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Yep, yep

Posted By: RanAwayFast on 2009-04-16
In Reply to: Is it fair to use ESLs on testing - Fingers

Know precisely what you mean. A few months back I was invited to test for a company (I'm sure it was the same company you're speaking of but I honestly cannot recall their name). The very first file not only had rather bad audio, distant and a bit staticky, but about 3 minutes into it, I abandoned it and decided NOT to test. VERY heavy ESL dictator and, as you said, not just an accent but barely intelligible.

I figured this way of giving a heads-up as to what to expect on the account for which they were hiring. I exited out of the testing, politely declined the offer to test, and never looked back.

I don't mind ESL but that audio was a nightmare (and probably very reflective of what one can expect day in and day out).

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