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This drama NEVER ends! It is SOOOOOO scary, and so boring at the same time!

Posted By: MTMQ on 2005-08-02
In Reply to: to lost at sea - Keystrokes MT promoted to Lead

Now Lee will come on, with an empassioned plea to please call her, and yada, yada, the misunderstandings. This person left, or that person left, or now a new bolt of lightning. It is getting ABSURD to have this regurgitated at least weekly on this board!  Same old, same old. I would NEVER work for Keystrokes, and can't imagine anyone falling for this saga and applying.  Something is VERY wrong in KS land.

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    No, not boring - flipping burgers is boring!
    Be grateful to be working!
    Jobs...soooooo easy to get
    If you have reasonable experience, you could have 3-4 job offers within a week. I've never seen anything like it than in this industry. If you quit today, you could easily be working by tomorrow.
    I soooooo agree with you! Their tech people are some odd ducks!! They never help me! nm
    I think it has come to the point where the atmosphere at OSi has gotten to the employees and with all the "favoritism" and inadequacy of QA Manager. People are fed up. My advice, get out of OSI, there are companies that appreciate MTs and by the way, why is OSI allowed to post jobs on here when MT STARS is totally against outsoucing offshore? I thought that was not accepted here on this board.
    No need for all that drama.
    if you would simply call it a night, get some rest and stop trying be so condescending with a whole slew of people here who have very legitimate concerns over the implications of subcontractors and their potential to exert MORE negative forces and drive downwads trends in line rate further into the dust.
    Such drama - nt
    Oh my...I would rather work for a man..less DRAMA!!
    I think it really means a no drama SM
    person.  I don't think it applies to vacations at all.  You have no idea how many people apply for jobs, get hired and then suddenly need time off to take care of a personal problem, have constant personal issues, child issues, etc. and keep asking for time off.  I see it a lot in this field.  The person who takes a couple of vacations every year (scheduled) and schedules any other time off in advance is rare these days.
    Company Drama and the board
    It seems to be that a daily drama has to be played out here.  I sure hope things cheer up around here soon. It's getting to be no fun. I am becoming wary that it is not just the MTs causing the drama, but certain places of employment are experiencing growing pains and becoming dramatic.  I am an MT who likes working at home to avoid the drama of the office.  I am an MT who likes a predictable day, a predictable yet challenging job.  For me all this drama is really getting to be a bit much. I don't know about you, but I sure hope that things calm down and a little less anxiety around here.  Have a nice weekend. I am because I am signing off this place and will only lurk to see if the drama queen companies and MTs have calmed down. Have a nice weekend folks.
    Ho-hum, it never ends.
    And exactly what is it about the board policy that you don't understand? There are so many people on here who seem to know everything, but obviously can't read well enough to abide by the no bullying/harassing policy. Is it really such a hard habit to break? Sad.
    It never ends does it?
    QA oversteps their bounds, they interpret things the way they like to interpret them, and they hate being told on.  So, let's just admit that as an MT we try our best to make it all jive, follow client specs, and meanwhile make a living.  All we ask is that QA have an open mind.  Not everyone is exactly alike.  I can say that I have argued QA myself and won.  I will not be bullied by a QA person just because they feel they have an upper hand.  We are all in this together.  To simply state that an MT needs to work on it when the client spec does not tell the MT what to do and then the MT gets a bad grade is just plain ridiculous.  Without the MT, there'd be no QA, so let's get real! 
    Get over yourself - being an MT is boring
    Glad I don't do it anymore. 
    Well one is in DC, name ends with ETC,
    email me if that is the one, I'm testing for this one and will drop plans if this is IT
    I agree -- drama queen of the century (sm)
    Not only that, check with your accountant. She claims the MTs are ICs but subjects them to so many rules/regulations, provides the software (no need as just Word would do fine), etc. My state's department of labor is investigating, and I also filled out that IRS form to get a determination, but my accountant says there's no question she was treating people like employees but not paying the taxes, etc. Too bad -- Stanford was fun work, even if it was only clinic work.
    Job hoppers, undependable, drama queens SM

    I've seen them all.  BTW for the person below, I call a person a job hopper when they have had a number of jobs where they only stayed weeks or perhaps a couple of months and then moved on for whatever reason.  These people can be identified from the interview.  They have a laundry list of demands as far as what they will and won't do in terms of worktypes, they need blocks of time out during the day to do errands, make dinner, they have many appointments with various doctors.

