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Blog about it on wordpress.com - it will show up in google/search engines. This really works.

Posted By: mtstudent on 2007-04-02
In Reply to: Keep all posts/topics about this on Main, please. NM - Goldbird (Moderator)

Categorize each post with as many tags as you can type related to medical, any words you can think of that people would search for. Maybe someone with SEO experience can chime in here? :) :) :)
The categories show up as "tags" show up in search engines.

We need to blog-
Information about the issue.
A form letter peoople can print/sign/mail.
Contacts/Snail Mail of government officials where people can send the mail too.

We can also give information who they can contact at their local hosptial to find out if their records are going to India/Asia. Most people don't know to ask for the director of health information or operations manager.

Also ad the url to your blog to google:

We could also link to one another blog's.

Is there someone willing to post a form letter? We could copy and paste it in our our blogs. My writing skills are not good enough yet. ;)

I'm not a Transcriptionist yet but I know about wordpress categories and google. This works!

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What other search engines to you use that are
Desktop Search Engines

Does anyone know of any desktop search engines that will let you use a keyboard command to get to the search taskbar without opening the whole desktop program or mousing to the taskbar, other than Google Desktop? 

I can't use Google Desktop because it doesn't search all the directories in the C: drive.  It only searches the main directory. 

You could use your internet search engines to find
"grand rapids, MI, jobs" and get lots of hits. I'd also check monsterjobs.com for your area, and your state Dept. of Labor should also have a site where you could find jobs in your area. If you are unsure about the search engines, try google.com. It's a great tool for finding anything you could possibly want. God bless.
dogpile.com combines a lot of the search engines together. nm
Did a search on google and saw the ads.
I will make some phone calls today. I don't wear my rings and have no heirs so it seems like the thing to do.

Thank you both for responding.
Try this in your Google search.
Type it exactly as it appears below and you will find that you have hits for Amazon and Tiger Direct on the first page, either 2007 or 2003 version alone.

Had you done a google search, you would have...
found this link which explains how to get rid of it.

Might be careful in the future clicking on anything without downloading to desktop first and checking for authenticity as well as virus problems or spam. Good luck!
If you do a google search you can
find some. When I left MQ, Cobra was going to be $900+ for me. I found insurance for less than $200 a month for me and the kids, just used it temporarily until I could qualify for it at my new job. There are some out there.
Found both on a Google Search
The reason I asked this is because the dictator spelled Tisseel, and I have always used Tisseal, and in doing a Google search, both of them are listed and both are used as tissue glue.  Just wondered if there was a difference.
Google search hints...sm

This is an interesting video about techniques for Google searching IF anyone needs help.

I have had problems with buffering on some of these sites (buffering...a few words...buffering ... a few words). I usually wait until it goes to the end and then hit play and it will play all the way through. There may be someone on here that can tell us how to do this part better! Any suggestions welcome!

You may have to copy and paste this...don't know.  Hope this helps some of you. It helped me!


A brief google search reveals several

hits about upgrading from XP Home to Pro by purchasing an upgrade and not a full installation. 

I don't see why you would have to reinstall anything after doing an upgrade either. 


I think there was a google icon by the search
Google custom search for MTs

Hi y'all,

Came across this customized search engine for MTs. Thought I'd share it with all of you. I've used it and it does work for sure. Search results are more focused and relevant. Definitely better than the general Google search that throws up all kinds of irrelevant results sometimes. Link below.



You can do a google search for list
of dangerous abbreviations.
You can Google for the show on the network and
read episode summaries online. Or there are websites out there with the fullblown scripts of every episode posted. I think they're even coming up with websites where you can legally watch reruns for $.99. I used to read the long scripts on my favorite TV show when we didn't have cable.
If you know the county that he was divorced in, do a google search
for that county's public records website. Where I live, I can access the county's public records via web and lookup by last name and first name and these are free searches as they are public records. If he had any prior record of domestic violence, it will show up there.
It's mentioned in a few journals on a Google search. nm
Search Google for AVG free antivirus
Do a Google search for comments on other forums. Don't think they
go to Company Board, go to Search For: box (not google box),
Just type what you put in Google and that oughta show it
The India ad is a Google ad and has been added not to show, however

it does not not remove instantly. It usually takes hours to a day for these types of ads to no longer appear.  We have no control over what ads pop up, but we can set them up to no longer appear once we see them and can block the URL. 

Thank you.

Do a Google search for free medical dictionary NM
Here are two free market listings. You can google search for
freelance writing or editing market/job listings, too.

Writers Write market database

Writers Weekly market listing
Is there a way to do a ''wildcard'' search on Google for medical terms?nm
Macro to Search Google from Microsoft Word?
I found one on the net, but when I pasted it in, it would not work.

My version of Word is Word 97. Thanks.
Do a Google search for ABCZ for lots of sites.
Company Board, go down to MTstar Search Box (not Google)
The link didn't show up, and the search feature
do a google search-were many hits and should find good info--nm
Google search shows TigerDirect and belkin.com both carry this. nm
Some rates were posted a few pages back. Search the Google
Something great-- Using Google-- set to use the automatic function of completing the search
For anyone like myself who never used the automatic completion function of Google, IT IS GREAT.

I just started using it, and when I typed in like the first 2 words of something I had never heard before, like say you were typing "sphincter of", then sphincter of Oddi would be one of the choices that Google would automatically bring up.

This is so great! What a time saver. Try it.

