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4 weeks' time

Posted By: nm on 2006-03-03
In Reply to: 4 week's time or 4 weeks' time - b

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4 week's time or 4 weeks' time
Does anyone know this one. I will see the patient back in 4 week's time, 4 weeks' time or 4 weeks time. Can't seem to find this in any of my reference books. Thanks in advance.
I would think 2 weeks was enough time to
try it out.  I don't think it is enough time to get up to speed with the account, but if there are other issues that keep you from producing lines it just isn't going to get better.  If is represents a source of stress it just isn't worth it.  I think if it were your only account and you really needed to work you might be more open to making it work, but for a second account it just isn't worth the hassle. 
I don't know how you can take off for weeks at a time with all your close relatives and go to Aruba
and not be wealthy.  Could you?  Indefinitely?  You and your husband?  And her husband said they may buy a house there if necessary because the mother is not going home w/o Natalee.  So assuming that resort island property is not cheap, they can afford to buy a house in Aruba?   Can you?
Agree! I hate Daylight Savings Time. It takes me a good two weeks
to get myself and everybody in the household adjusted to the time change every six months. If the farmers need to get up earlier, let 'em! That doesn't mean I should have to, also! DST has definitely outlived its usefulness. I stay up later and get up earlier in the summer, but go to bed earlier and sleep later in the winter. It's like my mind and body are tied to the sun, not the clock. I never got an extra hour of sleep last night anyways because the neighbor's stupid dog barked from 2:00 a.m. to 3:00 a.m.
Can't be V-day, most of us have been out for 2 weeks.
I got a second job 3 weeks ago to
help with our debt.  Hubby cannot work.  No children left at home. It is tiring, but I am hoping to get ahead. 
Going on 4 weeks.
I type with a headache and it is so wearing on me and my body. I cant get rid of it and it kills me. I went to the doctor and he said it was from my neck muscles strained and sinus both, so he put me on some medication. I am not sure it is taking it away though, since it has been a week with just little improvement. I have had my eyes checked and everything. What are rebound headaches exactly? I just wish I could get rid of myn as well.
Four weeks for me, sm
I went back at 4 weeks after having c-section because I was working at home.  My husband was not happy, but I only worked about 3-4 hours a day in the beginning because I had the baby, but it really was not that bad.  I would try to be most productive when the baby was sleeping. 
Yes, 4-6 weeks. nm
I just have one done this way 2 weeks ago - sm
no big deal. I did conscious sedation, though I did not have a choice, but I would think this is the safer way to go (cheaper too). I experienced no discomfort at all during or afterwards. Don't remember the colonoscopy at all. Last thing I remember is them injecting my IV, saying it would sting (it did), next thing I knew my kids and friend who brought me were standing in there looking at me. I was very groggy though, half slept on the drive home, came home and conked out for 2 hours. Awoke feeling much more alert and back to normal. Just make sure you follow the prep instructions to a "T". Got a copy of my report which said my prep was excellent!
I did after about 1-1/2 weeks

but I should have quit sooner (Medquist). They misrepresented (I'm being nice here) the type of work I would have. When there was work (constantly ran out), I spent most of my time looking up names of physicians for the demographics. It was a nightmare. After a few reports, I'd get the dreaded "There are no more reports. Please press...."  Then I'd call the office and if I was lucky, someone would return my call in an hour....Like I said, I didn't want to feel like a quitter either, but I finally figured that they weren't treating me like a valuable employee, why should I hang in there when no one would even return my calls?  My previous employer took me right back, and  thankfully hadn't found a permanent replacement for my accounts!  If I ever search again, I will try the new place out first part-time before jumping into the flame.

Every day for two weeks now, I was out of
work for months and thankfully, even right before Christmas, no doubt, I have a job now that keeps me busy, almost busier than I want to be, but I am making so much money right now, I don't care! It's feast or famine!
I wonder about this. Every few weeks
someone puts up a post that they just discovered this wonderful website. What is going on?????
A few weeks ago someone

on this forum was saying she bought 2003 with 2008 Works for 48.00 or so on E-Bay, from a seller in Arizona.  Another person wrote a message that it wasn't 2003 with 2008 Works but 2002, but the original poster said it was INDEED 2003 and she was using it!  You might try search?

I remember this post because it interested me in that I needed a copy of 2003 & was willing to buy it through E-Bay.  Luckily, my hubby works for computer manufacturer in testing division.  They had an unused copy of 2003 that they didn't really need or want as they said this was "old technology" & they let me have it!    Made my day!

No...not per week/2 weeks.....
Per PAYPERIOD which is 15-16 days.

