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You means this are scary?

Posted By: LOL on 2007-06-05
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wow - now THAT is scary.... sm
Something to consider when giving out our private information...
I hope you hear from her soon.
This is scary:(
Anyone way out of line could do the same with any company for that matter. If someone asks a question and wants a truthful answer some flake out there. However, I think if posting as a KS recruiter they should actually be a recruiter. No need to be playing head games with fellow transcriptionists.
I've been posting for months as zzz on the MQ board and I'm not concerned or upset that another zzz is posting. I find it kind of strange, though, that I'm aligned on most of your philosophies. You're a little more aggressive, but I do agree with you on many things including this subject.

The whole cesspool concept is outrageous and I really have no respect for a company who thinks this is good for anyone. I know the idea was to prevent anyone from running out of work (no downtime pay for MQ to worry about too), but...

Anyhow, I do what I have to do for me. They did what they had to do when they took over $300 away from me a month with no warning (daily bonus), so I shall follow my leader.
Now THAT'S s-s-s-sc-sc-scary!
I know, it's so scary when they
screw us over with pay cuts year after year. You're giving me an ulcer worrying with you, LOL. I hope everything works out for you and you're able to make enough money. If not, don't be afraid to move on to a different company. Gotta do what you gotta do to support your family. Crossing my fingers for you!
The scary thing is that quite a few of the

scary people on this board ARE MTSOs.  I've seen more than one nutjob running around screaming and ranting to people.  "Well, I'd never hire you to work for me!"  GOOD!!  I don't want to work for some psycho chick with a bad attitude anyways!!!  The real shrews expect endentured servitude, don't pay squat, and have poor business management skills.  If you're an MTSO and you're taking this post personally, well, I'm probably referring to YOU.

Scary, huh!! I agree:)
Scary thought.....
I was actually hired by them and due to begin training when my current company begged me to stay. I'm only making a little less but the benefits are SO much better!! 10 vacation days the 1st year, 6 paid holidays and sick time earned each pay period. And they were willing to agree to my schedule!! I am so happy now after hearing this!!
So true, it's scary! - nm
IC Status-a bit scary
I am going to be switching to IC status soon and was wondering if anyone who is already working as an IC can tell me what kind of line rate I will need to compensate for all the taxes I will have to pay, especially both sides of the social security tax. I am SE status now but that is probably going to change and employee status is not for me. I know taxes vary from state to state but what percentage of taxes do you average when taking them out of your gross paycheck each pay day. TIA for any information.
Yeah, I found that a little scary - sm
I do think though that a lot of places do that and just don't tell you - small MTSOs, of course.  I don't believe it's the right thing to do though.
LOL, I agree! Some of these people are scary. nm
scary name. Probably hire "typists". nm
Ew - kinda scary! Thanks for the warning everybody. (nm)
The scary part about the new program is (sm)
we will get to see how much time we are actually wasting when we think we are working.  - phone calls, interruptions, etc. Many of us who claim we are working 8 hour days are probably working 6, and I'm probably one of the guilty ones.  I think it will motivate me.
This is scary, I was recently hired :( nm
what is scary is when they threaten to release
confidential information, basically extortion. I guess what I meant in regard to offshoring the work is when they have depleted their staff, what other option will they have?
George says what he means or is it he means what he
but he sure does apologize in a way I've never heard a person whose company is valued at $8m a year apologize before and I've worked for companies who played who is the president of the week game! All I can say is that his personal interview about his high school reunion has a distinctly different style than his late January postings in which he degrenates the poster he tries to engage. Just remember George's quote we are misinformed.
Wow, you are scary. It sounds like a good thing for
TransTech that you moved on. Good riddance.
The scary part of that is you never know what account you will get when you go with a new company.
That is what worries me most right now leaving my job. I know my accounts. Companies are not always honest about what account you go on and if they have long time MTs they probably have the best stuff so you get what they dont want.
Scary! Wonder what info they are trying to get? Or is it just to peeve off some good MTs?

Isn't it scary how quick people are to go for the jugular

? I think saying west coasts accts are all scary sm
is an overreaction. I've seen Florida, Texas and other accounts that were horrendous. 60% ESL estimate is really not bad at all.
goodness that IS scary, patient records sm
but also the allegations also reflect on your services as an MT and that is BIG, not sure how long been there. It would be important to clear your name in writing. Hopefully you kept the folder as records of truth. So this was a private client you were working for?? as opposed to a national MT company huh
My boss waited a year or more a few times. Scary. -nm
VERY astute! For more scary info. on research & development, (sm)
go to Acusis' home page, click on Careers on the upper left-hand side, and then read the description of the Research Scientist job they want to fill. (In INDIA, of course!) Main interest seems to be word-rec, artificial intelligence, etc. And that word evangelize raises the hairs on the back of my neck.
That's kind of scary. Rose was very nice to me, but then I guess sm

everyone is when they are trying to get you to take a job.  The pay seemed decent for being an employee, but if the line counting method cannot be trusted, then I'm not sure that is so great either.  And I'm a bit nervous about not having direct deposit.  I have heard the check is in the mail story before ... ugh.

