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5000 lines per day on job seeker's ...

Posted By: starving artist on 2008-10-04
In Reply to:

You gotta be kidding, some say it was on before and required more than one person but why submit it as if it were a "job" offered to one? Perhaps I am "slow."

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sure - that's like 400 lph ~ 5000 lines per day
5000 lines per day VR?

Hi all.  Anyone think is it possible to edit 5000 lines per day of VR?  This is on a very low ESL account? 

The new company I have gone with have a 5000 daily line count requirement for editing VR files. Just curious if it is possible!  I am getting nervous!!


5000 lines a day?
Is that possible? I mean 1200 I thought was full time?
5000 lines per day???
Obviously this guy doesn't have a clue. Most nationals want between 1000 to 1200 lines minimum 65 character line with spaces.

Maybe he is talking about a 35 character line or better yet a 25 character line with spaces.

Check it out, maybe it's lucrative! LOL
thread is Who can transcribe 5000 lines/day (sm)
and it's about halfway down the page.

The poster used the name "See job ad by T. Olyphant!!"
I only have 1 dinky account on my own, ~5000 lines a month - sm
and no tabs at all (I programmed in my "jumps" so I don't have to use tabs, just hit F11), and only 2 hard returns at most at the endd of each report. One Dr. just does "block" paragraphs and does all the patients in one "report", so each day is only a couple pages, the other does the same but with more of a report format, i.e. headers but no returns between each item; returns only between each patient. They then cut and paste into the patient's record. I am working on getting a few more doctors on my own so I can either lessen the work I do for my "regular" IC job or drop it all together; and I will, if necessary, charge for tabs and hard returns when I get more accounts though.
I've seen sooo many posts about this....Listen, the 5000 lines isn't a typo.
It's some type of project. If you search the board, you will see the posts and then maybe we won't have to keep top-posting it all over the place?

see the discussion on the company board. 5000 lines a day to be transcribed by a combination of several people

ER work seeker
I am seeking IC status also typing ERs.

Seems like since I've switched to DQS, production has gone down. Not able to use normals like before on Word... it's frustrating.

They must, just saw an ad on the job seeker board for it, but
its too bad they don't offer their current employees an opportunity to learn it, or at least announce the job internally if someone is interested.  This is the WORST company for any kind of promotion and absolutely no communication with its employees.  Once you are put on a platform or on an account you will die there cuz they won't let you move.  Team leaders suck, too. 
5000 a month
It is actually quite possible to do. I work for a small transcription business and one of our transcritionist averages $1900 to $2000 a week. She takes advantage of her ESP/shortcut program and makes templates for everything. So it can be done.
Job Seeker's Board.....
Radiologist Transcriptionist Needed.  Thanks. 
Parents just had them done at $5000 an eye. nm
They have an ad on the Job Seeker's Board here. sm

just look to the left of your screen towards the top and click on "job seeker's board".  Scroll down and you will see an ad for WMX ER work.  Good company, good bennies, good people, been with them 5 years. 

Ignore the grumpies.  I don't like the search function here either.  To get more current stuff you can click on the "related" link in blue on each message or go to the top of the last few current pages of the Main board or the Company board.  Do Ctrl + F to bring up the search box .  Good luck.

Job seeker says "premium" pay for ESL - that's
Yea, and I do 5000 a day in a 6 hour day...
There are some on the Job seeker's board sm
but many are old and quite a few are base in India
If you look under job seeker's on the left
lots of posts.  Don't know why you need a job bank AND those posts. 
There are some on the job seeker board.
I just went up from MT to QA about 3 yrs ago.

Keystrokes has an ad on the job seeker's
board.  It pays 8 cpl.  You should check it out.  I'm not sure if they do voice recognition, but if you can avoid those companies that do, you'll make better wages on straight transcription.  Just send your resume to some of the companies that are advertising and see what pans out.  Decide a rate for yourself and don't accept anything lower than that.  Decide if you want employee status or IC/statutory. 
2500/wk PT or 5000/wk FT
basically breaks down to 500 day PT, 1000 day FT.
2500/wk PT, 5000/wk FT
that's all my company requires. Plus we get tiered incentives for anything over 1000 per day.
That is the red note on the job seeker's board.
Sounds like you might as well be FT with those #s-- at a previous job the min. for PT was 5000
lines every 2 weeks.  Granted it got to a point where there was no work so it was impossible to meet quota, but if there was work you had better meet it.....then we had a landslide of work, about 90% ESL.....all the good stuff apparently went up in smoke  (they outsourced to the Phillipines).
Did anyone see the posting on the job seeker's board with
the ortho emphysis? 
Check out Job Seeker's Board

Sheri...does that mean that the job seeker's board will have sm...
companies posting jobs that off-shore transcription?  I am trying to find an office that does not off shore due to the difficulty of the reports left over for the US MT, so I need to be careful if that is the case.  Thank you!
I average $5000 a month
I usually work 7 days a week. I work for a national full time and have a part time IC position. It's easy for me because I work from home anyway. Instead of lying around watching tv, I go to my computer and work.

