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documed line counting

Posted By: nn on 2005-11-16
In Reply to:

Is there anyone out there who works for Documed? Do you know how they count lines? I would appreciate any information anyone has. Thanks very much.

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Line counting
Just wondering, was this company TransTech. I have recently left them. The management is great, but as far as i was concerned the work was awful, every account they put me on, and I had to really struggle to get my lines in. I asked them to unblock the control I function so that I could see my lines and they won't do it. They more or less said that they count the lines the way they want and we have to use the website to find the correct lines. THIS IS BS!

Just wondering. You don't have to respond if you don't want to, but just curious.
line counting
I work for TT and we had a problem with the ichart which counts our lines but I would just wait a couple of hours or until the next morning to get my count and then mark it.  It was always available in time for the end of the pay period.  Transtech is a great company to work for and yes management is great.  They also let us know whenever there were issues with the system and we knew that we would need to wait.  I've been there long enough now to kind of get a feel for the number of lines I have for what I've typed.  I'm typing on the TransNet platform now.  I was on PowerScribe when I started but like this system much better.  So far, there's been no real problem with availability of work.  Can't complain!   Thumbs 

line counting
It really depends on the length of report.  It usally takesme about 70 reports.  You get a better line count of you get some lengthy normals and that helps.  My account doesn't have a lot long reports.  We have nuc med and occasionally there are normals and you get a decent count then. 
TT Line Counting

You know, sometimes I find these posts comical and sometimes they just really tick me off.  Maybe because I have been doing this nearly a half century, I don't need a line counter to tell me if I'm being paid accurately.  I don't go wasting my time looking to see how many lines I've typed during the day or running my work through another line count program.  I KNOW approximately how many lines I have typed at any given time...I just KNOW and I am seldom off more than a few lines just with my head count.  There is no way I'm going to waste my valuable time worrying if I'm being cheated out of a line here or a line there.  Checking line counts takes time..........so does posting on these MT forums.

Let me say that if my in head count was off, I would know it and I would not work for a company where I  had to constantly worry if I was being cheated.  Maybe there is something to the old saying, it takes a thief to catch a thief. 

As for line counts varying, mine is varying at the moment also.  My primary account often runs out of work and I know exactly WHY it runs out of work although no one has actually told me.  Okay, I have a backup account (or several) and I can either jump on those and make the line count I want or I can sit around whining about not getting my primary account, which by now is a piece of cake for me.  The backup accounts have 50,000 physicians on their list, maybe not quite that many actually, but bunches.  It takes awhile to get familiar with all of them as it does to build my normals and expanders. 

Sometimes I have to laugh when I read these petty comments.  I think to myself, if they would get off this forum and actually WORK, they probably wouldn't have so much whining to do.

As I've said before, those who have nothing better to do than bash TT should just move along and leave the rest of us in our blissful ignorance.  I'm chuckling to myself right now because there are posts on this forum at this moment about 2 companies for whom I have worked.  I don't feel it necessary to post derogatory comments but sometimes I do hope that some of the people who love to beat up on Transtech actually go to work for them and learn what it's like to work for a bad (at least in my opinion) company.  Some people deserve it.

Now I'm off my soap box and going to type where I will actually make some money....yes, for TransTech.  They treat me fairly.  If they didn't, well, I was looking for a job when I found this one.



OSI line counting

OSI question?

Have recently talked to an MT who just started at OSi within the past 3 months.  Line counting does not seem to jive with Word.  A great difference.  Word counting lists 100 lines, OSI counting of the same report lists 40 lines.  They claim they do not count spaces, which I find rather surprising, because the last time I checked, a space is a keystroke.

Any input?  Thanks.

Line counting changes
In my method of calculation, used to be 11% subtracted for headers/footers (and whatever else). Now it comes out to 15%!!!! Gosh, I forgot, the headers and footers have steadily gotten larger - BS. Oh yes, we the transcriptionists must tithe to work on this particular software, if you know what I mean.
I question their line counting

If their version of Word is provided by Dictaphone, who also provides the line counting website, why aren't the two compatible?  We had some discrepancy between the two and instead of fixing it we got locked out of the lines typed this session feature of MS Word (which was helpful and is not available on the website.  Rather than fix it they disable it.  They're a little heavy handed.  Love it or leave it.   

line counting programs
I know abacus is free to download, but I have found that it is inconsistent with its counting abilities in my own experiences. I believe this site, MTStars has a line counting program available too, but I do not know if it is free. I don't know anything about wtd. lines. best of luck.
line counting program

Does anybody know of a free line counting program I could download?  Also, is anybody familiar with wtd. lines vs. lines in a line counting program?  I assume wtd. means weighted, and what does it mean?  Thanks.



