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A company spends 3-5000 to hire....

Posted By: costs $$ on 2005-06-30
In Reply to: Yes, will take them both and go for it. Worst that can happen is they resent me for bailing out. - Thanks for your story :)

...and train an employee. Doesn't matter if you're part-time or full-time. Is it responsible to make them incur that cost when you know you're going to bail?

Mmmmm, don't think so.

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    A company spends.....

    Oh, please gag me with a spoon!  It doesn't cost $3 to 5k to hire an MT to do work.  Even a hospital, where you have to go physical exam and employee orientation, does not invest that much money - probably closer to $500 for the cost of the employees who do the exam, the HR paperwork and the orientation session. 

    Nowadays almost all MT positions outside of hopsitals are IC, so there is almost no cost at all the places that hire them.


    You can't judge a company by how often they hire. This could be
    due to new accounts no turnover.

    The truth is that most people look beyond the postings on this board and others because it is too hard to separate truth from fiction.
    I work for a company that will NOT hire editors:
    The feeling there is that if you don't know your stuff, you're OUT. I don't know how many people have come and gone, but I've been on the same team for about 5 years now, so she's doing something right in her hiring.
    Just curious, Angry, but how did a company hire you - sm
    with only a year under your belt?? I do not mean this in a negative way, but it is sooooo hard for so many transcriptionists who are just starting out to get hired. How did you do it? What company hired you with less than a year?? I personally feel that more companies should hire some newbies and have a QA person mentor them, but in my company it falls on deaf ears.
    Great company but like everyone else they over hire. Haven't had work since before Christmas *sm
    because it is a slow time and I refuse to get up at 4:00 a.m. to beat someone else to it.  I am in the process of obtaining a second and third account and am going to start looking out for myself from now on.  I now understand why there is such a turnaround with MTs and companies - seems like the companies overhire and then the MT has to look elsewhere - they work at the new company for awhile until they find that they have now over hired and then they look elsewhere.   I have been with MDI for a few years and I plan to stay there but I am going to take on another job or even two so I do not sit idle when times are slow. 
    Did Patti say she spends 3K/mo in gas? How did you
    I'm sure you are just speculating, because you'd have to know what gas mileage she gets, how far she drives each day, etc. to know what she spends in gas.

    Regardless, any smart business person would charge a delivery fee based on what they spend on gas. Again, no one wants to address the important aspects of this. There's nothing wrong with taking on a client that wants deliveries as long as you CHARGE for it appropriately, and best if that's not just included in your line rate since the price of gas goes up and down. Another option is hiring a courier service and you charge the client the fee for that. Yet another option is to tell the client they must deliver to you, which is their cheapest option since they can just have an employee that's already being paid by the hour deliver.

    The added expense or hassle may be enough to get them to switch to digital but believe me, I have some hardnosed clients that still won't budge from their beloved tapes even to save the extra money. For those clients, I charge my line rate for tapes plus the delivery fee, which pays for my gas and then some.

    HTH for those of you who actually want to know about using tapes. Again, many private practice docs still don't and won't use anything but for now, so since others turn them down if they won't go digital, you can profit from that. Pushing them into new technology might backfire anyway when they decide to take the technology a step further and start using EMR.

    It already HAS - the doc spends the whole appointment
    I could come in decapitated and carrying my head, and they'd probably never notice until I told them what the problem was.........
    So I'd like to know what AHDI spends the proceeds - sm
    from all their CMT credentialling tests and renewals on. They must make a pretty good haul on all that, if all the MTs in India have fallen for the con game.

    Also, I sure have to take offense at what the above AHDI response says about MTs: 'We simply don't see this attitude often here in the US. MTs here only seem interested in certification if it is going to directly impact their wallets.'

    Oh, REALLY? And they're NOT? Yeh, it does all come down to money for everyone involved, but in our attempts at getting enough of it to make an actual living at being an MT, at least we're not doing it by crushing others, like the hospitals, doctors, MTSO's and AHDI are doing.

    Cracks me up that she says one of AHDI's 'vital roles' is raising awareness of the importance of MT's. Oh, REALLY? The importance of INDIAN MT's (aka - cheap sweatshop labor that can be exploited without the labor protections U.S. workers are SUPPOSED to have, but we dont) maybe, but their sole purpose seems to have been to abandon the American worker entirely.
    Who in the heck spends time chitter chattering w/ office staff?
    I deliver and it's not daily but every other day and I definitely do NOT disrupt workflow and I do not chitter chatter with the office staff. In fact, most times I go in at night when the staff is gone because I have a key. It's clear that your perception and reality are two completely different things.