Part-time IC .. 6000 per payperiod.
Usually in 2 weeks I know if it will work out or not. nm
I am starting a new Rad job in 2 weeks-$16.50/hr
I have only been at it for a couple of weeks..
Having several years experience, I thought I could step right in and nail it.  There are a variety of issues/concerns most importantly the accents, getting use to the different accounts (I have several) and unrealistic expectations I have set before myself.  It is a good thing I get paid by the hour because if I got paid by the line, I would be starving!!!  Some files are easy to zip through, others are are a real dragon!!!!  I am going to give it more time though.  I have wanted this position for a while and I don't give up easy!  Thanks for letting me vent.
This happens maybe once a week, once in two weeks sm

So not very often...just....It was just something that my dad never did with us and I don't like it. I've told him that but he just shrugs his shoulders about it and says it is no big deal, even when she points and says like, what's that?

 I don't know, am I a prude? I just don't think it is appropriate.

Are you using dial-up? The last 3 weeks
when I come to the main board I get a page loading message and it takes a minute to load.  I have high-speed cable, so if you have dial-up the connection may be timing out and you need to adjust settings.  l
About 4 weeks now - and still lingering
with some bronchitis with it. Can't shake it, even with antibiotics.
For WEEKS I had this. It's finally gone. nm
My son just had it 2 weeks ago, very nasty.
He was so sick that he ended up sleeping on the bathroom floor (worse than a bad hangover) with vomiting and diarrhea. It lasted almost 24 hours and he was horribly weak for the next day as well.
Well, there's 52 weeks in a year so that's not a bad sm
salary for what amounts to part time work, even considering self-employment tax - home office deductions, mileage, equipment, etc. It beats slapping burgers at McDs!
It has been so slow the last few weeks (sm)

And the hospitals have been busy lately, that's the funny thing! 

Does anybody know of a service that will let you work part-time a very minimal amount of hours, like 10 hours a week?  I haven't seen a service like that in a long time.  TIA

Did four hard weeks with them...
Worked night shift (11p-7a) and tried to sleep during the day while munchkin was away-- Sup, tech support (because you cannot get tech support worth a darn on the night shift), and benefits coordinator would call all day long and THEN send me an email. Last straw, at 11:08 pm night shift sup called my house to see if I was going to log in--- I was reading and responding to email!!! (since they were not calling me anymore, had lots of email). Not to mention they tried the ol' swithceroo on accounts with me... all the sudden in the middle of the night I started getting another hospital. Could not stand it.
I just started there a few weeks ago, and my second day there I ran out! NM
One of our MTs just went a couple weeks ago. nm
Everyone stays 6 to 8 weeks. sm
They usually quit when they realize they have to wait to get paid for work they did a month ago. Also, known to not pay employees their last check when they quit. I think anyone there after 8 weeks is long-term.LOL Few employees there who come here to defend them, but most posts about this place are thumbs down.
35 in 4 weeks!! Amazing!!
Thanks for the post.  I believe my weight will come off fairly quickly, as I said, I am a carb freak as of now.  I understand the incorporation of "good carbs" after the induction phase.  It is just that the induction phase is going to be tough!!!! I want to lose about 30 pounds, could really lose about 40 and would be happy wtih 20!!!
I'm going there in just a couple weeks.
I'm going to Sedona to check out Valley Verde School for my son. Are you familiar with it?
This weeks Idol
Hi all!  What are your thoughts on last nights performances?  I thought Kelly was just absolutely awful.  Although, Katherine should be thanking her lucky stars that Kelly was as bad as she was, otherwise, I am sure that she would be getting the boot tonight.  I thought that Elliot was the best by far last night.  Chris is my second place.  Taylor and Paris both did a good job. My final three are still Elliot, Chris, and Taylor. 
I had by 10 year old done at 2 weeks and
my 9 year old had her first set done at 6 months and she wanted her second set at age 7 so we went ahead and did it.  Now she has bragging rights because my oldest is afraid to do it again, lol.
How many weeks are you talking?
To lose 30# in a matter of weeks is serious business. I've been anorexic (mildly if that's possible) and I also have Crohn's disease. You can lose weight fast by not eating sure, but 30 in a few weeks seems like a lot for anybody. Wow. I guess you see "The Biggest Loser" and they lose 20# in a week, so it's probably possible. I would be on her like crazy as far as watching her every move. People with eating disorders can hide it really well. Having her be held accountable and having the doc intervene is a great idea. I don't think your husband 'doesn't care'. I think men probably think less of it because they have less experience w/it and also because he doesn't want to believe it's true. Many parents don't see the obvious because they couldn't imagine that could happen. It doesn't make them bad parents by any stretch. Here's praying for good results and SO glad you were keen to this and caught it early.
One of those days/weeks
I have had one of those weeks - but today took the cake.  Seems like I never stopped and have earned nothing lol.  My butt got bigger, my left leg hurts because I use my right foot and my left leg is permanently bent, my Son left for work and I did not even know it, My cat bit me because I forgot to feed him, my signifcant other made coffee and I forgot to drink it until it was so cold and nasty. and then I spilt it all over myself.  My youngest called and asked me to pick him up and I FORGOT.  The gypsy moths are eating my trees, They changed my mailman (what a cutie he used to be) Anybody else have one of those days today (I know we all did, so make it a bit humerous for all of us - God knows we could use the laugh I am sure.)
Well, I only talk to her once every few weeks
and then just generally make jokes about it and such, so I'm not constantly nagging her.  I guess all one can really do is pray that they'll change their mind before they're outta time!!
If you talk to her about it every few weeks
and joke about it in between, that constitutes as nagging to this smoker. Not trying to be harsh or tell you not to do it, JMO. I posted below about quitting for two months, but I did not mention that I asked the few people I did tell about it to not talk about it AT ALL (I mean, I did not want any pep talks, no congratulations, nobody telling me what a good thing I was doing, or anything else.) I pretty much feel the same way about continuing to smoke, though I don't ask people not to say anything about that . . . guess I can handle it a lot better when I'm smoking.
I gave them about 6 weeks.....
I kept thinking it would get better and after about 6 weeks when it was getting worse I just quit.
I also lost my job about 2 weeks ago....s/m
I was an IC. Sometimes it can take a while to find a decent job "especially" around this time of year. I'm putting my resume out there, but haven't heard anything back. Christmas is around the corner and I am struggling financially to make sure my little one doesn't think Santa forgot her.

