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Yes, my husband is self-employed so we have individual plans but...

Posted By: Okay.. asking for some suggestions.. on 2006-05-06
In Reply to: have you tried - stephanie

the preminums keep going up and up. I realize they also do when you work for a company, but since they get a group rate, the hit isnt as hard as when you are self-employed. Once you have a medical condition and your self-employed, the rates are horrible. I am going to check into some of our plans here locally just to see. My husband and kids are on their own individiual plans and they do have a copay but all we could afford was the cheapest plan which does not cover a lot and like I said every year we get hit with higher preminums just to end up with less coverage. It is very discouraging.

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ooops. I mean that individual plans suck..not stick as I stated in previous post...NM

It's a rumor. They have growth plans, not selling plans. nm
I think they want to be bigger than Spheris, not bought by Spheris, and if they continue to grow in the next few years as in the last few years, I think they can.
How many MT's are employed there?
Just out of curiosity, wonder how big they are.  Don't want to get with one of the biggies!  Is there a great turnover with MT's?
currently employed
i currently work for above-mentioned company and have no problems with my paychecks.  all i will say is don't believe everything you read.  it's easy to post things on a website to hurt the reputation of others.  it's called slander!  people get disgruntled for one reason or another, and instead of taking it up with the person they should deal with, they figure it's easier to try to attack and hurt others by attacking them publically.  grow up.  this isn't third grade.
I am employed by DR--
Some people are actually employees and some are hired by DR to work for hospitals.  I'm happy with them.  I wish my line rate were higher, but I have a relatively easy account with constant work.  I'd rather have that than a high line rate with a terrible account and no work.
Employed by them several years...
I think they are great to work for. Office personal is great to work with, very helpful. Pay is there when they say it will be, never a problem there. I have worked several years for them and my pay has NEVER been 6 to 8 cents. I enjoy my work. Very, very few ESL's on my account.
Yes, still gainfully employed... sm
... and business as usual, just a different company name on the paychecks. Thank you for asking! Life is good! :-)
self-employed getting a raise
But with MT it's a little bit of a sticky wicket. We are self employed, BUT if we are working as an IC for a company we are really at their mercy, and I'm sure, as some above posters mentioned, the companies we work for are getting raises from their clients, so one would think that $$ would naturally be passed on down. Of course, we can ask for a raise, but they can say no, and then what? If we are happy with the company we are with do we just suck it up and hope for a raise tomorrow/next year? In my opinion, if we've got the experience under our belt, turn in consistently quality work, and our company is constantly praising us, seems to me they should do the offering of a raise. But unfortunately that just is not happening.
Employed since 2003
I like working with them. We have just recently merged with MD-IT so I don't know a whole lot about the new company but MTSource was great. Whether MD-IT will influence and make changes is something that I don't know. So far - so good. You can use Instant Text but only the latest version.
I do BUT I am employed by a hospital...SM

making an hourly wage plus incentive.  However, I own my home and do not have a house payment (an insurance settlement allowed me to pay off my house) or a car payment (I do not drive a fancy car).  I also live in the midwest where the cost of living is lower than on the coasts.  I have two kids.  My monthly expenses are utilities, groceries, and stuff the kids need.  We do okay.  I'm not one of those people that lives above their means.  I have a 50+ year old home that we are fixing up when we have extra money.  I drive a 2000 Chevy Cavalier that is paid off and has a couple of dents from some fender benders, but looks decent.

My husband is disabled and hasn't worked since he was discharged from active duty in 2005.  We are in the process for filing a disability claim for him, but it's such a process.  So he brings in no income whatsoever.  He he is my house-husband.  He does the housework, the laundry, runs the kids to school and picks them up, and even occasionally cooks dinner.  He also is a great auto mechanic and keeps my car running for me.

I just wanted to give you my background because one of my biggest pet peeves is people who post on here how they make $60,000 a year as an MT and neglect to give the little details like they are chained to the computer 12 hours a day, 7 days a week.

I'll be honest, at 8 cpl, there is no way my family could live on that unless I slept at my computer and had a commode as my desk chair!  I'm lucky that I have the job I have and we've managed to cut costs where we can. 