    If you do end up hiring them for one reason or another, they are undependable.  Float on and off the system all day, have family members call to report the employee is in the hospital REGULARLY, they won't work the shift they committed to, the electricity was cut off, the cable line has been cut..you get the idea.  On the days they do manage to make it to work they are calling the office with stupid problems because they have no technical ability (computer) or they have absolutely no problem-solving skills.  When they aren't having problems, they are calling the office to complain about the work they're getting, they can't type ESL doctors (well who took the test to be hired, I wonder?), they've never typed anything but clinic notes, they don't own a BOS.  I feel your pain.  I hope some of these MTs read this and see themselves, but somehow I don't think they will.  Flame away, people, the folks over in India are grateful when they get more work.

    Personally, I couldn't care less about TT or the drama.
    You seem to be assuming the company is in the right in this situation. I have no personal stake in the issue, but IMO I think it's overboard to sue over a message board, and I'm just saying since this ridiculousness has happened and opened our eyes that we can't openly say things around here apparently because we never know when something like this could happen, that maybe we should just use different wording very carefully so we can still share important info. I would hate to see this one company's lawsuit ruin our ability to share info with fellow MTs. Just seeing that APPARENTLY, ahem, this company is suing an MT is helpful information in itself when choosing a company.......
    Ditto! Can you say boring!!
    But, we are getting paid.
    I have a boring last name, and when I was in school I always - sm
    secretly wished a had a long, difficult to spell-and-pronounce last name, just so I could sit there and watch the teachers stumble over trying to pronounce it.
    Not another TT rumble. How boring.
    Sheesh! The BS never ends in this
    business.  I was told for sure that it was all accounts. What a surprise.  Just another line. Doesn't this get tiresome?  Thanks for clarifying.  Guess they saw me coming.
    It can be boring at times...but it's a job...
    it's not necessarily supposed to be fun and exciting...it pays the bills just fine for me
    About that boring part...
    I would bet my next paycheck (and it is a decent sum) that you are the type of person who punishes others when you are bored. Bored with your marriage? Have an affair and make your hubby pay the price. Bored with your kids? Ditch them at the mall and make them pay the price. Bored with your friends? Yawn during conversation and offend them.

    Life is not supposed to be free entertainment. Get over YOUR self.
    Every job gets boring at some point. nm
    Now you're just boring me
    You are closed-minded and refusing to absorb any other opinions other than your own. You and others like you will unfortunately find yourselves out of this profession in the very near future, and it will be of your own choosing.

    I can't speak for other editors here, but if the MT is awake and alert and editing reports, your argument about compromising patient care is just ludicrous. A proficient, skilled MT will not jeopardize patient care any more through editing than he/she would through standard transcription.

    You've made up your mind. I'm not going to attempt to reason with you further.

    You're only hurting yourself by refusing to learn and that's quite frankly your choice.

    Unless your account ends up in
    But nothing personal.  It's a merely a business decision. 
    Wow, some just aren't happy unless there's negativity and drama abounding.

    It's been my experience that it ends on your last day worked. nm
    Free and incredibly boring! (nm)
    Lots of boring discussions!
    What kind of toothpaste do you use? What is the weather like where you are? If you could be any animal, what would you be? What is in your purse? These are just a few examples of the ridiculous discussions that have been held on that board!
    Usually pay period ends on the 15th and last

    day of month.  Then you get paid somewhere around the 22nd for pay period ending on 15th and get paid around the 6th for pay period ending on the last day of the month.  If you work as an IC you may could expect pay one day after submitting an invoice, but if you work for a company it takes time to process payroll and then if DD it has to be submitted and it takes more than 1 day for that. 

