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Is it fair to use ESLs on testing

Posted By: Fingers on 2009-04-16
In Reply to:

And I do not mean those with accents, or even those with broken English.  I mean those who are not even speaking the English language!  I doubt anyone could understand them in their own language, especially if they do not even complete a sentence.  I do not think this practice is a fair assessment of one's abilities.  I failed this test completely and then scored perfectly with 3 other companies.  Some of these companies need to wise up.  You are letting good people slip through your fingers with this practice.

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Thanks. Yes I heard from others many ESLs and many very difficult ESLs. nm
Not fair!
I have been working with them for 7 years now and have NEVER been offered a shift differential! I too, often work in the evenings. I find it a tad unfair how they offer such good incentives for one office and not the other. I have been extremely happy for all this time until I started reading these posts where the truth comes out! I now realize how I have been neglected as a transcriber for them.

To be fair.....sm
....I was on an account with this company. And it was the hospital itself that was trying to cut their own costs, and jimmied the lines counts to a way where the MT and the MT company got less. Taking spaces out of the header, cutting some spaces out of the doc's signature line, etc. I know, because I was told right away, and I know the email went out to others on the account. So in that particular instance (last year), Focus did inform the MTs, and it was all the customer, trying to cut their own costs, not Focus.

Just my 2 cents on that account at that time.
Yes its more fair
but not many companies pay by the minute (that I know of). If the rate is fair, then its a fair method - but then that goes for all the computations... by the character, line, report, etc.

How do you even know? Maybe it's all bad. I think they are very fair. I get both
Yes, it is fair.
They are being charged fair rates for their economic environment, just as we are.

Do you think every tax payer in the US should pay the exact same tax? Probably not, eh?! Think of it: If everyone in the US had to just pay $5000 in taxes every year, we will have a huge number of people unable to do so while the wealthy get off paying just $5K from their hundreds of millions. It is rated against their income.

Same thing with India. India's economic environment is no where near the wealth of the United States. So, to be fair the AAMT has rated their testing rates compatible with their economy.

It is fair.

Now, if you just don't like other countries doing work for the US, that's a little different topic.

Then again, considering that we sure as heck want to do business in their countries, maybe it really takes on a little different perspective.

It is fair ......sm
So, do you think the MT with 25 years experience and excellent work ethic who is reliable should make the same cpl as the MT with 2 years experience with the same work ethic. I think not. We should be paid for experience.

I can tell you that it really ticks me off when I hear of the MT with 2 years experience making cpl for clinic work and do all acute care with the 25 years experience. That really pisses me off.

I have learned to become quite the negotiator when it comes to line rates and pay.
Fair Enough...
You make a good point, since you're up against those very obtacles. I always find myself tending to try to sway to the side of the MT.

Maybe the OP will check back in at some point and offer more info to clarify things.

Have a great day!!!
Fair enough...
You can come back to this board in 1 year.  I will be here.  I have been posting here for years.  I have also been an MT for many years.  I do not need a union contract.  I make a great living without one.  As for working for the Q, I did many, many years ago.  I used them to get my foot in the MT door.  Once I had enough experience to find something better suited for me, I gave my notice and moved on.  It was really quite easy, actually.
That happens to me too. But not fair !!
They see I can cover all areas, (made a point to learn all areas) but it is just as difficult for me on some of the crappy dictators and just cuz was pretty much able, does not mean you made much hour-wise, while others with less experience prob. get about same pay and get it easier. Really does get to me. It is all about what is fair to another human, don't dump the junk.
It's fair to keep a good line rate if your production and work is excellent. Sometimes, pay is based on how long you're in the field and how good you are at what you do. The great line rates at D's place just show that she has paid her people based on their skills. That's hard to argue with. Just my 2 cents.
No. Must mean that they are a fair and reasonable
company to work for. If not, I would have left a long time ago.
9 cpl at Medware for 150 lph seems fair
If the base is 8.5 and you can make .5 incentive for doing 150 lph, that seems fair to me.  9 cpl nowadays is a good line rate for employee status with benefits.  Plus you say the insurance is affordable.  That's probably why they are a good company and get good reviews, seems obvious to me.  The offshore thing is about par for the course today, any company who does not offshore will soon find themselves behind the eight ball trying to compete.  Balance is the key and taking care of your employees with a decent line rate helps.
Transolutions is Very Fair
I have found Transolutions to be very fair as well.  While I'm having trouble meeting my line counts, to this point they have been very fair in allowing me ample time to get up to speed.  Also, I was a bit leary about using a DOS-based system, but so far I am very happy with that too.  No complaints here.
It says everyone so that it is fair! If they just e-mailed you and not everyone, then you would be
well, that would be nice and fair IF we had
anyone can post anything

