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!@#@!$## Is it just me or is it everybody! sm

Posted By: FootOnMyNeck on 2005-11-15
In Reply to:

I'm sorry, but I have to vent.  Is it just me, or is anybody else feeling like they are being squeezed almost to death for a few pennies?  I have 10 years exp, 6 year acute care in-hospital.  It seems like lately every time I turn around the hospital is taking something away.  I don't want to be too specific, but let's just say it's really petty.  I make about 38k a year hourly producing 1500 lpd and this only pays the mortgage, utilities, and for a modest car.  In years past, I made a lot more than this, but due to all the "squeezing for pennies" and all the "bean counters" I make less now.  I have to work part time as an IC just to buy food/gas/clothes.  Is anyone else feeling the "squeeze?"  I can hardly breathe!!      

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