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Any companies out there still hire

Posted By: SE status? on 2006-03-18
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What companies hire....

international/over seas MTs? I have been looking and looking for a decent job that hires MTs from Canada, are their any?

RE: What companies hire
Does anyone know of companies who hire
I currently transcribe but miss medical billing. I would love to find a job working from home. Please post response or email me.

WHY do companies say they hire QA from within? Do
they not understand that MT and QA are two completely different positions, and that if an MT wanted a QA position, she would've applied for it in the first place?  This has got to be the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard of.  Rather than hire someone with 10+ years of QA experience, you'd rather 'promote' an MT to become a newbie QA & have to train them from scratch how to QA? Or make someone who's been a professional QA for years become an MT again, when the reason they became a QA in the first place probably had to do with their hands giving out?!  Again, it's not a promotion -- it's a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT JOB.  Sometimes I wonder if the people in charge of making these decisions have any MT experience at all.  <end of rant>
Sometimes companies hire ICs for
overflow, sometimes permanently. As an IC you do have to purchase your own insurance and you get no vacation time. Some places will pay extra for holidays even as an IC, but you will not get "holiday pay" if you do not work. You set your own hours, if the MTSO is willing for you to work those fine. They cannot set in stone your hours, but they CAN say when they have work available if it is not 24/7 and you can choose to work or not.
And that will happen right after the companies who hire...
these illegals finally start getting punished by breaking the law that says they canNOT hire illegals! The whole term "illegal" has taken on quite a new meaning, hasn't it? Just refers to the US citizens these days, I guess - get caught speeding get a ticket. Get caught creeping into our country, get amnesty. Such a world this has come to!!!!
I'd start looking now. Few companies hire newbies so

it make take a while to find a position, or at least a legit one.  There are some companies that will offer to mentor you for no pay or almost no pay.  Avoid any company that says you need equipment/software and you have to buy it from them.  You may need equpiment/software for the position, but should not have to buy from them.

Start posting your resume on the various job boards to see what bites you get. 


MQ and many other companies hire people for 40 hours
a week with a minimum production amount, but still required to work 40 hours a week, some say 32 hours a week, but a minimum number of hours either way.
Many companies hire new grads for SR editing.
What companies other than MQ hire statutory employees and are they hiring now.
Does anyone know why some companies won't hire you if you have satellite internet service? TIA
I was thinking about this situation with companies that hire people and then there is no work. When
you think about that, that is about as low as anyone can get to just run people out of work for whatever reason when people need money to live, pay bills, support children and feed them, etc. When you really think about that, people's lives hinge on their income and as far as I am concerned, that is the worst thing any company can due to the people that work for them. That is how I feel today because I have been out of work and scrounging for lines and I am disgusted with the whole business. I hope that companies will soon wake up and stop doing this to people. It is disgusting.
Are there any companies out there OTHER than MQ that hire part time SE or IC that are internet based
that are a decent company that supply you with a decent amount of work.
Just curious, are there companies who just hire ER MT?? I just left my hospital position due to voi
Does anyone know of companies that hire for physical thearpy work? Many years experience.
they don't REFUSE to hire new MT's. They REFUSE to hire them at 6-8 cents per line.

mostly because you can now hire experienced MT's at 6-8 cpl. In the near future, you will be able to hire experienced MT's at 5 cpl. Then people will start getting out of this business and new people will stop trying to get in. I had a job opening and asked people to bid what they wanted per line. One very smart young lady was a new grad and bid 3 cpl. I hired her a year and a half ago, she has been terrific! and I was willing to spend my time training her because a) time is money and she saved me money so I could spend my time and b) she had definite potential!. In another six months, she will be the MT with 2 years experience applying for jobs. AND she will get them because she will test well and essentially "bought" her experience. So use Economics 101...