Someone with more tech expertise can maybe say how to set the settings so the Google automatic completion comes on. sometimes it would be there and sometimes not, but I downloaded some add-on for Firefox that makes it always there. It was the "Customize Google" add-on for Firefox.

So, if you are using Firefox (Mozilla) browser, go to the add-on page (Google it) and then download the "Customize Google" add-on and then set the settings. I think this was the most useful. There is a way to set it from Google, but it kept not working somehow, the settings would go away.

Other downloads I have used-- other Firefox add-ons that I found helpful: Adblock Plus. Google Toolbar for Firefox (different than Customize Google), and Auto Copy. -- Auto Copy will automatically put whatever you select on a Web sit onto your clipboard, so you can paste it right into the document.

Hope someone finds this all helpful. Thanks for all your gals' help over the years. I have learned a lot and got a lot of tips, and so wanted to post this.
Found google icon by search bar onGab board
Do google search for Switch Sound File Converter...
and follow instructions - VERY easy!
google works wonders as does word board......nm
MP Count is free and works great! Just Google! nm
Merry Christmas! There is a story named Cat and Mouse Christmas...search Google and you'll find
A simple google search will give you your answer...I'd give you the answer,
but how would that help you learn to research on your own...and I'm in a rush to get to the next post. 
Are you using two speed typing engines at the same time?
Or did I read that wrong. If that were possible, it'd be a breakthrough.
Speed typing engines are our best friends.
Shortcuts is why.

Tineoafod becomes

There is no evidence of a fracture or dislocation. This is IT. Where the first letter of each word is the shortcut. There are also continues and ability to have entire paragraphs be typed with IT by suggestion several possible continues from TINEO (There is no evidence of); ending the sentence based on the ways you have most consistently.

I am a novice IT user. Am about to try SH was many rave about it but IT has saved my fingers and also helps with the quality as chance of typing typos or word dropping is reduced. I tend to create my own phrases but that was with radiology which is redundant much of the time.

You have several to chose from. Other MTs will come along with better suggestions. Is important to know your program compatibility.

I try to think of this feature as a crossword puzzle and challenge myself to find the correct phrse or word fast to complete report and get on to next. Expanders make our job a bit more fun.
Utilize the speed typing engines and begin
storing in their favorite phrases so that a few letters will bring them up. I am working for several physicians. Took me a few months to get all the words into speed typing mode but now that I have, the time I spend typing is cut in half.

Never type a word larger than 4 letters.

chest pain - cp

pneumonia - pnea

atelectasis or infiltrate - aoi

so on and so on - whatever works for you. This is how to make money these days, high production. And the speed typing engines lessen change of typos and other erros.

If you can show proof you did this work for them, they then have to show they paid it in order
Yep, google has it goin on... I really like the google earth...
Have you tried Google earth? You can type in any address, street, city, state, country, etc. and it will zoom in and show the area and then you can hit the + button and zoom right in and see the exact house, building, etc. that you are looking for.
Mainly Google; I google the known words in the phrase (sm)
That's my most frequent tactic if I don't find the word in my word books. I'll play with leaving certain words out and adding them in, in various combinations, to try to get a hit that has a word which sounds like my blank. If I get a hit, I'll Google WITH that word, and see what hits I get, and what their source is (i.e.,checking the sources out for reliability). When I say 5 sites or searches, I mean I don't often try more than 5 different combinations without a serious hit. If I get a hit, then I will spend a little more time checking that out before I give up.

If it's a drug name, I use RxList, or more frequently the Drugs.com website. Since they redid RxList, I haven't found one that has quite as good a wildcard search, but Drugs.com works okay most of the time.

If it's a place name (like when they give names of outlying outreach clinics and etc.) I'll use Mapquest and look up the city my hospital is in, then "pan out" and look at the outlying towns.

Hope that's what you're looking for. I do have bookmarks, but I find that even the ones I think I'll visit again, I waste more time doing that than with an intelligent google search. An example is the time I was looking for "banana bag." The only place I managed to find it with a degree of reliability was on a nurses' message board. I've found quite a bit sometimes on the various specialty message boards out there, but I think the quickest way to locate that is through a search engine rather than bookmarking each individual site and trying to figure out which ones to search for a particular term.
Take it to a blog
No one is telling you not to communicate, just get a blog where you all can meet and "discuss" to your hearts content while your children starve and your bills pile up.  You have our sympathy, now have some sympathy for us and take your whining to a blog.  To me this seems like a no-brainer.  If you need the health coverage, fine, stay, but get another MT job that will pay your bills.  If MQ has no work, working at another company should pose no problems.  But at some point, you have to decide, stay and do something else at the same time to improve your situation or go.  But quit subjecting the rest of us to your pity parties.  Take it to a blog. 
I saw on your blog that you like
I cannot find a local station anymore that plays this type of music. I have asked others what artists played/sang this I really do not know where to look it up at. Could you give me some sources or recommendations. I would love to listen to this music again -- perhaps it would make me young again since I listened to this in my teens and early 20's!
I have sent out an email with this link in it. My friends like to forward EVERYTHING to EVERYONE! lol This should zip around the US in no time flat. I also have bookmarked it and will post my response here in the next couple of days. Thanks for taking the time to post this. Hopefully some good will come out of it.
Your Blog

 I just looked at your transcription blog.  I love it!  I had added to my favorites.  What a great idea.



He has a blog
His blog is Talonsnest.blogspot.com
I just went through your blog ... sm
Great job! You really captured the everyday issues and challenges that we face in this business.

Welcome back and good luck in your new job.