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Agree! I hate Daylight Savings Time. It takes me a good two weeks

Posted By: tired MT on 2005-10-30
In Reply to: I vote for nobody should :-) - Sara

to get myself and everybody in the household adjusted to the time change every six months. If the farmers need to get up earlier, let 'em! That doesn't mean I should have to, also! DST has definitely outlived its usefulness. I stay up later and get up earlier in the summer, but go to bed earlier and sleep later in the winter. It's like my mind and body are tied to the sun, not the clock. I never got an extra hour of sleep last night anyways because the neighbor's stupid dog barked from 2:00 a.m. to 3:00 a.m.

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hate daylight savings time, LOVED living in AZ for 2 years!
used to whatever time you are on, some government says, "EVERYBODY CHANGE AGAIN!"
Poll-Daylight Savings Time

Like or dislike?

Personally I dislike it very much. It changes everything with my sleep cycle, work cycle, and even my emotions.  It is too much of a bodily adjustment that I personally would wish not to experience twice a year.  Anyone else???


I agree with you. It takes time to get the

kind of help in there. They have one road open. Everything is flooded. There is no airport to land at. Gas is scarce. 90% of the gas that came from that area is no longer functioning. Cars are being stolen from places just to get out. Thugs are shooting at helicopters trying to evacuate critically ill patients. You've got groups of thugs shooting everything up and steeling anything and everything, but they don't realize mostly everything they take will have to be left behind.  Everyone wants help now but it takes time to put together a plan of these proportions. Nobody was prepared for this because they didn't think it would happen. You have people commandering vehicles with guns for their own use that are being brought in to help evacuate. The only boats you see are very small ones because the big ones can't come in and work. The water is not deep enough.

 A lot of people stuck there are making the situation worse for everyone else because they are helping to put off rescues that can happen by shooting at vehicles, shooting at police officers, setting intentional fires just to get the police over to the fire so they don't come chase them for looting or terrorizing others. You have idiots walking around with AK-47s down Canal Street.

Shephard Smith described itbest the other day. Made me think too since I live in Fla. The day after a hurricane you hear chain saws going, you have people cleaning up, you get out there and assess the damage. They could not do that because for them in NO it was not over. The floods were getting worse and rising. There were no people assessing damage, no chain saws cutting down trees, no power trucks checking out downed power lines just because they couldn't get into the city. Everything is blocked. The closest city to them that has power is 90 miles away. That means no gas for them. Yes, they're bringing buses and stuff but it's very slow going. Trying to figure out how to do everything and coordinate everything w/o communication to others is very hard.

One of the guys in the news conferences said yesterday that he spent 18 months at ground zero. They are looking at being in NO much longer because that is much more damage than what he saw at ground zero.

Maybe they will. Give it time. It takes time to set up links.
OSI, Precyse, etc tell us more.
4 week's time or 4 weeks' time
Does anyone know this one. I will see the patient back in 4 week's time, 4 weeks' time or 4 weeks time. Can't seem to find this in any of my reference books. Thanks in advance.
It takes time
It probably seems like it is not worth it because you are new.  No other account will be easier and probably harder.  So you have to stick with it, get a good Expander as since you have the same doctor you should only be actually typing about 2/3 of what he says and probably more like 50%.  Use your autocorrect if you don't have an expander.   You don't say how long are your lines -- what side margins and what font are you using?   I have helped get newbies started and always paid between 7 and 9 depending on how much clean up work I had to do.  Again, it will take time and practice.  Don't give up.  Though 6 cpl is a little low, if it is still  65 character line, in time you should be able to get 200 to 300 lines per hour which is not bad and once you get him down good, ask for a raise.  But you have to get your speed up.  You have an advantage of having the same doctor and so listen for his common phrases and put them at least into autocorrect so you don't have to retype them.  If he doesd any x-rays or procedures, make templates.  Anything to save him time.  His exams, put into autocorrect, etc.   Are you an IC or an employee???   Good luck. 
4 weeks' time

I would think 2 weeks was enough time to
try it out.  I don't think it is enough time to get up to speed with the account, but if there are other issues that keep you from producing lines it just isn't going to get better.  If is represents a source of stress it just isn't worth it.  I think if it were your only account and you really needed to work you might be more open to making it work, but for a second account it just isn't worth the hassle. 
IT TAKES TIME to get a trial going.

