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once in a while when work volume is very high.nm

Posted By: anon on 2008-01-14
In Reply to: MDI Maryland -- Bonuses? - wonderin'


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Their new pay plan brought me back to newbie wages since I don't do high volume. And the work loa
Yes, but their internet accounts at the moment are high volume ESLs nm
Thanks. I've only been there 3 months and was wondering. Asked for a high-volume backup. No reply
They are not MT, but general transcription. Pay not very high. at least not as high as MT work.x
Low volume work
Same company, probably. My butt is now shaped like my chair's seat.!!

What's with the low work volume. I know about the feast or famine crap, but this is ridiculous.

I'm getting worried about this company, well BEEN worried about this company.

There seems to be either a severe lack of communication between MTs and bosses, or they just don't care.

Ok, rant over. Thanks for listening.
work volume
That's a good point about time and work volume. I work the 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. shift and there is usually plenty of work I guess because less people are working at that time.
I like them but work volume has been very low.
I have a very hard time making my minimum lines and no matter how many times I ask, I can't get put on any other accounts. If their work load picked up, they'd be great.
or it could be the work volume is just still low BUT
now the MTs figure they can cherrypick since they were sold out.??  That could be the reason, e-mail your leader and ask for them to check for skipping on your account if you keep getting the hard dictators! 
I'm wondering if the low volume of work mentioned by other posters here is for all shifts or just daytime?  The recruiter recently told me that there is plenty of work and she offered me a full-time position.  Might it be just to have me around when and if they get more work in the future?  Would I be a fool to expect full-time volume NOW if I would be working late second shift?
Had to leave FN due to neverending low work volume. SM
Almost everyone has to work IC if you don't live in California. Liked working there, though.
FN is a good company. Work volume much too low. SR pay very poor.
I wouldn't quit a decent company for seasonal low work volume.
I'd hang around and see what the New Year brings. I wouldn't say that if you were working for MQ, but I would for a company with a decent reputation. If it is still slow in January, I'd talk to my supervisor and find out what her take is on the situation.
I'm high level 4, all acute care, high ESL, many years exp. and highest QA grades...
In case you are wondering...All acute care, all specialties. I request new accounts, and yet they all run out of work...not just during usual slow periods...
I'm original poster and a high level 4 as well with high ESL accts, which I've always had...sm
My accts (10+) for the previous 12 years were all in the LA area. I consider ESL at Webmedx easy, even though my WebmedX accts are supposed to be high ESL. ALL of my STMs accounts are low on work--quite low. I've added more accounts. Not helpful if all are low in work. My supervisor at MQ was more helpful than my Webmedx STM.
I work on one that does not need high speed but have been told sm
that there are very few like that.
Get off your high horse and go work your management job...sm
This is a board for opinions, isn't it?  So don't tell me to get my facts straight.
DRC if you're capable of high quality work.
DRC (Digital Records Corp.) is a top-of-the line company to work for, if you are capable of doing top-of-the-line work. 
Their pay scale for ES wasnt high enough for me. I make a lot more where I work now.
but, to each his own.
Need detailed info on DSG. It is stable work for a high producer? nm
If KS needs a second recruiter to help with the volume
I would love to be a recruiter. If you guys are in need of another recruiter, please contact me.
LOL ... Heaven help us if there is a volume II ... eek. nm

Big Hospital usually pay less (volume). Maybe you

If you are really interested, you can do some of your own research.  Sites like those below have business profiles. 

manta dot com

linkedin dot com


For example (old information): 

MedQuist:  $340 Million Revenue 7512 employees (claim only 25% are Medical Transcriptionists, 5% Editors)

WebMedx:  $38 Million Revenue 800 employees (Average $47,500 per employee) (claim 29% are Medical Transcriptionists) 


Quality versus volume
I feel the need to qualify my statement above. The MTSO makes their money on volume and QA is a necessary evil. The MT makes the bucks, not QA. They are required to have QA to avoid law suits for mistakes and to keep the client satisfied. Quality is something that is missing throughout the land ..everywhere you go, you see this. You can't even get a decent sandwich anymore at a fast-food because quality is not the point..no it is not...volume is the point. Quality be damned!
I am on that account and it is not overflow. It is a set volume with sm
a set 2 sites. You really should ask the lead instead of posting on an anonymous site which makes it look bad. Especially when you know as well as I do that this account is one of the best out there. I make great money and great lines.

I think that once it was caught up, which was a backlog created by the in-house staff, that they needed to make sure that everyone has the work they need but that the account is kept in TAT. Obviously there will not be as much work as it was unlimited while behind, but my understanding is that it will still be very busy as we are 100% responsible for the 2 sites.
What makes you think recruiters are paid on volume?
Most that I know are paid salary. Only a few pay on commission.
Why would mgmt contact employees to explain the low volume,
if everyone is able to make as many lines as you do? BTW, I'm NOT the OP, just another employee sitting here waiting for work. Your statement was extremely condescending and rude to those of us who CAN'T make 20K lines because of low volume.
If someone has the experience, the volume and the quality, whole package, they SHOULD be paid well.
Our employees, at 0.08-0.10 per line make $24-30 per hour. That is not peanuts.
Phoenix MedCom biweekly! volume Bonus biweekly too!!
I think a lot of the high $$ MTs

produce the lines, but not necessarily the quality.  I know lots of MTs who never do any type of proofing before submitting work.  I used to work with one high producer, but the quality of her work was horrible.  This was several years ago and no spellchecker and no QA.  She would never survive in this business now with the error rate she had.  

