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MedQuisters, topics from the Company board are being moved to the MedQuist board. MQ posts on

Posted By: Administrator (sm) on 2005-10-03
In Reply to:

the first page of the Company board will be removed to open up space for other companies to post.  Enjoy the new Medquist board set up for you.

Thank you,


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This was moved from main board to company board. Replies don't transfer. nm
Is it possible your posts were moved to a different board? nm
I moved this post to the Company board. NM

Please post MQ topics on MQ board only. NM
try Search function, top of the board, to left of Topics
No MQ posts allowed on Company board. (NM)
Search on the company board. Lots of posts.
many recent negative posts on Company Board
Search company board. Lots of posts recently, all
bad. Each and every one.
many recent negative posts of Amphion on Company Board
If you have moved on, why are you still on this board? nm
It just means it was moved to the appropriate board. nm
Didn't you post this on 03/04/06 on both the Company Board and the Hospital/Clinic MT Board?


MedQuist board is now set up. See Medquist link to the left.
MedQuist board is now set up. See Medquist link to the left.

Link is also below.

This is the Company Board. You should have posted on tech board. nm
there is a board for local talk. this is company board. thx
Medquist Board

To sm :

I believe I am not yet blind because as of the time I posted my suggestion for an  MQ Board, I was still reading the enormous positive and negative remarks about Medquist.  I had a hard time scrolling down to look for other topics, hence, my posting for an MQ Board.

If you claim that it was already there before I posted, fine with me.Truth of the matter, I can now scan the posts on the main board very easily for subject matters that interest me.

Thanks anyway,



I know MedQuist has a board, but can anyone.. sm
tell me their personal opinion as to whether or not they are a decent company to work for any longer?  I worked there about 10 years ago and left for lack of work but when I was there (and there was work) I made more money than I have since.  I know they get a lot of bad press but was curious as to what current employees might be willing to share about the company.   TIA
Just read the Medquist board.
Medquist Board all by itself ! Lots of info there ! nm
Answer to question on MedQuist board sm
The companies were Lee Perfect, MedScribe, Scryption, OptiScript, DeVenture, and WebMedX.
Not according to posts on this board.

There are many posts on this board
them.  You will get your answer.
There are enough posts on this board to
show that you're in the minority. Again, search the board if you want answers. There's no need for me to spell out details when the changes have been mentioned ad nauseum.
See main board--more posts there..NM
All MQ posts belong on MQ board. (NM)
Sorry, the posts on this board show NOTHING about sm
overall happiness within the company. That would be validated by number of MTs leaving - which isn't a lot, as far as I can see. Just because a few people are peevish about a few issues does not mean that it is a bad company. Maybe it is you that is a bad fit, eh?
Have you read the posts on the MQ board?? You might
Search for the posts on this board
about Chronicle.  My own experience was:  I HATED the platform (Apex).  It's an antiquated piece of junk that is slower than molasses in January and I couldn't make any money.  QA can be moody and the rules on the account change often - hard to keep up with all the formatting junk.  The owner is nice.  The office staff is nice.  Tech support is so-so as far as helpfulness.  I did not like that I had to stop all Java updates and go back to an older version of Java, which really slowed my system down.  Pay was on time and direct deposit.  The account was okay, it was clinic and good cents per line, but there were a lot of cherrypickers who would scoop out the good reports and leave the junk for other people.  I think Chronicle may have another platform besides Apex, but I am not familiar with it - you can always ask them.
if you ever read the posts over on the MQ board sm
lots of those folks didn't believe what they were told either. It just took a few years to really hit them. Now they are all screaming.

The poster has a right to post what she did. The other posters also have a right to post the positive posts they have. I am glad they did post. I just wish I had known all this before I went to work for LM, I would have weighed all this out and been more careful as far as looking for signs that I was not going to get paid, i.e., I wouldn't have done as much work the first pay period until I saw that I did get paid on time.
Why do my posts on the main board keep getting deleted?
All I asked was if there is a company out there with a platform like Precyse - where you can look up the old reports by doctor, or by patient.  What is so wrong with that? 
Few posts near the top of pg 12 on this board. Seem to be lovers and haters
You are the same idiot that posts on the Evil Q board...
Aren't you?  Jes wonderin.... (as they say in your neck of the woods!)
Just read the posts on this board from SS Management
It's obvious NOTHING HAS CHANGED AT ALL!  Rude, stupid people running this company.  That's why they have such a high turnover.  They can't keep anyone!  Hello!  I mean, look, this is a good example of how dense the mgt of SS is:  They post awful, rude, childish CRAP on this board and then try to tell you, oh, things have changed, it's not like that anymore.  Yeah, right... 
I just love it when management posts on this board.
either since there is no work. LOL too funny.
you know, you don't have to open posts about topics that don't interest you.
Some of us are finding another board that doesn't delete our posts
Doesn't this board not allow posts or ads by companies that outsource?
Do a search of this board for Shapin and see how many negative posts there are. nm
I'm sure you'very read many posts about mandatory OT on this board.
Lots of posts recently, look down the board, search
the archives.
I have deleted one of your posts. Do not post names of employees on this board. Thank you. nm
Couple of posts down on this board show many leaving Amphion lately. nm
They advertise on the "other" jobs board. Lots of posts about them here. nm
Are you the same condescending person the word board? I thought this was called "Company Board.&#
there are a couple of recent posts on the main board, bout halfway down...
Also check the archives, you could do much better for yourself...
Posted on wrong board. Plz see Seekers board.
Sorry! Wrong board. Reposted on Main board. NM
There is a comedy board...put your remarks on that board. nm
Then this is the "Unprofessional" MT board. Pulic board,
Company board was down also. N/M