Here is a link regarding the lawsuit from FEBRUARY, 2005 for which you will need Acrobat reader.


Here is MQ e-mail which was followed up by hard copy in US mail regarding MT lawsuit. 

July 14, 2005

VIA Electronic and U.S. Mail

Dear Statutory Medical Transcriptionists:

We would like to thank you for your continued service and support. We know that the key to our success is the people who work so hard for our customers everyday.

At MedQuist, we are determined to become the medical transcription provider of choice for statutory employees. Over the past several months, with your help and input, we have been working on developing a pay plan and comprehensive benefit program that will enable us to set the standard in the industry. We recently announced significant changes to our benefits program for full time employee transcriptionists and within the next few months, MedQuist will be announcing a new pay plan that will address the feedback we received from medical transcriptionists in response to our survey on pay issues.

As you may also know, MedQuist is currently responding to a lawsuit brought by three medical transcriptionists that was filed in response to certain publicity surrounding MedQuist's billing practices involving the AAMT billing unit of measure. MedQuist takes all allegations concerning its pay practices very seriously and will seek to address any concerns raised by the lawsuit. While we believe that the claims raised by the three transcriptionists appear to lack merit, we are diligently working on addressing this matter in order to best serve all of our valued medical transcriptionists.

To enable us to fully and appropriately respond to this, as well as other lawsuits currently pending against the company and governmental investigations, our lawyers from Winston & Strawn are required to collect documents. To ensure that you are completely informed about the materials they are seeking, we have attached a memorandum below regarding MedQuist's document retention and collections policy. Please review this document as soon as possible.

Once again, we would like to express our deep appreciation for your continued patience, cooperation and service to the company.

Very truly yours,

Frank Lavelle




The lawsuit is VERY MUCH ALIVE AND WELL and as some of the more sophisticated posters realize, it takes time for DISCOVERY allowing both sides to attack and defend their position.  And MQ stock is STILL delisted as not even MQ can figure out cooked books based on illegal billing for which ANOTHER lawsuit is STILL pending against MQ by the clients.  And as the MQ stock remains delisted for cooked books and illegal billing the shareholders in MQ stock have YET ANOTHER lawsuit still pending. 


I do it the same as you...takes a little bit of time but worth it. nm
Honestly, it takes time.
It took me almost 6 months to completely adjust to 3rd shift.  I have been on 3rd shift now for 7 years and could not imagine ever working any other shift.  Just a few suggestions that took me a bit to figure out.  Call your family and friends and tell them not to call you during the daytime.  If you have a cell phone, use that as an emergency number for emergencies only, i.e. kids, family, etc.  Turn off the ringer on the home phone completely or turn on music and a fan or whatever to drown out the noise.  Room darkening blinds will also help filter out the light.  Good luck.
because it still takes too much time to train
it may be that they don't see potential in your work, i.e. poor grammar, accounts have too much ESL, etc.
Time it takes to type...
Approximately how long does it take to type, say, 5 minutes of dictation?  Or 10, or whatever?  Just trying to get a feel for if I'm in the ballpark.  Thanks!
It takes a lonnngggg time to get paid.

You get paid for work you did a month ago.  Paychecks were short.  No answer when questioned about how they arrived at their line counts.  Advertise holiday bonus and $1500 bonus for acute care - do not know of anyone who got one.  Probably just management cronies.  They have great accounts but it is difficult to get lines.  All the work is straight type with lots of looking up because they have teaching facility accounts, so it is difficult to set up templates.  All the better work I am sure goes to preferred MTs or farmed out elsewhere.  The platform is not transcription friendly, lots of looking up and spreadsheets, and they do not pay for headers and footers.  They also micro management big time. 