I though the tests were very fair sm
and although not simple, they weren't extremely hard and certainly much better than some I have taken. The actual verbal, I thought, was the easiest. By the way, definitions ARE a MAJOR part of transcription ability. Sounds like you are sore at the company for not getting the position.
But is it really fair to punish most of your MTs because of
Sounds fair to me, and here's my take on it. sm

Seven diffefent worktypes?  If it's acute care, then you should be well versed in this many anyway.  H&Ps, discharges, consults, ops for sure.  After that, there are many different types of reports an acute care MT should easily handle - EEGs, EKGs, wound treatment (hyperbaric oxygentreatments etc.), psych, nerve condutions, clinic notes - you name it - the list goes on.  I see nothing abusive about 7 different worktypes.

As far as 4 different accounts - there are shades of gray here.  If the account specifics are pretty much the same across the board, then there is no room to complain.  If however, there are a million nuances to remember from doctor to doctor and account to account, then yes - that will slow you down and those *are* difficult working conditions.

On the flip side, it sounds as if the company is at least providing you with enough work to make your line count.

MTs are fickle.  Not enough work, they complain.  Too much work, they complain. Not enough worktypes, they complain. Too many worktypes, they complain. 

I'm in administration at our company.  There is no pleasing everybody, but we try our best.  There are some MTs that *love* the variety of work - they are thankful they're not typing the same reports/same docs all day long.  Then another MT may feel just the exact opposite - and wish she could do nothing *but* clinic notes, or ops day in and day out.  What's good for the goose isn't always good for the gander.

It's not an exact science.  The company has to try to balance enough work for the MTs without overhiring, yet still meet their contracted TAT. 

Is this a fair wage?
I'm a new graduate and I got an offer for 0.75 cpl.  Any input would be appreciated.
Thanks! I think I tend to be fair
and what this and other MTSOs are not realizing is that much if not all critism here is not meant as an UNfair attack. It's a vent board for one thing. :)

What galls me are the MTSOs who won't discuss the problems *before* you quit, much less take responsibility for true problems, but then want to protest when they see negatives posted...

There's an old saying about a shoe and what to do if it fits...


Just not fair to their MT's -- TAT understandable, BUT
The goodness of TT lasted for 1 year.  Now it is low to no work on a daily basis for the past month or more on an almost consistent basis.  They have definitely overhired for the accounts they have acquired.  Covering their behind, not the MT's at the present time.
Maybe someone who knows a fair amount about
I agree with you and that is why I said it was not fair.
With 20 years of experience, working for same company from day one and no raise until 10 years later and find out a 3 year experienced MT gets paid more than you?  Not fair.
By the line is always the most fair...sm
To many variables, and if there is any cherry pickin going on, you are just out of luck... my experience if you are being paid this way, normally is because it is to their beneift, not the MT's benefit.
I will be checking on this. No fair
I currently work QA there and am paid by the line. If they are bringing on new people at an hourly rate, then we all need to be switched to hourly.
DITTO -- IT ISN'T FAIR. ... nm

THIS is why it's not fair to cut VR rates for MTs
in half. VR is ripoff that doesn't work even close to how it's supposed to.
That's not very nice or very fair (sm)
Why'd you feel it necessary to get that jab in? He/she answered a question. He didn't ask for the poster to email him to give him more details, now, did he? And if he were aiming at a referral bonus, he'd probably need a better name for the company than Webhead.

Really sick of the personal attacks here. There's a post from the mods saying to knock it off. Why don't you? With all of the crud in the economy and the stress we're all under, we really need to be a bit more decent to our fellow humans who are in this mess with us. That extends to a bulletin board.

