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$1.50/1000 bytes (about 9.75 cpl/65c w/spaces)NM

Posted By: Chickadee on 2005-12-16
In Reply to: Line rate survey - Terry


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Do you have any material that one can refer to study this method? Any input on this would help.

My line including spaces is 65 characters. I've heard that not counting spaces
takes away over 35% of your line count. I believe it too because you have at least 15 or so spaces on each line that you type. Use your first sentence up top as an example; you had 77 char and 21 spaces - in that line that would be a little less than 30% of your characters that you didn't get paid for. I don't think it's worth it and wouldn't want to work without getting credit for my spaces.
12 cpl 65 characters up to 1000 anything over 1000 = 13 cpl. sm
Holidays and overtime = time and a half.

Plus shift differential.

Hope this helps.
How many bytes equal a line?
I need to find out how many bytes equals a line. Any advice would be helpful.
To be EXACT 1024 bytes = 1KB.
60 bytes equals a 60 character line. SM

If you have a document that equals 30,000 bytes you divide it by 60 to get 500 lines.  If your line rate is 7 cpl, you have made approximately $35. 

They used to do this years ago, before AAMT came out with the 65 character line standard.  It all works out the same way eventually. 

Bytes versus characters? Does anyone do their billing this way? sm

If billing by bytes do you divide this by say 65 (standard line), same as for characters?  Thanks so much.



But we're not paid by bytes anymore..sm
in case you haven't heard lately, am I am being honest about it.  We're paid half of what we were paid 10 years ago, salary is going down yearly on a more or less geometric level...this is line by line, got it?
Any body has heard about counting lines a 60 bytes?
I thought line counts was characters or keystrokes. I have been approached by a MT company who say they charge as "bytes". Does anyone know how we count using bytes?
File sizes are saved in Kilobytes. 1,000 bytes equals 1 Kilobyte.
They used to not pay for spaces, but a poster here said they are getting spaces paid. Are there 2
Pay No Spaces, Type No Spaces nm
without spaces compared to with spaces
10 cpl without spaces equals to how many cpl with spaces? 
Spaces versus no spaces....

Can someone tell me how big of a difference it makes if a company pays for spaces versus no spaces.  I have only every been paid without spaces.  I have been offered a position that pays for spaces, but the cpl is less than I am making now.  I am not sure if getting paid for spaces will make up for the pay cut.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Seem I do not have a minimum line count, I tend to drag my lines on all day.  I have kids who I drop off and pick up at school, as well as volunteer at their school 1 or 2 mornings a week.  Most mornings, if I start as soon as I drop them off, around 815 am, and work until I leave to pick them up at 2pm, and I only stop to use the restroom, I can get in 800-900.  I usually will do another 100 before dinner while the kids are in the 'Disney Zone'  Im not sure if I could handle having the pressure of a minimum count as well as a set schedule. 

About $1000.
I did over 1000 in 3 hours, and do so
routinely. Lots of ESL docs, but the key is an expander and doing the same account for more than a year. You need to lay the groundwork, like making sure you have doctors lists, know the formats and account specifics, and have readily available list of resources or reference books to use. At first take the time to write down all the unusual words or terms, instruments, etc., and then it will all fall into place.

Don't just rely on a single word in an expander. Make phrases, sentences, paragraphs, whatever is necessary. My rule of thumb- if I typed the same thing in full 3 times, that was 3 times too many, time to make a shortcut.
Is 1000 lines a day 1000 lines a day for most


Where I work you have to have 1000 lines a day which is not a problem. But say you get 1000 lines a day, work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week that makes 5000 lines per week. This place has a formula where they take the 5000 divide it by 40, because you work 40 hours and that would give you 125 per hour. Then they multiply that by 7.5 because this is supposedly the number of hours we work a day because supposedly we take two 15 minute breaks and whether we do our not. They would say we only get 937.5 per day. Is this pretty much what all places do our just where I work?

1000 lines

CAn you elaborate on what you mean by "open a few things" in Word for lines, etc..  I'm not real great at computers-over and above what is called for to do my job.


1000 in 3 hours
Takes me 3 hours to do 1000 lines in the current company and account - would love to hear what company the 3218 lines are made in - I love to type and love working at home but I think Medquist is somehow jipping me in my lines but I can't prove it.
No -- I have a list of over 1000 new ones
--that's just the new ones, not counting the 2nd and 3rd year residents. Too many new names.
1000 minutes
1000 minutes, 1000 lines at 65 characters
APC Backups XS 1000.
I was looking at the Vostro 1000 (sm)

not a bad price, was told by Dell 30-day money back guarantee and they'll pay to have it shipped back if not completely satisfied.  Sounds like an unbelievable deal. 

