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I had hives for 3 months last year and here's what I did sm

Posted By: MTfor2long on 2008-12-19
In Reply to: Hubby Has Hives - Help! - NYMT

Zyrtec 10 mg. I tried Allegra, Atarax and steroids, Benadryl every 4 hours for a month. Zyrtec worked the best. Spray-on green aloe vera gel from CVS. I should have bought stock, that is the best stuff ever. Tried the Solarcaine spray, made the hives burn. Tried Calamine lotion, and some special lotion that was $23 for an itty bitty bottle. I spent hundreds of dollars on remedies I was so desperate. I had hives on the bottom of my feet and could not wear shoes. Lukewarm shower, pat dry. Cool shower just makes the hives burn.

There are some great hives websites that people have come up with their own ideas on what works.

BTW, never found out what I was allergic to.

Hope this helps.

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Hubby Has Hives - Help!

It started about three months ago with him thinking it was fleas from the dogs, what looked like little bites on his wrists.  It's gradually grown to affect his whole body to the point where we had to take him to the Urgent Care Center for a decadron shot a few weeks ago.  We're pretty sure it's at least peanuts, but there's got to be more.  We've got no insurance so allergy testing is out.  The doc put him on Xyza (or some spelling like that), new allergy pill, which takes away about 75% if he takes it regularly but doc ran out of samples and we haven't been able to pick up a prescription yet. 

My question is - does anyone know of anything that will soothe these hives?  The poor man is in torture 24/7.  We've tried Benadryl cream, calamine lotion - neither works.  PS - He's a BIG man - can't exactly soak in a tub with oatmeal.  Can't soak in a tub. 

Some home remedies for hives.
1. Eliminate trigger factor. Common trigger include medication, nuts, eggs, berries, insect bites, jelly fish and animal dander. Wearing tight fitting clothes or jewelry can do this also.
2. OTC Benadryl antihistamine pills
3. For itching you can try and or all of the calamine lotion or milk of magnesia liquid (apply directly on hives),
4. Soak in warm tub of water with ˝ cup of cornstarch and ˝ cup of baking soda for per ˝ tub of water at least once daily. This helps a lot.
5. Apply aloe vera gel to affected area. Any type is good, but read labels. The ones for sunburn have an anti-itch component.
6. Vitamins C, E and zinc.
7. Ingest cayenne pepper, if you can stand it. It's not that bad on eggs (unless that is his trigger) or potatoes.
8. Stress makes this worse. Teas that calm the nerves include peppermint, passionflower, chamomile, valerian or catnip.

Bigger issue - a 16 year old living withi a 29 year old and liability
Are you still not responsible for him until he is 18, how can he tell you where he will live?  Unless he emancipates himself and he does something wrong, can they go against you since you are his mother and legally responsible for him?  I worry more about him living with a 29 year old sister rather than returning a house key to me that is a bigger issue.
My 14-year-old is going to be a mother-in-law (so funny) if you google it and 11-year-old daughter
Won $2,000 on slot machine on New Year's Eve. What a way to start the year. nm
Set my budget a year in advance, save all year and
wow. several months for TAT...wish we had that!--nm
Nine months later?

That's unreal. I would be interested to hear his explanation after your phone call. If you cancelled the appointment you should not have been billed, much less that amount. Good luck with that one!  

Definitely let him do it. It's only for a few months.
It must be awful to spend that much time driving every day, and gas is so expensive right now. Just let him do it. It's only until spring, and it will make things so much easier on him.
When my son was 9 MONTHS old SM

we lived in South Carolina, and his daycare center asked me to sign a form giving them permission to spank him if he misbehaved.  He was a BABY and they wanted to spank him!  Holy Cow!  I refused to sign it and took my son out of their daycare, but it was legal there (this was 14 years ago...not sure what the law is now).  But I was shocked.

I'm not anti-spanking...I just think only a parent should be able to spank their child.  Definitely not someone who doesn't love your child and who may be too heavy handed.


They are now - it took several months for them to
get like this. Whenever one is curled up sleeping, the other will slink over and rest their head on the other one. :)
my son will be 11 in a few months
and never had anything like this. He's very forgetful and seems to lack common sense the last year or so. He also likes to turn his back and put his head down when he doesn't like something but hsn't cried in a long time unless he's hurt.