And no, I'm not Webhead and don't know him/her. I am no rah-rah about Webmedx, either. Just sick of the snarky replies like that one you just gave. It's unnecessary, and you don't know what this person has going on in their life that you just added some more grief to it. Please think.
Fair warning
I am confused. You say this is the not the first time they have done this and won't be the last and say money is owed but you also say you do not work there anymore. How can you know all of this if you are no longer working for them? Did you recently quit? Not trying to stir the pot here, just trying to understand. And why don't you handle your issues with them directly rather than posting it on a public board? How is creating this post supposed to help you? And what does the fact that the owners once worked for MQ have to do with anything? It's a red herring, a non-issue. A lot of people, myself included, once worked for MQ. So what? LM has always been on time with my pay, always, and have always been honest in their dealings with me. I think that the owners are decent people who treat their employees well. It is important to remember that great harm can be done to others with our words. If it were me and I had a legitimate gripe about not being paid, I would handle it through legal channels that have power to resolve the issue rather than resorting to a public bulletin board that does not. Just sayin', that's all......It's too easy to come on a board and flail away at someone. It just doesn't seem like the professional way to handle what should be an internal issue between you and a company.
What's "not fair" about PTO?
There is nothing that mandates how much or how little PTO you are given. Fair sounds like an entitlement mentality. (I am an IC/SE and have no PTO but so what? I think that is perfectly fair. I knew the terms of my employmentment when I signed the contract.) Too much what's in it for me, not enough what can I do for the company. Just saying, that's all.
If you didn't think it was fair....
you should not have taken a job with Keystrokes.  You knew before you signed on the dotted line.  It is fair because you knew the policy before you came and you accepted it.  It is not fair that you complain about something that you knew about beforehand.  
Very thorough and fair critique....
...I used to work there and had to sign a waiver that I would not badmouth the company on MT boards (which I believe is still the procedure for the UST employees). However, I do believe that it is the same for any company - the experience is not the same for any two employees, and if this sounds like your cup of tea, so to speak, go ahead and apply! (I had some excellent time there, although I and many MTs there had a different impression of the senior owner .... and I will say that much ;( ).
Doesn't seem fair to me s/m
I have read a lot of the negativity posted regarding Transcend on this board since the end of March when I was told that my company was merging with Transcend, and I have to say that I have not experienced any of what I have seen posted.

I work full time, and I work 3rd shift. I also work both weekend days. And I have never run out of work except for maybe one day or so a week and there are plenty of chances to get the lines made up.

I work the same accounts I did before the merger, but also voluntarily took on a couple of Transcend accounts because I had a desire to learn the platform they were on and a desire to learn the VR systems, since that is most definitely experience I view as needed, since that is the direction the industry is moving in, whether I like it or not.

I know for a fact that the accounts I am trained on have more than enough work.

I have never been told no when I have asked for additional accounts, and am an average to high producer based on my lph.

I have always been able to get an answer to a question when I had one, and have many channels available for contacting people if an issue arises. I have also had a conversation with the prez about my concerns regarding my own merger, and within a short time from the conference call.

I don't know about the offshoring policies, but I do know that I have not had a loss of work as a result. The bottom line is that that is just a fact of life in this field, and it is not likely to change any time soon. As long as they think that that is the direction to go in, that is what we will have to deal with. But if we are too busy B****ing and moaning, we aren't going to change it any time soon.

I am not crazy about work going overseas while many of us struggle to earn a living, but there is nothing I can do to change things. Should I refuse to work for a company who has an otherwise good reputation just because of what others say? I don't think that is reasonable at all.

So maybe you will label me as a company hack, too, and I don't really care. I am just like the rest of you, busting my butt in the trenches trying to support my family, and working a full and a part time job to do it, but it can be done. I do these things by my own choice.

I could survive on the one income, and not have to worry about finances, but I like having a little extra to be able to do things with and for my children.

I think maybe the reason I have never had to worry about running out of work is because I have made certain that my supervisors know that I will do whatever they put in front of me without complaining, and don't mind taking on multiple accounts to be able to meet my financial and career goals. Call me a suckup if you want, but I do what I feel I need to.

