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and if you can be satisfied with being treated like a piece of crap

Posted By: nm on 2005-12-31
In Reply to: No, no, no.... - itsallinthetood


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yes, and the ones i have area piece of crap..sm
i spend MOST of my time  resetting the receiver thingy...same goes for my cordless keyboard....uggg, that is frustrating.  I think I am going back to corded.
if someone puts up with crap for 5 years... they deserve the crap!! good grief... grow a set and get
I'm 99% satisfied...
I wish I were making a little more per line, but I get great line counts, never run out of work and have had the same primary account since February. QA is helpful, IC flexibility is great.
satisfied much
love archivus of NC
I don't know of anyone who is satisfied except
for the few that post on here that they are very happy and make great money, but don't tell anyone where to go to make that kind of money. I think it is a big trade secret. All I know is, I can't find it anymore and pay only continues a downward trend. Btw, what is a medical abstractor??
I used them and am very satisfied.

Very satisfied with Medware.
They have been very open and upfront and totally honest, which was a real switch for me. (was working for a very dishonest company)

My supervisor is way cool and he is very appreciative with tons of personality. I have never had a problem with getting time off, he is easy to get along with and flexible.

My experience is that if the system is down for longer than 1 hour you will be paid down time. I have only experienced one down time and that was last week for only 45 minutes.

I have many years of experience and am very happy with the money I am making with Medware, and never have to worry about not receiving my check every other Friday.

Medware is very big on quality and that was the determining factor for me going with them.

The system is easy and I love my account....lots of op notes.
Are you satisfied at Amphion?

Pros/cons of Amphion currently.


Is anyone completely satisfied with their job?

I don't want to be a job hopper, but what is up with these companies??? 

They offer one thing and then completely turn around and do another (only after being employed for a month or so)---- 

You will be completely satisfied and productive on one account and completely out of nowhere they switch on you, throw you on a new account (when they said they wouldn't because they like to see their MTs productive).

I get my Expanders and macros set up ...and BOOM... new account. 

Then there you are learning new account specifics with a bunch of crappy dictators---It feels as if you are starting all over again with a new company.  

Can you ever be really happy?  I am not asking for specific company names here.  I am just wondering since changing jobs 3 times since leaving MQ THIS YEAR if all of the companies are like this.  Maybe I just jinx myself by getting happy and excited and telling people how great this new company is. lol. 

It is not just the switching of the accounts.. it is the IC companies that start out to be 24 hour TAT and then ask you for a schedule after working for a couple of weeks (even when you are getting your required lines in).  Or the companies that even though they are IC and you did give them a schedule expect you to log on any time of the day to work. AGGGHHHH.

I get that this is the business..and I don't want days filled with glorious dictators and simple work (I know that is not possible).  I would just like to be left in ONE PLACE for once with a primary account that doesn't get switched for no reason and get my work back as agreed upon!  Hey throw all of the horrid ESLs you want at me on the account... just leave me be! lol. Seriously.

I just cannot be productive working like this.

KS is a good company. I am well satisfied. nm


I agree..very, very satisfied with my IC position
I cannot complain at all about my IC position. I cannot say that I run out of work either, QA is great and the flexibility is better than I had ever imagined. :)
I agree with satisfied at Deventure below.
I left another company as an IC for an employee status position and was hired by Deventure. No complaints at all. After not having any response to emails, rude responses when I did hear from someone, constantly running out of work and working holidays and weekends with no pay previously, this company is like a breath of fresh air. Everyone is very helpful, friendly and courteous and lots of work. Direct deposit hits the bank every week - even a day early usually. Was only there 1 month and got a small Christmas bonus check.
I'm not sure anyone is "really happy" with them. Satisfied perhaps.
dinky due
I work there and am very satisfied and would recommend it - nm
Yep, eyetype is quite a piece of

just one piece of advice...sm
typing speed is the least of your skills needed.  Medical language is that in itself...a whole other language! It takes time to learn the terms, medicines, etc. It's not just a field you can jump into! As for which course is the best, I don't know, I went to a local tech school to learn! Good luck!
It's a piece of cake :) sm
They'll even send you instructions on how to program one (good thing, cuz I lost my instructions ages ago & hadn't used mine in a long time...it was sitting in a box in the basement).  It IS connected to your phone line, though.  I have caller ID, so if a call comes in when I'm working I get the call waiting beep & when I get the chance I check my voice mail if needed.  Don't be nervous at all about using one...personally, I like my C-phone
Piece of cake - sm
With the machine off, hit *99. Chose a button NOT already programmed, and enter 7040 then your complete telephone number followed by enter. That's it.
perhaps they both could have a piece of this board like MQ. nm
Piece work
Lots of professions are paid by *production* meaning you get paid for what you produce and turn in.