It sounds to me like maybe other kids (or someone) is telling your son he is fat or maybe making fun of him with clothes and that's why he suddenly changes his mind about what's cool and what's not.

I know my son is really starting to look at the high school aged kids for direction on what to wear, haircuts, etc. The long hair, no shower, messy look. We have had a talk that we understand he is growing up and with that comes priviledges but also he can only "grow up" so fast and he's not 15 or 16 and will not be treated as such until then. We have also told him at his age it is our job as parent's to make sure he is clean, fed, gets good sleep and grades, has clothes, and a roof over his head...and with that means we will make sure he takes a shower and makes himself look presentable. Long hair is fine, messy-look is fine...but rolling out of bed and tossing wrinkled clothes on is not - until he's 18 and then he can do what he wants.

Maybe you could sit down and have a talk with your son and ask him about why he's so emotional and changes his mind a lot. Could also call the school guidance counselor (even anonymously) and ask if it is normal behavior or might be signaling something more going on. They are really the experts on behavior at that age and for some reason many kids will talk to them when they won't talk to their own parents.
I have been seeing one the last few months.
I was a skeptic for certain. My husband ended up in the hospital with back problems and all the doctors would do is prescribe him meds to alleviate the pain. He started going to a chiropractor looking for relieve. It took a while but they helped him tremendously. After that I decided to give it a shot. The past few months I have been going weekly because insurance would pay for a certain number of visits in a year. Now that the year is renewing I have told my chiro that I am cutting back to once a month, or as I feel I need it. I will continue to go just not regularly at 1-2 times a week. She saw nothing wrong with that.Like you I can definitely tell a difference with less stiffness, better range of motion, better sleep, etc.
What a difference a year makes! Last year, sm
we had the same problem.  Fines everywhere for watering.
Paid $60,000 on principal last year and this year
planning on another $30,000 after my taxes paid for the year. We are getting our house paid down very quickly.
55-year old woman has birthday sex with 12-year old

DAYTON - Gloria Murphy gave children celebrating her 55th birthday alcohol and then had sex with a 12-year-old boy at the party on Thursday, Jan. 29, according to police.

The boy got into Murphy’s bed at 5440 Rawlings Drive, where the married woman had sex with her adolescent neighbor, according to police and Montgomery County prosecutors. 

Two of the children at the party ran home at about 6 a.m. Jan. 30 and told a parent they saw the boy and woman having sex, according to 911 audio.

The parent then called police at about 6:15 a.m., according to a police report and 911 audio.

Murphy did not force the boy to have sex, but since he is younger than 13, it is considered rape, Lt. Patrick Welsh said. No other children were involved in the sexual encounter, but some other children at the party consumed alcohol, according to police.

I think everyone should wait at least 3 months.
22 months is not even TWO years old..sm
people keep saying that baby is 2 1/2 years old. or 3. 24 months is two years old. 36 months is three years old. People cannot even add.
Hopefully in a few months we'll both...sm
be bragging about our new babies. I haven't had morning sickness yet - didn't have it last time either, so we'll see if that develops. I'm spending my lunch hour from work napping each day and sleeping after work for a while. Hopefully I'll wake up before the baby is born in September. :o)
I waited about 7 months.
I wish I had done it sooner. I couldn't eat anything without getting sick by the time I gave in.
6 months and both hips fxd? Where'd ya get..nm
I took my child's away at 3 months.
A friend of mine has a 3-year-old who still *needs* it. She HAS to give it up because she walks around with it in and you can't understand her when she talks. I think it is up to the mom to take it away.
3 weddings in 3 months...
Same family; 1 in July, then 2 weeks later, then a month later....would wearing the same dress to each wedding be```tacky```?  All 3 evening weddings...so would be appropriate for each. Whatcha think?
sorry should be couple of months.
daughter had one then none for six months
the it was every other month and has now settled into a regular 28 day cycle. But occasionally when she is super active she will miss but its all normal.
I quit 3 months ago!
I feel great! I can even be around others and not have a craving. I am just starting to be bothered by the smell.

I got my Wii at Target 2 months ago
They seem to be getting more and more in lately. I HATE Walmart.
Just started a few months ago
And I love it. It's very easy to deal with, since you brush on such a tiny bit at a time. I start with the big brush, then use the middle one to go over where I need more coverage. If you have very dry skin, I can see where it might be a problem, but that's not me. I do try to avoid putting it on heavily where I have crow's feet around my eyes, because I think maybe it does make them more prominent.

