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"for your viewing pleasure"

Posted By: Snow Bunny on 2008-07-30
In Reply to: Thanks! - Janie O'Reilly

My husband looked into things (I learned last night) and told me that what's there is recordings of actual college classes. No credit and you can't ask questions.


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"For 30 years, I've transcribed things by what is..SM

correct."   This is where the problem is.  Do you know that some of the most stubborn, difficult, argumentative, inflexible MTs I have ever met in the course of my career are the ones who parrot that particular sentence?

What was done or has been done for 30 years is not necessarily the correct way now.  Language has changed.  With the advent of VR, the way we transcribe is now more of a verbatim way than ever.

These 30-year MTs are still adding 's on to Down syndrome, still typing out the word "centimeter" even though it is no longer accepted as anything but line-padding....get my drift?

My pleasure!!
My Pleasure!
I still learn new stuff almost daily - even after 32 years! ;-) Glad I could be of assistance.
I took delicious pleasure in telling them to kiss my tail-end. nm
I got the cool T-shirt! Thank you, Sheri. It was a pleasure to participate. SM

I commend you on making the world a better place!

Typical hateful liberal. Taking pleasure in someone else's misfortune.
You're a real piece of work.
19" with 17" viewing space....nm

viewing a WMA video file
Since I am working on Express Scribe, any E-mail I get with a video file, just goes straight to audio ... duh, I know there is an answer, but I am very IT challenged and was wondering if there was an easy fix to this one.  Thanks, guys!
Maybe the size you are viewing the screen?
Maybe try changing the percentage the screen is viewed at....
Thanks. I had to change the way I was viewing the site and then tried what you suggested -sm
and it seems to have worked.  Now I just need to see if I can get Express Scribe to work for me.  It has been a while since I have typed this way.  Thanks again for your help. 
Mine are showing up after viewing the blank
Ah, back to normal viewing here. Thanks whoever flicked
Problems viewing inside posts.
I've been viewing the Jobseeker's Board for a couple of weeks now but in the last few days, when I open a post, the inside text extends over the right and left sides.  Posts that opened okay last week are now opening this way and it is impossible to see all the text.  Is it just me?  Does anyone know how to fix this?
To the others having problems viewing inside posts sm
I emailed as recommended and this morning the problem appears to be fixed.  See for yourself.  Yayyy!
Right, but I'm not even seeing any fine print available for viewing by the general public. Not a
#2 in main menu - edit and then options of editing, viewing appear.
However, if it has been finalized, you will not be able to view it but only add addendum. Only if report is in draft is it able to be viewed.
So, bottom line is it is a fraudulent web site and viewing it may have exposed us to a virus?
I use Control N to end a job - Control T is for when viewing an old report
Don't know what you are talking about