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"The Language of Medicine" sm

Posted By: MP on 2005-09-13
In Reply to: What are some good review books? - RT

is a very good book and very thorough. I would recommend it highly.

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"The Searchers", "Gone with the Wind", and "The Notebook" nm
English may not be the official language on the federal level, but it is the NATIONAL language. sm
From Wikipedia:

Although the United States has no official language at the federal level, English is the national language.

In 2003, about 215 million, or 82 percent of the population aged five years and older, spoke only English at home. Spanish, spoken by over 10 percent of the population at home, is the second most common language and the most widely taught foreign language.[139][140] Immigrants seeking naturalization must know English. Some Americans advocate making English the country's official language, as it is in at least twenty-eight states.[141] Both Hawaiian and English are official languages in Hawaii by state law.[142] Several insular territories also grant official recognition to their native languages, along with English: Samoan and Chamorro are recognized by Samoa and Guam, respectively; Carolinian and Chamorro are recognized by the Northern Mariana Islands; Spanish is an official language of Puerto Rico. While neither has an official language, New Mexico has laws providing for the use of both English and Spanish, as Louisiana does for English and French.[143]

P.S. Miami may be one of the largest cities, but it is still just one city located in one small state. There are 49 other states. Miami is just a small speck when you compare it to the rest of the United States.
Go to tools, language, set language--nm
MT and medicine in general

The greedy guts smelled the ability to MAKE A PROFIT in the field of medicine

and "there went the neighborhood."

It used to be a sign of respect to be a doctor - now they just work for the company store and are running out the door with the nurses at quitting time - throwing any patient they may be seeing to the winds.  One even told me to hurry up and make up my mind because she had to go pick up her kids at daycare!

And so has medical transcription - some guy in a tie said QUANTITY OF LINES COULD = MUCHO PROFIT...

Of course those people don't care if a few people die along the way because of errors. - well not at least until it's their leg that's amputated by mistake.


Going into medicine. I have 2 MT friends
who are already in medical school. One MT I worked with at a large hospital is now an anesthesiologist making about $300K a year. Hahaha Should I hope to do so well. Hahaha

Know 1 who is a psychotherapist now. Know 1 who got her MBA and works in government contracting and 1 who got his MS and works for JCAHO.

Lots of things to do out there! It's much easier to decide what you want to do now that you're experienced in life and know what the real investments and rewards are. I'd go on to commercial flight school if I weren't going into medicine. I have a private license. Would LOVE to be Lear certified! Would love to fly a medical helicopter. You can get funding for those flight programs, too! Not a traditional classroom setup. If I don't get into med school, I may be doing that! Hahaha

Internal Medicine
Are they hiring at all right now?  Let me know.  Am interested in part-time, evenings and weekends.
Unfortunately after paying $140.00 for the medicine (30 days) sm
after two weeks I broke out in hives and had to stop taking it.
Rehab medicine will include PT, OT, sm
speech therapy, etc.
MT is usually for medicine. Nursing is a different discipline.
Well, after all the doctors are only "Practicing" Medicine, right? nm
Perhaps, but there will also be no incentive to go into medicine for US docs, SM
when they get out of med school they have debt, will have to set up a practice, pay their staff, etc. What is the incentive if you can earn a limited income.

I say let the free market decide.
I donít think he would just out of the blue suggest the medicine
Probably you made mention of having had the cervical cancer and that is where the dialogue started, right? As far as the x-ray, think that is being overplayed with that and fertility. Loads of children, females included, have x-rays when younger and do not lose their ability to have children. You sound like you are stressed out, mentioning this and that, xrays, miscarriages, sterility, etc., etc.
My wonderful MD is having to leave medicine sm
Because she can't afford to practice!!! The compensation for primary care docs SUX. The Blues owe her about $60K she can't collect on care she has already provided. The year I was her MT, her practice paid me $3000, it paid her $2500 FOR THE ENTIRE YEAR. She literally didn't take home a paycheck all year and took the $2500 at the end when she didn't have to pay it out. In the end, that money went to pay a lawyer to try to collect from the Blues.

I have a very complicated medical history and still have many significant problems. The idea of changing doctors right now makes me sick. I won't have any more choice about that than my doctor has about leaving the profession. She is a wonderful doctor and has cared for me for 20 years. I am sick over this.
Muscle relaxants could help also. I am on migraine medicine too but...
if it is caused by your muscles trapping the occipital nerve, injections would help, both diagnostically and therapeutically. They would then know how to proceed with your next step in treatment. The stimulator was a miracle until the lead wires moved. If the injections do not help, it rules out one type of headache and on to the next. I use Cafergot for my migraines with aura (a whole different headache altogether), but that has been discontinued now. I really wish you luck!
OT: Changing face of veterinary medicine (sm)

Is it only me or has veterinary medicine changed quite a bit over the years to resemble care of humans?  I have cats and absolutely love them but I'm becoming torn between necessary care, preventive care, and just down-right UN-necessary care.  I remember back when animals went to the vet for shots and only when they got sick.  If they were sick, diagnosis and prognosis dictated the next level of care.  And in most cases back then there were no options other than to let nature take its course if something serious/chronic was found. 

