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Are you satisfied at Amphion?

Posted By: sm on 2006-03-09
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Pros/cons of Amphion currently.


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I'm 99% satisfied...
I wish I were making a little more per line, but I get great line counts, never run out of work and have had the same primary account since February. QA is helpful, IC flexibility is great.
satisfied much
love archivus of NC
I don't know of anyone who is satisfied except
for the few that post on here that they are very happy and make great money, but don't tell anyone where to go to make that kind of money. I think it is a big trade secret. All I know is, I can't find it anymore and pay only continues a downward trend. Btw, what is a medical abstractor??
I used them and am very satisfied.

Very satisfied with Medware.
They have been very open and upfront and totally honest, which was a real switch for me. (was working for a very dishonest company)

My supervisor is way cool and he is very appreciative with tons of personality. I have never had a problem with getting time off, he is easy to get along with and flexible.

My experience is that if the system is down for longer than 1 hour you will be paid down time. I have only experienced one down time and that was last week for only 45 minutes.

I have many years of experience and am very happy with the money I am making with Medware, and never have to worry about not receiving my check every other Friday.

Medware is very big on quality and that was the determining factor for me going with them.

The system is easy and I love my account....lots of op notes.
Is anyone completely satisfied with their job?

I don't want to be a job hopper, but what is up with these companies??? 

They offer one thing and then completely turn around and do another (only after being employed for a month or so)---- 

You will be completely satisfied and productive on one account and completely out of nowhere they switch on you, throw you on a new account (when they said they wouldn't because they like to see their MTs productive).

I get my Expanders and macros set up ...and BOOM... new account. 

Then there you are learning new account specifics with a bunch of crappy dictators---It feels as if you are starting all over again with a new company.  

Can you ever be really happy?  I am not asking for specific company names here.  I am just wondering since changing jobs 3 times since leaving MQ THIS YEAR if all of the companies are like this.  Maybe I just jinx myself by getting happy and excited and telling people how great this new company is. lol. 

It is not just the switching of the accounts.. it is the IC companies that start out to be 24 hour TAT and then ask you for a schedule after working for a couple of weeks (even when you are getting your required lines in).  Or the companies that even though they are IC and you did give them a schedule expect you to log on any time of the day to work. AGGGHHHH.

I get that this is the business..and I don't want days filled with glorious dictators and simple work (I know that is not possible).  I would just like to be left in ONE PLACE for once with a primary account that doesn't get switched for no reason and get my work back as agreed upon!  Hey throw all of the horrid ESLs you want at me on the account... just leave me be! lol. Seriously.

I just cannot be productive working like this.

KS is a good company. I am well satisfied. nm


I agree..very, very satisfied with my IC position
I cannot complain at all about my IC position. I cannot say that I run out of work either, QA is great and the flexibility is better than I had ever imagined. :)
I agree with satisfied at Deventure below.
I left another company as an IC for an employee status position and was hired by Deventure. No complaints at all. After not having any response to emails, rude responses when I did hear from someone, constantly running out of work and working holidays and weekends with no pay previously, this company is like a breath of fresh air. Everyone is very helpful, friendly and courteous and lots of work. Direct deposit hits the bank every week - even a day early usually. Was only there 1 month and got a small Christmas bonus check.
I'm not sure anyone is "really happy" with them. Satisfied perhaps.
dinky due
I work there and am very satisfied and would recommend it - nm
Some people are afraid of change so are satisfied

If you say you do better, they'll deny it.  Ssssshh, don't burst their bubble. They get grumpy when you do.

SATISFIED MTs, Please post initials or name of your company here

If you are happy with your job, please post company name or initials here.

and if you can be satisfied with being treated like a piece of crap
The others arent satisfied, they just dont realize
Would you please be so generous as to send your company gift to me since you are perfectly satisfied

with our job paying us for NO holidays, use PTO earned for sick, holiday pay, and everything else that may come at us in life!  You better believe those inhouse clerks, etc./sups, leads, execs and on and on get their GIFT and a hefty one at that.  Why are we at-home supposed to be satisfied with nothing, but a low-paying job, low work most of the time, requests from company to flex and flex for THEM, but no flexing when the MT needs off.