MT companies negotiate with the insurance companies until they get what they want

It is strictly up to the agreement between the employer and the insurance company.  Your new employer can tell you what the pre-existing clause is in your new policy.  Some require proof of insurance for the past 12 months.  It may say something like if a diagnosis has not been made NOR treatment received within the last __ months.  Not good when companies negotiate with a pre-existing clause in order to get a lower rate.  Better check with your HR with your new company before doing anything.  It really gets hairy !

I'm a new-hire MT. I don't know about
the workload available; I was told there was lots of OT available b/c the accounts are behind. We will see.

I'm sorry you have such a bad outlook with this company. Perhaps you should work somewhere else?

Btw, were you trying to spell "carousel" in your post?

oh, they want want to hire you,
its just that they want to pay you less than minimum wage for the first couple years because you aren't *qualified.* I bet the school didn't mention that. None of them do. Good luck paying off that student loan.
I don't know of anywhere that would hire...sm
you with no school training or anything. I think even the local clinics and hospitals want you to have a course in it or something and if you have no job experience they may train.
they don't hire IC but they have sm
but they have some specific accounts in some specialties where you keep the same account, same doctors.
I never said I hire Indian MTs
...but I can't wait to see you bleed to death by your own hand, either.

Thanks for driving us away from American MTs though.

I fought against offshore heavily. What did you do?

Bitter, bitter, incompetent MTs.
No, even the hospitals don't want to hire new MTs.
Doctors don't want to hire newbies.  In office, at home, it doesn't matter.  It's not about being a stay at home mommy, as you are so assuming and generalizing yourself.  Everyone wants to hire experienced workers, but nobody is willing to train them.  As I said, every other industry in the country trains their workers.  MT seems to be the only one where people are expected to walk into it knowing everything.  It's not an assumption; it's an observation.  Just because my experience and observations are different than yours does not make me wrong.  You're not the know all, end all to the MT world.  I do have business management experience and education, so don't dismiss my observation as lacking just because it doesn't match yours.
hire time
I think it took a few days after the recruiter emailed me initially b/c she was busy or something, but after that everything went faster. Maybe you should just call, I don't think they would mind. I don't think you should worry.
I won't hire anyone without them first being willing to test.
I don't think DW is not looking to hire anyone but is looking for work herself - nm
You say you need the benefits, so I would definitely hire in
I did transcription at home, bought my own insurance, got depressed and gained weight and lost almost all my social contacts. It really changed my personality for the worse. But for another person with stronger family ties, or real involvement in the community, it might not turn out that way.

In the past 5 years I've had to have some medical attention(comes with my age group) and I have been SO thankful for paid time off and for health insurance. I now also have some hope of having a decent retirement income so I don't burden my children when i get to that age.

It's such an individual thing. Best of luck in making the decision that is a great fit for you and yours.
I would hire you in a heartbeat...

for all of the reasons mentioned in your post, and then some. 

Sorry, not require but WILL HIRE
I'm sorry. I meant hospitals that will hire remote MTs, not require! :o)
Most hire a subcontractor
I think it it is wise to establish a relationship prior to needing them so they are already familiar with the account(s) and can do it with very little instruction.
Who's going to hire a 60 year old except

the fast food places and Wal-Mart. And they don't pay that much either. I already checked into it.

I don't like being around people that much either. I left an office job because of office politics...not once...but 4 times in my lifetime of working. Just couldn't take the crap.  In today's world, the people out there aren't very nice. In fact, some of them are downright nasty. I've seen them treat service personnel as if THEY owned the place.

Also, there aren't many jobs or decent wages in my area. Most jobs around here pay minimum wage. For me to get a good job, I would have to go 40 miles from home into another county without the benefit of a 4 lane highway. Only 2 lanes and mostly through small towns with low speed limits. It would take me about an hour to get to a decent paying, so you're spending 10 hours a week on the road.

I stay in MT because I love the challenge, because I can work at home. I drive my car about 5 miles a week. That's it. A tank of gas lasts me more than a month.