No way $1000/mo. I am a family of 4 and
ours is way less than that. 
most MTs I know do about 1000-1200 lpd
Me too! I always try to go for 1000 grains
and it has now become a competition with DH. I usually win Hee Hee!
1000 lines??
Can someone please give me an idea of approximately how long it takes to type 1000 lines a day? I know it can vary depending on dictators, platforms, typing speed, etc., but I've never kept track of how many lines I do and would like an idea of how long this would take. It would be for clinic notes through MS Word. I type around 90 wpm with almost 10 years' experience. Thanks for any info!
RE: 1000 Lines ???
An average MT can transcribe upto 15-20 minutes of dictation per hour, i.e., 150-200 lines per hour, without compromise in quality. So, you can process 1000 lines in 6-1/2 hours.

new job 1000 lpd, old job 1100 lpd sm
I routinely do 1300-1500 and never break a sweat. I can't sit for 8 hours straight, so I tend to piddle around and I get up a lot.

I think that expectation is fair, but not for a newbie and probably a low expectation for one well experienced.

Old job I topped out at 160 lines an hour. COULD NOT manage more, no matter what I did. New job I top out at nearly 300 lph and I don't think that will get any better. The difference is the platform, since the new job has harder work (more ESLs, less clear audio, etc.)

It is all relative.
1000 lines a day, impossible? sm
this is not unrealistic.  On a good day, I can easily do 16-1700 lines! A mere 1000 lines per day is NOT an unachievable goal, even for a newbie or semi-newbie. My company requires 1200 lines a day, which I believe is about average!
I did and got it....$1000 for part-time.
Shapin...QA...approximately 1000/mo
1000 lines per day? This is a joke, right? nm
typically 1000-1200 /d nm
Offered $5.50/1000 words??
Thank you in advance to anyone. I'm not sure if this is good or not.
how many 'pages' is 1000 lines?

Let's say using standard margins, and standard font.  I'm from the old school of 'pages', and hourly salary.  As I take on f/t employment in the world of 'lines per hour' and 'lines per day' .... what does that equate to, approximately ?

thanks guys ....



are u sure that's 1000 lines per WEEK for them? NM
probably about 100 minutes/1000 lines
15 years ago, I worked for a company that paid by the minute.  we got 87 cents for 1 minute.  I did 200 minutes a day and it was in the ballpark of 2000 lines.  it varies depending on your dictators but that's a good average.
Wow, how do you type 1000 lines in
I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. I don't type anywhere near that. How do you do this?
1000 square feet?
I can't imagine living in such a cramped space! Why, our master bedroom suite alone is 850 square feet!

approx. 10,000 lines (not 1000 as indicated below) - sm
10 minutes generally equals 100 lines, so 100 minutes would be approx. 1000 lines, hence 1,000 minutes would be approx. 10,000 lines.
between 1000 and 1200/day in 5 hours. VR and
straight typing. Depends on work type and account.
1000 lines a day is only $40 or $800 a month- sm
unless you have really cheap rent or don't like to eat or have utilities, no do not quit your day job. Do the slave labor job PT at night for a few hours at maybe $15 an evening (gas money basically), get your one year experience, but in the meantime keep looking for a better paying MT job. You should be able to get one at at least .07 a line, try MQ that is (or at least it used to be) their starting pay. I get .03 for editing alone, which gets me about $15 an hour; couldn't imagine typing/working for .04 cpl. Keep looking, it can take a while to find your bread winner.
I do about 20, equals about 1000 lines. n/m
You are taking 1000 and dividing by 5.75
She said 1000 words, not lines. It depends on how many words are on a line.
No worse than the ads offering $500-1000...sm
a week at home, no experience, stuffing envelopes, addressing mail, etc, etc, at home, and once you anwer them they want you to send in money up front. 
1000 lines per hour?
Has someone been fibbing to you? Realistic is 400-500, high might be 600 or so. Never got 1000 in the years I have been doing it.
I agree 1000%. How funny you do transcription according to BOS
and a doctor reads it and says WTF? I didn't say that! But, but my QA person wants me to transcribe according to BOS guidelines so it is not up to the doctor's wants or needs. It is a HUGE CROCK!
Lanier Voice Writer 1000
Client uses phone in Lanier Voice Writer 1000 with MTs coming into the office to transcribe.  What is necessary to hire at home transcriptionists with this system?  Are there tapes involved, will a c-phone work or can you not hire at home transcriptionists with this system?  Thank you for any help you may have.  
digital camera and $1000 bonus...sm
I work in-house and at home for a cancer clinic. They are very generous at the holidays. We did not receive bonuses this year with our raises due to the Medicare cutbacks so when they saw they had a good year after all we all got bonuses based on length of service/performance.