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Need detailed info on DSG. It is stable work for a high producer? nm

Posted By: Do they offer benefits? How is managemen? Thanks. on 2005-10-14
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If you are a high producer (400+ lph) do you have to
even after you make your line count at Spheris?
Well, I was a high producer when given accounts that -sm
were easy to build lots of large templates for. Although I must say that was rather boring. Now I have more challenging work that I really like, keeps my mind stimulated, but alot of it is state-of-the-art oncology for a couple different clients, and their work just doesn't lend itself to templates, or even very many macros. Also more time is spent finding info. on drugs & equipment that is often too new to be in the Stedman's books.

Although I'm sticking to my production commitment, on this type of work I need more lines/day to live on. So although I'm supposed to work an 8-hour day, 5 days a week, lately it's turned into a 10-12 hour day, 6 days a week.

I AM interested in learning new things, the more specialties I'm doing, the happier and more well-rounded an MT I am. But I think if that variety results in slowing me down, if my work is still coming in accurately transcribed, it should pay better.

I think that as a supervisor, you would find more people interested in taking on more challenges if they were REWARDED for doing so, instead of PENALIZED by a reduction in take-home pay.

yikes. i am a high producer. with the changes at Q,
my pay has taken a HUGE cut, so I hate to jump from the frying pain into the fire. I transcribe and edit, and I am definitely feeling the pinch and have to decide this weekend. Thanks for the info...much appreciated
You might go to the website, because they used to have detailed info there.
search archives for more detailed info (sm)
I've had a great experience with WebMedX - lots of work, great pay, cool people, nothing to complain about at all.

Go to the bottom of this page and search the archives, hit Control-F for Find and type in WebMedX and you'll find a lot more information and opinions.
Ask them to try you on dial-up. It may be slow but if it is stable, it should work. sm
I do know that there are a few versions of Meditech, Chartscript and ExText that do not work with dial-up, but that still leaves a lot of options open! Good luck to you!
They are not MT, but general transcription. Pay not very high. at least not as high as MT work.x
FC is a great company, very stable, lots of work. sm
The platform is simple and easy to use. You have a choice of transcribing in Word or WP5.1. My only negative is the sound quality. QA is very helpful and responsive. The people are very, very nice. I'm a bit of a perfectionist but still manage to rack up the lines pretty well. Pay is direct deposit, never late, many times early. On a scale of 1-10, I give this company a 9.

I recommend this company to seasoned MTs.

High turnover rate with good reason; email for info.
Would love detailed feedback about MDI-Fl or
Thanks for the detailed opinions! Really helped :)

Think I'll stay MT and just get DISCIPLINED.

In Ex-Text, can I get a detailed breakdown of my

I'm a newbie with Ex-Text and I might be overlooking something, but the Dictaphone I-Chart site is no help for getting the number of reports, and I can only seem to see the Ctrl-I stats for the current day.

I'm high level 4, all acute care, high ESL, many years exp. and highest QA grades...
In case you are wondering...All acute care, all specialties. I request new accounts, and yet they all run out of work...not just during usual slow periods...
I'm original poster and a high level 4 as well with high ESL accts, which I've always had...sm
My accts (10+) for the previous 12 years were all in the LA area. I consider ESL at Webmedx easy, even though my WebmedX accts are supposed to be high ESL. ALL of my STMs accounts are low on work--quite low. I've added more accounts. Not helpful if all are low in work. My supervisor at MQ was more helpful than my Webmedx STM.
Eeegads! I don't mind more detailed but don't like cardiology! :( but thanks for the response
once in a while when work volume is very high.nm
I work on one that does not need high speed but have been told sm
that there are very few like that.
Get off your high horse and go work your management job...sm
This is a board for opinions, isn't it?  So don't tell me to get my facts straight.
Their pay is the pits unless you're a heavy producer. nm
I am a slower but accurate producer, around 1000 sm
lines in 8 hours. Are there any companies out there that would value me as an employee?  Seems like everyone wants 1200 lines or better or you are out the door.
That "better producer" phrase sounds like -
That is way low! I also transcribe for a producer, verbatim, non-medical,
any typist could do it (unlike MTing) and I get $100 per 1 hour of dictation. That's ridiculous.
Well, I know more than most and its not stable right now
same here, at least it would be stable
DRC if you're capable of high quality work.
DRC (Digital Records Corp.) is a top-of-the line company to work for, if you are capable of doing top-of-the-line work. 
Their pay scale for ES wasnt high enough for me. I make a lot more where I work now.
but, to each his own.
What is considered a "high producer" at Transcend? Everyone has talked so much about it, what
Stable accounts

I  have had my own business for 20+ years, small but my own with stable accounts from the day I started to my most recent being with me for almost 6 years.  And, I do average above $1000 a week.  So call me a liar but will match tax forms with you anyday.  A lot of blood, sweat and tears has gone into this. Have 2 IC's that work for me part-time also. 