I'm now noticing that every time I take one of the cats to the vet's, the doc wants to do "baseline" blood work at least once a year and now wants to see my ten-year-old cat on a twice-yearly basis.  My kitty is healthy as a horse and has had no health problems for ten years.  Why all of a sudden does he need expensive BASELINE lab work and xrays as well as needing to be seen twice a year and have his teeth cleaned twice a year (not cheap)?  It sounds like I'm complaining about the money end versus taking care of my kitty, and I suppose in a sense I am, because this adds up to a whole lot over the course of time.  The doc mentioned the reasons for the lab work (diabetes, thyroid problems, anemia, cancer, etc.)  I'm torn between having the work done and what I would do if anything chronic showed up on the tests.  I love my kitty but don't know if spending lots of money on chronic meds/therapy would be an option when I would have to weigh other expenses against them. 

Food/medicine caught in throat
This very thing happened to me while eating pizza one day - I ended up in the ER because I could not get it out or to go down.  The ER doc ordered a chest x-ray (do not know why) and then sent me home with some Prilosec saying that I had esophagitis.  It was a rainy day - two dogs chased my car home and I was afraid to get out - plus I had my sister's four children that week, besides my own two.  I took a Prilosec and then had to have my husband rush to the pharmacy for some Benadryl - I was allergic to the dye - then, and I don't recommend this, I got a long-handled teaspoon - bent it and stuck it down my throat - retrieving the pizza dough.  I still had esophagitis because my throat was now inflamed from the pizza and the spoon handle - I put the chewed up dough in a ziploc and returned it to the ER for an explanation - of course they thought I was crazy - but you do what you have to do.  I have found that many doctors are either incompetent or on drugs (cocaine, meth, and others that they either sniff or smoke).  That is why there is such a high malpractice rate (but that's another story).  In fact, I see a doctor now who is a drug-abuser - but he prescribes what me or my family needs when we go to see him and we get well - but boy is he high - nice, though.  That's my take on the ibuprofen in your throat.
We come in contact daily with much more true medicine sm

medical problems, diagnoses, treatment, that nurses do.  I question my nurse practitioner, constantly, about why she is prescribing certain medications for me.  She seems to have a lot less knowledge of these medications than I do.  (btw, she resents it). 

It is JCAHO. The most misspelled acronym in medicine! nm
Nope. Many years working at the School of Medicine. SM

An MS4 is a med student till June graduation. He's "Mister So-and-So" then in June when he graduates, he's "Doctor So-and-So."

A 4th year resident is something else entirely. He is an R4 (or that's what they call them here). HE is an MD. The MS4 is not an MD.

Normal x-rays, CT scans, nuclear medicine
scans, nuclear medicine procedures and tests, etc. Anything procedure associated with radiology, which can include op reports dictated by the radiology interventionists.
Kids certainly not the reason for me, I loved the field of medicine
I had started working in hospital settings about 10 years before I ever knew about transcribing. Working at a hospital in another section my boss told me since I typed fast she had a friend who worked in MTing at the hospital, they had an opening and you could make extra money the more you typed, the more you could make. Being as my speed was 130-140, thought perfect job for me. I think loving the actual work rather than just doing to stay home is the main reason I have done as long as I have, no burn out for this person.
Oh good grief! No way. The only Dixie I know of is a forensic medicine person...
not a former bank manager.  Maybe there are 2 of them. 
I don't believe in "the one"
Some people are more complacent than others and can have a successful relationship with just about anyone.

Others are harder to please or pickier, and there are people that those folks who fall into this category can have a successful relationship with, and others with whom they cannot.

The key is to find out which TYPE of person is best matched to your personality, your goals, your life-style and find someone like that.

There is no ONE person for each of us, but some personality types that mesh better than others.
"The right way"
I've been in that situation myself. What I have done is, if the dictation is absolutely absurd and I was expected to transcribe it as such, then at the bottom of the report, in very small font, I typed in : transcribed verbatim.
"The Letter"
I got my "letter" from MQ today, and immediately called my supervisor to tell him that once that goes into effect I will no longer to ASR..........  hopefully everyone will do this (or at least the majority) and MQ will hear us ?? 
"the cone"
When my little boy (dog) was neutered, I thought for sure the vet would make us use "the cone." However, he said to just get an all white cotton t-shirt and you can slip it over the dog's head and the dog's legs fit perfectly in the arm holes. The cotton t-shirts are nice and soft and come down long enough to cover that private area!
If you put "the patient" you won't need to worry about it. sm
In fact, most accounts want "the patient" due to confidentiality reasons.
she thinks she is "the mama"
Married? When did you know that your mate was "the" one for you? sm

I just got engaged and knew the minute I met him that he was the one for me.  He felt it too - we just waited until we dated a while before making it official.