And don't let that video scare you - they make it look like you'd be putting on 40 coats of this stuff or something. I just use the basic color, some of the warmth and then the mineral veil. I don't think you need anything more.

Finally got rid of one after several months

Had to buy a cage trap online and bait it.  Eventually got lucky and put something in there it was in the mood to eat, and it didn't manage to spring the trap that time.  BF took it for a ride and released it somewhere far away.

Now there's a possum looking to get in....maybe I need to get a dog, my house seems to attract critters.

After 6 months of looking and living
like a pauper I am now pretty happy in the new job I have. I am also behind on every bill in the house! Has anyone used a credit counseling service to help them with debt and paying off everything to get their credit back on track? I want to use a legitimate company and not worsen my situation more than it is. Thanks everyone.
3 yrs and 3 months. Stay over every other
They announced this several months ago -
Then they said it was due to their rising costs.  Everyone now wants to say it is the cost of gas, which it may well be.  Anyway, not happy about it here either!
After 6 months of counseling,
the child psychologist couldn't figure it out either.  He is angry, but he can't or won't tell us why.  I've pretty much chalked it up to "middle child syndrome".  He's just one of those kids that demands more attention.  I do my best to give that to him without slighting the others. 
I just went through that a couple months ago.

I found the best coffee to be Dunkin' Donuts. It's 100% Arabica beans. I saw Aldi's has their own brand and that's 100% Arabica, too, and I'm going to grab a bag this week and see if there's any difference. I use 3 scoops for 8 cups of coffee. It's a Mr. Coffee scoop and I just measured the scoop at 2-1/2 tbsp.

I just had to get a new coffee maker. My Bunn was 10 years old and started leaking, so DH bought a Black and Decker.

I used to keep my coffee in the fridge, but read that it could collect moisture and destroy the flavor of the coffee, so now I keep it in an air tight container in a cool place. I also clean my coffee pot once a month by filling the coffee pot with 10 fl. oz. of vinegar, let it sit a few hours, then run water through it until it tastes like water (in my Bunn, it used to be 10 times).  Since I just got this new one, haven't done it yet.


3-4 months, but after that it really worked
In the beginning you have to use it twice a day, 1mL each time, you receive also a dropper with it, in the morning and in the evening.

It is not messy at all and very easy to use.

After 4 months I started to use it only once a day, in the morning.
You can buy it in drug stores, rather expensive, a 60ml bottles appr. $ 12.--, this lasts 1 month.

But you can, as I do, buy it on ebay (minoxidil 2%), in the generic form, there you can get 9 bottles for $ 28.--, shipping and handling included.
More questions?
19 months younger - nm
The OP sat for two months and let her situation get

It's called laziness.

Something YOU probably know all about too well. 

it varies from mom to mom - mine was 1st 3 months
I always kept Saltine crackers without the salt with me wherever I went and it worked for me.  I was only ill the 1st three months and was running around Europe so I had to have dry crackers with me all the time.  Good luck!  *S* 
I had my dog completely trained by 2 months of age....sm
If you work at home this is a major advantage! Purchase a dog crate and put a small blanket or towel or toys in there. Your dog will learn to accept this as its home and will not want to pee/poop in its home. Take your dog outside of the crate and outside every couple of hours during the time you're not asleep, and of course do this at times when you can play with the puppy and let it run around for a while to burn up some of the endless energy. After a week start weaning this back to every 3 hours, then every 4 hours. Each time the dog pees or poops lavish on the praise with the "good boy" or "good girl!" and lots of attention. The biggest obstacle in house training a dog is getting them to realize that you will let them out to do their business. Eventually the dog will let you know when they have to go and you can start leaving the door to the crate open for periods of time. My dog makes this strange sound when she needs to go out. My husband's dog just keeps looking at you and the door until you get the idea that he needs to go.

You can crate train a dog regardless of its age. My father-in-law had problems with his 6-year-old beagle tearing up the house and peeing all over the place anytime they left her at home and they found out that as soon as they put the dogs favorite toys and blanket in the crate that the dog loved it, they could close the door to the crate when they left home and Maggie didn't go bullistic (they'd listen outside of the house). She now loves her crate and naps in there all of the time as she recognizes this is her home.
exactly, the child is 5 months old, needs guardian

and exactly why a guardian ad litem was put in place, until that DNA case is settled out of California.........a short period of time, likely, at this point.  The REAL father would get the child, I would think...but again, we are talking about the Bahamas........different laws.....