    When I worked for KS took me almost a month to get my first check. 

    Name just 1 job that doesn't get boring at some point. nm
    If you file the SS-8, there are consequences on both ends - sm

    You will be asked to refile your taxes for the period in question.  This could help you or hurt you depending on your situation.  Things you were able to deduct fully may not be fully deductable as an employee or rather than a tax credit, they are now tax deductions which can at times help you or hurt you. 

    I had a determination for a five year period and it was a wash.   There were also no penalties on my end.  The company on the other hand, did incur huge penalties and interest.  In the end, the only one who really gained was the IRS.  The company i worked with is now defunct.

    There is no big windfall to the IC so if you hear of anyone who tells you they received a huge chunk of change by filing the SS-8, I'd think long and hard about believing it.  It may be possible, again given their tax situation, but highly doubtful. 

    Listen, you know if you are being treated like an employee or an IC.  You have a choice - continue your working relationship if you are generally happy, or move on and find a better fit.  This has been going on for decades - control by the MTSOs and compliance by the supposed ICs, but I dont see anything changing anytime soon. 

    Be careful before you go tilting at windmills :)

    Are you dense people? You are expendable and someone will be glad to work the weekends. No wonder most of you are in low paying jobs you are afraid to leave, you can't aspire to anything more! Women are crazy. How many male MTs are there who come here and complain on a daily basis?
    That's a horribly offensive term. I wouldn't compare some drama
    12+ hours a day, 30 yrs exp, and can't make ends meet?
    How many lines do you type in that 12+ hours a day? What is your line rate? Get incentives?

    Even if you typed 100 lines an hour, that's 1200 lines a day at 8 cpl that would $96 a day.

    What in the world are you paying for rent?! lol
    Current payperiod ends this Sunday 8/26...sm
    Payday is 9/3 (but believe that is the holiday so not sure how that works). Pay is every other week on Mondays, so the following PP will be paid on 9/17. PPs run Mon-Sun. HTH
    Sounds like my company - starts with T, ends with D.
    No work to be found.
    Isn't it also illegal on both ends to work for FREE?
    There are labor laws in the United States, right? I have been an IC and MT, never an MTSO or subcontractor, but my husband has, and when he subbed out work or had temporary workers, he had to file 1099s for them at the end of year, etc. We can't even employ nannies off the books anymore in the USA, right? Second, on reading the OPs follow-up posts, something is way sharky about the OP. Not an innocent newbie at all, by the tone of things. Now he/she is running radio ads? Working getting paid twice what they should be? Whatever on earth that means, and I'm sure none of us are interested. Just a waste of board space, again. In fact, shouldn't this post be removed, since they basically admit they are ADVERTISING for work?? That doesn't stay on Company board and should be removed. Can someone tattle, please?
    Many times the truth is both boring and painful.
    Time to wake up and admit that to yourself. 
    that place is sooo boring; who posts there?
    jobs there.  I think Spheris also has job ads there... 
    I hope I'm a patient whose care ends up
    being compromised by all this 'robot transcription' cr@p. Then I'll find me a good lawyer, and sue, sue, sue my way to a happy and wealthy retirement.

    I am in a pool... see inside for the boring details :)
    When I started with TRS I was a 36-year clinical-only MT, and the reason I took the job with TRS was, among other things, the fact that they offered to up-train me into acute care. (In fact I applied at Transcend just before I applied at TRS and they said no thanks, don't call us and we won't call you, and they wouldn't even let me TRY the freakin' TEST, so I find it mildly amusing that now they've got me anyway.)

