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there is a board for local talk. this is company board. thx

Posted By: not here on 2006-06-07
In Reply to: Kansas City - me


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?? company board, can talk about specific companies by name (nm)
MedQuisters, topics from the Company board are being moved to the MedQuist board. MQ posts on

the first page of the Company board will be removed to open up space for other companies to post.  Enjoy the new Medquist board set up for you.

Thank you,


Didn't you post this on 03/04/06 on both the Company Board and the Hospital/Clinic MT Board?


This was moved from main board to company board. Replies don't transfer. nm
This is the Company Board. You should have posted on tech board. nm
Could the TT'ers get their own board on here so the rest of us can talk about something other tha
TT for a change? 
Are you the same condescending person the word board? I thought this was called "Company Board.&#
Posted on wrong board. Plz see Seekers board.
Sorry! Wrong board. Reposted on Main board. NM
There is a comedy board...put your remarks on that board. nm
Then this is the "Unprofessional" MT board. Pulic board,
Company board was down also. N/M
Can we NOT do this on the company board?
Isn't this what the company board
The company board allows you to ask questions.  I just can't see recruiters having the time to frequent this board and answer questions.  Why not just contact the recruiter with questions.  You'll get a right from the horse's mouth answer as opposed to people scorn.  Everyone is different in their opinion.  I've seen people that love Meditech or hate it.  I've seen people that love Emdat and others that think it steals lines.  So, I'm not so sure an additional board with the expectation that job recruiters will frequent this site all day and night and provide answers (also not knowing if it really is a recruiter) will enhance this site.  It is what it is.  If you want to ask about a company, the ask away on the company board, that's what it's for.  Of course, this is all JMHO. 
BTW: This is on company board because at first
I was going to name the companies, but then decided not to for fear of losing jobs altogether. You know, word gets around, and this MT needs as many jobs as possible right now. So thanks for understanding about not putting on main board, this was meant to be put on company board. Tx
Try the Company Board
This is the company board.
No not a company on this board. sm
I think I know the one you're referring to.  This one is a big city hospital about 4 hours away from me so would have to relocate temporarily and then could come home and work.  I don't particularly like that aspect of it either and that would cause a hardship too.  I think hospitals are more rigid in their schedule requirements too. I know these type of jobs are far and few between and very coveted but I know I would not be happy having to work that shift.  Thanks for your responses.  I appreciate it more than you know. 
Try Company Board nm
This IS the Company Board!
.... and be sure you are on Company Board
just an FYI: This is the Company Board,

This is the company board, right?
Company board is back. NM.
Well thank you, company board police!

before posting anything to this forum in the future. 

ask on the board for the unmentionable company, lol
someone there might know
I cannot believe that representatives from any company would come on to this or any other board
and call a poster a liar! My God, that is truly the most unprofessional thing ever. If this person worked for my company, they would be terminated before they could bat an eye! That KS thinks that this is acceptable makes my head hurt. The thing with these boards is that you pretty much have to just ignore what's being said about you. Every single company in this business has, or will have, something bad posted about them at some point. Ignore it and move on. By coming to the board to publically refute the allegations you are just lending credence to the issue and dragging it out. Not to mention looking like a classless, tactless idiot.
It belongs here, on the Company board. (NM)
Actually, I sent you an email through your ad on the company board. Thanks! nm

do a search on Company Board
Go to company board, search ...
webmedx, there are quite a few recent remarks.
What company is AL on Job Seeker's Board?
Question regarding company on job board
There is a company who posted on the job board for the second time.  I had applied the last time they were looking for MTs, and I was hired, or I thought I was hired.  I did work for her and she was a really nice person who seemed like she wanted to work with me and my schedule.  I had actually posted about her when I first started working for her saying how much I liked her.  I was paid promptly and we had a lot of email communication.  I didn't do much work for her but had told her that I would be available.  We communicated back and forth with me telling her I was available for more work, and she said she would contact me to do more work.  To make a long story short, I never heard back from her and now I see that she is posting again on the job board.  I wish she would have at least told me that she didn't like my work or that I didn't work out for whatever reason, but I never heard a word. I guess my question is do you think I should email her again and ask her if she would still consider me for the position or would you just let it go. 
Company Drama and the board
It seems to be that a daily drama has to be played out here.  I sure hope things cheer up around here soon. It's getting to be no fun. I am becoming wary that it is not just the MTs causing the drama, but certain places of employment are experiencing growing pains and becoming dramatic.  I am an MT who likes working at home to avoid the drama of the office.  I am an MT who likes a predictable day, a predictable yet challenging job.  For me all this drama is really getting to be a bit much. I don't know about you, but I sure hope that things calm down and a little less anxiety around here.  Have a nice weekend. I am because I am signing off this place and will only lurk to see if the drama queen companies and MTs have calmed down. Have a nice weekend folks.
Run a search on the company board...
lots of recent info on Webmedx and MD-IT.  Not sure about Hoffman.  I've heard a lot of great feedback on Webmedx on this board.  Good luck! 
Oh, wait. This IS the Company Board.
What company is Carol from on the job board?

I wonder if the pay is 10-15 cpl since you MUST be certified?  Anyone know?

much info about this on Company Board
Look at the board, company names are everywhere.
What company is "Manager" on the job board?
There is a company wanting Escription people, very low pay, but wondering what company is posting this.  Anyone know?  TIA! 
There is no private company board. nm
you can, and should, give the company name on this board.
What is Obama doing on the Company board?
I thought this was a discussion about VR.
Moving this to Company Board

Very interesting article about Indians running a scam that could affect the entire notion of Americans sending work there...



Why is this posted on the Company board?
pg 4, company board, here on stars

At least one person got fired, supposedly.

Info on company board...
I believe you supply the laptop, but you have to get it approved through your STM first, then the SolCenter will help you get it set up. Start at your STM
this is for post further down, yes company board,
'have you ever worked out of the home'...sorry for confusion.
Company Board Software Upgrade.
All the previous messages are available within archives. Click the URL below.
The ad on job seeker board is a joke. Do not go to this company if you
want recognition and want to be appreciated.  They do not know the meaning of the words.   Nastiest people I ever worked for, would never work for that pack of thieves again as long as I live.   The higher up the ladder you go, the nastier they are.   
Yes, so that those who didn't see the post on the Company board may see it on the
Main board.  What's wrong with that?  Isn't that ok to do?