My sister is an RN and has been for 20 years and she makes really good money.  Between her and husband's salaries, they pull in at least $100,000 a year and they are in debt up to their eyeballs.  They have trouble making their house payment every month.  They have a truck and a car payment that are constantly late.  Creditors are calling them nonstop for credit card bills they can't pay.  All because they felt they needed to live in the fanciest house and drive the newest, fanciest cars, and spend, spend, spend.

I don't live in a big fancy house or drive a fancy car, but I'm pretty content and I don't have the financial stress to deal with most of the time.  My kids want for nothing and I am occasionally able spoil them.

sound like you are employed with
tt-that's their style
not that I know of; employed there awhile.
You are employed by the wrong company
Not recently employed there but here is my input
I worked for them about 4 or 5 years ago.  Thought the pay was low but it was my first MT job so to me it was good.   Pay was always on time and accurate.  They do not pay for errors.  Did not like their schedule and I wanted a more flexible schedule.  Like I said this is from 4 or 5 years ago.  Things may have changed.  Overall, a nice person to work for. 
If you're self-employed and don't pay quarterly,
Would you be talking about CS? I am newly employed by them and they have
the same thing. The techs interrupt me nearly every day to get into my computer and change the templates too. This has happened every single day up to today. Today is the first day I have not gotten an instant message asking to me allowed into my computer to change the stupid templates. I don't know how much longer I am going to stay. I am having a terrible time getting any kind of decent line count.
Sounds like being self-employed, no time to die.
Time off for the self-employed is the same except they'll find another service and replace you if you miss one day. No hearts.
It's the FL Hospital account, not employed by
Anyone self-employed doesn't get a raise unless they give
With that attitude, I'm surprised you're employed!
Paranoid much? Maybe you need some anger management,,,,
they have different plans
I wonder what she plans on doing next?

Is MB still there?

They have several different plans to
choose from. I have one of the Aetna ones. My only surprise is that it didn't cover all my labs and I got a bill for about $50 for labs. I called to ask, and they said it appeared there was a deductible. I didn't see that in any of the pamphets. It could be just the plan I chose. Other than that it's been fine.
They have several plans.
I think they are quite affordable. There is quite a lot of reading to do though with all the different plans. Ideally you have a friend who knows about benefit stuff and can help you. My head was spinning, and usually I find it quite easy to wade through that stuff).

(I don't have to cover dependents either, so nobody ask me about that please).
Don't know about OSI but TT has about 9 or 10 plans
he's not looking for individual MTs
He's looking for a group that collectively can handle 5000/day.
I had awful credit for a long time and always got employed.nm
I have the individual coverage
and it's about $17 per week.  United Healthcare, good plan.  250 deductable.  I wish I could help you more but I know my regular doctor is on the plan so I am quite happy with the coverage.  Hope that helps.
It's not so much the school, it's the individual.
I know who you are too, and what goes around comes around!
Which companies do not do VR and have no plans of doing VR? nm
What a pathetic individual

I know what you're alluding to, even though you are too much of a coward to say it outright.  If you can't say anything nice, or heaven forbid be supportive of this individual, then just keep it to yourself.


I, too, work for OSi and have for a few years.  It's bad enough that you come on here and trash the company, now you're making personal attacks?!  Go crawl back into your hole! 

Do you know if they have plans to eventually sm
start up SR on the DocQScribe accounts?
Oh yes they can! It depends on the individual sm
QA person, of course. There certainly are some with very strange ideas on the interpretation of transcribed work (they don't take time to read the entire report to get the proper context) and some with vendettas. There are rotten apples everywhere.
No, not worried, just never heard of benefits for self employed people. That would make them
employees so I dont think you can give those benefits to SE or IC unless the law has been changed.
OP - I was assuming you meant to STAY employed and get unemployment for the weeks...
She does not make her lines. Not quit or be fired and unemployment. That is self-explanatory.

To OP - My post was for partial employment or underemployment; i.e., keeping your job but filing for benefits.

Sorry if I was confusing! LOL
How can you know for a fact how much another individual is capable of doing? sm

I have tried to ignore your constant negativity, and I do feel sorry for you because you must have an unhappy life to want to always rain on everyone else, but enough is enough.