You have no idea how much time it takes to run this board! (SM)
Hindsight is always clearer!

You are right - they will get the message sooner or later!

time it takes to hear back

General question for you all. I recently applied with a company that took a month getting me through their hiring process only to be told that one of their accounts dropped them so they could not hire any more MTs. Now I've applied somewhere else and interviewed, a company that sounds like a great company, but it's been about 7 days since the interview and have yet to hear back. I interviewed with them last Wednesday and was told that I would hear back one way or another by the end of last week. I sent a follow up email yesterday and have not heard anything. How long do these companies typically make you wait before hearing something back? How long before I should give up and apply somewhere else? Thanks.

You don't want to record, takes a long time and unless you

are making big $$ you won't make any money.  Also, if you forget to rerecord header info you're out of luck.

You can get an adapter from Radio Shack for about $15 and rerecord to a cassette player, in which case you'll need a transcriber, or record to your computer and I'm not sure how that is done.

As I stated last week when you asked this question, you need to look into digital phone service, something like Vonage, or most high-speed internet services also offer it. 

You could also buy prepaid phone cards at Sam's Club, where they are fairly cheap, but you're still talking about $100+/mo.   My digital phone is $34.95/month and you can keep your landline or switch it to digital, which is what I did. 



No, not really. Do you realize how much time feedback takes. nm
It takes a long time to become familiar with
all of the surgical instruments and equipment in operative reports. Most of the time if you do operative reports you usually do all specialties, and each specialty has certain equipment that they use. It just takes time to learn.
Agree with pat..takes too long

I'm a member of NFO and after about three months I have about 970 points, and you need 1,000 points for just $10.  I only receive about two invites a week for surveys, don't know how to get anymore than that.  I'm also a MyPoints member.  I usually just get the 5 points for reading the message and never buy anything, so it takes a long time to get points added up for me.  Maybe once a year I do redeem them for about $20 worth of gift cards. 

The people who advertise that you can do the surveys in your spare time and make all this extra money make it sound like you can just log on to a site and they are sitting there waiting for you, and you can do as many as you want, all day long, for as much money as you want to make.  Wouldn't that be nice! 

I have never heard of or seen the car advertising thing except on cabs and public transportation, oh, and of course delivery trucks and cars. 

I agree. It takes way more than most ever realize.
Oh it is a lot of extra typing that takes time which I don't get paid for! nm
In the time it takes her to ask you if it's urgent, she could have just answered your question! n
I don't know how you can take off for weeks at a time with all your close relatives and go to Aruba
and not be wealthy.  Could you?  Indefinitely?  You and your husband?  And her husband said they may buy a house there if necessary because the mother is not going home w/o Natalee.  So assuming that resort island property is not cheap, they can afford to buy a house in Aruba?   Can you?
Do you ever feel as though this job takes over your life and you have to work all the time in case
there wont be work and you just keeping working and you cant get away from it and it gets to be no fun anymore. I am having a problem with that. Is it from working at home or just getting obsessed or what. I hate this. I feel like I am losing my life to it.
Tell him you have reviewed the time and expertise it takes to do his work, versus ... - sm
... the amount of revenue his practice generates, and being a prudent businessperson you don't wish to undervalue your services.
And then sometimes they want us to delete unused headers, which takes extra time, which we don't
Sure takes any incentive out of trying to do a good job.
That is what happens when you put people in charge that have no experience other than raising a couple of loud mouthed brats that always make sure they scream when supervisor calls you.
The FUNNY thing is that in the amount of time it takes for them to post a message
Love psych notes. HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE,
HATE ER notes.
SO the little one takes up your time yet you have time?
I have to agree that cherrypickers will be out of work when VR takes over, since the harder reports
Even when I worked inhouse and had the opportunity to cherrypick, I didn't. Even now, I am finding out that ESLs are probably easier than than some of the American doctors in the long run, because they get down to business and dictate their report. Most times, they say the same thing over and over. Learn the doc, know his quirks and bang, you are done.
Agree with poster... it takes 2-3 years from graduating from a program sm
to start to make any decent wage.  I personally love this job.  Where else can you get a job that requires no college degree that you can make 40,000-50,000 per year??? 
Without too much effort?! A good yard sale takes a good deal of effort, IMO.
As long as it takes, to quote good old Dr. Phil!