    Lifelong friendship -- that's a good one! Where in the world did you come up with the idea that MTs would want to be lifelong friends with the office staff?!? I work at home to avoid all that office politics crap and gossip. Why would I want to pop in daily to listen to that junk? LOL

    Seriously -- I hope people don't actually take all your advice because you don't even address the important issues. You only want to try to make everyone feel smaller and less important than you feel you are.

    they don't REFUSE to hire new MT's. They REFUSE to hire them at 6-8 cents per line.

    mostly because you can now hire experienced MT's at 6-8 cpl. In the near future, you will be able to hire experienced MT's at 5 cpl. Then people will start getting out of this business and new people will stop trying to get in. I had a job opening and asked people to bid what they wanted per line. One very smart young lady was a new grad and bid 3 cpl. I hired her a year and a half ago, she has been terrific! and I was willing to spend my time training her because a) time is money and she saved me money so I could spend my time and b) she had definite potential!. In another six months, she will be the MT with 2 years experience applying for jobs. AND she will get them because she will test well and essentially "bought" her experience. So use Economics 101...



    see the discussion on the company board. 5000 lines a day to be transcribed by a combination of several people

    sure - that's like 400 lph ~ 5000 lines per day
    5000 a month
    It is actually quite possible to do. I work for a small transcription business and one of our transcritionist averages $1900 to $2000 a week. She takes advantage of her ESP/shortcut program and makes templates for everything. So it can be done.
    Parents just had them done at $5000 an eye. nm
    Yea, and I do 5000 a day in a 6 hour day...
    5000 lines per day VR?

    Hi all.  Anyone think is it possible to edit 5000 lines per day of VR?  This is on a very low ESL account? 

    The new company I have gone with have a 5000 daily line count requirement for editing VR files. Just curious if it is possible!  I am getting nervous!!


    5000 lines a day?
    Is that possible? I mean 1200 I thought was full time?
    5000 lines per day???
    Obviously this guy doesn't have a clue. Most nationals want between 1000 to 1200 lines minimum 65 character line with spaces.

    Maybe he is talking about a 35 character line or better yet a 25 character line with spaces.

    Check it out, maybe it's lucrative! LOL
    2500/wk PT or 5000/wk FT
    basically breaks down to 500 day PT, 1000 day FT.
    2500/wk PT, 5000/wk FT
    that's all my company requires. Plus we get tiered incentives for anything over 1000 per day.
    Sounds like you might as well be FT with those #s-- at a previous job the min. for PT was 5000
    lines every 2 weeks.  Granted it got to a point where there was no work so it was impossible to meet quota, but if there was work you had better meet it.....then we had a landslide of work, about 90% ESL.....all the good stuff apparently went up in smoke  (they outsourced to the Phillipines).
    I average $5000 a month
    I usually work 7 days a week. I work for a national full time and have a part time IC position. It's easy for me because I work from home anyway. Instead of lying around watching tv, I go to my computer and work.

    Last year, I increased my savings by $24,000. I religiously deposit $2000 a month into savings. If you are willing to work, you can make lots of money. I can work as much as I want to with my IC position.
    4000-5000 I can't believe I'm getting sucked into this again. SM

    This is gross pay with two different places. It is not full time. Yes, I use expanders, no, I don't do the same two doctors every day.

    Yes, I am very lucky. Yes, I am very fast. No, I am not lying, and I am sorry if you are not in as good a position as mine.

    5000 mega enough for air card?
    Is 5000 megabytes of data enough to use a wireless air card for MT work?  I only have dial up and am considering getting an air card but it says that you only get 5000 megabytes a month.  Is that enough for MT work, my husband gaming, and my kids being on the internet too?  Will I go over the 5000 megabyte limit?
    5000 lines per day on job seeker's ...
    You gotta be kidding, some say it was on before and required more than one person but why submit it as if it were a "job" offered to one? Perhaps I am "slow."
    I make about $5000/month before taxes (sm)
    I suppose I could work more, but...eh.  I only have to work 35 hours a week for full time.  I keep saying "this week I'll do 40," but there's more to life than work (at least I hope so). 

    $24,000 in savings!  Rock on!  I hope to be there soon.
    Amen! I do over 300 lph too. Have about 5000 abbreviations, been doing this for over 7 years,
    and just because I do about 300 lph, give or take, doesn't my work is sloppy!! And to prove it, I just got a raise, which I take to mean I am doing a GOOD job!  As you, I proof as I go. 
    thread is Who can transcribe 5000 lines/day (sm)
    and it's about halfway down the page.