Line counting messes
I have a positive post but I am not revealing the company - yet... Don't want to jump out there and say what a great company this is like I had done in the past only to find out I was so dead wrong. I am working on the Dictaphone Extext platform. The session statistics ARE enabled within the program. I was told right up front that headers and footers were not counted ---so this is not a good excuse for any company to disable this feature. I find my line counts so far to be fair and accurate and what I would expect. I am glad to finally find a company that is on the up and up and does not give me the run around or the just trust me answer when it comes to verifying line counts. I have been pleasantly surprised. Just hope it continues and I will be happy to post their name here, just don't want to do it too prematurely.
line counting programs

If the line count in a particular platform, for example ExText, is compared to MS Word count where the total word count is divided by 65, shouldn't the count be about the same? 



line counting programs
In this case, the count in ExText is way below that of MS Word for the same reports. I don't have another line counting program to go by but wouldn't you think from this that something isn't quite right? 
Line Counting Change
I know where you're at and agree with you 100%. Have noticed the same thing myself, only this was not the first time. This has been happening over a period of time in stages. It first became apparent to me awhile ago.
Line counting methods do vary
from account to account on this platform so ask lots of questions and try and talk with MTs actually working for a company using it before jumping in. I worked for a company that had session statistics disabled and I was very disappointed with the way lines were counted. I couldn't make it. The company I am currently employed with has this enabled and my counts are great. It may have nothing to do with the ability to view the stats but may have all to do with the way lines are counted.
Let us know when the line counting issue is resolved...sm
as in being able to view line counts live as you type, and then I would like to apply to the company.  Seriously, I think it sounds like a great place to work, but no one should ever work for a company where you cannot view your production in live time.  But, if they get that all straightened around, I will be sending in my resume.  Keep us updated.  TIA
Line counting program. I'm sure there are previous
posts regarding this issue, however, I really don't have the time right now to do a search for them.  I was wondering what the best line counting program is, where I can get it from, etc.  I have Windows XP and use Microsoft Word 2003 if that helps any at all.  I would very much appreciate anyone's input on this subject.  TYIA.
Apparently getting a new line counting program
We were told we were getting a new line counting program some time back - but as of yet I have not seen it. Anyone at TT using this program yet?
Line counting system TransTech

Has anyone noticed changes in line counting.  I work in EXText.  As I recall, it used to be if I typed/edited 1600 lines (as counted by EXText), it would then show up as approximately 1400 lines in Ichart, losing about 200 lines.  Now I am showing approximately a loss of 225 in the above-listed scenario.  Maybe I am remembering incorrectly?? 

Anyone else notice any recent changes?

Line counting change under your noses
Yep, I have been with a certain company for several years and have always used the same formula using my own calculator to make sure I match their line counting method to make sure I make the $ I want each day.  This formula has worked WITHOUT FAIL for several years.  Two weeks ago it changed.  And not for the better either.  Not a huge difference, but yep, it has definitely changed.  Probably why nobody has noticed, but I definitely do.  This all comes with the upgrade of a certain program.  Not only is there the stress of low/no work, but now the line counting is changing too, suddenly, with the upgrade I assume, or at least pretty suspicious as to the timing of it.  Must have something to do with VR, no doubt.  Double the production!  Then you will never notice the small, teensy eensy drop in your count!  You VR cheerleaders, smarten up!  You are slowly stamping out the true MT who has given the blood, sweat and tears of learning this profession (and knowing what we are worth, and STILL not getting it) with your tireless pep rallies.  You jumped on the band wagon because you think it is the new sweep of the future.  You were too afraid to stay with what you truly believe.  The saying goes, what goes around comes around..you say this is the new technology?  Well geez, what happens next?  I can't wait to see in future years how YOUR job is stamped out only by yet another new technology.  Now I am paranoid that I need to obtain copies of my medical records because it will be like a credit report...make your corrections immediately!  Lol.  To think that anyone would work for half wage of a traditional MT, and please realize you truly do not make any more, if you do you are truly delusional, it makes me realize just how bad the economy really is.  But in the proces, it is going to stamp out a truly wonderful group of people who have a vast knowledge of MT and who have depended on this knowledge for God knows how many years.  Yes, it is truly a sorry situation.  I am spending every free minute of each day (and no that is not hardly anything since I am spending most of my free minutes waiting on a job) looking at other professions.  The MT profession is dead, and don't be fooled that VR is a profession, you in years to come will be history too....technology!  Remember?  Yeah....  Geez I feel better now.  Oh, and forget your hateful replies to me.  It won't change a thing. 
Does anyone know how to control the DocQscribe line counting method?
Every software has a way to mark what to count and what not to count.  Anyone know how this is done with DocQscribe? 
Has TransTech's line counting issue been resolved yet?
But I remember this was a big issue a while back.  Any info appreciated. 
They don't seem the line counting program is too important. No updates on
It's the ExText software. Easy to use. Has it's own expander, if you want, and line counting b
Anybody know of any good line counting software that is free to download?


Old posts say improper line counting and not paying for spaces were SOME of the probs. nm
Good sound quality, fair line counting, pay always on time.
450, not 100. Not counting MDI.
counting me blessin's

I was feeling all abused and unappreciated. I work for a hsp system from home and work on productivity -- making in the 50k + range. Great, inexpensive insurance and double time for holidays. All the OT I want or none at all if I want. Anywho, I was unhappy with a few minor details and thought about quitting in a huff.  After reading about life in the world of national co.'s I have regained my appreciation for my employer.  I spent over 9 years out there frantically searching for a decent line rate, less than 95% ESLs, and affordable insurance. That's all I wanted 'cept maybe for QA not on a power trip and enough work to complete 40 hours a week.

