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dontcha hate that when these companies over hire? They need to sm

Posted By: nm on 2007-10-20
In Reply to: I saw a post the last day or two about someone - me

remember the ones with seniority and stop the part timers and newbies when the work is low.

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I hate it when companies do that.
Eeewww. I hate companies who have know-it-all

Hate these companies that want you to test BEFORE they tell you the crappy pay!!!
What a waste of time!!!
ASR and VR probably where the newbies go and you get the junk dontcha think
Dontcha just love the pic of the sewing circle and gossping
We have no one to represent us who demands we be compensated for our knowledge and experience. Any organizations created appear to be pro-business and pro-CEO and administration/management.

I guess we MTs are too meek to stand our ground.
Companies who will hire for Sat-Sun only?


Companies on FTP who hire ICs? nm
RE: Companies on FTP who hire ICs? nm
Your question is not so simple, i.e., FTP is acronymn for file transfer protocol which is a function of internet transferring of encrypted information - internet based companies use this process to transfer files from point A to B.
Companies that hire VR?

I am aware of a few, but I am interested to know of any others?  Thank you!



Are there any companies that still hire PT?
Are all PT positions limited to evenings/nights or weekends? Im looking for early daytime hours and not more than 30 hours a week. Any suggestions?
Are there any companies who hire Psych MTs?
Love transcribing psych evals, but I don't see many companies who hire for Psych.
Any companies hire newbies? I'm a CMT who
works for a company that had a mentoring program and hired newbies.  Had a very smart young girl ask me about getting into MT and told her the company I worked for had a mentoring program.   She purchased Career Step six months ago but did not buy the program with the job placement as both of us felt she could get accepting into the mentoring program; however, she just now graduated and I just found out our company has abandoned their mentorship program.  I feel really bad now because I don't know of any other companies that hire newbies.  Do any of you know of any?  I think this girl really has potential.
What companies hire for VR editing?

What companies hire for VR editing? I know I have heard Focus Informatics and possibly Sten-Tel do VR. Are there any others out there?

Looking for companies that hire IC on escription..sm

Other than Sten-Tel and Alphamed, who hires IC status to work on escription?


Are there any companies that will hire PRN for IC status?
I think maybe what I need is a PRN IC job that will let me work when I need to (like when there is no work on my main account) so that Im not idle and making NO MONEY for that day or few hours or whatever it ends up being. If you know of any place that does this, please let me know.
Yup, especially the companies that hire newbies, but
they are slowly starting to have Vista use.
Which companies hire for VR work?

I would like to go back to doing VR work.  I think I am more productive with it.  Who is hiring for VR work, are they good companies, and do you feel more productive doing VR versus straight typing?   Thanks

Any companies who hire newbies?
Are there any companies that hire only orthopedics? Thanks. nm
Which companies hire ICs and then allow IC to subcontract?

What companies hire PT escription ...
Not all companies hire PT. My company
does not because of fees they have to pay for rights to programs, etc.
Anyone know of companies that hire orthopedic transcriptionists..

I liked to find a company that has a great ortho account and needs help whether it be FT or PT, IC or employee, but it seems hard to find anyone that has any good ortho accounts.

Which companies hire statuartory employees?


What companies besides Keystrokes hire radiology MTs? nm
Companies that hire dial-up'rs??
Does anyone know of any GOOD companies that hire those of us who can only get dial-up internet?  I am seeing alot of High speed internet a must companies out there. Thanks!!
do any companies hire statutory anymore? - nm
Does anyone know of any companies who hire PT employee status? nm
I posted asking for companies who hire p.r.n. IC status sm

I am not asking for companies to contact me.  I am merely asking if there areny MTs out there who know of companies that have this as an option.  No different than any other question about companies here, such as who hire FT, PT, benefits available, etc.  This is not a job wanted posting.  This is a posting asking to give me ideas on where to start my search and if such arrangements exist. 

PLEASE give people a break here, this is what this board is supposed to be for isn't it, a place for MTs to network and learn from each other?

Any companies hire Senior Citizens

Just wondering how many MTs are out there who are past 60 years of age and still working full-time and transcribing more than minimum weekly lines.   I am hitting 60 soon and am noticeably starting to slow down.   Used to be able to meet minimum lines in an 8 hour day, now it is taking almost 9 hours.  Need to work full-time for the insurance, so part-time is not an option.  Don't want to go to editing or voice recognition because the problem isn't so much the typing as it is the sitting.  Tried lots of different chairs and back supports, but still get back, neck, and shoulder pain by the end of the day, which causes me to lose concentration and hence takes me longer to transcribe reports.  Getting up to move around just makes the day longer and when there is not much work, I can only work a straight 8 hours (no 12 hour window) with my current company.   I don't think I am in jeopardy of losing my job because of not meeting minimum in the near future, but wonder if it is even worth it to continue to try, or is it time to get out of medical transcription entirely and go work at WalMart. 