    The poster used the name "See job ad by T. Olyphant!!"
    (continued)...that's exactly what he meant, 5000 line a day.
    Make sure that $5000 is in your hand before you start packing !! nm
    Why is MTStars carrying an ad "Make $5000 a month FT". Who can do this?
    The MTSOs have lowered the rate per line (by the way, what is a line now? what is a character now?) and given us just the cream of the crap to try to decipher, there's no way 1 person can produce $5000 worth of transcription in a month.  No way.
    I only have 1 dinky account on my own, ~5000 lines a month - sm
    and no tabs at all (I programmed in my "jumps" so I don't have to use tabs, just hit F11), and only 2 hard returns at most at the endd of each report. One Dr. just does "block" paragraphs and does all the patients in one "report", so each day is only a couple pages, the other does the same but with more of a report format, i.e. headers but no returns between each item; returns only between each patient. They then cut and paste into the patient's record. I am working on getting a few more doctors on my own so I can either lessen the work I do for my "regular" IC job or drop it all together; and I will, if necessary, charge for tabs and hard returns when I get more accounts though.
    I checked into Qwest, but the fine print says if you use more than 5000 min per month, it will .. sm
    be reviewed.  Their business rate is per line, and comes out to $500 monthly.  That's the problem with my current company. I figure I'll be using at least 10,000 mins per month.  Can't get Verizon here.  Any other suggestions?  TIA.
    I've seen sooo many posts about this....Listen, the 5000 lines isn't a typo.
    It's some type of project. If you search the board, you will see the posts and then maybe we won't have to keep top-posting it all over the place?
    UNBELIEVABLE!!! I am speechless. I literally have no words! A $5000 trip to China to teach

    them how to steal our jobs?



    I'm a new-hire MT. I don't know about
    the workload available; I was told there was lots of OT available b/c the accounts are behind. We will see.

    I'm sorry you have such a bad outlook with this company. Perhaps you should work somewhere else?

    Btw, were you trying to spell "carousel" in your post?

    oh, they want want to hire you,
    its just that they want to pay you less than minimum wage for the first couple years because you aren't *qualified.* I bet the school didn't mention that. None of them do. Good luck paying off that student loan.
    I don't know of anywhere that would hire...sm
    you with no school training or anything. I think even the local clinics and hospitals want you to have a course in it or something and if you have no job experience they may train.
    they don't hire IC but they have sm
    but they have some specific accounts in some specialties where you keep the same account, same doctors.
    I never said I hire Indian MTs
    ...but I can't wait to see you bleed to death by your own hand, either.

    Thanks for driving us away from American MTs though.

    I fought against offshore heavily. What did you do?

    Bitter, bitter, incompetent MTs.
    What companies hire....

    international/over seas MTs? I have been looking and looking for a decent job that hires MTs from Canada, are their any?

    RE: What companies hire
    No, even the hospitals don't want to hire new MTs.
    Doctors don't want to hire newbies.  In office, at home, it doesn't matter.  It's not about being a stay at home mommy, as you are so assuming and generalizing yourself.  Everyone wants to hire experienced workers, but nobody is willing to train them.  As I said, every other industry in the country trains their workers.  MT seems to be the only one where people are expected to walk into it knowing everything.  It's not an assumption; it's an observation.  Just because my experience and observations are different than yours does not make me wrong.  You're not the know all, end all to the MT world.  I do have business management experience and education, so don't dismiss my observation as lacking just because it doesn't match yours.
    hire time
    I think it took a few days after the recruiter emailed me initially b/c she was busy or something, but after that everything went faster. Maybe you should just call, I don't think they would mind. I don't think you should worry.
    I won't hire anyone without them first being willing to test.
    Does anyone know of companies who hire
    I currently transcribe but miss medical billing. I would love to find a job working from home. Please post response or email me.

    I don't think DW is not looking to hire anyone but is looking for work herself - nm
    Any companies out there still hire
    You say you need the benefits, so I would definitely hire in
    I did transcription at home, bought my own insurance, got depressed and gained weight and lost almost all my social contacts. It really changed my personality for the worse. But for another person with stronger family ties, or real involvement in the community, it might not turn out that way.

    In the past 5 years I've had to have some medical attention(comes with my age group) and I have been SO thankful for paid time off and for health insurance. I now also have some hope of having a decent retirement income so I don't burden my children when i get to that age.

    It's such an individual thing. Best of luck in making the decision that is a great fit for you and yours.
    I would hire you in a heartbeat...

    for all of the reasons mentioned in your post, and then some. 

    Sorry, not require but WILL HIRE
    I'm sorry. I meant hospitals that will hire remote MTs, not require! :o)