You get your own clients, then you hire them...sm
MTSOs are paid on production, too, so most simply cannot take on the task of training a newbie. If you think that's a good business plan, get some clients and give it a whirl. It's just not realistic to expect MTSOs to train inexperienced MTs and still have enough hours in the day to handle other aspects of the business, as well - and still make a small profit of some sort.

When I see suggestions like this, I have to assume they come from someone who has never even run a business before. It's easy to sit on the sidelines and make suggestions when you have no idea what is involved. The MTSO doesn't just sit on his/her tush and eat bon-bons while the MTs type their fingers to the bone. There is a LOT that goes into running a successful service (key word successful). The lucky MTSOs find enough help to where they don't have to transcribe and can handle just the business aspect, but many aren't that fortunate and still do a good deal of transcribing along with that.

Besides training those inexperienced MTs - and that's a full-time job in itself, believe me - you will have to proof their work very thoroughly (which will mean a full listen on all sound files to ensure accuracy or risk losing your clients altogether). You will also be responsible for tracking and assigning work to the MTs, scurrying to find help when someone decides they'd rather go shopping than work that day (happens more often than you might think), handle payroll and tax documentation for each individual client and each individual MT, invoicing and billing your clients and tracking payments, maintenance of equipment and supplies, handling client phone calls and concerns including next-to-impossible "tech support" questions from clients that really just don't understand the equipment, etc., etc. The list goes on.

Keep in mind, while you are training the inexperienced MTs, you will also need to do a LOT of transcription yourself. Most inexperienced MTs will take all day to finish one 25-minute file, so you will have to transcribe many lines yourself to meet the client's TAT if you want to keep the clients. Since it takes most people at least a year to finish MT school, you can count on keeping up this pace for about that long. And it would probably be more like indefinitely since everyone learns at a different pace.

You will be putting in at least 12-hour days, assuming you are fast and efficient, and you will rarely get time off. If you do take time off, it will be without pay and when you return, you will have so much work piled up that you'll spend the next 2 weeks working around the clock to get caught up.

I'm all for keeping it in the USA, but you cannot seriously expect companies that are also paid on production to train newbies. Would you expect to be trained from the bottom up to be a plumber? Doctor? Dentist? Lawyer? Why do so many MTs think they deserve to be hired without any skills?

If you are up to training inexperienced MTs on top of all that, knowing full well that you will make next to nothing in pay yourself after you pay said MTs at least 7-8 cpl, then knock yourself out and be sure to let us know how it goes!

If I wanted to train inexperienced MTs, I'd start an MT school. Yes, we were all new and inexperienced at some point, but since MT has gone to production pay and offsite, most are not trained OTJ anymore. It's just not feasible, no matter how good your intentions. Even the "experienced" MTs require some training on account specs, so most MTSOs lose money in the first month or so of hiring, but there's no way any smart businessperson would agree to that indefinitely.

If you want to keep jobs in the USA, get adequate training and act professional. Don't accept rotten line rates, even if it's just "for now," and don't turn in work with careless mistakes. Don't say you'll work but then call off because you'd rather take Little Mary and Johnny swimming because it's a nice day. Don't expect special treatment just because you're a mom - many MTSOs are moms, too, and are working long hours and sacrificing time with their own families in order to make sure the clients are happy!! There is no option for MTSOs to just blow work off for the day, because if they do, they probably won't have clients come the next day. Clients won't put up with it since they can just get online and find another service willing to do the work (and more often than not, they don't even have to do that becuase services are marketing to them regularly).

It's not even about offshore competition. It's about changing the way MTs are viewed on the whole. Act professional and you will be treated as a professional. It really is that simple the majority of the time.
Plumber is IC. When you hire him, do you
then you need to hire employees ... sm
If you need someone to adhere to a strict schedule then you need to hire employees and pay their SS.  I am finding that more and more employers want the best of both world.  They want to pay like an IC and treat like an employee.  Why MTs are putting up with this is beyond me.  If they report the "employers" to the IRS they can be held liable for back taxes. 
would you hire an MT to be a dentist
without any formal training???? I get very frustrated with people who ask me to get them a job because, after all, how hard can just sitting there typing be?