So, any MTs in their golden years been hired lately and with what company?  Any MTs still working at 65 years of age?   Thanks. 

I think that a lot of companies hire constantly for different reasons and you need to sm
look at the variables. I plan on applying with KS when their next ad comes out for several reasons. I was hesitant because it seems they are always hiring, but if a company has a lot of new accounts, they need a lot of new MTs. I talked to them about a year ago, and they had 200 MTs. Now I have heard 300 and then recently 500. Obviously, they are hiring for growth reasons.

On the other hand, the company I am with now has fewer accounts and fewer MTs than a year ago. They lost a huge account to KS (I called a friend of my at the hospital and asked) but have not told us yet. I hope to be able to get in to work on the account with them. I was told that the account left XXX because of poor TAT and quality (not me, I asked that too!) and that KS is actually more expensive but that another hospital in their group is very happy.

Any companies hire parttime for dialup -nm
American Companies Who Hire Canadians??
Hi All,

I am getting very discouraged trying to find an American company who hires Canadians. Not just an American company, but a reputable one at that!

I'm currently waiting on a suitable contract with Accentus up here in Canada, but waiting is not a luxury I can afford.

Does anyone know of reputable American companies that hire Canadian medical transcriptionists?

Thanks in advance.

Sigh, why can't these companies just hire PTers to
work the weekends like they used to...
Are there companies that hire for physical or occupational therapy?
Are there any companies besides Amphion that hire part-time

I need a company that allows you to make your lines without demanding that you be on from this second to that second.  If it's part-time it's obviously because you have other things to do and your life doesn't revolve around a set schedule.  If I can get my work done at 3AM so why would that bother anybody?

Is there a company that doesn't mind when you work as long as you meet your quota and are accurate?

I have seen many companies who want to hire OP people to work from home!
Anyone else feel that these companies that are hiring should hire more recruiters?
So perhaps we'd hear something back within a reasonable amount of time!   
some companies hire entry level graduates
Any companies hire to transcribe with a 12 or 24 hour window
I am wondering if anyone can tell me of a reputable company who gives a window of like 12 to 24 hours to get your lines in (part-time), instead of an hourly schedule.  I'd sure appreciate if you'd share this info with me.  I've worked a long time in this business and I'm looking for something like that with flexibility.  I appreciate your help.
Are there any good companies that hire part time?

I have two years of acute care experience, and I need a part-time job to supplement my current income.  If everything works out, I will need to go to full time in March.  At this time, I can only work Friday and Saturday nights.

I have been applying to several companies, but they keep giving me the run around.  One company even told me I did very well on their test and that I was put in a pool of transcriptionists to be contacted.  The recruiter called me once, and I missed her call.  I called her back and left a message, but I have not heard anything else from her. 

Any advice would be appreciated. TIA!  

For companies that hire FT 1000-1200 lines, what happens when
Due to low work or a particularly bad day maybe in which you struggled with difficult physicians? I am an IC so never had to deal with how many lines to get in a day or having to keep up with a certain quota. I am not particularly interested in any insurance or anything but perhaps PTO and 401k, so taking a look around and trying to figure it all out. Thanks MTs!
Can anyone please tell me what companies hire p.r.n. status? Cleary, I'm going to need a backup
plan through all this BEFORE Jan. 1st.  Thank you!
Anyone know of any small companies in Michigan or hospitals that hire MTs that you may be familiar
with the type of work.
Are there any companies that hire emp status and let you work sort of a split?
I would like to work 6 hours during the day while kids are in school and then about 2 hours in the evening. Are there companies that will allow this? Do they have affordable benefits?
Good grief. Why can't these companies hire PTers for weekends.
Me too. As soon as there is a little extra work they hire and hire and then noone has any. This
goes on all the time.  I get sick to death of it.  I think having 2 part time jobs is better so you have 2 jobs to count on.
Does KS only hire employees or do they hire ICs too? nm
I hate to say it, but MQ does. nm

come on now, don't hate
I hate to tell you this, but (sm)

I have over 35 years experience as an MT, and I have never done a resume in my life.  I'm afraid if I had to do one, it might not meet your rigid standards of professionalism.  I am an excellent MT, and you would be the one losing out.  BTW, this is absolutely true.  I have never needed a resume.  I have only had about 5 jobs in my entire career as an MT, and I know so many people in this profession that one has never been needed - so Heaven forbid, I would ever want to go to work for your company - and you would be the loser.