I sure hope and pray the child gets to be with the real father.....


Yes, just had shingles a couple of months ago but
the other has been going on for several years now. By the way, I would suggest anyone who ever had chicken pox to do yourself a favor, take the vaccine to prevent shingles- you do not want to have this - it can be prevented.
You sure it is not broken? Two months is way too long - sm
Go to an Orthopedist if you have not yet done so. Maybe you tore something if it is not broken. A sprain normally heals in less than a week, not months.
Seperate accounts for about 6 months now - and (sm)
previously seperate accounts. We were on the same account for a couple of years but it caused too many arguments.
Happy Birthday!! Right behind you - 40 in less than 2 months! (sm)
How the heck did we get to be 40 already?? :-) Have fun today!!

Went shoe shopping with my kids today and my daughter said, "Mom if you were younger would you buy these shoes?" Probably would've too!
Fetal death at 5 months....
....do not remember exactly how long before resumption of periods; however, daughter was born 1 year later so it could not have been long before body returned to normal.  (Daughter is now 25 and mother of 2 little boys.)
My stepson is 8 months younger than me (sm)
My ex was my age. He was a flop. Not that that experience kept me from dating men my own age. It didn't, and I wasn't seeking out an older man, either.

I became friends with my current husband at work. We were both side-by-side charge nurses. We had a lot of fun together and the residents loved when we worked together. I had the extreme pleasure of seeing what a caring, considerate, and gentle person he is to people he cared for at his job. He is unbelievable.

He knew I had a daughter from my ex. I knew he had 2 grown sons, one of them a few months younger than me. It was weird at first kissing on a guy with more wrinkles than I was used to. However, the fact that I was a nurse and had a child with an ex already meant to him that I had experienced some life already. I guess that made me fair game. :) The age thing does not affect us at all, especially now. At first it took getting used to, but now it is nothing. The only thing I fear is not having someone to grow old with, but nobody knows what will happen with their life day to day.

We subsequently had 2 more little girls together. We have 3 girls to raise now. I have since become a step-grandma to a wonderful little boy. We just celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary. I couldn't be happier. He never thought he'd have more children, but he thinks it is absolutely incredible to do again. He says he appreciates his kids more now that he's older. Not that he doesn't appreciate his older kids, it's just different.

I went to his 30-year class reunion. He was congratulated because of his young wife. LOL

I wouldn't date anyone much younger than me. I'd really be robbing the cradle. I prefer robbing the grave with the ol' hubby now. ;) Besides, it's a lot easier when they're older and broken in than when they have to be trained to do things.

Our relationship, though, is not like the stuff portrayed on TV shows. Our relationship is normal, happy, and positive. No big deal.
This is my other kitty, adopted 10 months ago.

This is Xanadu - a 2-year-old calico Persian.  When I first got her (both came from Persian & Himalayan Cat Rescue in Mill Valley), I figured she'd be happiest as an only cat.  But after 10 months of careful observation and getting to know her really well, I decided she needed a companion.  She had a pretty traumatic history with other cats at her original home, one of whom scratched her cornea, so her new friend had to be exactly the right cat.  And as always, the people at rescue matched me up with the PERFECT kitty-companion in Charlotte, the one posted below. 

A few months back my cat was doing something similar
While we did not have the weight problem, she constantly wanted to be held. I really thought she was trying to tell me something about her health (she is 13). I had her checked out by the vet and he gave her a clean bill of health. She is now back to her old self, just observing the family from afar, wants to be held first thing and in the morning and then it is "LEAVE ME ALONE". I really hope all goes well.
I've been using this site for a few months now
sorry I don't donate to your cause but I am signed up for my local Boys and Girls Club. Every penny counts :)
We had a mouse a couple of months ago
and we have 2 indoor cats that definitely did nothing to scare the mouse. We could hear it scratching when things got really quiet but he was very tricky about moving around and totally avoiding the traps. We got a plug in device called Pest OFFense. It is about the size of a garage door opener. It does have lights on it so we know it was working but it does not make a noise that we can hear. Within a few days we heard nothing and saw absolutely no evidence of a mouse.
I believe non-DD people won't get checks for months. sm
Someone had a stimulus refund link on here, below, I believe.