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If KS needs a second recruiter to help with the volume

Posted By: of applicants, please email me. on 2006-01-10
In Reply to: She can't go through anything... - she works in her living room

I would love to be a recruiter. If you guys are in need of another recruiter, please contact me.

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Low volume work
Same company, probably. My butt is now shaped like my chair's seat.!!

What's with the low work volume. I know about the feast or famine crap, but this is ridiculous.

I'm getting worried about this company, well BEEN worried about this company.

There seems to be either a severe lack of communication between MTs and bosses, or they just don't care.

Ok, rant over. Thanks for listening.
work volume
That's a good point about time and work volume. I work the 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. shift and there is usually plenty of work I guess because less people are working at that time.
LOL ... Heaven help us if there is a volume II ... eek. nm

I like them but work volume has been very low.
I have a very hard time making my minimum lines and no matter how many times I ask, I can't get put on any other accounts. If their work load picked up, they'd be great.
Big Hospital usually pay less (volume). Maybe you

If you are really interested, you can do some of your own research.  Sites like those below have business profiles. 

manta dot com

linkedin dot com


For example (old information): 

MedQuist:  $340 Million Revenue 7512 employees (claim only 25% are Medical Transcriptionists, 5% Editors)

WebMedx:  $38 Million Revenue 800 employees (Average $47,500 per employee) (claim 29% are Medical Transcriptionists) 


or it could be the work volume is just still low BUT
now the MTs figure they can cherrypick since they were sold out.??  That could be the reason, e-mail your leader and ask for them to check for skipping on your account if you keep getting the hard dictators! 
once in a while when work volume is very high.nm
Quality versus volume
I feel the need to qualify my statement above. The MTSO makes their money on volume and QA is a necessary evil. The MT makes the bucks, not QA. They are required to have QA to avoid law suits for mistakes and to keep the client satisfied. Quality is something that is missing throughout the land ..everywhere you go, you see this. You can't even get a decent sandwich anymore at a fast-food because quality is not the point..no it is not...volume is the point. Quality be damned!
I am on that account and it is not overflow. It is a set volume with sm
a set 2 sites. You really should ask the lead instead of posting on an anonymous site which makes it look bad. Especially when you know as well as I do that this account is one of the best out there. I make great money and great lines.

I think that once it was caught up, which was a backlog created by the in-house staff, that they needed to make sure that everyone has the work they need but that the account is kept in TAT. Obviously there will not be as much work as it was unlimited while behind, but my understanding is that it will still be very busy as we are 100% responsible for the 2 sites.
I'm wondering if the low volume of work mentioned by other posters here is for all shifts or just daytime?  The recruiter recently told me that there is plenty of work and she offered me a full-time position.  Might it be just to have me around when and if they get more work in the future?  Would I be a fool to expect full-time volume NOW if I would be working late second shift?
What makes you think recruiters are paid on volume?
Most that I know are paid salary. Only a few pay on commission.
Had to leave FN due to neverending low work volume. SM
Almost everyone has to work IC if you don't live in California. Liked working there, though.
Why would mgmt contact employees to explain the low volume,
if everyone is able to make as many lines as you do? BTW, I'm NOT the OP, just another employee sitting here waiting for work. Your statement was extremely condescending and rude to those of us who CAN'T make 20K lines because of low volume.
FN is a good company. Work volume much too low. SR pay very poor.
If someone has the experience, the volume and the quality, whole package, they SHOULD be paid well.
Our employees, at 0.08-0.10 per line make $24-30 per hour. That is not peanuts.
Yes, but their internet accounts at the moment are high volume ESLs nm
I wouldn't quit a decent company for seasonal low work volume.
I'd hang around and see what the New Year brings. I wouldn't say that if you were working for MQ, but I would for a company with a decent reputation. If it is still slow in January, I'd talk to my supervisor and find out what her take is on the situation.
Their new pay plan brought me back to newbie wages since I don't do high volume. And the work loa
Thanks. I've only been there 3 months and was wondering. Asked for a high-volume backup. No reply
Phoenix MedCom biweekly! volume Bonus biweekly too!!
Not a recruiter...

In fact, no longer work for Spheris, but only because working 20 hours PT in addition to my FT job became too much. I cannot compare it to other nationals as I haven't worked for any others, but it was a good experience for me in many ways; good accounts, good supervisor, pay always on time.