You're both worth it - go for it!!

I'm with you. I hate to clean and really don't have time (sm)

I work 7 days a week and used to have a gal come in twice a week until the place got back to normal....then once every 2 weeks after that. Had to pay $10/hour, so had to work twice as hard to pay her.

Finally had to let her go in September last year and the place hasn't been the same since.  Trying to get my savings back up so I can hire somebody again.  I have no closets but 1 in the whole house and no place to hang coats, etc.

I cleaned really good last week and was surprised it only took me 3 hours, but that's 3 hours I could be making money to save up to hire somebody. Everyone in this area are private people. There are no services like Merry Maids.

Not really hate..but not enough time for the things that bug me (nm)

I do ops all the time too and HATE them. Why do people like them? sm
Give me a 10 minute discharge, ER, consult, H&P any day. I always wondered why people liked OP notes with all of the different equipment terms and such.
Good answers and becoming a skilled MT takes surprisingly long, but SM
although 5 years may be about average, there's an old saying about how some people have 20 years' experience and some have one year repeated 20 times. If you want to cut that 5 years down VERY substantially, work full time (a conscientious full time, not just slopping thru the day) and push for new work types and accounts as woon as you've milked the old ones for all you can learn from them. Plus, a reality is that availability of the Web as a resource now helps people function at a much higher level earlier than previously.
I hate to say it but I agree.
It's like, I already know Chris should win. He's the only one worth anything. I've watch this show since season 1, but I'm bored with it this year. Glad to see I'm not the only one who has lost interest this year.
I Agree. Know what I hate most?
The hyphen! Sometimes they add it, other times they'll take it out. What is up with that?

Thanks everyone! Good thing I asked, as I was thinking of 2-3 weeks! Yikes.
Thanks again.  I think I will give them one month and hopefully if they find someone sooner they will let me go on my way. (what a relief that will be too!)  Thanks!
Do an archive search - good info posted a few weeks ago.
I agree. I hate to hear what you
went through as well. My husband and I tried to have children for 18 years, finally got pregnant with twins and lost them at 11 weeks, so I can certainly relate there. Talk about depression! I, too, came out of it and now have a 6 year old son and a 7 year old daughter (at 41 years old!), but hey, it all works out. I wish you the best!
I agree. I hate podiatry because
it almost always means poor quality dictation.   
Agree. I don't hate my profession as some are saying...
I just hate how my pay has gone. Two years ago I was happily making my $36 an hour as well--plus bonuses. Over the last couple of years my pay has gone down $16,000. My line counts have stayed the same and my accounts have stayed the same, the only thing that has changed is my paycheck.

I remember being on here a couple of years ago and thinking people were just whiners, but guess what happened!? It all happened to me too.
I hate outsourcing but I have to kind of agree
that while this does not apply to everybody, there are definately many 35 years old that act like they are about 10 including my husband who likes to throw temper tantrums for about just about everything.
daylight ??saving??

How exactly does it save daylight?  I recently moved from AZ which is one of the few places smart enough not to go along with that nonsense, and it's about the only thing I miss from AZ now that it's been californicated to death.  When DS first became national an AZ legislator summed it up well - "all we need in the summer is more daylight/heat". 



Good for you! I hate meds....
If your headaches become so bad that they interfere with your life and you really want to crawl up and die, check into occipital stimulation. It gets the pain that no medications can even reach. It is a miracle. Two companies make them, ANS and Medtronic. I am really glad you are feeling better!
West coast here - still daylight! - nm