The problem is MTs accepting LESS THAN what they are worth, not the way with which we are paid.
What a sorry piece of work you are and

Some people are afraid of change so are satisfied

If you say you do better, they'll deny it.  Ssssshh, don't burst their bubble. They get grumpy when you do.

SATISFIED MTs, Please post initials or name of your company here

If you are happy with your job, please post company name or initials here.

The others arent satisfied, they just dont realize
Platform is a piece of cake. sm

The platform is easy to navigate/use.  Workload is good.  You're given a primary and probably eventually a secondary.  If you don't have work for some odd reason, ASK!  The supervisors are more than willing to help you out. 

Good luck!   I know many happy employees there. 

I can't imagine a piece of work like you
your company is doomed.
Tested this week. Piece of cake. As someone else
said just take a deep breath.   I am a good transcriptionist, but testing terrifies me, but I passed with flying colors and it wasn't near as hard as I feared it to be.   I've had some very difficult ones before.   I don't know if they have different tests for different types of work - acute care versus clinic, but it was still very easy.  
That is like asking how long is a piece of string. No text

You still looked didn't you. 

Would you please be so generous as to send your company gift to me since you are perfectly satisfied

with our job paying us for NO holidays, use PTO earned for sick, holiday pay, and everything else that may come at us in life!  You better believe those inhouse clerks, etc./sups, leads, execs and on and on get their GIFT and a hefty one at that.  Why are we at-home supposed to be satisfied with nothing, but a low-paying job, low work most of the time, requests from company to flex and flex for THEM, but no flexing when the MT needs off.

Yes, I am thankful for a job, and that is exactly what it is . . . . a job (almost).  That is if you consider NO paid HOLIDAYS like all other types of companies give.  Yes, these are hard times, but these hard times are hitting the MT harder and harder each and every year!  It does not affect the office support staff, etc., etc., etc.  They are paid for holidays and whether there is work for the MT or not.  We are piecemeal workers only (similar to sweat shop workers).  Yes, I am thankful that I have a paycheck coming home, BUT I have to WORK VERY HARD for every penny that comes home to me in the form of a paycheck -- without any paid breaks or holidays.  The office staff are the lucky ones -- everything paid for them!

I work on Winscribe for Spheris. Its a piece of cake. sm
It shouldn't take no more than 5 minutes to learn.
You are a piece of work. Real pro. Any company would be proud
to have you.
OhBrother sounds like a real piece of work,huh?
Oy vey...........
So problem is with the MT, not the company? You are a real piece of work.
Hmmm..everyone got different tests huh..Mine were over 5 minutes a piece. I didn't do them. I thi
someone is trying to get free work.
nothing but repetative phrases, piece of cake. just be easy lines.
and tons of just use my normal templates.

Ever think of that?
TransTech gets work from Dictaphone/Nuance; not the piece of equipment, but the co.

TT uses Dictaphone's WordClient and ExSpeech platforms. 

Dictaphone (the company) contracts with MTSO's to use their equipment and they (Dictaphone/Nuance) *divide* out the work each MTSO gets.  That is one of the reasons for OUR VERY LOW WORKLOAD anymore !!!!  We would be better off if we worked for a company who is not Dictaphone/Nuance-dependent for work. 

The very few accounts Transtech has -- mostly  overflow accounts -- are Dictaphone/Nuance accounts.  We TransTech MT's wait for Dictaphone/Nuance to throw a few jobs our way, which is NOT happening.  All of TransTech MT's are making LESS than ever day-by-day, paycheck-by-paycheck.  Heads up ! ! ! ! ! ! !