    But I digress. Anyway... at first I was assigned to a somewhat-limited pool on a large hospital account (an account that was brand-new to TRS and in fact I think we stole it from 'the Q') and all I was doing to start with was discharge summaries and letters. Well, once I got used to all the different voices, I started begging for at least some consults and H & Ps because even though I had only done 'clinical' before, I had done literally thousands of excruciatingly-detailed consults and H & Ps for internal medicine, hematology-oncology, orthopedics, and a few others I can't think of right now, over the years.

    Then, apparently because I could actually do the work (plus I got kicked off the usual 1-month mentoring full-QA program after only 10 days, because it was mostly a waste of their time to full-QA me), they started trying me on another account, which I was later told was the VERY HARDEST account TRS had in its inventory, and before long I was in the 'all-work pool.'

    So now the 'hard' account is my primary, the original account (still with only discharge summaries and letters) is my secondary, and I also have a tertiary (which fortunately I don't get hit with very often because it has REALLY CRAPPY sound 'quality', scratchy phone lines or something) on which I seem to be on just consults, progress notes, discharge summaries, and H & Ps.

    I am told that the 'goal' at Transcend is to have everyone working something like 80% on their primary account, with the other 20% on secondary and tertiary, with no more than 3 accounts (except perhaps in extraordinary circumstances), mostly so there would be fewer account instructions to keep track of.

    I can't find out how many physicians practice at the hospital that is my primary account (short of manually counting them) but it is a 350-bed hospital where they do pretty much everything. Just on a rough guess, there might be around 100 dictators I run into. A certain number of RNs and PAs dictate in addition to the doctors.

    They keep me on that 'hardest' account because I am actually pretty good at deciphering most of it. Of course there are a couple of real 'problem children' still, and they usually have as many blanks after QA gets done with them as they did when I gave up on them, so that makes me feel better.

    Not only that... our people are very proactive about actually talking to the clients to try to resolve problems. One of the worst dictators was just recently talked to and she has gotten a whole lot better. I e-mailed the liaison to report that, and asked them to please pass the word along that this doctor's dictation had indeed gotten a lot better and we, the poor saps at the other end of that phone line, really and truly appreciate her efforts....

    Anyway. I had better get back to the work that is actually available this morning....

    Anything else anybody wants to know, just ask, and I'll try to answer as best I can. :)
    Broken promises, messed up pay, endless drama. Good riddance!
    Pay period ends on 15th, checks on the 20th. This
    is pretty standard industry-wide. 
    You certainly are a lucky ducky. Wait until the honeymoon ends.
    Ditto that! Psych is soooo boring. Feel bad for people and their many problems, but not
    wow - now THAT is scary.... sm
    Something to consider when giving out our private information...
    I hope you hear from her soon.
    This is scary:(
    Anyone way out of line could do the same with any company for that matter. If someone asks a question and wants a truthful answer some flake out there. However, I think if posting as a KS recruiter they should actually be a recruiter. No need to be playing head games with fellow transcriptionists.
    I've been posting for months as zzz on the MQ board and I'm not concerned or upset that another zzz is posting. I find it kind of strange, though, that I'm aligned on most of your philosophies. You're a little more aggressive, but I do agree with you on many things including this subject.

    The whole cesspool concept is outrageous and I really have no respect for a company who thinks this is good for anyone. I know the idea was to prevent anyone from running out of work (no downtime pay for MQ to worry about too), but...

    Anyhow, I do what I have to do for me. They did what they had to do when they took over $300 away from me a month with no warning (daily bonus), so I shall follow my leader.
    Now THAT'S s-s-s-sc-sc-scary!
    I know, it's so scary when they
    screw us over with pay cuts year after year. You're giving me an ulcer worrying with you, LOL. I hope everything works out for you and you're able to make enough money. If not, don't be afraid to move on to a different company. Gotta do what you gotta do to support your family. Crossing my fingers for you!