Yes, I am thankful for a job, and that is exactly what it is . . . . a job (almost).  That is if you consider NO paid HOLIDAYS like all other types of companies give.  Yes, these are hard times, but these hard times are hitting the MT harder and harder each and every year!  It does not affect the office support staff, etc., etc., etc.  They are paid for holidays and whether there is work for the MT or not.  We are piecemeal workers only (similar to sweat shop workers).  Yes, I am thankful that I have a paycheck coming home, BUT I have to WORK VERY HARD for every penny that comes home to me in the form of a paycheck -- without any paid breaks or holidays.  The office staff are the lucky ones -- everything paid for them!

Current Amphion employee...I'm very happy. The part of Amphion I work with has no faxes, lists,s
minor demographic work..superb QA and feedback.  Fellow MTs on same account are more than willing to help and now they also have mentor program.  My pay is what they said.  They do have different pay for different levels. 

Do you know if Amphion is hiring for radiology now?  I tried to find their website but was unsuccessful.  Anyone know their toll-free number? 

Do you know how they pay for radiology -- by the character, line, or report?  Range of pay? 

Amphion does

Amphion uses this for their platform!

?? about Amphion please
Their website says they check references which could hurt you at your present job.  How do they handle that?  Also do they pay more if you do work nights and weekends?  Thank you.
Amphion pay
8.5 cents but good luck getting there, you need 4 quarters of 100% QA. 
and how do you get hired?
No, they only hire as employee status. Good company though. Lots of work.
I work for Amphion now.. GREAT company... Their pay scale differs on what level you are but where I am is 0.78 line to 0.81 line depending upon quality. That is for multispeciality. Acute care I believe is more...
They use ESP word Expander for Microsoft Word and they do count spaces. I work there and think they are absolutely wonderful people to work for... No doubt..
Amphion pay?
Would anyone who works for Amphion mind sharing what their average pay per hour works out to? Considering them, but also worried the money might not be there.
Amphion seems like a good company, but I wonder if the money is there. Their pay structure seems vague.
Ditto! Nice staff, but questioning if it will be possible to ever make a living working for this company.
No Radiology Accounts
Try Amphion. I start with them tomorrow and so far I have been treated like a queen!!!!!
I actually just tested for them today. I haven't heard anything back though. How long did it take them to conctact you after you completed the test?

Aren't they great! I work for them also.

At Amphion PT you could do 800 per day. nm
Amphion is great!
Anyone heard of this company?  Hoped I spelled it correctly.  I'm wanting to find out a little about them before testing.  Thanks.
If you have high speed internet go for it. I know some quality people who work there and I think they are reputable.
Amphion is
They are needing a lot of help for bigger accounts coming on live.  Training people everyday.  If you know what's out there, come on for a place to work that's great.  They were a small company, sold out, then bought themselves back again.  Wow! 
Does anyone know what  Amphion's guidelines are for part time status, i.e. do you have to work a certain number of hours or produce so many lines?  TIA  
Is anyone from Amphion having
We are supposed to do 1200 lines a day and it's very hard to do with this company.  Does anyone else have trouble and can they give hints to help me and another friend pick up production?

Can anyone tell me anything about Amphion (good, bad or indifferent)?  Do they have health benefits?  How is the platform?  How flexible are they?  Do they have an incentive/bonus structure? 

Thanks for opinions.

I do a Tuesday through Saturday schedule with Amphion because I like to have Sunday and Monday off.

Can someone tell me how Amphion distributes work?  Do you have to pick up one job at a time, or do they dump work to your computer?  TIA.

Amphion again
Just wondering some specifics as to why you are having a bad experience.
Very nice people but the account they seem to continually be hiring for is a nightmare as far as extra clerical stuff the MT is required to take care which you do not get paid for. Generally these are issues with entering demographics, along with carbon copies. I could easily spend 10 minutes on that and not even typed one line. With very easy dictators I went from an average of 200+ lines an hour to 75-100 max, and I am very familiar with ExText so it was definitely not a learning curve for the platform. They also gave me the impression I should be thrilled they were paying me $10/hr during the training period. That seemed like a red flag that maybe a lot of their MTs didn't make much money. I also did not think to ask in advance but only like 3 or 4? of their MTs actually make the top of the scale that they quote. It is based on quality and I wasn't worried about it until I heard how few MTs actually get that top salary, so that is another thing to check out before accepting a position. My feeling is if you don't have a lot of experience it is probably a good company to get your feet wet at, but not the place for an experienced MT.
Thanks for all the info. Really useful. I have just posted a separate question on another company, OSI, above. Any thoughts?