Not every company is going to be a good fit for everyone.

damage control at its finest
recruiter-can't believe she said that. SM
I had one recruiter say to me, because I worked for a big national: "You must not be a very good Transcriptionist if you're working for them!" I said "EXCUSE ME! I have almost 30 years experience and have outstanding quality and can back that up." I told her straight out that her comment really offended me. Needless to say, that turned me completely off on that company and I did not pursue employment there. Too bad. They missed out on a great transcriptionist. Their loss.
Recruiter said they will
I was hired a few weeks ago and the recruiter said that they pay headers, footers and spaces. I don't know if it counting them or not. The platform is terrible and the sound quality is even worse.

what recruiter quit?
As a recruiter
I would like to tell you that I look for blanks on tests. I do not count that against an applicant, nor should anybody else. It is always better to blank a word than to guess at it. A blank says I don't know for sure and do not want to guess. It basically lets a recruiter know that you know when to ask for help.
OR their new recruiter. LOL!!!
Are you a recruiter?
are you a recruiter?
Not a recruiter either
Just a plain ole MT.  Check out their website for recruiting info.  Don't think we're allowed to post names and numbers here.
What does it take to become a recruiter?sm
Boy some of these recruiters!!! Just what does it require to be a recruiter.Just got an email from one and my goodness at the grammar!!! Hard to believe.
That too. It is not a sin to tell a recruiter that you are not
sure. Being honest is the best way. Recruiters are trained in knowing how to evaluate what knowledge you have. The trained ones can tell.
Ask the recruiter
The recruiter won't tell you
The recruiter won't tell you it is difficult to get a linecount. Also, not sure who the new recruiter is. They lost a lot of people when making the decision to train in Trinidad. The company used to say they would never offshore and they had a decent reputation and were a good company to work for until the owner got money hungry. The company had been started by his late wife and obviously her ideals of keeping the work here became unimportant to him after awhile.
Was this recruiter's...sm
 I had a similar thing happen to me recently.
Ex-recruiter is exactly right (sm)
If you are an organized recruiter all of this can be accomplished in a short period of time. All it takes is good organization, attention to detail and professionalism. Anyone who expresses an interest in your company deserves a response.

Recruiter ads
I have seen 1 ad on the boards for recruiters wanted. You could always just send in a resume to the nationals with that information on your resume - that you are applying for recruiter position.


The company I am working for now is actually looking for 2 recruiters.  Please email me if you are interested.


Not a recruiter
I have worked there for 3+ years on the Merit side. No real complaints here. We have an occasional work slowdown on my team, but that is infrequent and only lasted for part of a day in the cases I recall. The benefits package there is one of the best I have heard of in MT also.
As a recruiter, someone who actually has done
wonderful things in transcription does not get a test! People get nervous, PARTICULARLY if they have accomplished high achievements in this industry. If the person had proven herself in the field, then waive the test. She knows her stuff! It would be one thing if she just told you, but I know one woman who has done marvelous things in the industry that actually helped make the industry better for the MT and was given a test and flunked. She knows her stuff more than the MTTest site where she took the test.

No other field would test someone who has proven themselves 100 times over.

You may talk this way yourself, but are you an MT and can you pass a test? I know one recruiter that couldn't pass a simple QA test and told me so. I waived it but I did her no favors by doing so as she was an awful QA person, but that was really not her expertise. To tell you the truth, the only thing she was good at was running her mouth and gossiping. she might make a good professional gossip. I still hired her though and all I heard was how horrible everyone was at the company and this person said this, that person said that and I knew the love life of everyone there, then she complained to me as to what was expected of the QA staff (numbers) during the day. When you spend your time on the phone talking to everyone in the company, you won't make the numbers.

Recruiters need to relax on testing everyone in the field that have a PROVEN TRACK RECORD WITH MT COMPANIES...not hospitals, but MT companies. If they have worked successfully for MT companies and done well, held their job, made a decent line rate, they can do the job for the most part.
Their recruiter is probably one of the two
that I have ever spoken to that are pleasant to deal with. I have spoken to many recruiters and to say that there are just TWO is saying something. This lady will get back to you if she said she would. I have found her to be professional and up front with everything. If she said she had to take care of some things, perhaps something came up in her life that she had to handle. Recruiters are human too. I am sure she will get back with you as soon as she can. She's a nice lady.
Are you a recruiter?
How may someone apply with your company?
Or maybe you are the recruiter.

They used to have the best recruiter
but I can't remember who it was. She was so sweet and would work with you.
the recruiter
was Leslie if memory serves. I used to work for AllType and resigned when I noticed things were going down hill.
The recruiter probably is -
The recruiter made a claim of an extremely high line rate, something like 500-600 lines per hour as I recall.
Recruiter? TTS has no recruiter
who is the recruiter now?
Even the long-time recruiter jumped ship!
Recruiter is nothing
QA/sup was very rude while I was there. Never in my extensive professional life had treatment like I had there. Maybe your account lead will be better, but mine made my life a nightmare. I was so sorry to taking the leap, but went to another national where I am very happy.
Who is the recruiter at MDI-MD? - sm

Does Dorothy always put the ads up?  Can't think of the recruiter's name who I spoke to within the last year - wondering if she is still there.

What are part-time/full-time lines per day?

How do holidays work - I know this has changed lately - do you still pick 3 to work per year?

What is the best platform they have - c-phone or inet?  Either way you work in Bayscribe, I assume?  How much demographic junk needs to be input by the MT?

Thanks for any info.