I average 300-350 lines an hour, at 11 cpl that equals over $33/hour.   I have been an MT for over 30 years now, and have been blessed with a natural ability for speed and spelling, and, although there are new things to learn every day, I do not have to spend the majority of my work day looking up things. 

I am not trying to be adversarial, and it makes no difference to me what you believe.  I cannot believe I even got sucked this far into defending myself against some stranger.   I wish you well, and hope you have a job that you enjoy as much as I do mine.


Merry Christmas :)

spheris growth plans
Spheris just announced they are gearing up their Indian operation and hope to downsize their domestic force by 50% by summer. They justify this by saying it is necessary to position themselves as a leader in the global market. Layoffs should be starting by the beginning of June.
and you must be 13 and the reason why she changed her plans
I have individual coverage and I pay less than $100 per month. They pay
the rest. I think it's definitely more for family coverage and I am not really sure what those rates are. I would just call and ask them. They're really nice and helpful.
Various high deductible plans when
Back in 12/05, they had 3 high deductible plans, lowest deductible of which was $1500. Believe it was 1st of month after 90 days when it kicked in. Don't know if it's changed since then.
I have BCBS individual policies for myself and
my last home-living son. When all my children were still at home, they had individual policies that they could take with them.

It was cheaper for me to do buy each of us an individual policy and know that I can keep us insured 100% of the time regardless of whether I changed jobs or not.

The plan I chose for ours has a $5000 major medical deductible but we have not ever had to use hospitalization and I can pay out $5000 one way or another. Office visits are covered 100%. That was my main concern as I wanted the routine items covered. I can handle facing the other big ticket items. I also wanted the lowest premium possible. It was a great bargain for us.

My mgr sure does not say that!! Webmdx is not offshore, nor do they have plans, sm
to go offshore- one of their big selling points to MTs is that they are 100% domestic!
Reports for any individual company. nm

Is that individual or family and what is the company?
This is why I prefer group over individual..

The bottom line is that.. When you have group insurance, you have a set rate, along with everyone else, regardless of your health insurance..and when it renews each year, it will only go up based on the group's rate, nothing to do with your personal health history and it is generally better benefits overall. Now, you have a private policy, can only afford one with a huge deductible (major medical)..well, during the year, you had an emergency surgery, heart attack..whatever.. Well, first off you have that preminum which is high, then you have all of that deductible to meet, upwards of $5000..THEN, your shocked at renewal time that they jacked up your preminum about $200 a month..and then your stuck..You can pay that outrageous amount or go without insurance because another private insurance wont touch you will all of your medical claims in the past 10 years. If they do touch you, it won't be cheap. So, your bad to square one.. crappy insurance at a bad price or signing up with a company for okay rates but better insurance.

I thought I was smart not keeping my group insurance through work because it was $400 a month (deductible $1000 etc..) so I went and got myself a family plan through private insurance for ONLY $196 a month.. Yes, then I had a $5000 deductible and come to find out my prescription benefits were only 50% instead of the $10-40 I had been paying. One of my son's prescription cost us $100 a month with that great insurance, and it would have only been $25 on my old group policy. Yes, I was saving a lot of money..NOT. I did check into my private insurance to get a policy similar to my group one.. and imagine that.. they wanted over $1000 a month for decent insurance. So, no thanks. I'll stay with group..It's worth it in the long run.

I thought they were looking for less expensive plans
Webmedx - you can choose between 2 plans - sm
500 vs 1000 deductible.
It doesn't look like she plans on paying...sm
I am not one to recommend on how to get your pay. You may have to go through small claims court. I really don't know. It just sounds to me like she has been paid already and is giving you the run around. I'm sorry you are having to deal with that, and good luck.
Are you looking for individual or family coverage?
A flyer for individual docs:
*If you're like most doctors, you never read dictated medical reports, anyway! Yours, or anyone else's! So why pay through the nose for something you'll never look at?*

*At AchooQuist, we understand the needs of busy docs like you.... men and women who laugh in the face of malpractice suits. That is why we've tailored our MT services to suit your busy, careless, greedy lifestyle.*

*When you joint the AchooQuist team, you'll pay what YOU want. (next-to-nothing). And you'll get exactly what you pay for.*