I'm still not over the way they treated me
I am excellent and highly experienced and I was given voice recordings that were re recorded and impossible to hear, I was yelled at. I'd rather scrub toilets than work for them. They were like the sweatshops of olden days, but mostly I resent the way I was treated and not appreciated at all... a no blanks account. It's been quite a while and I still cringe to think of them.
Treated like IC
No, I'm treated like an IC now, work whatever hours I want. I've enjoyed working for Focus, I like my primary account a lot - not too many ESLs. I just don't want to be forced to be employee status.
Sorry you were treated that way
I have been with the company quite awhile, and while they are generally nice, they do tend to push a bit and can be short on empathy. They do pay on time and have decent benefits, but the TR platform is designed to make more money for the company (I'm certain), as that silly drop down menu for headers slows you down. The supervisors are generally nice, but all business. Very Sorry about your father.
YES! Exactly! If we want to be treated like mature
Have a little integrity.
I am surprised you were treated this way after only ONE day of being ill.
HA! Totally! That is exactly how she treated me!
ICs treated like employees

I absolutely agree.  I've turned down several IC jobs this year simply because the contract made it sound too much like an employee situation.  One company even referred to themselves as the employer and me as the IC. 

I also don't like being treated like rented equipment when an employee.  I can't believe my own high level of gullibility in being drawn into situations that never turn out as good as the prospective employer made them sound. 

There is one company that I work for as an IC.  They said that they want 20 hours per week, but I've never received any complaints when I've only worked 10 hours.  Also, they do send out SOS emails, but I only read their emails (separate email address just for them) when I'm actually working.  I've repeatedly thanked them for keeping me informed of the status of the account on my days off.

Unfortunately, I have no real solutions to offer.  But, as a relative newbie to this career, I am still shocked at the way that MTs have allowed companies and/or dictators to abuse them with bad dictations, for one thing.  The way it goes is that we stress and strain and send to QA, ask for samples, etc, when IMHO the report should go back to the sender to be fixed, period.  Also, IMHO, every report should be proofread for accuracy before any signatures are placed on it.  Whether proofread or not, the dictator should assume full responsibility for the accuracy of the report; electronic signatures are not good.  My opinion. 


And MTs don't stay if they don't like how they are treated.
An IC can only be treated as an employee if she
Treated best during the recruitment
I would say, 95% of the time, whenever I've interviewed and accepted a new job, looking back, I would not that the best treatment I ever received from anyone in that company was during the recruitment process.  It was the same with my two late husbands.  During the dating and engagement period, they treated me the best that I was ever treated.  After I made the commitment to them, they didn't try as hard to be so nice.  So, if the recruitment process is anything but tolerable, I can generally expect that the rest of my experience with that company will be worse.  I'm sure there are exceptions, but this scenario has been true for me most frequently.
The above post is the most inconsiderate, cold-hearted, not to mention ignorant piece of work I'
Do you even have a clue as to how much one cycle of IVF costs? Try 15K to 20K and it takes on average three cycles to achieve conception...if at all. How many people do you know wait until they have $20,000.00 saved before starting a family? Get real.

Not that it's any of your business, having a child was not a mental issue for me. I initially didn't feel that it would be necessary to share the details of what led up to our infertility because I didn't see the relevance. Infertility is what it is. However, if sharing the details will prevent you or anyone else from drawing conclusions and posting abrasive half-truths, then here goes:

My husband, against my wishes, had a vasectomy when our only daughter was 3. Coming from a big family, I always wanted at least two children. Long story short: We went to Texas for the first reversal and Arizona for the 2nd (5 years ago). We spent our entire savings, which was close to 20k and both surgeries failed. My daughter prayed for a baby brother or sister every night. I had this tremendous burden of guilt because our infertility was self-inflicted. I knew she would never be a big sister or even an aunt because of our selfishness.

Infertility in and of itself is traumatic enough, but when it's self-inflicted, the guilt can be overwhelming. At least it was for me.

There, now you have the facts. However, if you find it more entertaining to post over-the-top fabrications about my complete lack of control and severe mental issues, as you called it, knock yourself out.

I have been pretty honest about my personal life and would appreciate it if you could just answer 2 simple questions.

(1) Dou have any children?

(2) In your opinion, do you feel that insurance companies should cover the cost of elective abortions?

You can just answer yes or no. I'm not posting anymore on this thread so you won't get any arguments from me.
Search...there are much better companies, as far as how you will be treated...nm
I have been treated with the utmost courtesy
and consideration since I started. I have had some trouble hitting my line count, and I have not been harrassed or threatened once. I'm getting my lines now, and I'm glad that everyone hung in there with me. I'm part-time, and don't miss the nights or weekends at all. No place works for everyone, but Amphion is definitely worth considering. I've never had an equipment problem, they pay on time, and they leave you alone during the day to work. So far, so good.
Not exactly. Agree with post below. If you like being treated like...