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9 cpl, 65 characters per line, spaces, headers, footers included. employee status. nm

Posted By: happyMT on 2005-12-17
In Reply to: Line rate survey - Terry


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11 cpl, 65 line w/spaces. No headers/footers except
Offered a position paying 9 cents per 65 line without spaces with headers and footers.

Is this a good deal?

Not included. Demos and ccs are headers/footers. Not counted. nm
Want to get paid for headers, footers and spaces?

Just in a silly mood.... 

11-1/2 cpl, 65 ccl, all spaces, headers, footers, etc. NE part of country. nm
I stand corrected. Sorry, did not mean to say gross. Rather, 65 cpl with spaces, headers, footers.
It would mean NO spaces included if it's only the B/W characters. Better ask for sure! nm
Visible black characters without spaces being included. nm
I get 10 cpl, spaces, headers, etc. as an employee. Sure ICs will get
offered more because you have to pay your own taxes and there are no benefits.  9 cpl isn't that good for an IC though.  It might be for a clinic count because they are more hum-drum accounts where you have the same doctors and can make lots of normals so you can get more lines, but if you are doing acute care it isn't a very good rate.  A good rate with mostly good dictators is hard to find these days. 
Is it customary to count headers/footers in this business when doing line counts? Thanks. nm
My line including spaces is 65 characters. I've heard that not counting spaces
takes away over 35% of your line count. I believe it too because you have at least 15 or so spaces on each line that you type. Use your first sentence up top as an example; you had 77 char and 21 spaces - in that line that would be a little less than 30% of your characters that you didn't get paid for. I don't think it's worth it and wouldn't want to work without getting credit for my spaces.
Without spaces, what line is that on? 65 characters?
depends if includes headers, spaces, one or the other, character line, etc.
Both 65 characters per line -- one counts spaces, one doesn't NM
By line, employee status--nm
headers and footers
I just read in the MPCount info that it does not count headers and footers. Is that a bad sign?
Not OP, but I get paid for headers and footers.
And most often headers, footers, & copies are not
most companies don't pay for headers, footers, cc. (nm)
Usually it's the software not counting headers/footers, or any of the
headers, footers, word count
I am an newbie IC and just started a new Dr. when I realized that MS word does not count headers and footers with word count.  Any way you can include headers/footers in the word count or do you have to count it all separately and then add them together?
I would say that if you are typing headers and footers for free, i.e. not getting paid for them,
Headers and Footers can carry on to the rest of the pages.
Oh absolutely! I would get 9 or 10 lines of headers and footers per report on Cottage. sm
So, if you do the math, if I typed 25 reports that day, that makes a total of 250 LINES I no longer get paid for! I truly believe DQS is just a sneaky, smart way that MQ has come up with in order to squeeze line counts and money from under us. Think about it. It is!!! No doubt in my mind, ladies!!

I want to quit to freakin bad this DQS crap! I am making so much more LESS money on DQS it isn't even funny. We should really smarten up about this program.

Also, how about the way you have to look up cc's and addressess and then put it into that stupid ADT field and then you DON'T GET PAID FOR IT!! MAKES ME SICK!

Okay. Done ranting and raving for the day! Let me go look for another job right now.
could be short reports and getting paid for headers/footers in a 10-hour day.
I tried Slycount and it didnt count the text in headers and footers
I tried Slycount and it didn't count the text in headers and footers after the 1st page. Apparently its a problem with upgraded versions of MS word 2003 and there isn't a fix yet for this problem. If you don't use headers and footers than its a good program. I currently use Spellex AccuCount and its great :). I believe they have a free trial on there website. I Hope this helps :)
Maybe if it is gross lines, lots of headers and footers and normals......sm
Other than that, I really can't imagine it.
You're probably doing nothing wrong, employee status seems to be the norm with IC status primaril
SE status instead of IC? For me,SE status is heaven -with part of taxes paid and flexibility in my schedule. Have you ever applied to MDI-MD? They only accept qualified, experienced MTs and stress quality in their transcription. From what I read of your qualifications, it sure would be worth contacting them.

