wish you the best & hope you hear from them !!
I imagine they're busy job hunting.
I received my phone call yesterday.  I still think it stinks that they waited until 2 weeks before things ended to call and tell me they lost the account but they have no idea why they lost it - BS They know exactly what happened.  Yes, a 2-week notice is better than nothing but they've known for a while now.  I guess I just expected better from this company overall.  They were really great to work for until greed took over and India stepped in.  As they say, what goes around comes around. 
I imagine nothing to worry about unless you're a criminal!
LOL. I imagine someone with sharp scissors cutting pennies.
I would imagine they will just start sending usage payments
I cannot imagine what purpose you intend to serve by this post?
No wonder companies want to go overseas. I wouldn't hire the lot of you anyway with these ridiculous attitudes, slamming, and incessant back-biting.

It is apparent that US MTs are just not worth the trouble. The overseas MTs will do this work WITHOUT COMPLAINT.
Give me one too! Imagine the nerve of them expecting you to work your shift.
Well just imagine being even happier when you contact the company to follow up, and guess what? sm
You actually get the job because you show an avid interest in a job with the company.  On the other hand, you could be just happy to know that you passed the test. 
Glad that's true for you for 8 years. Not true for many. I love the company, but I do run out of
as do many others. Wish I were as fortunate as you.
Not necessarily true. That is not a true test of skill.
Do you know how many people get others to take tests for them? It happens and it happens more often than you might think. The only skill that shows anyway is that you can do it.

We are actually more than a transcriptionist. We are specialists in our field and we are supposed to know some things regarding anatomy and physiology as a working base. That's how we can judge if a physician dictates something in accurately and many do because they can't pronounce or just are not thinking. That's why our skills of basic knowledge come into play and that means basic knowledge of body parts. If our job was just to sit there and type without thinking about what we are transcribing, then all patients are in trouble and this is just based on what I see as a QA person.

It's more than just knowing how to transcribe and some of the companies have discovered how to know what your basic knowledge is based on what you have picked up with your experience by utilizing your references etc. Hopefully that utilization of your references has taught you something that does stick in your head.

Beliefs like yours are just so far off base. You have to know what you are doing. It's not just about being able to listen and type. Base knowledge is a very important thing and the services have to find a way to know that knowledge base that is there in your head.

This may be true... and that is philisophically true, but
and pay bills while being screwed? This is what I think the OP is scared of... I certainly agree and honestly think it is unfair to put people in this precarious position... on one hand be grateful you still have your job, or a job, and on the other, immediately there will possibly be a cut in pay, for which you may have to give up your home, or medicine or reduce your budget for food. I don't know if I am the only one, but I think the OP still has a good head on her shoulders and that may be the problem...at least for employers out there who are switching to VR.. and their employees
It is True
When really negative things are posted the company can request that they be removed from this site and it will be done for them. Take it from someone formerly on the inside. :-) I know.
Not True!
If you are working for CorT then you were invited to the meeting that we had today at 1:00 EST. They told us everything upfront and were completely honest. Focus chose not to have anyone representing them on the call. CorT is not being properly paid for the work that we have done and they are paying us themselves. I'm tired of hearing everyone badmouth this company, especially those that do not or have never worked for them. They are absolutely wonderful. They give every newbie a chance to earn while learning and our newbies are doing spectacular work...I know because I QA for CorT. If you choose to leave the company that is your decision, but they are going above and beyond the call of duty for those of us that work for them and the management is awesome. I plan to stay with them because they have been totally upfront and honest with us. Unlike some companies that I have worked for who never let us know anything until it was too late.
that's not true...sm

I post positive about MQ all the time, but I'm not a recruiter, or even management. I'm just a lowly MT like the rest of ya! So, nope, your theory is wrong!

That's not always true

Some people won't be able to edit as fast as they type.  The CEO said that himself in a conference call when he said that high producers in typing WILL NOT be able to produce as much in editing as those who don't do as well in typing.  If a person is typing 350-400 lines per hour now they're taking a pay cut. In all the con calls they've had I haven't heard of anyone being able to produce 600 lines per hour in full editing.  If you're mediocre in typing you should be able to increase your overall line production per pay period, but even then unless you're able to increase your overal production by 40%, you're taking a pay cut.

You are so right - everything you said is true!
Communication is nonexistent! They do not respond to questions nor listen to what you tell them. Many cons with this company. I'd say stay away!
That's very true.

If you don't normally type a high volume per hour, you will definitely increase your production in editing.  If you type 400 lines or more per hour, there is no way that you can edit 750 or 800 lines per hour, yet you will still receive the decreased rate for editing.  For some people who have been on the accounts for years all they had to do was pull in their self-made templates with the jumps programmed in and fill in the information.  With editing, some reports need to be corrected almost entirely or at the very least have full paragraphs that need to be corrected or moved.  The people making 2800 lines per day on editing are only doing minimum editing, which makes for an extremely sloppy report.  Ask some on the Forum about their QA scores in editing.  In a recent conference call people got low QA scores even though they followed all the instructions given to them about not changing certain things in the report that they had been correcting before.  They were told they were over-editing.  So when they stopped doing that their production went up, but then they got low QA scores.  Something has to change.  That means that either QA is going to change and allow sloppiness in the reports or people are going to have to start editing more closely to make sure that these errors are corrected.  That means closer inspection and more editing time. 

What is she saying that is not true?
Not true if they are an SE.
Not true......
I calculated my line count for a week, use normals all the time and got paid for everything.
It is true?
When is the takeover supposed to take place? Are the hospitals currently at Heartland staying with Spheris?