I'm sure there are some quality MTs that can also produce a huge amount of lines because they learn to work smarter and can type like a demon. 

you ARE on the high end of

the pay scale and congrads to you! 


It is NOT high ESL, no more than
High ESL
I just want to point out that being a Transcriptionist should include learning to deal with ESL dictation. Obviously you should be compensated fairly for that, but the truth is being able to decipher different dictation is what makes us more valuable than a machine.
VERY HIGH ESL when I was there . . .
I struggled to make counts because the dictators were so difficult. I have a lot of experience with ESL, too. I liked her thought she was very nice, but struggled really bad with the ESL load.
high and dry?
What do you mean by high and dry.  I know for a fact that you have a lead for this account, a coordinator, LOTS of samples,  QA people who are available every shift - and very helpful. That doesn't even make sense.  You sound like a disgruntled individual. 
DRC Insurance very high - sm
I was offered a position with DRC and would have taken it, but family health insurance coverage was something like $900 a month! There is no way I could pay that much and I needed the benefits.
Jo, I think you're going to be all right. You have a high sm
QA score and you are increasing your production consistently on a weekly basis. It takes such a long time for an MT to be able to sit down and transcribe whatever comes through the queue and make good money. This is very tough work, and we all learn every day. You have what sounds like great work habits, terrific quality, and a wonderful attitude. You'll do fine.
If you are a high producer (400+ lph) do you have to
even after you make your line count at Spheris?
She used to pay by the page and not very high. Don't know about now. nm
I have their insurance now and it is rather high...however, (sm)
they are in the process of changing their benefits package so I'm hoping for something with a lower rate.  I have single coverage and pay about $400 a month currently.  I'm kind of waiting to see how much the new insurance is going to be.
There is insurance. Some consider it too high but they are getting sm
new insurance that is supposed to be lower in cost but better coverage.

I have the insurance they offer now, which is Unicare, and have no problems with it. I took out the family plan, which cost me $610 a month, but the insurance through my DH's company would have been over $800, so I am not complaining.
Seems to be about right. Not high, but normal. Thx! nm
High turnover.......
I live in New Jersey and this is a not a good company to work for....read the old posts about this company in the Archives. Not a good company....
Very high turnover....
They always keep running the same ad every 3 weeks or so, so that should tell you something about them. I did not like testing for them at all, so I just gave up! Horrible dictators.
This is like in high school where
Why are these companies wanting to have initials for their names?  Do they think it will make them more popular?  For example, TTS, TT, MQ, KS.....  There are others doing the same, and looks like this one that doesn't pay wants to be FST now so they sound more important and fly under the radar as Four Seasons known as a nonpayer.  Professional to me equals proper name, and isn't that what the BOS preaches?  Let's be professional insteady of like small children with little nicknames that are like baby talk! 
High horse
You make some good points but the vast majority of MTs don't apply to your condescending e-mail.  Glad I don't work for you.  You find some poor employees in any industry, and the few bad apples in the MT business are not the reason work is being sent overseas where the work is even worse quality (but done with a smile - I give you that).  Whatever - I will just be glad when this post has moved on to another page. 
I thought that was high too

They have to process it all and mail us our vouchers anyway, why charge just to mail out a check? I prefer direct deposit myself anyway, but I have a friend who had her identity stolen and was advised to close all her accounts and not open anymore for a year. If she worked for this place she would have to pay $100 a month, just to get paid.

Come down off our high horse

I used to have excellent credit too until my husband lost his job and I had surgeries 9 months apart. There are circumstances that do cause people to lose their credit.

Maybe some bad luck should hit you and then you would understand how some of us feel!!!!

We have 1 account that is high ESL

Out of several acute care accounts, there is 1 account with a high percentage of ESLs.  When hiring for that account, management also makes it very clear regarding the ESLs.

I have been there 2+ years and I still love my job.  They treat us with the respect we deserve.  They expect high quality and they audit 3% of our work monthly.  The platform is great and exceed the line count every pay period.  We don't have to mess around with the demographics unless the dictator puts in the wrong MR# and then all we do is put the name and correct MR# if dictated. 

Ok, that helps! Is there high
turnover or are they acquiring a lot of new accounts? 
Come Down Off Your High Horse!!!

It sounds like you have spent too much time at the beach listening to the waves and in the sun as your brain is fried.  Who do you think you are talking to anyone this way??? 

I have a good job, make good money and I always have work but your attitude is just right down horrible.   

Since you don't spend much time here, I think you should just probably stay totally away if this is the kind of attitude you bring when you do decide to be here.

I don't see you on a high horse...sm
I agree with you 200%