Thanks to everyone for your input.  It certainly gives me something to think about. 

If you call being ripped off for more than 5 grand harsh & scary?
grow some guts. Unfortunately, this is profession has become a cut throat business, and if harshness is what it takes to get paid, then so be it. We are all just trying to survive here on the piddling pennies with which we are compensated. This MT is an extremely dedicated, hard-working MT whose business has been destroyed by ***********not paying for services rendered. It's unconscionable. It is not meant to be a threat, but rather a forewarning of what it yet to come.
Agree, scary.. and dangerous. Glad I have tons of
This drama NEVER ends! It is SOOOOOO scary, and so boring at the same time!
Now Lee will come on, with an empassioned plea to please call her, and yada, yada, the misunderstandings. This person left, or that person left, or now a new bolt of lightning. It is getting ABSURD to have this regurgitated at least weekly on this board!  Same old, same old. I would NEVER work for Keystrokes, and can't imagine anyone falling for this saga and applying.  Something is VERY wrong in KS land.
This company is scary, already sending out packed to us with terrible errors in it, and we TT MT'
are to have confidence in this company who does our payroll now, takes care of HR matters, etc.  The other HR company had done such a great job for us.  Just a little frightening, especially in regards to paychecks being correct and on time.
What it means to me?
As an employee of Heartland, what my understanding is of what that means to me....I am still an employee, and more than likely the purchasing company will need me just like Heartland needs me now. Waiting for the conference calls to hear more information.
It means
That SoftScript screws everyone who has a brain between their ears.  The "newbies", and no offense intended, run the company because that is all they have because anyone with any experience has LEFT and rightly so.  They take your lines, make you think you are insane, have you work 24-7 to get a decent pay, and god bless if it is on time, which it actually has been x2 since they have been bashed on this board.  THAT IS WHAT ALL THIS MEANS.  The management is the worst, QA the worst, and lies beyond belief.  That is what all this means.  DUH.
It means they need it right now!
What stat. means to you as a Transcriptionist is that the turnaround needs to be fast! It would be identified in your accounts specs or your contract or whatever what the turnaround is.  Maybe it is an hour, maybe 2 hours, maybe 4 hours after it is dictated.  Whatever it is, it means that they need it back quickly. It has priority over anything else.
what does this means?

Im a newbie MT and trying to find a job.  I would like to ask what does this means as for compensation?  Is this good? 

Compensation Information: Subcontract, 9 cents for 65 keystrokes

what does this MEANS....
Yes, I think that is what it means. Not sure why they don't just say so LOL.
It means there is no more. nm
So that means
You can thank the politicians in DC (both parties) for passing NAFTA and giving us the SHAFTA...
What do you think this means?
I'm wondering what this new COO means for us down here typing away in the trenches.  Does anybody know anything about him? 
for now usually means

until we get all our people making half what you do trained, then  . .  . .


SE means
statutory employee. Like an IC (independent contractor) you pay your own taxes, set your own schedule, etc, but as an SE, the employer pays part of the SS taxes. No benefits come with either IC or SE positions, other than freedom.
Thank you all, that means a lot to me
exactly, which means
if you are going to claim yourself 100%, you need to present it also. Talk is so cheap.
OT for some means OOW for others

I normally work 3-11 pm.  I come on and look at my email.  The boss approved OT early this AM because we were out of TAT; by the time I punch in we're within an hour of dictation, BUT SHE LEAVES APPROVED OT UP THERE, and by 8 pm I'm OOW because all the day people got the OT (and are still on there wanting more) and I'm lucky if I get my 8 hours working secondaries putting in a 10 hour day.

How so? If they are IC, and know what that means,
OK, that means no. I'm sure if the SM

money was in your account right now, you'd be posting it all over the boards about how you were right.

My pay was in the bank on the day it was supposed to be-I wish yours had been also.

I'm not sure exactly what this all means
but I'll see what happens if i still decide to send my resume. Thanks for the information.
By all means, when you having nothing
proclaim yourself in charge of mtstars QA, fondle that typing police baton for a moment or two, then launch into full-blown attack mode and WHUP UP. FOP.
I would like to know what it means
Know what IM means, but what do they