Last year, I increased my savings by $24,000. I religiously deposit $2000 a month into savings. If you are willing to work, you can make lots of money. I can work as much as I want to with my IC position.
4000-5000 I can't believe I'm getting sucked into this again. SM

This is gross pay with two different places. It is not full time. Yes, I use expanders, no, I don't do the same two doctors every day.

Yes, I am very lucky. Yes, I am very fast. No, I am not lying, and I am sorry if you are not in as good a position as mine.

should have read except on job seeker board
except solicitations on Job Seeker boards here for MT/coding etc. 
so true, but she could post on Job Seeker's
Board for a job not yet really available like some MTSOs do, and then give you the runaround when nothing is available. It's happened to me a couple times, now I'm suspicious about that.
5000 mega enough for air card?
Is 5000 megabytes of data enough to use a wireless air card for MT work?  I only have dial up and am considering getting an air card but it says that you only get 5000 megabytes a month.  Is that enough for MT work, my husband gaming, and my kids being on the internet too?  Will I go over the 5000 megabyte limit?
Job seeker's board question please

What happened to all the jobs in the "job bank"?  There's only one in there. 

Also if you open the adds up and click on "for information" it goes to the info for that one companythat has the add, not even the right company. 

I must be a bitter MT..Check out the ad on job seeker's

Obviously Indian-based, but they want to train you to be an MT..check this part out..

Transcription is fun for the right person as it allows you to write and if you love to write, then it is an enjoyable career. Some people who do not like writing because they are not creative still enjoy this medical online profession. Even people who hate writing like this profession because it allows for working at home on a flexible schedule.

OKAY.. what planet are they from..Since when is transcription fun LOL...and I'm sure glad it lets me write whatever I want, because I just love to write..LOL and I get to use my creative ability also to write whatever I like. People who hate MT-ing just do because they hate to write and are not creative LOL. I'm sorry but this just cracked me up. I've thought a lot of things about transcription but FUN was never one of them. Lucky for me though, even though I don't like it, I get to stay at home and have a really flexible schedule..NOT.. lol...


Is this normal pay? On Job Seeker's board (sm)
They are looking for an Ortho QA Editor and after training they are paying $11.50 an hour? $11.50 an hour?  $11.50 an hour?  Why not just work in fast food?
jobs on seeker board

I am wondering, are most of the jobs at http://forum.mtstars.com/seeker/ for at-home positions? As opposed to working on site?


A company spends 3-5000 to hire....
...and train an employee. Doesn't matter if you're part-time or full-time. Is it responsible to make them incur that cost when you know you're going to bail?

Mmmmm, don't think so.
The job seeker's board has a lot of local jobs
advertised all over the country. I don't see her making that kind of money as a home-based MT, but she would not have travel expenses, etc. Good luck.
I believe they are posted on "Job Seeker's Board"
CHS Acct Mgr posting on job seeker's board
I have a sneaking suspicion that this is Ascend.  If anyone finds out what company this is, please let us know!
I make about $5000/month before taxes (sm)
I suppose I could work more, but...eh.  I only have to work 35 hours a week for full time.  I keep saying "this week I'll do 40," but there's more to life than work (at least I hope so). 

$24,000 in savings!  Rock on!  I hope to be there soon.
Amen! I do over 300 lph too. Have about 5000 abbreviations, been doing this for over 7 years,
and just because I do about 300 lph, give or take, doesn't my work is sloppy!! And to prove it, I just got a raise, which I take to mean I am doing a GOOD job!  As you, I proof as I go. 
(continued)...that's exactly what he meant, 5000 line a day.
Make sure that $5000 is in your hand before you start packing !! nm
Search the Job Seeker's and Company boards. Also mtjobs.com...nm
Why is MTStars carrying an ad "Make $5000 a month FT". Who can do this?
The MTSOs have lowered the rate per line (by the way, what is a line now? what is a character now?) and given us just the cream of the crap to try to decipher, there's no way 1 person can produce $5000 worth of transcription in a month.  No way.
There's a link to post resumes on the Job Seeker's board. nm
I agree, you need to a lot of research. I would start with the job seeker's board and see who S

is advertising and research the companies that seem to have the best to offer and find out if they truly are the ones with the best to offer.  In this business, there are a lot more considerations when looking for a job than just cents per line.

Good Luck!

I checked into Qwest, but the fine print says if you use more than 5000 min per month, it will .. sm
be reviewed.  Their business rate is per line, and comes out to $500 monthly.  That's the problem with my current company. I figure I'll be using at least 10,000 mins per month.  Can't get Verizon here.  Any other suggestions?  TIA.
UNBELIEVABLE!!! I am speechless. I literally have no words! A $5000 trip to China to teach

them how to steal our jobs?



Aaahhhh, now I get it. Gross lines vs. Character lines. I guess I've just been conditioned to
think in terms of character lines.  One of the perils of working as an IC for somebody who defines what a line is versus owning your own company and defining it yourself.  After working for someone else for 15 years, maybe it's time to bust out on my own.