How about you? 

Yes, it begins with a "T" but don't know what you mean by "the line" (see msg)
Yes, that is how I quit, just couldn't take the crap software for one more minute.   I had heard VR was coming, and there was no way, Jose, I was planning on editing any Indians.  My friends who are still there, some are editing, and are making less than half of what they made transcribing.  Boy am I glad I got out of there.  Now work for a company with a great platform, and they don't offshore.
Anything that "The Girls Next Door" say

"The pen is mightier than the sword"
AND! "It's the squeaking wheel that gets the grease."
Go git 'em!
You never saw "The Sound of Music"?
According to the song, Maria was a flibbertigibbet.
Could you not put like "the patient" in most places rather than he/she? nm
"The Grammar Police" - (sm)

This was just TOO funny!  As soon as I viewed this on YouTube, I immediately thought of everyone at MT Stars.


(Cut & paste, or see URL link below) 


No, she does not.She will be asking us "the govt" to supply her necessities
and we will do it.  You and I, who carry Wal-Mart purses (speaking for myself, of course).  Makes me mad too.  I also noticed the Budweiser can.  Jaundiced eye?  I think not.
I agree with "the word" but it can sure help you transcribe everything
They even say they work for "the company that cannot be named"
Most of the replies are from MQers.

You're caught! LOL


Cool avatar, though.
"The big kids" don't like MPI, but I do. It helped me immeasurably when SM

I was first working. I have since bought them as gifts to starting-up MTs. I like the book. I have not seen Stedman's, but I don't generally trust Stedman's at all for anything. I use the books, I have a bunch of them, but I don't like them much. They're just all we have and it's better than nothing.

I think it speaks volumes that they have a "correction card" included with each book.

I've been nicknamed "The Whisperer"

 She knows that I an understand people with accents in general, especially ESL as an MT.  So she had me "interpret" for her yesterday.  She tried to cancel a service and the co wanted to assess a fee.  A rep called to let her know that they were waiving the fee, and he left a voice-mail (thick Middle Eastern accent).  She calls to tell me me she only understands that he says [the name of the co] and "call customer service."  

So she does a 3-way call for me to listen to the saved voice-mail (Message Center).  I listened, and she said wait and was getting ready to play it again.  I said, "Mom...um...I understand," and proceeded to tell her everything that he said.  Her words, "You understand that?!?"  Yup!  She laughs hard and says, "Hey, I'm going to put you on the Oprah Winfrey show as 'The Whisperer!'"  I think all my neighbors heard me laugh.

dictated "the patient will use acyclovir"
and eScription text on screen was "the patient will use a cycle of beer" HAHA! It's Miller time.
"The Death" of Medical Transcription
I have to agree with you wholeheartedly. I think it is a shame what has happened to our profession.

It seems that people with 25-30+ years of experience are either transcription service owners or instructors in medical transcription. Very few transcriptionists with
a lot of experience are doing "sweat shop" transcription.

I feel sorry for those students who are being misguided that they will become transcriptionists and be able to work at home and make a lot of money. I am afraid they are going to be in for a big surprise!

I do not understand how medical documentation ever transpired into a production-oriented job. Production WILL have priority over quality when it comes to a paycheck. Why bother looking up terms in reference books or on the internet? That takes a lot of time and can affect an MT's paycheck.

I compare a medical Transcriptionist to a robot -God forbid you go to the bathroom and stop production!

Perhaps a Walmart greeter would be a more pleasant and less stressful work environment!
The plastic surgeon on "The Doctors"
is very reputable. I would go to his website (can find through the show's website) and either email him or call for information/opinion.

The key is to deal with someone you know is on the ball and above board.
I just said hello to "the paper boy." He is about 50, drives a nice car and seems happy.
Myron ROCKS!!!!! "The terrible towel!"
I thought being a hooker WAS "the oldest profession."

Ko-Ko, Keegan & Keesha ("The Special K's") All Shih Tzu (nm)
A lot of times that same person is "the wife." Brutal
Read it again and it said "The best advice I could ever give is NEVER quit your job...

That's not advice, that's rubbing salt in her wound.  Your other piece of advice about getting a loan is basically stating the obvious.  I'm sure the OP realizes she may have to borrow some money.  I think she was probably asking what should she do about the employer treating her unprofessionally.

Basically, you gave lousy advice and your only intent was to kick her when she was down.

I have a PA-C that starts every sentence with.."The pateint will...." ARGH!!. nm
Nothing to do with your first language, of course. nm