This is a serious job. You can change a patients past, present and future by one mistake on a report. You do not "travel this avenue" for fun.

If you want to be an MT, and can be serious about it, then you will take an MT course and learn what you need to know. If you are not willing to do that then you need to find another avenue.
And how about that AGE DISCRIMINATION! Only hire
TTS, NH - do they hire newbies

TTS, NH - do they hire newbies?  I have a whole 6 weeks of experience and am looking for a good company.  Not fond of the big nationals.

If you have any additional suggestions for good companies I am open.

Looking for employee position, but realize that initially this is almost impossible to find. Will definitely settle for IC status.

If you hire an attorney (sm)
you an also request reimbursement for your expenses, court costs and attorney fees. I would mention this in my letter to the MTSO also. If this MTSO does this to you I guarantee you are not the only person they are doing it to.

Good luck
Yes, they could like hire an employee
of choice and complying with IRS guidelines.  However, since ICs will "agree" to work certain hours, the company gets away with it very, very easily even though it is against the guidelines set forth by the IRS. 
Be thankful. If they hire more you will
stare at nothing on the screen.
Did MQ hire supes to be cheerleaders?

Rah, rah, sis, boom, bah ! Almost makes me regurgitate when I get those imails. Also when upper mgmt sends those intro imails over and over about a new "high dollar" CEO/manager that they have hired with our monies, rather than giving us a raise and better benefits.

MQ supe is definitely not the asset it was to the MT's in the past. It is all about pleasing the upper management now -- using Excel to send those much needed reports back and forth. 

I miss the supe of yesteryear! 

does webmedx hire clinic
So, if you hire an independent contractor to sm
paint your house, do you do a criminal background check on that person.  It's the same thing.  Independent contractors are just that. 
Then think about that the next time you hire "painters" nm
yep, she had to hire 3 people to do my 8 hour job - sm
AND TWO DOCTORS RETIRED AND TWO MIDWIVES LEFT!!! And the best part - I absolutely positively loved that job with all my heart, and didn't care that I was making $13/hour because my rent was so ridiculously low. But when she made that comment, I walked out, and she opened up a whole new door for me - I now make $68,000/year and granted I do work 45-50 hours a week sometimes, I wouldn't change it for the world.

So I will let her go and feed the monkeys at the zoo.
And then when you hire them do you bother to give them
When they tried to hire me as a radiology transcriptionist sm
they was only offering 0725 and wouldn't go higher. I have 20 years experience.
They hire part-time too. sm
There are at least 5 people on my team who are part-time.
TransHealth does not off shore, they hire all US MTs, sm
Their benefit package is great.  They pay a very competitive line rate.  They get my vote. 
So, if I hire someone to cover a specific
eight-hour period and she decides she wants to stop after six hours and spend the last two hours of her shift making dinner, how is the work that comes in during those two hours supposed to get done? Or does that not matter in your world? I have contractual TAT to meet, and I determine schedules on that basis, not on someone's dinner plans. If an employee of mine agrees to cover a specific period of time but fails to do so for something other than a legitimate emergency (and the OP was clearly already making plans not to work the full eight hours of her shift), then that employee is fired. I can do that. I have done that. I don't care how much work gets done in the first six hours. If someone has a specific eight-hour shift, it's because there is work to be done during all eight hours. Leaving the last two hours of work undone on a whim could put me out of business. I will not allow some little princess to do that to me.
Oh, for Pete's sake, just hire another MT...sm
to cover the account if you want to take a vacation. If you are working as an IC, you should be able to pay more than enough to make it worth her while. Ideally, you get enough work to hire one more person to work with you, and the two of you work together to cover off times and sick days. Honestly, can't anyone think their way out of a paper bag?