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26 y/o female - Virginia

Posted By: nm on 2005-11-18


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40-year-old female - Virginia
In Hampton Roads (Norfolk, Portsmouth, Virginia Beach, Virginia) they are but sm
I was disturbed to hear on the 12 o'clock news they will only help Katrina victims who are living with relatives. I think its a SHAME.
worst have been female, however, BEST have been female also.nm
Wow! 105 in Virginia!
Is that a record??  It is hot in the West, even moreso than usual.  Im ready for it to go away and for the kiddies to go back to school.
out of Virginia?
If so, don't fool with them, very unorganized and they send contracts that do not pertain to the job offered. They are another company that delights in taking money from you. I was offered QA and turned it down due to the contract.
West Virginia...nm
Roanoke, Virginia
I lived in Virginia for a while.
I thought it was pretty funny that my ex and his family where always carrying people somewhere. "I have to carry mom over to the store."
We live in Virginia sm
and my daughter heard about it at school. The people it happened to surely told others. BTW, my daughter heard that the spider(s) had laid eggs all over the boy's brain. I did explain to her that wasn't possible, but I can only imagine how this "fish" story will grow.
Dorthy? you mean Virginia? lol
ONE Virginia scenario
SCENARIO:  You and your husband jointly own a home, both names are on the deed.  You both technically own the home 100%.  That's right, 100% plus 100% equals 100%.  He has NO WILL, but dies, taking his 100% with him.  You are left with 100%.  If he dies with NO WILL and your name is not on the deed, the house is divided between you and any children.  My grandmother, mean-spirited woman that she was, was widowed.  Husband had no will.  Grandma had a will, and left $1 to one of her children.  However, her name had never been on the deed of the house. So, she really did not have the right to only leave that child $1.00, and when she died, all of her children received equal portions of the estate.  Because her name was not on the deed, the house was not 100% hers upon grandpa's death, even though she was legally married to grandpa.
reply to Virginia too about the levy's

The Army Corps of Engineers have grovele, begged & pleaded with the federal goverment fo the last 6 year for more funding to upgrade those levy's.  In fact, the first one to breach was the exact one the corps just sent an additional plea to Washington for more money as little as six weeks ago!

It is the City or New Orleans to maintain the levy's and they have done the best job they could with such outdated equipment, but it is the Army Corps of Engineer's overall responsibility, as is every inland waterway in America.

They have likened the despair and anger of the corps to the various CIA/FBI agents who kept telling Washington there was suspicious activity pre-911, that fell on deaf ears.

Not trying to start an issue here, trying to place blame or getting on a political soapbox, just stating fact. for the life of me, I do not understand why there has no been an emergency plan on the table for the type of evacuation that was needed?  We have such plans in my neck of the woods for Tornado's or flooding of our waterway's.

Convoy's of buses (provided in a joint effort of the local/state and federal government)lined up "just in case" may have cost the city extra money in overtime/fuel,manpower, etc,but look at the cost now! Those people did not have the money, fuel or four wheels to even make an informed decsion.

There is and will be plenty of blame to carry us into the next century, but now is the time for all of us to unite, to get these people out of that hell hole and to make a promise to our next generations that this will never happen again.  Yes, it was an act of nature, but the responses to cries for help was in the hands of our elected officials...all the way around


If anyone knows how to reach Margaret Mitchell of VTS other than via email, please let me know.  I am trying to reach her, but her email is not accepting my return email to her.  Thanks for any help

Montgomery, West Virginia
and longing to go home
Found out laws in Virginia. sm
One-third will go to me and two-thirds will go to kids (remarriage). We can't stand each other, and they will kick me out. Hubby not happy. Have another house but if I'm contributing to household should get to decide what happens to house if he passes, since I live there. He's thinking it over.
Virginia is taking 4000--- some are staying at the Mariot
Nice digs. They are also putting them in camps by the lake.

I know it is nice, but think of what it is like to not have a home.

I would not want to be like this, but it could happen to any of us.
Congratulations! Diana O. of W. Virginia on winning the third dinner!
Send an email to admin@mtstars.com with your full address and your choice of dinner gift card and we will ship it out to you immediately!
Congrats to Donetta from Virginia on winning a $20.00 TVPS gift cert!
May God bless the miners trapped in West Virginia. There is power in prayer. Let's rally MTs!

36 YO Female

33 female


38 YO Female sm
Love it - been doing it since I was 17.
29-y/o Female MT

IC, working at home for 9+ years.  Love it!

31 - female
62, since 1985
56- FEMALE - MT 25+ - nm
LOL! 31 and female!
and a lot of errands to run!
36 and female...

46, female. nm
21 female - just me
Female..hands down !

I swear, every account I've ever worked had one problem dictator.. always female !  One REFUSED to use macros, even on normals.. and she would always make sure she made every report unique, so that we couldn't sneak away with using a macro for her.  Another one spoke a hundred miles a minute.  I remember my first day with her.  She said something several times in her reports and I went crazy trying to figure it out.... lumbar spine ??  supine ??  Turns out she was saying "skip a line" !!  


That's why I use vg for the female part.


Who is better in the Medical Transcription? Men or women medical transcriptionists. I believe it has been a debate throughout decades who is better in this industry. Regardless of Race and regardless of Age. Let the battle begin... (hey its just for fun)

State your side: Age sex Location. No names Pls. and comments. Maybe Footonmyneck, SUN, Cheeseburger, Proud to be Indian, and the entire MT Stars gang can start it up. Its better than talking about outsourcing and MQ for a change.


47-year-old female
46-year-old female. nm.

41-year-old female
32yr old female
37-year-old female
45-year-old female
37-year-old female been an MT since I was 19. sm
When the hospital looked at my college courses they thought I would be a great fit for a part-time transcription job.

Had no clue what an MT was back then but they started me at $7.61 an hour which was a lot more than what all my friends were making back then.

With a lot of help from spellcheck, my trusty word books and a very patient old timer sitting next to me in the dept - it all worked out.
27-year-old Female
I'm a 27-year-old female MT (7 years) with a numb right wrist, but I love my job.  Started with Transcriptions Limited, then Medquist & Spheris, now thoroughly enjoying MT at a small but wonderful service.
44-year-old female.
33-year-old female.
Male MT or female MT
35-year-old female, AR
58-year-old female
44 female - Illinois
56--female, MTx30.
Female, age 47, MT since 1978
Female, age 57, since 1999


A 50-year-old female.