Geez,where is the compassion??? You need to find some or you too could find yourself searching the classifieds, especially in this field.
This was all over the news weeks before it
appeared on SNL's "weekend update". I doubt it was leaked by any medical professional, more likely the boy's family told the story to (?) and it ended up on the news. Not funny to the kid, of course, but still pretty sensational and newsworthy, if not just a bit funny (and CREEPY!)

Many years ago I had a co-worker who woke up in the middle of the night to a fluttering sound in her ears, and it was literally driving her crazy as her daughter took her to the ER. Turned out it was a tiny insect of some sort.
Two weeks, c-section.
No one else to cover for me. I took it slow and accounts were patient with me--it helps that one was an ob/gyn. :)
Didn't doc say to lay off for 2 weeks or so? I know ours did. nm
I've been using it about three weeks...
And am really struggling. Thought it might be my age. I really, really wish I had my old job and old Expanders back...
I told DH that just a few weeks ago.
I was a bit peeved at him and rambled off a list of everything I had done that day. Then I told him how lucky he was to have me and that I wanted a divorce so I could go get me a wife to take care of me.
tax Q&A - TurboTax, under 2 weeks
I went through the same thing about 6 weeks or so ago
The new "great" job made me realize how much I did not want to leave my original job. I was in exactly the same position as you. I cannot say what is best for you. But for me, I wrote down pros and cons on paper, and I also went with my gut feeling, the fact that I indeed loved my original job and did not want to leave after all. I quit the new job, and have never looked back. It is so stressful to train on a new job, I am doing the best I can to stay put and count my job blessings every day. Good luck to you.
It took me 2 weeks to get to 1200.
someone posted a few weeks ago
but i cannot find the post, a pasted piece on how to know when to keep your job vs. look for another job.  Seems like it was from Harvard or some higher institution of learning....can anyone help me find it?  I think my daughter needs to see it.  thanks.
This happened to me a few weeks ago...
I don't hava Logitech keyboard, but mine is also a cordless one. I had to hit the tiny reset button underneath the keyboard to "sync" it again. I am not sure if this is what happened to yours, but it is worth a try! Good luck!
I'm a wimp. I got another dog, just like the one that died, 2 weeks later.
I missed her so much that after we came back from vacation, I got another just like her. Same coloring, same breed. Only this time I got a male instead of a female and he has green eyes, not black. I can't believe how much alike they are.
and NO ONE gives an employee two weeks to find another job

It's like, "take your stuff and get out NOW" usually with a security department escort to the parking lot. I never understood why an employee feels like they need to give two weeks notice to be courteous, but no employer I've ever heard of has to give notice. You lose your job - you're outta here. Just doesn't make sense.

I do give notice, but I've thought about this many times.