Sorry you are so bitter and not found your place yet.  Maybe you need to go out and try to get your own accounts. 


I'd have to disagree. It is not a stable platform by
If it was such a stable platform, why would technical support have to issue a guesstimate time line as to when the bugs would be worked out?  Do people normally tell you that all will be fixed in months when there is nothing to fix?
Great stable company. SM
Go for it.  You wont be disappointed.  Very fair company.  Pay is great.  Owner is great.  Pay ALWAYS on time, if not early.  No complaints at all.
Amphion, AccuPro or Transolutions? who is more stable?....

I don't want to waste my time testing for another crap company.  I've been invited to test with all three.  FutureNet has no work again this morning... I am SO done with them!!  It should not be this hard to make $100/day in this business...  even part time.  Any input would be greatly appreciated.

good for you; those kinds of companies will never be stable
Their new pay plan brought me back to newbie wages since I don't do high volume. And the work loa
Satellite is not a stable connection. Not in terms of HIPAA or sm
privacy but in terms of stability of speed and signal. Because the signal waxes and wanes, it can cause disruptions in connection. They might not seem evident when you are surfing the net or checking your bank balance, but a VPN connection such as one that is needed to do transcription for many hospitals needs a solid, stable connection. This connection can be fast or slow, as long as it does not go faster and then slower and then faster and then out and then in. A satellite signal does this constantly, by the second, and it causes disruption in the flow.

Keystrokes accounts are stable. The company treats every customer
like their only. No accounts have been lost. I have been there for 3-1/2 years. Same accounts plus double since I started.
TransTech for many reasons, good pay, stable company, good benefits
and flexible.
I have looked around the last 6 months and have found nothing better. Have turned down numerous jobs, and have finally decided to stay put. The better insurance plans were announced and even moreso than ever, I am staying put, and my paycheck is happy about that because it is getting better every day. Good luck to you.
Are you required to work major holdays at KS. I know nature of biz to work them. Thanks for info. nm
Thanks for the info. P.S. - How's work? Do you

Anyone here work for TRX? Would appreciate any info! sm

I just finished a training session and have everything ready to begin transcribing.  I have searched the archives and did find some posts last year regarding TRX not paying a few ICs. 

Can anyone give me any info at all??  I would really appreciate it! TIA!

Anyone work for or have info on....

Digital Transcription Services, Precise Transcription, SuperScript Transcription.

Good companies to work for?  Do they pay on time?  Have enough work?  Just looking for info. 



Does anyone currently work for JLG or have any info? sm
I was told they now have their own platform.  Is it user friendly?  Having just tried the Medrite platform and watched my line count plummet from 300 lph to 150 lph, I am naturally a bit leery about new platforms now.   Is the pay on time?   Any idea as to how much the cost of their insurance for a single plan?  Any information would be appreciated.  
Does anyone work for OSI? Would appreciate some info.

Are they a good company to work for?  Do you get paid on time?  Is there a shortage of work?  Any information would be helpful.  thank you.

I don't work for them, but can give some info

I interviewed with them several months ago.  For level 3 acute care, I was offered 10 cpl for IC, 11 cpl over a certain number of lines per week.  For IC, line requirement was 1000 lines per week and seemed that they would be very flexible.  Use your own computer if IC.

I was also offered 8.5 cpl for employee status (with incentives depending on lines per hour worked).  I think they required 20 hours per week and have to keep an average of at least 150 lines per hour (it sounded like they had a time clock system).  They provide the computer if employee status. 

Everyone I spoke to was very nice, especially the recruiter.  I turned the offer down due to reasons not relating to the company in particular.  They did tell me that they had a lot of ESL (the test consisted of all ESL), but I don't know if this would apply to ER.  Hope this helps.     

Anyone work for Spheris? Would appreciate any info

You can email me if you would like.  Thanks.

Any info on ExecuScribe and how they are to work for
Would appreciate any info from current, former employees of ExecuScribe. Can E-mail directly also if you wish.  JMD...
I work for MDI - what kind of info are
you wanting?
Does anyone work for ScribeRight? Any info? no msg


But....who do you work for? Or did you not want to divulge that info?
Sounds like a good deal, but you didn't mention for whom you work. Not sure if that was intentional or you just forgot (I spazz and forget stuff all the time so just double-checking, in case you intended to name them).

already did that and mostly info about pay and lack of work
Can't find any info on JLG. Anybody here work there? NM
Anyone work for Transform? Any info you