Per "see mssgs" comment regarding age discrimination later on in this discussion, I'm 64 - no problem getting hired at a line rate higher than average. Age is not a factor with MDI-MD - knowledge and quality is !!!
You need to know if spaces are included, then ... sm
divide your character count by 55 based on the with spaces or without spaces. It should come out exactly as your company figures. With it being 55 characters, I would almost bet you are not paid for spaces. Are you dividing the number of words by 55 or the number of characters without spaces by 55?

You should be able to come right out and ask the company the formula they use; if its not something you can recreate in a word document to verify, they are cheating you somewhere.
Hmm...will check this out. I know spaces are not included.
Thanks for responding. I will e-mail her tomorrow and find out what is up.

characters (with spaces) / 65
About 8.5 cpl 65 characters including spaces. nm
65 characters w/ spaces = ? lines
Anybody know any valid convertions?  I would really like to know how many characters w/ or w/o spaces 1,000 lines converts to.  Thanks for your help!
Formula is: Characters PLUS spaces / 65 = lines. (nm)
need more info - what kind of transcription, geographic, charge for spaces, headers
0.12/cpl, macros count as 2 characters, backspacing is given to us as 1 character. No spaces. Aut
A gross line is anything on a line is a line. A line set at 65 characters means it sm
has 1-inch margins on each side. The maximum number of characters on that line would be 65 and that includes spaces. If there is 1 character on that line it is a line.

A standard 65-character line usually consists of 65 characters with spaces unless, of course, the employer does not pay for spaces and then it would be 65-characters without spaces.
Who has gone from IC status to employee status? sm

I'm sure this has been asked a million times, but I am an IC and I am thinking of going to employee status to get benefits.  My husband will be self-employed in 2 weeks and we will have no insurance or anything.  I love the freedom of being an IC but need bennies.  We have no kids but probably will in a year or two.  Would like to know who has done the switch and if you regret it.


Are you asking about IC status or employee status? sm
As an IC, I must have a contract before I will work.  However, never heard of employee status signing a contract. 
A gross line is any line with typewritten characters on it - no matter how long or SM
how short.  So your gross lines may be longer than 65 characters, but you get credit even for a line as short as "Sincerely,".  If your gross lines are not being counted that way, then you are not being counted on gross lines and are probably getting screwed.  I'd look into that if I were you.
I am employee status...nm
Not IC-employee status
What is your status - employee or IC or SE?
If you are an employee they do have the right to treat you like this, however, they should have paid for your equipment and your DSL... if you are an IC you are supposed to be totally independent and not at their mercy - I can't give any advise until you clarify.  A SE is another story and not real clear myself on that status.....
I went from IC to employee status.
It was pretty much seamless for me because I was pretty much working the same hours as I am now but not getting any benefits and having to pay my own taxes. This is much better for me!!
Again, it's a little different for employee status
When an IC is subcontracting to another IC, then the hiring IC becomes the applicant's client.  So, therefore, questions do need to be asked. 
Are you looking for IC or employee status?
I firmly believe that American MTs should not even edit reports typed by foreigners on foreign land, thus enabling the whole offshoring situation. I hope you can be successful in finding a job that does not work with offshore transcriptionists. If I knew what kind of employment you would be interested in, I might be able to give you some ideas on companies.
Just my opinion.......employee status (SM)
I don't ever want to work as an IC again, mainly because of taxes. When you work as IC, you are responsible for 100% of your own Social Security Tax and taxes where as when you are an employee the company matches this money for you. I always dreaded tax time and would come out owing a lot of $ every year no matter what expenses I took off, which was also a hassle because if you didn't keep up w/ everything you ran the risk of being audited and in trouble with IRS. Add to this not much more money per line at all, the expense of owning and maintaining own computer, no PTO or vacation time, and all the other expenses, it just wasn't worth it to me. Good luck in your decision.
10 cpl/gross - employee status, SE
IC versus Employee status?

I am just curious which you prefer, and why?  I have never been an IC before and have just accepted an IC position and am a little nervous about it.  I like some aspects of it, but some things have me a little concerned.  I would just like to get a feel for what you think.


insurance with employee status
I just started with a new company and am about to enroll in insurance. For employee + family I will be paying about $160 per pay period (paid biweekly). That is with a $500 deductible per person/$1000 family. The plan also has $20 copays and a prescription plan.
Employee status question . . .

For an employee with benefis  - what happens if you don't meet the minimum line count?  How do companies enforce that?  I've always been IC and considering changing.  Thanks