For those of you who have any questions at all, or want a different point of view on this company, please feel free to contact my privately by clicking the reply by email link. I am always available.

I hope that maybe I have put a different light on things. Say what you will, but if you don't have personal working knowledge of how a company works, I don't think it is fair to discourage others from what could end up being a really good fit for them.
Virtual job fair

I received an e-mail from Advance announcing their virtual job fairs.  I have no idea if they are for on-site jobs, primarily jobs other than MT, or what, but I thought some here might be interested.  Here is the link:  http://health-care-job-fairs.advanceweb.com/Attendee/default.aspx

i don't understand how VBC is fair

i just have to post this for opinions before I really think I'm going nuts. A report that is transcribed that is 5 pages long (yes, I know, a beauty) MS Word says it's 217 lines.

At 9.5 cents a line (what I used to make and we really went by MS Word count) I would have been paid $20.61.

At new job with VBC at 8 cents it's 138 lines and I will be paid $11.04. 

After QA at a bit higher rate $12.42.

Now, that is a far cry from roughly 30%.

I ask this, as my kids would say, Really?

Thanks for the info. Very fair/balanced. SM

I also appreciate the info on the offshoring, I had no reason to go to the website, so I wasn't aware they were doing it.  I guess if they are going to offshore, having the client direct whether it happens or not is the most up-front way to do it.


Fair share? If there is an hourly cut-off it is
because the company does not want to pay overtime.
"Fair share" has nothing to do with it.

I don't think any company has a LIMIT on the amount of production you are allowed, whether hours or not come into play. They have minimums.

There is nothing wrong with those who have the energy, time, means, fortitude to do more to be allowed to. MTs who want to do this, however, have to find situations where hours are not applicable...and there are many of such situations.

A single mother can work for private accounts just as well as nationals. Your analogy is poorly constructed. Goodness, it doesn't even apply to the issue the original poster was questioning.
I wish you luck too. Not fair, but I think you're trying!!!
A fair share of ESL dictators.sm
Platform easy to learn, I think it is a good place to work.
Well that certainly is fair..much better than current situation at
MQ..Thanks to you and NB!
No fair answering this way. What are your reasons?
It's fair if you want to live off of bottom pay.
Then it is fair. You can make good money by the line but you have to work 24 hours to do it.

No thanks. I have not been in the business 30 years for nothing.
There is no fair QA line rate. Get out
of the biz. Let the people who don't know what they are doing take the line rates and make the companies go out of business. That's what they deserve.
They pay what I would consider a very fair line rate

but have no idea what their report rate was before.

Except that US MTs don't get PAID a fair rate -nm
If you is threatening you and refusing to pay you..IT IS FAIR!!!
Unless you are in that situation, you wouldnt know, but you do know that you work hard for your money and to have threats rather than a paycheck, is RIDICULOUS!! So do not say we are being UNfair when he is bringing it on himself and when you have this experience, you will understand more.
Thanks. That sounds very fair and reasonable. (nm)
Sounds like a fair shake to me! sm
I will be sending you an email. Thanks for your response.
It's totally convenient and fair...
cesspool to one is a primary to another. If you only worked your primary, you wound not be taking primary from another. You should be thanking me....unless you and I share the same primary; then you could be upset cuz I am cleaning house on that one.

If my PS has a problem, she will let me know. I don't look to you to tell me what is fair or not fair.

I am flex and do not get benefits or OT. I work my schedule when the work is there.
Fair pay ... you'll wish you were back to 7 cpl.


  The company you refer to shows its true colors once you get settled in.  They hire ICs at a fairly decent wage 8.5-9.5 but by the time you get through with tons and tons and tons! of UNPAID demographics. with fairly difficult acct. specs on its own...you'll wish you were back to 7 cpl anywhere else.  What's unfair is that this CHARITY   work is equated into their 98-99% quality requirement''... Not paid for training.  While on QA, they only let me do 5 jobs a day....easier, they say, on the QA/editors.  I told them 5 jobs a day wouldn't feed my kids or pay my mortgage.

E-mail me if you wish for LOWDOWN on this company