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because you have never "accepted" sm

Posted By: Oh for crying out loud! on 2009-04-16
In Reply to: I beg to differ - Accept?uh-uh

it has it changed anything? NO! There are and always will be horrid dictators! Physicians come from every walk of life, every country and dialect. It IS part of our job and always has been. It isn't for you to CONSET to, it is what it is. ESLs have not been foisted upon us as you say, they have come to this country to be physicians. Yes I wish they should clean up their act and loose the accent and dictate perfectly but IT AINT GONNA HAPPEN!!

You are right, deal with or get out. You can say you haven't accepted it but acceptance doesn't mean you agree with it, it means you know what the profession consists of and you decide to stay in it anyway. Therefore you have accepted it or you can get out of it. Since most of the profession is paid on production lots of folks have decided to get out. That is fine. For those who still love it but don't want to work on production, they can go to an office or a hospital (if you can find one) and work by the hour plus incentive. Its your choice. BUT IT IS PART OF THE PROFESSION! That is the reality

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