From what I am reading, things are still the same out there.  It looks like line rates are stagnant or decreased from before. Companies are still overhiring.  Insurance is ghastly.  I wish you all well and once again,

thanks for the cold water in the face!  


Counting lines

Don't forget to mention that they altered the WAY they count lines, no headers/footers.  It seems more like they way MQ counts their lines.  My overall production dropped about 20%, which is why they lowered their requirement from 12,500 per pay period down to 11,000.  The incentive is pretty low, and only draws in the fast fast fast MTs.  I'm not a lightening ball of speed, so I never qualify. 

A pay cut is a pay cut, is a pay cut, is a pay cut!  

Counting lines
I am not sure how to either than to go up to tools and then scroll down to line count. I think a lot of other things factor in when it comes to line counts dropping or even increasing. When I am extremely focused and don't get interrupted I do a great deal of lines. When Im in a snail mood I just can't seem to get it together, take lots of pantry and potty breaks. It is definitely hard to work on production because every minute counts. Soooo. to rack up those lines, I know I definitely need to glue myself to the chair:)
Some do pay more because of not counting spaces. (nm)
8 days and counting....
and I'm outta there! 
Something said before about it not counting spaces, but maybe that's
Oh, not even counting the emails sent, on and on
and just an IM for a stat dictation. That is really laughable as so many were actually hounded about their work, not an occasional but looking over your shoulder constantly, the emails were endless as were the other notes. Milner flipflopped back and forth on the same formats, 1 day like this, the next day like this, the third day oh back to where it was in the first place. The work I did was for a huge client- did that make any difference as like you say to not being bothered, that the work needs to be done? Nah. They needed the work then but instead made everyone that worked there miserable. I know for a fact as I talked with others (the ones originally hired on and the ones who all quit- quite a lot of them also.) Another thing, donít even think about asking for any kind of raise- impossible and no one there wants to hear that. There was a meeting called at Milners and the other MTers and I laughed about the fact 1 of the head guys came in to let us know how he was especially picked to come back there, called out of retirement in fact and how much he was offered. Oh that really made others feel good! I along with the others could write books on this.
Five jobs and counting!!!
I am glad I started this thread and I keep racking up the jobs and I will see who is on the up and up.
3 Jobs and Counting...

Yep, yep...One full-time job transcribing Radiology from home for a local hospital from 4 p.m.-12 a.m., five days per week; four hours transcribing pediatric clinic notes from 12 a.m.-4 a.m.; and four hours doing acute care transcription for a hospital in Texas. 

I look at the positive side of this...I never get bored, and I'm far too busy to get into too much trouble (and my boyfriend is very understanding and supportive, which always makes things easier). 

Now if only I could find a way to get Starbucks delivered to my front door, I'd never have to leave the house....

7 years, 10 months and counting at -
How many MTs?? Not even close to 400 unless you are counting your offshore MTs.
Tell everyone how many MTs and QA Specialists you lost in one months' time.
Queston about I-chart and counting (sm)

The company I work for recently enabled the Control-I function which I have read a lot about on here.  Can someone please tell me what the advantage of this is?  We don't count headers or footers, and the Cont.I function does, so what is the point?  I would just as soon use the I-Chart and wait for it to update.  I haven't been cheated yet! I don't get what all the uproar was about.

Extext counting has been working for me ...
... as of a couple weeks ago. I expected a whole new system to learn and do, but for me I've noticed that my line count is correct when I go to the site for it, even immediately, and that's been consistent for a couple weeks, more or less.  So, maybe it's fixed but behind the scenes ... ?  If so, I appreciate that I DON'T have to learn anything new! 
You sound like you're counting down the days
As far as I can tell, my counts have been correct, not counting like you have described so sounds

like an MQ problem or maybe I'm just one of the lucky ones who is not seeing a problem yet. 

Method of counting lines with ETrans Plus
I'm noticing something kind of fishy with the line counting method used by ETrans Plus out of Nashville after several weeks of working. What is strange is that I can load a template for a particular dictator with several lines of routine text and the line count doesn't adjust if I go from the top to the bottom but continues to count at the point of entry regardless of how many lines of text are between the top of the report  and where I jumped to in order to add new text. Has anybody with previous ETP employment experienced this?  Just curious and would like to be informed.
Documed ...sm
I have searched the archives, and there isn't much there...can anyone tell me ANYTHING about this company?  I believe they are out of NJ....TIA
Any feedback on Documed out of NJ?
I had posted a question about Documed a few days ago and never got a response either, but I would love to know what the deal is with them.
Thanks for the info! BTW - what is a cherry picker?
Does anyone know anything about DocuMed????
Could I please hear from someone/anyone who has worked with or is currently working for Documed in NJ? TIA.
Just wanted to know how you got along with the office staff. They seem like quite a nice group of people.
Thank you. I appreciate you taking the time to let me know.